Occasional Papers 04  

Medieval Selby: a new study of the Abbey and Town 1069 -1408

by J. D. Hass (2006)

Medieval Selby: a new study of the Abbey and Town 1069 -1408

Selby Abbey’s place in the history of the North of England is often overlooked, nevertheless Selby Abbey was an important house and its contribution to the northern monastic life was unique. This publication provides a chronological history of the town and abbey with chapters devoted to “the monastic corporation” “the benefactors” and “the monastic town of Selby".


Chapter One: Selby Abbey from Foundation to 1189
I: Foundation
II: Abbots Benedict and Hugh (1070-c.1122)
III: Abbots Herbert and Durand (1122-1134/5)
IV: Abbots Walter and Elias Paynel (1137-1152, 1153-1154)
V: Abotts German and Gilbert de Ver (1152, 1154-1189)

Chapter Two: Selby Abbey 1189-1300
I: Abbots Roger de London, Richard, Alexander and Richard Scot (1189-1223)
II: Abbots Richard de Kelsey and Hugh de Brayton (1223-1254)
III: Abbots Thomas de Whalley and David de Cawood (1255-1280)
IV: Abbots William I de Aslakeby and John I de Wistow (1280-1300)

Chapter Three: Selby Abbey in the Fourteenth Century, 1300-1408
I: Abbot William II de Aslakeby (1300-1313)
II: Abbot Simon de Scarborough (131301321)
III: Abbot John II de Wistow (1322-1335)
IV: Abbot John de Heslington (1335-1342)
V: Abbot Geoffrey de Gaddesby (1342-1368)
VI: Abbot John de Sherburn (1369-1408)

Chapter Four: The Monastic Corporation
I: Temporal Possessions
The Properties
Patterns of Acquisition
The Effects of the Statue of Mortmain
II: Spiritual Possessions
III: Finances

Chapter Five: The Benefactors
I: The Question of Patronage
II: Some Aspects of Royal Patronage
III: Benefactors
Knightly Families
Peasants and Townsmen
IV: Women
V: Ecclesiastical Benefactors

Chapter Six: The Monastic Town of Selby
I: Early Settlement at Selby
II: The Geographical Arrangement of the Town
III: The Market, Trade, and Industry
IV: Problems Facing the Town in the Fourteenth Century