Occasional Papers 05  

Pointers to the past: the historical landscape of Hebden township: Upper Wharfedale

by H.M. Beaumont (2006)

Pointers to the past: the historical landscape of Hebden township: Upper

This well-illustrated volume produced by Heather M. Beaumont with members of the Hebden History Group emerged as the result of a locality-based study carried out by residents of Hebden.

It analyses the landscape of Hebden and the ownership and management of the land with reference both to documentary and physical evidence.

This publication covers: the evolution of the agricultural landscape, routeways, manorial Hebden, and landscape and community.

This monograph complements Hebden: The History of a Dales Township by David Joy

Part 1: Survey of the agricultural landscape
1.1. Classification and recording of field boundaries
1.2. Parliamentary enclosure walls
1.3. Pre-Enclosure boundaries
1.3.1. Boulder walls, relic hedgerows and trees (Group 1)
1.3.2. External boundary walls (Group 2)
1.3.3. Irregular walls (Group 3)
1.3.4. Regular walls (Group 4)
1.4 Assessment and interpretation

Part 2: Routeways
2.1. Prehistoric to medieval
2.2. The turnpike and after
2.3. Compartments in the landscape

Part 3: Manorial Hebden: a model
3.1. Hebden Hall
3.2. Toft compartment
3.3. Town Head hamlet

Part 4: Management strategies and the evolution of the agricultural landscape
4.1. Landholdings
4.2. Legacy of common rights
4.3. Lords, freeholders and enclosure
4.3.1. Hall and SE primary enclosure
4.3.2. Toft compartment and SW primary enclosure
4.3.3. Town head hamlet and the NW and NE primary enclosures
4.3.4. Peripheral settlements

Part 5: Landscape and community
5.1. Territory and settlement
5.2. Planned landscapes; lords and peasants
5.3. Enclosure
5.4. Buildings and community; industrial interlude