Occasional Papers 07      

Lady Anne Clifford: Culture, Patronage and Gender in 17th-century Britain


Lady Anne  Clifford

A collection of papers by leading scholars in the field devoted to the study of Lady Anne Clifford, Countess of Dorset, Pembroke and Montgomery (1590-1676), and one of the great figures of English seventeenth-century history. The volume’s origins lie in a symposium held in March 2004 at Tate Britain, to coincide with the display there of Lady Anne’s Great Triptych on loan from the Abbot Hall Art Gallery, Kendal.

This new collection of essays discusses aspects of Lady Anne Clifford’s life with particular emphasis on her cultural interests and her role as patron. This publication contains the following articles:

“Lady Anne Clifford’s Great Triptych” by Karen Hearn

“’Your Honor’s Desyres’: Lady Anne Clifford and the World of Goods” by Elizabeth V. Chew

“Love, Loyalty and Friendship; Education, Dynasty and Service. Lady Anne Clifford’s Church Monuments” by Adam White

“Lady Anne Clifford and the Architectural Pursuit of Nobility” by John A.A. Goodall

“’In Sweet Musicke Did Your Soule Delight’” by Lynn Hulse

“Turning to her ‘Best Companion[s]’: Lady Anne Clifford as Reader, Annotator and Book Collector” by Heidi Brayman Hackel

“Reading Lady Anne Clifford’s A Mirorr for Magistrates” by Stephen Orgel

“Lady Anne Clifford’s Writing Style” by Katherine O. Acheson

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