Record Series - 31  

Yorkshire Inquisitions vol. III

edited by William Brown (1902)


Record  Series 37This volume contains 106 inquisitions, ranging from 1294 to the spring of 1303, in addition to two omitted from the earlier volumes, dated 1245 and 1282. The most important inquisitions are those of the Earls of Lancaster, the King’s brother, and that of his uncle the Earl of Cornwall, lord of the Honour of Knaresborough. Some of the inquisitions are of considerable length, notably those of Roger Mowbray and John Bellew.

The matter of tenure is constantly referred to in these inquisitions. Some are very curious. The Meynells of Whorlton, near Stokesley, held their lands of the Archbishop of Canterbury, on the condition of acting as their butlers on the day of their enthronization. One incident of tenure, which occurs on almost every page, is suit of court.

In addition to the inquisitions post mortem and ad quod damnum there are three “proofs of age”.