Record Series - 37  

Yorkshire Inquisitions vol. IV

edited by William Brown (1906)


Record  Series 37The volume brings together the series of inquisitions for the county of York down to the end of the reign of Edward I. Besides the inquisitions post mortem and ad quod damnum, now divided into separate series, the inquisitions and proofs of age, which are mentioned in the Abbreviatio placitorum as being on the Curia Regis or Corum Rege rolls, are also given.

The character of the inquisitions is very similar to that of those in previous volumes and very few are of any length. They include inquisitions post mortem of: Gilbert de Gaunt, Robert de Tateshales, John de Walton, and Walter de Fauncumberg.

There are eight proofs of age: Adam de Everingham, Peter de Mauley, Thomas de Verdon, Anketin Salvayn, John Tempest, Emma de Rilleston, Herbert St. Quintin, and Margaret de Multon. The information in these proofs of age, though for most part genealogical, is of a varied character.

The majority of the inquisitions ad quod damnum are concerened with grants for religious objects under the statues of Mortmain, which continued to be very strictly enforced, so that, unless the sanction of the Crown was obtained, such grant was invalid. Nearly all such grants were to religious houses for their own uses, but in three cases, parish churches at Burton Fleming, Barwick-in-Elmet and Wath-upon-Dearn were benefited. A grant to the Templars and five grants to the Order of the Hospitallers are included. Four inquisitions relate to the great forest of Galtres and two other royal parks are also mentioned.