Record Series - 136  

Constable of Everingham estate correspondence 1726-43

edited by Peter Roebuck (1976)


Record Series 136The correspondents whose letters are include in this volume are Sir Marmaduke Constable of Everingham Hall in the East Riding, a leading member of the Catholic landed gentry in Yorkshire, and Dom John Bede Potts O.S.B., Sir Marmaduke’s chaplain and, from 1726, the supervisor of his estate and business affairs.

In 1730 Sir Marmaduke left Everingham for a Continental tour and only returned after Pott’s death in 1743. Although most of the letters were written during these years, a few earlier ones, from the period 1726-8 when Sir Marmaduke was in Bath, have also survived and are included here.

Because this dual correspondence was lengthy and detailed, and has survived virtually intact, it provides a graphic picture of circumstances on a medium-sized estate in the early 18th century. This is rare, for most series of estate correspondence extant for this period are predominantly one-sided and relate only to the largest properties. Moreover, the letters form part of an extensive collection of family papers preserved by the Constables and their successors. When related to this and other relevant material they reveal far more than they contain in mere isolation.

The letters are complemented by an introduction which includes a history of the Constable family and their estates.

The volume contains and index of names, places and subjects.

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