Record Series - 144     

Customs Accounts of Hull 1453-1490

edited by Dr Wendy R. Childs (1986)

Customs Accounts of Hull 1453-1490  - Record Series 144Medieval customs accounts are invaluable sources for both economic and social historians whether with international, national or local interests. They offer a wealth of information on the merchant and sea-going communities of English ports; on the international trading links of England and the pattern of this trade; on the shipping used; on the aliens who traded with England; and on the commodities exchanged between England and the rest of Europe.

This edition provides transcripts of all known surviving customs accounts for Kingston-upon-Hull for the period from 1450 to 1500. it also offers a detailed introduction discussing the value of the documents as well as tables of Hull’s overseas trade for this period, a complete list of customs collectors and controllers, and full glossaries of imports, exports, and weights and measures recorded in the accounts. It will prove particularly valuable to English and European historians of the trade of the North Sea, the Baltic and the English channel, and to local historians of the north-east of England.

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