Record Series - 158     

Feet of Fines for the County of York, from 1314 to 1326

edited by Michael Roper and Christopher Kitching (2006)

Feet of Fines for the County of YorkFeet of fines are a major source of genealogy and local history. The fine was originally an agreement made by licence of court between parties to a law suit, but by 1314 it had become a convenient and secure means of conveying a freehold estate, establishing or breaking an entail, establishing a tenancy for life or providing for the remainder of an estate held in dower. The fine was divided into three parts – one for either party and the “foot of fine” was retained as the record of the court.

This volume summarises 668 fines relating to Yorkshire for the years 1314-1326, including a significantly increased number for 1319-1320 and 1322-1324, when the Court of Common Pleas sat at York during Edward II’s Scottish campaigns.

The topographical and chronological arrangement and standard form of fines, relatively easy to search, makes them of special value to family and local historians.

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