Record Series - 159     

TheYorkshire Church Notes of Sir Stephen Glynne (1825-1874)

edited by Lawrence Butler (2007)

TheYorkshire Church Notes of Sir Stephen GlynneSir Stephen Glynne was one of the greatest church enthusiasts of his time, visiting over 5500 churches in England and Wales, and making careful notes and sketches on their architecture, plans and furnishings.

This volume contains architectural descriptions of 400 Yorkshire churches and abbeys compiled during many visits. Interesting in their own right, they also provide an extremely accurate and valuable record of the fabric and fittings before their removal in restoration or the total demolition of churches. An introduction places Sir Stephen’s life and work in a wider context of developing architectural and ritual scholarship.

The text is accompanied by 250 contemporary watercolours and drawings, the majority from record sources and published for the first time. Together they provide a significant contribution to the study of Yorkshire church architecture at a time of rapid change.

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