Guide to Yorkshire Archaeological & Historical Society archive

This guide provides an overview of the contents of the YAHS’s collections. It currently covers all items deposited or gifted to the archives between 1867 and 2008. For ease of searching the guide is divided into three sections: DD, MD and MS. For more information on these series see the Introduction.

The following guide is a consolidation of the two printed guides and lists of more recent accessions. Please excuse any formatting or stylistic inconsistencies or typographical errors which may have occurred in the process of compiling this guide. We hope to be able to address any such problems in due course.

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Collection Reference Date Collection Description
    Catalogue of the Deeds
MD1 1282-1517 Cartularium Acastrense Vol. I.
A collection of charters bound together in a case. They relate principally to lands, etc., in Acaster Malbis, but there is a deed relating to Chevermunt, and another to Bishopthorpe. Four of the charters are undated, the rest range from 1282 to 9 Hen. VIII.
MD2 1339-1546 Cartularium Acastrense Vol. II.
A collection of deeds in a case. They relate to Acaster Malbis and two or three other places. One is undated, and the rest range from 13 Edw. Ill to 38 Hen. VIII.
Note: the above cases contain full calendars of the contents
MD3 1326 & n.d. Charters relating to Acaster Malbis
MD4 1332-1656 Miscelleaneous documents relating to York and elsewhere
Two leases of the office of "gageor" of wine, etc., in York;
the Corporation of Hull to the Merchant Adventurers of York, 1636
Assessment in Boughton, Kent, for 1610
An account of the expenses of Adam, Bishop of Worcester, on his journey to the King of France on the business of the King of England, 1332
MD5 1369-1701 Deeds relating to properties in Drighlington, Adwalton, Tong, Pudsey, and Oulcotes [Calverley]
With a Bond by Elizabeth, Marchioness of Montefeltre, 1670, and two or three other bonds; likewise the wills of Nicholas Waide, Drighlington 1605; Robert Whittell, Halifax 1685; and Robert Harper, Calverley 1600
MD7 1315 Release of all right to rent from a messuage in Little Brettegate, York
MD11 1569-1773 Deeds, etc., relating to properties in Honley, Meltham, Netherton, and Crosland (principally Honley)
MD12 1606-1813 Deeds
Relating to properties at Hambleton and Mount St. John, near Thirsk, Feliskirk and Marderby, Thirlby, Ravensthorpe (par. Feliskirk), Boltby and Hesketh, Cold Kirby, Aiscough, Hudswell, Brompton-on-Swale, Hawnby, Kirkby Fleetham, and Brafferton
MD13 1606-1681 Deeds
Relating to properties in Grewelthorp, Kexmoor, Dallowgill, Swetton, Kirkby Malzeard, and "Lungley" [?Limley]
MD14 1670-1746 Family settlement and deeds
Articles of marriage between William Elsley, son and heir apparent of Samuel Elsley, and Barbara Tancred, 1698
There are also deeds relating to Kirkby Malzeard 1670, Patrick Brompton 1679, and Bewerley 1746
MD15 1587-1773 Deeds and abstract of title
Relating to properties in Grewelthorpe, Misses, Kirkby Malzeard, Hudswell, Thirlby, Catterick, East Appleton, Swetton, Dallowgill, and Skipton-on-Swale (principally Kirkby Malzeard)
There is also an Abstract of Title, 1677, relating to properties in Thirsk, Kirkby Malzeard, and other places
MD16 1618-1830 Documents relating to various properties
In Kirkby Malzeard and Skeldon, Grewelthorp, Bewerley, Hunton, Thorp-under-Stone, Richmond, East Appleton, Hudswell, Thirlby, and Dallowgill 1618-1773
There is also the Commission of the Peace for the West Riding, 1830
MD17 1630-1816 Documents relating to various properties
In Kirkby Malzeard, Grewelthorpe, Misses, Swetton, Patrick Brompton, East Appleton, Hudswell, Thirlby, Bowes, Thorp-under-Stone, Knayton, and Bewerley.
There are also appointments of Gregory Elsley as Deputy-Lieutenant for the North Riding, and Captain in the Militia, 1745-1764.
MD18 1577-1814 Documents relating to properties in Wakefield area
Includes Felkirk, Sandal, Elland, Dewsbury, and Thornes (principally Wakefield)
There is also a copy of the will of Elizabeth Watkinson, 1713/14
MD19 1699-1784 Documents relating to various properties
In Cayton, Bolton-on-Dearne and Goldthorpe, Hutton Bushell, Preston (in Holderness), Burstwick, Hedon, and Paull
There are likewise four assignments in bankruptcy, and probate of the will of John Hampshire, 1807
MD20 1719-1808 Documents relating to Wakefield and Ryhill (principally Wakefield)
Also includes the will of Samuel Jepson of Wakefield, proved 1743
MD21 1653-1812 Probates of Wills, or Administrations
Of William Turbutt 1653, Peter Craven 1676, Gregory Elsley 1716, Rev. John Froggott 1748, Gregory Elsley (copy) 1748, Thomas Wright 1757, Eliz. Turbutt 1761, Gregory Elsley 1780, Joseph Buckle 1793, Betty Elsley 1812
There is also an Agreement between Wm. Elsley and Gregory Elsley 1718
MD22 1370-1588 Deeds
Relating to East Brompton, Hornby, and Brokholme, 1370-1583
also deeds relating to Kirkby Malzeard, 1525-1588
MD23 1560-1709 Deeds relating to property in Great and Little Ayton
Also a fine relating to properties in Danby, Little Ayton, and Glaisdale, 1671; four Bonds; administration of Wm. Ripley of Sawley, and probate of Robert Sawley's will; an administration aqccount; and an indenture of apprenticeship; all 17th century
MD24 1629-1895 Letters and sundry documents chiefly relating to Ayton and to the families of Masterman, Ling, Stockton, etc
MD25 19th century Abstracts of title to property at Sutton-under-Whitstonecliff
MD26 1618-1772 Papers and other documents mostly relating to Kirkby Malzeard and the Elsley family They include bonds, agreements, memoranda, rentals, copies of indentures, counsels' opinions, receipts, letters, etc.
There are two original indentures relating to properties in Kirkby Malzeard and Patrick Brompton respectively; a Licence by the Earl of Derby, 1687, with fine signature; an assessment of Kirkby Malzeard, 1665; a curious lawyer's bill of 1726; and a pedigree of the Stanleys, Earls of Derby
MD27 1442-1602. Deeds relating to properties in Bradford and Manningham
MD28 1586-1800 Deeds relating to various properties
In Netherthong and Meltham, Fulston (Kirkburton), Holmfirth, Marsden, Ewell, and Clyffe (Kent);
There are also two bonds and sundry drafts of leases, etc.
MD29 1300-1346 Charters relating to properties in Marston
There is also one relating to Bilton and one relating to property in a vill not named
MD30 1585-1740 Letters, papers, and sundry documents relating to Scotton, Marston, Osbaldwick, and Staveley [principally Scotton]
MD31 1435-1630 Deeds relating to Gertrudenberg, Holland
MD32 1621-1792 Deeds relating to a property known as Ratten Clough, in Mixenden, Ovenden
MD33 1618-1807 Deeds relating to property in Scalby, 1618-1751
Also two indentures of apprenticeship
MD34 1591-1736 Deeds relating to properties in Danby, Glaisdale, Guisborough, Goathland, Lealholme, and Yarm
There is also a field-book for Snape, and some miscellaneous papers
MD35 1610-1721 Deeds and relating to property in Newby-in-Cleveland
MD36 14th-15 th century Court Rolls of the Manor of Pocklington
MD37 18th century Deeds and other papers
Relating to Appleton Roebuck, Bolton, Burton Hall, Eastrington, Halifax, Holtby, Kirkby Wharfe, Langbarugh, Laytham, Naburn, Owsthorpe, Oxton, Sinderby, Sledmere, York.
Abstracts of these were printed in the Yorkshire Archaeological Journal, xvii, pp. 96 et seq.
There are likewise two or three bonds, indentures of apprenticeship, etc., also printed, and some sundry deeds unprinted, relating to Eastrington, Esedyke, etc., also Shottery [Warwickshire], Croston, Maudsley [Lancashire], and certain rolls of accounts temp. Hen. VI, relating to Hull, Beverley, Skidby, Wetwang, South Burton, Wilton, Patrington.
There is also the Probate of the will of John Dodsworth of Cawood, Sep. 13, 1786, and of the will of Benjamin Wardell of Cawood, 22 Dec 1790
MD38 1404 Grant
By Thomas Fuller to William Goldryng, vicar of the Church of "Haghele," and others, of a tenement and curtilage in "Haghele"
MD39 1540 Grant
Of a messuage and the land called Mythome in Wylsden
Rosamond Tempest (widow of Richard Tempest, knight) to Edward Bollynge of Chellowe
MD40 1241-1708 Deeds relating to various properties
Including Kirkby Fleetham, Great and Little Langton, Great and Little Fencote, Kiplin, and other places [they are principally of Kirkby Fleetham]. Many involve the Lascelles, Metham, Rowth, Scrope, Smelt and Stapleton families. Most are from the 14th and 16th century
MD41 1625-1827 Deeds and documents relating to property in East Keswick and Collingham
MD42 1853 Deed relating to an easement in Ovenden, 5 May 1853
MD43 1493-
19th century
Deeds, copy court rolls, fines, bonds, and other documents
Relating chiefly to properties in Northowram, Southowram, Hipperholme, Elland, Greetland, and Shelf: with others relating to Halifax, Lightcliffe, Norland, Eccleshill, Dewsbury, Keighley, Allerton [Bradford], Clayton, Liversedge, Wakefield, Stanbury, Cottingham, Stainland, Spotland [Lancashire], and some other places.
The families chiefly concerned are Holdsworth, Wood, Saltonstall, Northend, Nicholls, Ramsden, etc.
There are also many testamentary documents and abstracts of title
MD44 1459-1781 Collection of Deeds and papers
1. Deeds relating to properties in Hedon, Gildersome, Leeds, Morley, Tickhill, Hunwick, Nether Morton (or Orton), Winterton (Linconshire), and other places; with will of Edmund Hoyle, Almondbury, and letters of administration of Robert Overend, Popplewell, 1306/7-1785
2. Deeds relating to Barton-on-Humber, 1459-1730
3. Miscellaneous papers, bonds, orders, copies, etc., relating to Rastrick, Birstall, Wibsey, Cleckheaton, Embsay, Marsden, and including copies of a terrier of Calverley, 1781, and of part of a compotus of Bolton Priory, 1538/9
MD45 1616-1785 Deeds, etc., relating to Clifford
MD46 31 May 1797 Conveyance of property at Reeth
MD47 1 Jan 1611 Conveyance in trust
Of land and cottage at Barnsley and Old Barnsley John Chappell to Richard Chappell and Richard Shepard
MD48 (1734) Manor of Hatfield
Copy court roll relating to land in Thorne, 18 Mar 1734
MD49 1708-1799 Bonds relating to various persons
MD50 n.d. [13th century] Charters relating to Kirkstall abbey lands in Bramley, Chapel Allerton, Lofthouse, and Meanwood
MD51- MD52 1631-1825 Lancaster bequest
MD51 - Grant
By the Archbishop's commissary to Mary Stapleton of Wighill, widow, of the guardianship of Brian and Jane Stapleton, children of Henry Stapleton, of Wighill, deceased, 2 April 1631
MD52 - Cold Kirby church terrier, 23 Aug 1825
MD53 n.d. Grant of Blubberhouses by William de Stuteville to Robert the forester
Seal attached.
Printed in Bridlington Chartulary, p. 241
MD54 1602-1867 Deeds and documents relating to land at Green Hammerton and to the family of Clark
MD55 17th-18th century Deeds and documents relating to Burstwick, Etton, Kingston-upon-Hull, and Pidsey Burton
They include probates of the wills of John Cawood 1720, Margaret Leadson 1715, and John Richardson 1677
MD56 1382-1383 Court rolls of the manor of Skidby [parish of Cottingham]
Three membranes, five courts
MD57 17th-18th century Deeds and documents relating mostly to the manor of Burstwick
Copy court rolls, 1653-1729, but also to Etton, the liberty of St. John of Beverley, etc.
There are also the probates, with grants annexed, of the wills of Nicholas Richardson of Burton Pidsey 1695, and John Williamson of Staxton 1727
MD58 14th-19th century Deeds and documents relating principally to Staxton, Flixton, Cayton, Osgodby, Willerby, Seamer, and Low Deepdale
They include conveyances, leases, releases, mortgages, marriage settlements, probates and copies of wills.
There is a copy of the terrier of Willerby 1764, and printed copies of the Staxton and Flixton Enclosure Acts 1801 ,1802
Also a bundle of deeds relating to Rudstone. One dated 1355 relates to Sewardby, Rudstone, etc., the rest range from 1555-1698, but most are Elizabethan
MD59 12th-19th century The Middelton of Stockeld Collection Family and estate papers of the Middeltons of Stockeld Park (Wetherby) and Stubham (or Myddelton) Lodge (Ilkley)

Including deeds for estates in the East, North and West Ridings of Yorkshire, notably Askwith, Austby, Burley-in-Wharfedale, Draughton, Follifoot, Habton, Ilkley, Maunby, Middleton [Ilkley], Nesfield, North Duffield, Ribston, Spofforth, Stockeld, Stubham, Thrintoft, Wakefield, Wheatley [Ilkley] and many other places, and in Cumberland, Durham, Lancashire, Northumberland, Westmorland and Scotland. Manorial court rolls and other papers survive for 17 manors in Wharfedale and elsewhere. There is also material relating to St Leonard's Hospital, York, and a large number of surveys and rentals.

The family were well-connected socially, having alliances with the Plumptons, Vavasours, Calverleys, Eltofts, Towneleys, Ingilbys of Ripley, Constables, Stricklands and Haggerstons, among others. As Catholics and Royalists they suffered for their recusancy in the 16th and 17th centuries, and the papers reflect the difficulties which arose from the sequestration of their estates, and subsequent long-term debts. The collection contains a relatively small proportion of personal material, but there is interesting correspondence from the late 16th and early 17th centuries, and a number of personal and household accounts, particularly for clothing supplied by the best makers in the earlier 17th century. Many accounts and receipts relate to the funeral of Mrs. Mary Middelton, 1644. Cultural references are few, with the exception of a library list compiled in 1718, which notes 342 books in the library at Stockeld.

The collection contains only a few maps and plans, although the surveyor Salomon Swale carried out work for the Middeltons in the early 17th century. A plan of an unidentified house of similar date also survives. The bulk of the collection dates from the period before 1763, when the male line of the Middeltons came to an end.
Material from the collection has been published in: YRS 65, 69, 76 and 120 (Yorkshire Deeds IV, V, VI and X), YRS 161 (forthcoming), YAJ 72 (2000) and 75 (2003). See also R.Collyer and J. Horsfall Turner, Ilkley: Ancient and Modern, 1885 and D. Carpenter, The Road to Ruin: the Middeltons of Stockeld 1763-1947, 1999
See also MS1580
MD60 (1342)-1767 Collection of deeds and documents
Mostly copy court rolls: Northallerton, Patrington, Romaldkirk, Wakefield, Welwick, Yarm.
There is a copy of an extent of Beverley, relating to Patrington, made in 1342. The other documents date from 10 Henry VI to 1767
MD61 1336-1767 Deeds and other documents mostly relating to Wakefield and district
There is one referring to Scarborough 1353, one to Dewsbury 1663, and a grant, with a good seal, by the prior and monks of St. Nicholas, Exeter 1336
MD62 1625-1779 Deeds and documents
Including copy court rolls, relating to Eastrington, Faxfleet, Newland [parish of Drax], North Cave, Staintondale, Stamford Bridge, Wistow and Wombwell
There is also the probate with will annexed, of William Watts of North Cave, dated 4 Jul 1742
MD63 1202-1902 Collection of deeds and other documents relating chiefly to Meltham and the Dewsbury area
(a) Deeds relating to Meltham 1557-1746
There are the probates of the wills of Thomas Beamond of Meltham 1669; Abraham Beaumont of Meltham 1673; and William Radcliffe of Brighouse 1768; the original will of Abraham Beaumont of Meltham 1707.
Also copies of the wills of Godfrey Beaumont of South Crosland 1672; Nathaniel Dison of Suncrosland 1710; and Abraham Radcliffe of Brighouse 1755
Also Inquisition Post Mortem of William Haighe of Meltham, 1605, and several miscellaneous papers
(b) Deeds relating to the rectory manor of Dewsbury, 1672-1798
(c) Deeds and papers relating to Dewsbury, Goole, Mirfield, Wakefield, etc., 1659-1818
They include the probate of the will of George Beamont of Meltham, 1659
(d) Abstracts and copies of records referring to the rectory manor and advowson of Dewsbury; the manor of Wakefield; Kirklees priory; the manor and rectory of Mirfield, 1202-1902
Abstracts of deeds and wills referring to the Dewsbury district
(e) Several abstracts relating to the church of Dewsbury 1348-1750;
a rental for the customary rent of 13s. 4d. paid for tithe hay in Dewsbury, Michaelmas, 1692; etc.
MD64 8 Oct 1490 Acquittance
From the chaplains of the chantry in the castle of Alnwick for monies received from the provost of the church of Kirkbyoverblows,
The seal is believed to be unique
[From the Middelton Collection]
MD65 11 Sep 1563 Grant of Arms made by William Flower, Norroy, on to John Thornholme of Hastrope
[From the Middelton Collection]
MD66 1697-1715 Leeds manor court
Two admittances to Cowper or Swallow fulling mill 1697 & 1715
MD67 1436/7- 1615 Deeds
Quitclaim of property called "Meherrode" in Wadsworth 1436/7
A grant of land at Deanhead for a chapel 1615
MD68 1355 Grant of land in Mitton
Printed in Y.A.S. Record Series, LXIX, 111
MD69 1492-1836 Yorkshire deeds
[Mostly Elizabethan, or later]
The places referred to include Barforth, Beverley, Buckden, Disforth, Drax, Dunsforth, Garsdale, Grantley, Hanlith, Hull, Leeds, Markington, Mowthorpe, Newton on Derwent, Northallerton, Ouseburn, Ousefleet, Sand Hutton, Sculcoates, Terrington, Thorpe Underwood, and York
MD70 1260-1491 Deeds and documents formerly the property of W.A. Lindsay, Clarencieux, King of Arms
They relate to Aldborough [East Rising], Almondbury, Barkisland and Stainland, Barkston, Beverley, Birstall, Constable Burton, Coverham, Fairburn, Farnham, Gawthorpe, Gomersal, How, Hoyland Swayne, Hudswell, Kirby Knowle, Kirk Sandall, South Kirkby, Langrake, Lepton, East Lilling, Liversedge, Meltham, Northallerton, Shelf, Shepley, Tanshelf, Thorpe Audlin, etc.
Printed in T.W. Hall's Descriptive Catalogue of Charters from Bosvile and Lindsay Collection
MD71 1710-1812 Deeds and documents relating to Hassell Hall in Ossett, and to the Foster family
Includes powers of attorney executed by John Foster of Funchal in Madeira; probate with will annexed of Richard Foster of Flanshaw 7 May 1729 There is also included a court roll of the manor of Towersey, Buckinghamshire 1742
MD72 1652-1744 Deeds and documents relating to Kirkby Overblow
MD73 1330-1358 Deeds relating to property in Fishergate, York
MD74-MD75 1357-1830 Bundles of deeds, relating to the Earl of Londesbrough's estates
Among the places referred to are Bentley, Fridaythorpe, Goodmanham, Holme upon the Wold, Middleton, North Dalton, Nunburnholme, Tibthorpe, Weighton, etc. [Mostly 18th and 19th century]
Some of the bundles contain deeds dating back to the early 17th cent. There are many wills and probates. Many deeds also relate to Skerne, most are Elizabethan or later, but one is 1357
MD76 1638-1867 Bundles of deeds
Relating chiefly to North and South Dalton, Hutton Cranswick,
Goodmanham, Lund, Londesbrough, Market Weighton, Middleton on the Wolds, Monk Fryston, Selby and the property of the prebend of Wistow at Brayton [A few 17th century, but mostly 18th and 19th century]
Also probates of the wills of Richard Malton 1803, and of Mary Waud of Selby 1795
Also an admission to the freedom of Scarbrough 1827
MD77 1732-1867 Deeds
Deeds relating to Bickley, Brayton, Burton, Cowthorpe, Deepdale, Hambleton, Selby, Thorp Willoughby, Wilstrop; the tithes of Armin, Carlton, Goole and Hook; and the advowsons of Brayton, Cowthorpe, and Selby
MD78 1631-1881 Deeds relating to various properties
Includes deeds relating to East Ayton, Beilby, Driffield, Emswell, Falsgrave, Goodmanham, Hutton Cranswick, Newby, Scarborough, Throxenby, Ulleskelf, Watton, Weighton; fee farm rent arising out of the late priory of Watton;
Emswell tithes; the manor of the prebend of Goodmanham with Fridaythorpe.
There are a number of wills and probates including those of Thomas Hopkinson 1769; Mary Stephenson 1784; Estill Stephenson 1808, all of East Ayton; Roger Hodgson of North Dalton 1700; Thomas Railton 1795; Rev. Francis Best 1802; Lepton Middleton 1806; John Birde 1807; and Sally Birch 1813.
There is a copy of the grant of the manor of Watton 1631
MD79 1620-1805 Deeds and documents referring to property in Erringden, Halifax, Hebden Bridge, and to Learings in Heptonstall
MD80 15th-16th century Copies of admittances on the Sheffield court rolls
Also four deeds 1530-1677
MD81 19th century Miscellaneous documents
Certificates of admission of H.A. Hawkins to the orders of deacon and priest 1836 and 1837.
Also seven documents referring to his institution and induction to the vicarage of Topcliffe 1838
MD82 1622-1795 Deeds relating mainly to Yorkshire
They refer to many places in the county including Aysgarth, Birkin, Burton Leonard, Embsay, Hedon, Middleham, Northallerton, Pontefract, Ripon, Scarborough, and Welwick
MD83 1630-1813 Deeds and documents, referring chiefly to places near Hull
They include a copy of Lady Ashburnham's deed of trust, 1714
MD84 1587-1672 The Sedbergh deeds 1620-1669
Also a grant of administration by the Archdeacon of Richmond to the goods of Thomas Wilson 1672 and 7 bonds 1587, etc.
MD85 1713-1848 Deeds and documents relating to South Kirkby, Sprotborough, etc
[Mostly 19th century]
Included is an inventory of goods and pictures at Sprotborough House and Red Lion Square 1713
MD86 1655-1838 Miscellaneous documents
Including an indenture of apprenticeship 1832; an application for leave to fence part of Chapel Allerton common in 1705; and a diploma (M.D.) of St. Andrew's University 1838
MD87 1602-1774 Deeds referring to many places in Yorkshire
Including West Ardsley, Askrigg, Almondbury, Copgrove, Dalton, Drighlington, Grewelthorpe, Guiseley, Kirby Hill, Kneeton, par. Middleton Tyas, Leyburn, Norton in the Clay, Pudsey, Richmond, Ripon, Rothwell, Sawley, Scarborough, Spalding Moor, Swyne, Tong, Weeton in Holderness, Wragby, York, etc.
MD88 17th-18th century Deeds relating to Gloucestershire, Kent and Carmarthen
MD89 1587-1748 Deeds relating to Ringborough, parish of Aldborough, Berrythorpe and Bridlington
MD90 1677-1769 Heptonstall Court Rolls
MD91 1584 Beverley manor. Copy court roll
MD92 1523-1622 Deeds relating to property in the lordship of Ryton [parish of Kirby Misperton]
Also two letters
MD93 1664-1831 Deeds and papers relating to Otley
They include the wills of Isabella Neal of Otley 1752, and of William Smith of Burley 1679
MD94 3 Jul 1769 Articles of agreement
Between Sir George Savile, knight and baronet, and others, owners and occupiers of land in the parish of Birstall, for the better defending of their rights in the moduses in lieu of tithes against actions which might be brought against them by the vicar
MD95 2 Aug 1658 Copy court roll of the liberties of Holderness
MD96 1251-1750 Deeds and a notebook formerly in the collection of Sir Francis Powell, baronet
Relating to North Anston, Chapel Allerton, York, Leeds, North Anston, Brearey, Knapton and Rawdon
Others relate to graveship of Sandal, and to Emley, Thornton chapel, near Bradford, etc.
There is also the probate of the will of John Thompson of Barwick in Elmet 1668
MD97 1650-1837 Deeds relating chiefly to Painthorpe
Inludes lands in Painthorpe, Criggleston, Dirtcarr, and Sandal Magna
There are copies of 2 or 3 original wills and admons., and the original will of Rebecca Oley, spinster, of Kirkethorpe 1682
MD98 1670-1805 Deeds, marriage settlements, and bonds relating to South Elmsall
MD99 1585-1827 Deeds and documents relating chiefly to Dirtcarr, Crigglestone, Sandal, and Wakefield
Also a few to Ardsley, parish of Darfield, and Stanley
MD100 1457-1458 Hedon. Sheriff's Tourn
MD101 1586-17th century Grant of Bacchus Garthe in Warter and precept
MD102 12th-18th century Deeds relating to the property of the Pudsays of Bolton by Bowland and Barforth on Tees
Many relate to Rimington, Bolton, Malsis and Barforth.
Others to Burton in Lonsdale, Clitheroe, Bentham, Easington, Elslack, Gargrave, Giggleswick, Glusburn, Grindleton, Horton in Ribblesdale, Keighley, Long Preston, Newton, Settle, Skipton, Slaidburn, Thornton, Weston [Otley], and Wigglesworth in N.W. Yorkshire; Cleasby, North Cowton, Eppleby, Little Hutton, Newsham (Barningham), Stainton, and Over Startforth in N. Yorkshire; Ashley and Hale in Cheshire; Barnard Castle, Barton, Coniscliffe, Durham, Little Houghton, Houghton le Spring and Selaby in co. Durham; Salford, co. Lanc; Brant Broughton, co. Linc; Newcastle, Walwick and Great Whittington in Northumberland; and Icklesham, in Sussex.
Abstracts of these deeds were printed in Y.A.S. Record Series, Vol. 56
MD103 19th century Notes and transcripts
(a) A parcel of negatives of illustrations of seals and deeds in the Pudsay Collection printed in the Y.A.S. Record Series, Vol. 56.
(b) Notebooks with the names of persons and places occurring in the deeds 13th-17th century
(c) Transcripts of deeds relating to the Pudsays, with drawings, some in water colour, of the seals; and pedigrees of the Pudsay and allied families.
(d) Later Pudsay deeds and correspondence 16th to early 19th century
MD104 17th-18th century Bundle of documents
They include fines relating to Barleby, Selby, Osgodby, Riccall, Snaith, Beverley, etc. mid 17th to early 18th century
Also probate with will annexed of Thomas Rickall of South Duffield, yeoman, 1686
MD105 17th-18th century Documents relating to Whitehaven in Cumberland
Also a copy of the will of Mary Fisher, Whitehaven, widow 1769;
probate of the will of John Robinson of White-haven, merchant 1745; and a ticket of allotment of a pew in the new church at Whitehaven 1745, and a deed of sale of part of the sittings
MD106 15th-18th century Manor of Riccall cum Newbald
Court Rolls of the manor of Riccall cum Newbald 1449-1722;
Court Papers 1737-1763; Estreats and Amercements 1559-1689
MD107 16th-18th century Deeds and papers relating mainly to Garton, Grimston, Ringborough and York
Also to Aldbrough [East Riding], Bessingby, Burton Fleming, North Cliffe, South Cliffe, Little Smeaton and Lincolnshire 16th-18th century
Includes inquisition post mortem of Francis Towrie of Dunnington 1622
Copies of the commission of the peace in the East Riding 1771 and 1785
MD108 15th-18th century Manorial records and other papers
Surrenders and admittances in the manors of Hambleton 15th-18th century, Hatfield 17th century, Hemingbrough 1672-1673, Malbis 1658 and Riccall 1615 with various wills, administrations, bonds and deeds 17th-18th century
MD109 1752-1770 Two deeds relating to Stirton
MD110 17th-18th century Deeds, rentals, surveys and other papers relating to Cattal, Cowthorpe, Selby, Tockwith and Wilstrop
Includes deeds etc. relating to Tockwith windmill 1641-1683
MD111 (1227)-18th century Deeds and papers relating to Cowthorpe, Tockwith, Wilstrop and Moor Monkton
Includes copy of documents relating to a dispute about Tockwith windmill (1227) and inquisition post mortem of Guy de Wilstrop 1520
MD112-MD113 1400-1811 Wilstrop manorial documents
Court roll for the manor of Wilstrop 1400 and 1402, and Wilstrop with Tockwith and Cowthorpe call book 1762-1784, verdicts 1810-1811

Legard of Ganton Collection
See also DD15

MD114 - Deeds relating to Escrick 13th-18th century
Note: some of these are published in YRS 111 (1946) MD115 - Deeds relating to East and West Heslerton 15th-17th century

MD116 - Deeds relating to Hunmanby 14th-17th century
Note: some of these are published in YRS 111 (1946)

MD117 - Deeds relating to Rillington, Scagglethorpe and Settrington 14th-17th century
Note: some of these are published in YRS 111 (1946)

MD118 - Deeds relating to Sherburn [East Riding] 14th-17th century
Note: some of these are published in YRS 111 (1946)

MD119 - Deeds relating to Staxton 13th-17th century

MD120 - Deeds etc. relating to Armley, West Ayton, Beeford, Bempton, Burythorpe, Byram, Cawood, Cayton, Driffield, Filey, Flamborough, Hessle, Holbeck, Hovingham, Kilham, Kilton, Kirby Misperton, Kirk Ella, Langton, Leeds, Malton, Osgodby, Oswaldkirk, Otley, Oubrough, Ruswarp, Scalby, Thorp Arch, Weaverthorpe, Whitby and elsewhere 12th-18th century
Includes inventory of the goods of Ferdinando, Lord Fairfax 1647
[Note: published in YRS 134 (1972)]
List of sheriffs of Lincolnshire [1163-1648], 17th century
Declaration of trust relating to a Goldsborough charity 1766
Note: some of the deeds are published in YRS 111 (1946)

MD121 - Deeds and personal documents relating to many mainly Yorkshire places 16th-18th century

MD122 - Deeds etc. relating mainly to London and other places outside Yorkshire 15th-18th century
Includes will of William de Comberton, citizen & skinner, of London 1410

MD123-124 - Deeds etc. relating to Northumberland and the families of Selby and Widdrington 16th-18th century

MD125 1615-1638 Documents relating to sewers
Commissions of sewers for the North Riding 1615
Commissions of sewers for Pickering Lythe wapentake 1637
Sessions of sewers at Hutton Buscel 1638
MD126 1501-1863 A collection of six documents relating to Yorkshire
A lease in Sheffield 1501,
an assignment of lease in York 1663,
a lease in Nether Silton or Silton Pannell in 1673,
a bond of obligation 1704,
a lease for Bainbridge Hall 1717
and an Admission to a Degree 1863
MD127 1614-1797 Yorkshire deeds
Relating to Armley, Barnsley, Beeston, Bramley, Churwell, Clayton [parish of Bradford], Halifax and Wakefield
MD128 Early 14th- 19th century Deeds etc relating mainly to Liversedge and the Walker family
Also to Aysgarth, Barnsley, Birstall, Normanton, Normanton [Rutland], Wakefield and Woodkirk
MD129 Late 14th-19th century Deeds etc. relating to Barnsley, Broughton, Dodworth, Selby and Stainborough
Note: some of these are published in YRS 120 (1953)
MD130 14th-17th century Clarke Thornhill of Fixby Collection
Court rolls for the manors of Bardsey 1397, Beamsley 1398-1407, 1450- 1460, 1580, 1588 and 1590, Burley 1372, 1383-1385 and 1489-1496, Calverley 1314, 1349-1750 [incomplete series], Farsley 1357 and Pudsey 1347, 1349 and 1448-1661 [incomplete series] with other manorial documents including rentals of Beamsley 1457 and n.d.[?16th century], a survey of Calverley 1689, extents of Calverley, Pudsey and Burley [temp.
Henry VII], extents of Otley c.1300 and of Fleming fee (in Clarborough and Welham [Nottinghamshire]) 1315
and a reeve's account for Westwick 1314-1316
See also DD12, MD59, MD290, MD335, MD413 and MS527
MD131 Early 17th century Two deeds relating to property in Shibden and Northowram
MD132 16th-18th century Deeds and papers relating to various places
Includes properties at Anlaby, Gisburn, Halifax, Hutton Rudby, Kettlewell, Middleham, Ravensworth and Whashton, Sawley, Skircoat, Southowram, Threshfield, York, Durham and Lancashire
Includes receipt for weights and measures for Yarm market 1686
Plans, with surveys, of Threshfield school lands at Threshfield and Kettlewell 1720
Plan, surveys etc of lands at Gomersal 1649-1743
Abstract of rent account for lands at Ravensworth and Whashton
MD133 17th-18th century Deeds and papers
Relating to Barlby, East Cottingwith, South Duffield, Elstronwick, Lelley and Preston in Holderness, Garthorpe [Lincolnshire], Kiplin, Marley [parish of Bingley], Oulton, Reedness, Selby, Woodlesford and York
MD134 1674 Lease by the subchanter and keeper of the Bedern college, York, of property in York
MD135 14th-16th century Deeds relating mainly to Snaith and area
Also to Dalton [parsih of Topcliffe], Great Broughton, Chevet, Sessay etc
Note: some of these are published in YRS 120 (1953)
See also MD136, MD141, MD182 and MD335
MD136 1407 Two deeds relating to the Snaith area
See also MD135, MD141, MD182 and MD335
MD137 1811 Two deeds relating to a messuage at Tollerton
MD138 16th-19th century Deeds, wills and other papers relating mainly to Doncaster
And to Asselby, Balne, Beeston, Bentley [parish of Arksey], Birstall, Campsall, Colton p. Whitkirk, Featherstone, Holme upon Spalding Moor, Kirk Sandall, Moss, Orgreave, Rotherham, Sykehouse, Wakefield, Whitkirk, Yokefleet, York and many other places, mainly in South Yorkshire.
Includes terrier of Flamborough 1786
MD139 1628 Decree of the Sessions of Sewers in the West Riding, held at Ousefleet
See also MS561
MD140 16th-18th century Various documents
Lease of tithes of Naburn by the prioress and convent of Nun Monkton 1535
Assignment of lease of the manor of Fryston and property in Ferry Fryston [Ferrybridge] 1653
Probate of John Middleton of York 1734
MD141 14th-15th century Deeds
Relating to Balne, Carlton p. Snaith, Cowick, Drax, Gowdall, Heck, Hensall, Sessay, Snaith and elsewhere
Note: some of these are published in YRS 120 (1953)
See also MD135 - 136, MD182 and MD335
MD142 16th-18th century Deeds etc
Relating to Flockton, Kilpin, Lofthouse [parish of Rothwell], Pocklington, Rawmarsh, Royston, Ryhill p. Skeckling and Walton
Bankruptcy commissions 18th century
MD144 17th-19th century Deeds relating to Adlingfleet, Holme upon Spalding Moor, Hook, Howden, Ousefleet, Reedness and Whitgift
MD145 1839-1886 Abstracts of title to lands etc in Reedness and Swinefleet
MD146 1756-1763 Copyhold surrenders and admittances relating to property in the manor of Hook 1756 & 1763
MD147 1368-1596 Deeds relating to the Leigh family and to Middleton [?-on-the-Wolds] and Holme [?on the Wolds]
MD148 1661 Court roll of the knights of St. John's manor of Batley
See also DD4
MD149 16th-19th century Deeds and other documents relating mainly to Halifax and area, including Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School
Also relating to the manor of Batley and to Arksey, Balkholme, Featherstone, Keighley, Leeds, Pool, Shipley, Shitlington, London and Worcestershire
Includes notices etc. relating to Halifax borough election 1834
MD150 14th-18th century Deeds and other documents
Relating to Barrow upon Humber, Barton-upon-Humber, Brookfoot, Hipperholme, Rastrick, Southowram and Thurlstone
Note: some of these deeds are published in YRS 65 (1923) and 102 (1940)
MD151 1669-1677 Verdict papers for the manor of Marsden
See also MD185 and MS389
MD152 c.1195 Deed of William de Mala Palude, Canon of York,
relating to Grimston
Note: published in YRS 102 (1940)
MD153 14th-16th century Deeds
Relating to Cowick, Dalton [parish of Topcliffe], Gowdall, Heck, Hensall, Sessay, Snaith, Terrington, Whitley [parish of Kellington] and York
Note: some of these are published in YRS 111 (1946)
MD154 1604 Subsidy roll for the wapentake of Agbrigg and Morley
MD155 1329 Deed relating to Terrington
Note: published in YRS 111 (1946)
MD156 1706-1780 Court book of the manor of Turnham Hall [parish of Hemingbrough]
MD157 n.d. [early 18th century] Plan of the manor of Turnham Hall [parish of Hemingbrough] and the lordship of Cliffe
MD158 1591-1601 Final concord relating to lands in Stainland and Old Lindley 1591 and licence to alienate lands in Owston [Lincolnshire] 1601
MD159 18th-19th century Deeds, wills etc. relating mainly to Knottingley but also to Hemsworth and Norton [parish of Campsall]
MD160 1558-1638 Two indentures relating to cottages at Scawton 1558 and Hickleton 1638
MD161 13th-18th century Further deeds and documents collected by C.B. Norcliffe
Relating to Barforth, Bempton, Beningbrough, Beverley, Boynton, Buckton, Drax, Drypool, Elmswell, Eppleby, Eske p. St. John, Beverley, Goole, Haxby, [Glass] Houghton, Hull, Kilham, Leeds, Marfleet, Middleton in Teesdale [Durham], Morton-on-Swale, Ouseburn, Riccall, Snaith, Whitwood and Wolfreton p. Kirk Ella 13th-18th century
Includes extracts from court rolls of the manor of Elmswell 1380-1462 n.d. [?early 17th century]
Surrenders of copyhold properties in the manor of Snaith & Cowick late 17th century
Note: some of these deeds are published in YRS 102 (1940) and 120 (1953)
See also MD69, MD237 and MS721
MD162 17th-19th century Yorkshire grants of probate
MD163 13th-18th century Deeds and other documents relating to lands of Kirkstall abbey at Loscoe and Ackton [parish of Featherstone], Micklethwaite [?parish of Collingham] and South Duffield
Includes receipts for modus due to Christ's College, Oxford in lieu of tithes for lands at Loscoe 1634-1729
MD164 16th-18th century Deeds
Relating to Rawthorpe Hall, Dalton [parish of Kirkheaton] 1570 and Howe [parish of Pickhill] 1654 and 1656, with a table for rates relating to Roecliffe c.1770
MD165 1616 Court roll for the manor of Terrington
MD166 17th-18th century Deeds and other documents relating mainly to estates of the Marshall family in Tadcaster but also to those in Essex With copyhold surrenders in the manor of Whitkirk relating to lands at Stutton, Catterick, Tunstall [parish of Catterick] and Spofforth
MD167 17th century Two deeds of the Fairfax family relating to Bilbrough and Clementhorpe [parish of Blacktoft]
MD168 1775 Two deeds relating to the advowson and rectory of Staveley
MD169 16th-17th century Deeds relating to Gipton, Knowsthorpe, Leeds and Kirkby Hill
MD170 1600 Deed granting Hickleton rectory to John Ramsden
MD171 16th-18th century Deeds and other documents relating to Richmond and the families of Anbie, Barker and Cowling
MD172 17th-19th century Deeds, wills and other documents relating mainly to Aiskew and Bedale
MD173 16th-18th century Miscellaneous documents
Including a rental of the lands of John Garner of Otley n.d. [16th century], mainly 18th century
MD174 16th-18th century Deeds, wills etc. relating mainly to the manors of Hague Hall [parish of South Kirkby] and Upton
Also to East Ardsley and Birstall
MD175 14th-17th century Deeds and other documents of the Vavasour family of Spaldington and Willitoft and of Great Harrowden [Northamptonshire], and some relating to Cumberland.
Includes various inventories 16th-17th century [See YRS 134 (1972)]
Recusant roll 1676-77
MD176 17th-18th century Deeds and other documents relating mainly to Alne and Tollerton and the families of Ibson, Robinson, Brooke and Ernley
See also MD177
MD177 1665-1684 Deeds and other documents relating to lands in Alne and the families of Ibson and Ernley
See also MD176
MD178 16th-18th century Deeds and other documents
Relating to East, North and South Cowton, the peculiar of Howden, Goole, Hook, Ousefleet, Swinefleet, Allerton [parish of Bradford], Anston and area and other places.
Includes quitclaim relating to ulnage of woollen cloth 1566
MD179 17th-early 18th century Deeds and other documents relating to the Maude family of Wakefield
MD180 1734 List of pains for the manor of Lund
Note: published in YRS 69 (1926)
MD181 1659-1782 Deeds relating to Thornton [parish of Bradford] and to Allerton [parish of Bradford], Manningham and Morley
MD182 14th-17th century Deeds
Relating to Balne, Cowick, Crakehill, Dalton p. Topcliffe, Dishforth, Gowdall, Heck, Hensall, Menthorpe [parish of Hemingbrough], Pollington, Rawcliffe, Snaith, Topcliffe and elsewhere
Note: some of these are published in YRS 111 (1946) and 120 (1953)
See also MD135 - MD136, MD141 and MD335
MD183 1276-c.1320 Two deeds relating to Harmby c.1320-1330 and Menthorpe [parish of Hemingbrough] 1276
Note: the latter is published in YRS 111 (1946)
MD184 1573 Letters patent granting the manor of Hemlington to Ralph Tailbois
MD185 16th-19th century Documents
Relating to the manor of Marsden 1ate18th-early 19th century and deeds and other papers relating to Elland (pews in the parish church), Haworth, Sowerby and elsewhere 16th-19th century
Includes valuation of the manor of Marsden 1804
Plan of part of the boundary of the manor of Marsden 1809
See also MD151 and MS389
MD186 17th-19th century Documents relating to Selby
Lease of Selby corn mills 1661, list of Selby window duties 1755 and report on Selby market 1884
MD187 1648 Inventory of the goods of Francis Clarke of Sharlston, yeoman
Note: published in YRS 134 (1972)
MD189 1777 Probate with will annexed of Robert Settle of Lowestoft [Suffolk], clerk
MD190 1698 Promissory note from William Hepworth to Robert Morritt of Ryther, clerk
MD191 1802 Probate with will annexed of William Coulson of Sandhoe [Northumberland]
MD192 1584-1818 Deeds and other documents
Relating to Atwick, Beswick, Beverley, Byram, Burton Salmon, Cayton [North Riding], South Cowton, Etton, Filey, Flotmanby, Hollym, Hull, New Malton, Rotherham, Sewerby, Snainton, Wharam Percy and Lincolnshire 1584-1818
Includes wills of Mary Blackett of Whitby and George Barnett of Leeds 18th century
MD193 17th-19th century Deeds and other documents
Relating to Appleton Roebuck, Barnoldswick, Beeston p. Leeds, Birstall, Bolton Percy, Catterick, Cottingham, Dalton [parish of Kirkheaton], Kirkby Malzeard, Knaresborough, Norton Conyers, Romaldkirk, Sawley [parish of Ripon], Scarborough, Startforth, Tickhill, Walden [parosh of Aysgarth] and elsewhere
MD194 17th-19th century Deeds, wills and other documents relating to Bingley, Burnsall, Cracoe, Draughton, Keighley, Morton Banks [township of East Morton] and West Morton
MD195 17th-18th century Deeds and other documents relating to Burton [parish of Aysgarth], Carperby, Hipswell and Wincanton [Somerset]
Also extract (4 folios) from a manuscript copy of Seneca's tragedy 'Thyestes' 1ate14-early15th century
MD196 1591-1892 Probates, letters of administration etc. granted in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury
Relating to testators from many parts of England and Wales, and some from abroad, with a few marriage licences
MD197 14th-19th century Miscellaneous documents
Including a deed relating to Camblesforth 1393, a lawyer's book of precepts mainly relating to lands in Yorkshire 1604, a pedigree of the Waterton family of Walton early19th century and several Yorkshire probates etc granted in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury 18th-19th century
MD198 18th century Deeds and other documents
Relating to Askrigg, Bagby, Burton Salmon, Byram, Cottam, North Cowton, Dunsley, Eastrington, Fulford, Gargrave, Gristhorpe, Horton in Ribblesdale, Hunsingore, Kilham, Kingthorpe, Knottingley, Melsonby, Pontefract, Pusdsey, Rawmarsh, Rotherham, Scarborough, Sheffield, Stockton-on-the-Forest, Sutton-under-Whitestonecliffe, Thorpe Willoughby, Wakefield, Wigginton, York and elsewhere in Yorkshire, Durham and other counties.
Includes leases, valuations etc. relating to Yorkshire turnpike trusts 18th century
Various wills including administration with will annexed of Lionel Copley of Sprotborough 1786
MD199 18th-early 19th century Deed and papers relating to an allotment in Keighley
MD200 17th-19th century Deeds and other documents relating mainly to Wensleydale
Including Aysgarth, Burton [parish of Aysgarth], Middleham, Newbiggin t. Askrigg and Thornton Rust; also to Northallerton
Many relate to tolls, fairs and markets
MD201 16th-19th century Deeds and other documents relating mainly to the East Riding Including 'Southburton' [Bishop Burton], North Dalton, Ganstead, Hedon and Shipton; also to Kirkby Wharfe and elsewhere in the West Riding
Includes inventory of Grace Butler of Cowick early 17th century
MD202 17th-18th century Deeds and other documents relating mainly to Pontefract
Also to Ferrybridge, Owston and Sutton p. Campsall and Burghwallis and to Denby [parish of Penistone], Haworth and Oxenhope
MD203 1735 Indented list of muniments relating to the borough of Pontefract
MD204 1742 - 1845 Deeds and other documents relating to Batley enclosure, Dewsbury and elsewhere 1742-1845
MD205 16th-19th century Miscellaneous documents relating to Bradford, Gargrave, Slaidburn and elsewhere
Includes account book containing legal, household and farming accounts relating to the Slaidburn area and to Lancaster [Lancashire] c.1720-c.1820
MD206 16th-18th century Miscellaneous documents, mainly leases
Relating to Burstwick, North Cowton, Howe [?p. Pickhill], Ravensworth, Ricccall, Skeckling, Terrington and York
Includes inventory of John Fairfax of Burley in Wharfedale, gentleman 1616
MD207 16th-18th century Deeds relating to the estates of the Wigglesworth family in Long Preston
MD208 1824-1828 Papers relating to various cases at York Summer Assizes 1825-1826 and West Riding Quarter Sessions at Wetherby 1828
With two attendance certificates of the Craven Yeomanry Cavalry 1824 and 1826
MD209 13th-16th century Deeds
Relating to Almondbury, Beswick, Brompton [parish of Northallerton], Dalton [parish of Kirkheaton], Farnley [parish of Leeds], Gunthwaite, Hetton, Hull, Mirfield, Plompton, Scorton, Shelley, Thurstonland, Wath upon Dearne, Yeadon, Forncett [Norfolk] and 'Rothwode'
Note: most of these are published in YRS 63 (1922)
MD210 16th century Deeds relating to Aldbrough [East Riding], Garton, East Newton [East Riding], Northallerton and Ringbrough [parish of Aldbrough]
Note: published in YRS 65 (1923)
MD211 13th-19th century Miscellaneous deeds and other documents
Relating to Bainton, Dalton p. Kirkheaton, Elland, Halifax, Norwood Green, Pontefract, Rothwell, Stansfield, Todmorden, Walsden and Westerdale
Includes court roll of the honour of Pontefract 1283
Court roll of the manor of Westerdale 1550-1575
Court roll of the manor of Dalton [parish of Kirkheaton] 1655 and 1702
Assessment for the poor of Elland 1741
MD212 13th-18th century Deeds and other documents
Relating to Aldborough, Barnsley, Brampton p. Wath upon Dearne, Carlton [parish of Royston], Cawthorne, Crigglestone, Dodworth, Doncaster, Emley, Heckmondwike, Hunshelf, Kirkby [parish of Emley], Levisham, Penistone, Quarmby, Roughbirchworth, Silkstone, Stainborough, Wakefield, Worsbrough and elsewhere in Yorkshire, (?)Hertfordshire, Kent and Surrey 13th-18th century
Includes deed of exchange relating to lands of Rievaulx abbey 1285
Note: some of the deeds are published in YRS 39 (1907)
MD213 16th-17th century Deeds and other documents
Relating to Almondbury, Birstall, Brighouse, Cundall, Drighlington, Farsley, Gipton, Halifax, Hetton, Huddersfield, Idle, East Keswick, Kirby Hill, South Kirkby, Leeds, Lightcliffe, Norland, Northallerton, Ovenden, Ripponden, Scammonden, Skircoat, Snydale, Southowram and elsewhere
MD214 16th-18th century Deeds and other documents relating to an estate at Rookes [township of Hipperholme]
Includes translation of a deed relating to Lightcliffe chapel
[temp. Philip and Mary], n.d. [?17th century]
Plan of Mrs. Tempest's estate at Hipperholme 1764
MD215 17th-19th century Deeds relating mainly to Leeds and also to Hemsworth and Skircoat
MD216 1720-1833 Grant of a pew in Pontefract parish church 1720, with related papers 1832-1833
MD217 16th-19th century Deeds and other documents Relating to Acomb, West Ayton, Burn [parish of Brayton], Carthorpe, Firby [parish of Westow], Gate Fulford, Hanlith, Harrogate, Knaresborough, Leeds, Rathmell, Scarborough, Selby, Swinefleet and York
MD218 13th-19th century

Anne of Burghwallis Collection Papers of the Anne, Crathorne and Tasburgh families of Burghwallis Hall relating to estates in Burghwallis, Little Smeaton [parish of Womersley], Trumfleet, Walden Stubbs and elsewhere in Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Lancashire, Norfolk and Nottinghamshire 13th-19th century

MD218 -
Includes deeds 16th-19th century
Rentals 15th-18th century
Nottinghamshire sheriff's account 1613-14
Recusant rolls for lands in Yorkshire 17th century
Estate and personal correspondence 19th century
Roll relating to case before the official and commissary of York between Ulverscroft priory [Leicestershire] and the rector of 'Stanford' n.d. [14th century]
Exchequer suit relating to the manors of Radcliffe on Trent, Broxstowe, Eastwood [all Nottinghamshire], Codnor, Heanor, South Wingfield [all Derbyshire] and Grays Thurrock [Essex] [?1446]
Court rolls for the manors of Trumfleet 1582-1821, Bunny and Bradmore [Nottinghamshire] 1482-1483, 1501, 1592, 1601 and 1634-1638, the forest of Sherwood 1505

MD218 Add -
Survey of Burghwallis 1742
Account rolls for Crich and Tibshelf, Wingfield and Derby [all Derbyshire] 1393-1394
Rental of 'Bordeshowe' n.d. [?15th century]
Ministers' account for Nottinghamshire n.d.
Part of a coucher of Darley abbey [Derbyshire] late13th century
Henry Crathorne's account of his travels in China 1793
Transcript of a diary of a journey to France by Michael Tasburgh [1815]
Parliament roll relating to the subsidies of tonnage and poundage 1463

MD219 16th-18th century Deeds, copyhold surrenders and admittances and other documents relating to Methley and Patrington
MD220 1845-1899 Deeds relating to land, coal mines and premises at Oldfield Nook [parish of Cleckheaton]
MD221 17th-19th century Deeds and copyhold surrenders and admittances relating to Arkendale, Follifoot, Harrogate, the forest of Knaresborough, Pannal, Sawley and Scotton
MD222 1399-1499 Grant and surrender
Grant of the manors of 'Brerely' [?Brierley] and Cawthorne 1399
Copyhold surrender and admittance in the [?] forest of Bowland at Slaidburn 1499
See also MD230
MD223 &
MD223 Add.
17th-19th century Deeds, inventories and other documents relating to Leeds, Methley, Skircoat and Wakefield
MD224 1591 Deed relating to land in Stansfield
MD225 1274-1947 Records of the manor of Wakefield
Including court rolls 1274-1925 [incomplete series], various docket books and other indexes 15th-20th century, records of the extinguishment of the manor 1926-1947
Also various manuscripts relating to the history of the manor 17th-18th century, accounts of rents, fines etc. in Brighouse, Halifax and Holmfirth 1798- 1813, surveys of the graveships of Alverthorpe, Hipperholme, Holme, Ossett, Rastrick, Sandal, Scammonden, Sowerby, Stanley and Thornes 1803-c.1860,
Enclosure records for Alverthorpe, Darton, Emley, Golcar, Hartshead, Holme, Horbury, Normanton, Ossett, Ovenden, Sandal, Scammonden, Sowerby and Soyland, Stainland, Wakefield and Warley and many bills and acts 18th-19th century
Also maps and plans, notably a copy of a plan of the boundaries of the graveship of Holme [temp. Henry V] c.1757 and a plan of the manor of Liversedge n.d. [late 17th or early 18th century]
See also MS1127
Includes bull of Pope Martin IV to the bishop of Durham 1285
Note: various rolls have been published in YRS 29 (1274-1297), 36 (1297-1309), 57 (1313-1316 and 1286), 78 (1315-1317) and 109 (1322-1331) and WCR 1 (1639-1640), 2 (1348-1350), 3 (1330-1332), 4 (1583-1585), 5 (1664-1665), 6 (1350-1352), 7 (1550-1552), 8 (1651-1652), 9 (1537-1540), 10 (1790-1792), 11 (1608-1609), 12 (1338-1340), 13 (1687-1688) and 14 (1688-1689).
The Wakefield manor book 1709 is published in YRS 101 (1939)
See Journal of the Society of Archivists 5 (1975)
See also DD46, MS361, MS759, MS1173, MS1182,
MS1204 and MS1255
MD226 1584 Receipt of George Ingglebye for 10 received from Sir John Dawnay of Sessay
MD227 17th-18th century Deeds and other documents relating to Bowling and Kildwick
MD228 16th-19th century Deeds and other documents relating to Eccleshill, Idle, Leeds and Wrose
MD229 12th-19th century Deeds and other documents of the St. Quintin family of Harpham
Relating to Acaster Malbis, Barton-upon-Humber [Lincolnshire], Burton Agnes, Cayton, Gembling, Gransmoor, Hallytreeholme t. Hempholme, Harpham, Kilham, Knaresborough, Little Ayton, Lowthorpe, Nafferton, Ruston, Thornholme, Wansford, Wimpole [Cambridgeshire] and elsewhere Includes St. Quintin wills 1257-1660
Note: the wills and early deeds are published in Transactions of the East Riding Antiquarian Society 21 (1915)
See also MS712
MD230 16th-19th century Miscellaneous documents
Relating to Aysgarth, Barnoldswick, Dent, Ellerbeck, Lawkland, Settle, Sewerby, Skipton, Thornton in Lonsdale, Twisleton t. Ingleton, Wigginton and elsewhere
Includes court roll of the manor of Heck 1531
Extract of fines & amercements in the manor of Burley in Wharfedale 1664
See also DD146, MD130, MD335 and MD413
Verdict paper for the manor of Honley 1855
MD231 1756-1860 Deeds relating to the advowson and rectory of Appleton-le-Street
MD232 16th-19th century Deeds and copyhold surrenders and admittances relating to Carlton [parish of Snaith] and Newland [parish of Drax] 1568, Knottingley and Methley 18th-19th century
MD233 17th-19th century Deeds, letters, accounts and other documents relating to lands in Barnard Castle [Durham], Bowes and area
MD234 14th-19th century Lister Kaye Collection
Papers of the Lister family of Middop and Thornton in Craven, consisting mainly of deeds relating to Thornton and area including Bowland, Earby, Kelbrook, Middop and Rimington, Nappa and Swinden and to other Yorkshire places including Almondbury, Dalton p. Kirkheaton, Denby Grange, Halifax, Thorngumbald and the Wakefield to Austerland turnpike Includes court rolls of the manor of Thornton in Craven 1672-1688
Rentals of the estates of Sir John Lister Kaye 1822-1867
Plan of Swinden farm by Benjamin Pollard 1742
See also MD335
MD235 1637-1915 Records of the manor of Dringhouses
Includes court books 1660-1727, 1730-1825
MD236 17th-19th century Deeds relating to Easingwold
MD237 14th-19th century Deeds and papers Relating to Batley, Beverley, Elmswell, Gomersal, Howsham, Langton, Sandhutton [parish of Thirsk], Temple Newsham, Wressle, York and elsewhere and the families of Norcliffe and Best, Pawson of Leeds, Sleigh of York and Cass of Ouseburn
Includes court roll of the manor of Snaith 1355-1356
Will of Thomas Gale, dean of York 1701
See also MD69, MD161 and MS721
MD239 13th-19th century Deeds relating to Londesborough and area including Easthorpe
Note: the early Easthorpe deeds are published in YRS 111 (1946)
MD240 17th-19th century Deeds and other documents of the Blackburne family
Relating mainly to Richmond but also to Aldbrough [parish of Stanwick St. John], Aysgarth and Hartlepool [Durham]
Includes personal account books of Rev. Francis Blackburne, vicar of Brignall 1789-1809
MD241 1657 Marriage settlement of John Legard of Ganton and Frances Widdrington
MD242 14th-17th century Miscellaneous documents
Two deeds relating to Roos and Winestead 14th century
Two copyhold surrenders and admittances in the manor of Howden 17th century
Note: the deeds are published in YRS 111 (1946)
MD243 1608 [Foundation grant and statutes of Almondbury grammar school 1608] Transferred to WYAS Kirklees ref. KC1000
MD244 13th-18th century Deeds
Deeds relating to Barnsley, Ecclesfield, Greasbrough, Hemsworth, Horton [parish of Bradford], Rawmarsh, Ryhill [parish of Wragby], Thurnscoe and elsewhere 17th-18th century
Deeds relating to Bradfield, Brampton [parish of Wath upon Dearne], Dungworth, Hunshelf, Penistone, Thurlstone, Thurnscoe, Ughill [township of Bradfield] 13th-15th century
Note: most of the early deeds are published in YRS 120 (1953)
MD245 17th-19th century Deeds relating to Newsholme [parish of Keighley] and Wakefield
Also probate with will annexed of John Higham of Castleford 1805
MD246 14th-19th century Deeds
Deeds relating to Ardsley (East or West) 1411, Old Malton 1323 and Southowram 1347-1468
See YRS 120 (1953)
Probate with wills annexed of Bernard Sutcliffe of Gisburn 1805 and John Haworth of Gisburn 1886
MD247 16th-18th century Deeds relating mainly to Kilnsey
Also to Arncliffe, Bordley, Burnsall, Litton, Settle, Stainforth and Thorpe [parish of Burnsall] 16th-18th century
MD248 16th-18th century Deeds, manorial and other papers relating to Riccall and the Wormeley family
Including court rolls 1559 and 1664, 16th-18th century
Deeds and other papers relating to Acklam [East Riding], 'Appilby super Teese' [?Durham], Boynton, Halton West [parish of Long Preston], Wharram Percy and Wolfreton [parish of Kirk Ella] 14th-15th century and to Beckwith, Crofton, Doncaster, Drax, Fishlake, Harewood, Hedon, Long Marston, Nun Monkton, Ripon, Scarborought, Scriven, Skelbrooke and Whenby 17th century
MD249 17th-18th century Deeds
Relating to Appleton Wiske, Bingley, Dalton p. Kirkheaton, Dewsbury, Garton , Holme upon Spalding Moor, Kilnsey (advowson), Warter, Westow, Wheldrake, Whitby and Withernsea
MD250 17th-19th century Deeds and other documents relating mainly to Askrigg and area but also to Bowling
MD251 17th-18th century Deeds relating to South Elmsall, the manor of Oswaldkirk, with the will of Sir William Pikering 1574, Oulton, Swillington and Woodlesford
MD252 1437 Deed of resignation by William Bothe of the custody of St. Nicholas's hospital, Pontefract
MD253 17th-19th century Deeds relating to Hetton
MD254 16th-18th century Deeds relating to Ellingstring
MD255 16th-19th century Miscellaneous documents relating to the Marsden family
Includes various apprenticeship indentures 18th-19th century
Notice relating to an assessment for Wakefield watch rate 1850
MD256 16th-17th century Deeds and other documents relating to Rotherham, Wakefield and Stowe [Lincolnshire]
Includes an inquisition concerning lands for the use of the poor of Wakefield early 17th century
MD257 16th-18th century Copyhold surrenders and admittances and other documents relating to Hillam and Lumby
MD258 1592-1633 Final concord relating to lands in Ovenden 1592
Probate with will annexed of Margaret Midgley of Ilkley 1633
MD259 16th-19th century Deeds and other documents relating to Bridlington, the rectory and the Hepplethwaite family
MD260 1464 Two indentures and power of attorney relating to lands in Rishworth
See YRS 120 (1953)
MD261 18th-19th century Deeds relating to Ossett
MD262 1586-1741 Miscellaneous documents
Quitclaim of a cottage in Spalding Moor 1586
Articles of apprenticeship of Jane Jackson by the overseers of the poor of Lawkland 1741
MD263 1665-1698 Rent receipts for Crown and other lands at Pinchinthorpe and Butterwick
MD264 1482-(1583) Transcript of a medieval grant of pasture in Stainburn and Rigton 1583 and court roll of the manor of Harewood 1482
MD265 1634 Royal pardon to Sir Arthur Capell for alienating his manor of Escrick and 'Baldargarth'
MD266 16th century Photocopy of a calendar of a list of lands of dissolved religious houses in Yorkshire [temp. Henry VIII]
Note: Original is at The National Archives, Kew
MD267 (1130-1135) Photocopy of confirmation by Henry I of a grant of land in Guisborough from Robert de Brus to Guisborough priory c.1130-1135
Note: original is Lancashire Record Office DDHy
This deed is published in Early Yorkshire Charters 2, ed. W. Farrer 1915
MD268 1839-1874 Probate with will annexed of William Wells of Bradford and Scarborough with related papers
MD269 1825 Lease of the tithes of Ribston [parish of Spofforth]
MD270 16th-20th century Deeds and papers of the Clapham family
Relating to Appletreewick, Austwick, Giggleswick, Kildwick, Lawkland and Settle
Includes deeds relating to Settle 16th-18th century
Verdict paper for the manor of Lawkland 1715 and call books for the manor of Kildwick 1751 and 1757
Rental of the manor of Lawkland 1758
Plan of lands of the Clapham family n.d.[1ate 19th-early 20th century]
See also DD91
MD271 1759-1784 Probates with wills annexed of Richard Dobson of Settle 1759, Anna Swinglehurst of Bolton by Bowland 1764
and Mary Lawson of Giggleswick 1784
MD272 18th-19th century Wentworth of Woolley Collection
Further papers of the Wentworth family of Woolley Hall
Includes various vouchers 1729-1860
Medicinal recipe book n.d. [early 19th century]
See also DD57, DD164, DD200 and MS755
MD273 1595-1823 Deeds relating to Stanghow with other documents
Includes appointment of William Petch as lieutenant in the Cleveland Volunteer Infantry 1804
MD274 16th-19th century Deeds and other documents of the Netherwood, Rishworth, Warwick and other families in Heaton [parish of Bradford, Idle], Rawdon, Yeadon and elsewhere
Includes plans of Esholt 18th-19th century, Idle 1815, Markington 1727 and Menston Beck n.d. [19th century]
Copy deed of annuity for a preaching minister at Bradford parish church [1671], n.d. [18th century]
Accounts of the overseer of the poor for Yeadon 1663
Manuscript extracts from John Evelyn's Terra and the Practical Farmer and from pamphlets on the wool trade 18th century
Directions for preparation of colours etc. and painting pictures early 19th century
MD275 (1928- 1929) Copies of deeds relating to Oakwell Hall estate [parish of Birstall], with plan
MD276 17th-18th century Documents relating to Cridling Stubbs
MD277 13th century Three deeds of the Wyke family relating to Devon
MD278 1541-1637 Exchequer receipts for payments of lay subsidies, fines on lease, fee farm and other rents in the North and West Ridings
MD279 14th-20th century Armitage of Farnley Collection
Deeds and papers of the Armitage family of Farnley Hall [parish of Leeds], the Nicholson family of Roundhay [parish of Barwick in Elmet] and the Danby, Rhodes and Leathley families relating to Chapel Allerton, Bramley, Farnley, Gildersome, Hunslet, Roundhay, Shadwell and elsewhere
Includes deeds relating to Farnley manor and smithy 14th-17th century
See YRS 120 (1953)
Deeds and papers relating to Farnley chantry and chapel 15th-19th century
Court rolls for the manor of Farnley [?]1454-1639 [incomplete series] with other manorial papers 16th-18th century
Rentals of Farnley 16th-18th century
Accounts, notably of Farnley smithy 1567-1568 and 1583-1586
Documents relating to coal mining at Farnley 17th-20th century
Plans of estates at Farnley, Wortley, Armley and Bramley 1768 and 1805
MD280 & MD280 Add. 18th-19th century Papers of the Lindley family of Warmfield, Heath and Wakefield
Consisting of correspondence, wills, diaries, sketches and other papers including some relating to Joseph Lindley of the Greenwich observatory
(b 1756)
Includes diary and notes by Catherine Searles, continued by Julia Lindley 1710-1891
Joseph Lindley's journal of an excursion into Yorkshire 1830
Various papers relating to foreign travel 19th century
MD281 1830 Bill to Anthony Barker from the White Horse Inn, Otley 1830
MD282 15th-19th century Miscellaneous documents
Account roll of [?]Selby abbey n.d. [1ate 15th century]
Certified copies of Leeds borough charters [1626 and 1684] 1845-1846
Articles of agreement for sale of Greenhouse Farm, Goathland 1703
MD283 1801 Enclosure award and plan for Guiseley
MD284 17th-19th century Deeds etc. of the Gatliffe and other families
Relating to lands in Boston Spa [township of Clifford], Galphay [township of Azerley], Grewelthorpe, Horton in Ribblesdale, Kirkby Malzeard, Leeds, Littlethorpe [parish of Ripon], Minskip, Pateley Bridge, Ripon and 'Thornton with Bishopside' [parish of Ripon]
MD285 1787-1897 Deeds and other documents of the Clayton and other families relating to Kippax and to Allerton Bywater, Barwick in Elmet, Brotherton, Monk Fryston, South Milford and Sherburn in Elmet
MD286 1768-1881 Deeds etc. relating to Castle Hill House, Rastrick
MD287 17th century Langdale family documents
Copy will of Peter Langdale of Ganton (1616) and a rent book of Marmaduke Langdale relating to lands in Bainton, North Dalton, Gatenby, Holme [parish of Pickhill] and Pickhill 17th century
MD288 16th-19th century Miscellaneous documents including deeds relating to Tong
MD289 1658-1847 Deeds and other documents relating to Rastrick Hall
MD290 16th-20th century Ferrand of Bingley Collection
Papers of the Ferrand family of St. Ives, Bingley, including documents relating to the families of Parker, Lister and Busfeild and to estates in Allerton with Wilsden, Bingley, Cottingley, Harden, Marley and Morton [all parish of Bingley], Haworth and Welbury
Includes deeds 16th-19th century
Court rolls for the manors of Batley, Crossley with Pudsey, Cottingley etc. 1616-1617, Bingley, Pudsey, Crossley, Cottingley 1615-1708, Harden 1781-1878 and Allerton with Wilsden 1782-1842, with other manorial material
Documents relating to the manor of Crossley and the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem [1257]-1891
See YRS 61 (1920)
Rentals 17th-19th century
Enclosure papers relating to Allerton [parish of Bradford], Gilstead and Harden [parish of Bingley] 19th century
Papers relating to stone and coal undertakings 19th-20th century
and to Bingley and Bradford water supply 1854
Accounts of the surveyors of the highways for Harden 1762-1823
Maps and plans 18th-20th century
Wills 17th-19th century
Diaries of various members of the Busfeild and Ferrand families
Design for an arch by J. Vilett 1763
Stud book containing veterinary prescriptions 1ate18 century
MD291 1631-1829 Deeds and other documents relating to property in Horsforth
MD292 1690-1829 Deeds and other documents relating mainly to the Taylor family and their property in Gomersal Includes deeds relating to property in Adwalton [parish of Birstall] 18th century
See also MD299 and MD311
MD293 1585-1822 Deeds and other documents relating to Mewith Head estate [parish of Bentham]
Includes estate plan by T. Hodgson 1822
See also MD294
MD294 12th-15th century Deeds relating to lands at Pennington [Lancashire]
Note: part of MD293
MD295 1714-1743 Deeds relating to Burley Hall, Burley in Wharfedale
MD296 19th century Business papers
Deed of covenant and other legal papers relating to premises in Leeds 1825, non-delivery of dye 1876 and winding up of John Bucktrout and Co., drysalters [?of Leeds] c.1887
MD297 1537-1718 Deeds and other documents relating to the Sutcliffe family of Stoodley and Mankinholes [township of Langfield] and their property in Langfield and Sowerby
MD298 1630-1632 Two deeds relating to the manor of Rothwell
MD299 1842 Certificate of shares in the Reeth Consolidated Mining Company
(Nos. 1667 to 1684) granted to George Taylor of Gomersal, Vitriol Manufacturer
MD300 (14th)-18th century Documents relating mainly to Hackness 14th-18th century
Includes manorial accounts 1646-1647, 1655-1656, 1657-1658 and 1704- 1706
Deed relating to Harwood Dale chapel 1632
Legal papers relating to enclosure of Wintringham commons 1718
MD301 n.d. [20th century] Transcript by T.S. Gowland of the customs of the copyholders of the manor of Helperby (1582) as copied by John Neesom (1817)
MD302 1622-1810 Deeds and other documents relating to property in Yarm
MD303 c. 1175-1184 Confirmation of tenements in Hellifield
Printed in YRS Extra Series 7 (1947)
See also MD335
MD304 1628-1763 Deeds relating to Askern, Campsall, South Elmsall, Moss and Wakefield
Transferred to East Riding of Yorkshire Archives ref. DDCA
MD306 (1671) Photocopy of probate, with will annexed, of Sir John Lewis of Ledston
MD307 n.d. [mid 13th century] Grant of a messuage in Newland [parish of Drax]
MD308 17th-19th century Deeds and papers
Relating to Austwick [parish of Clapham], Kildwick, Litton, Long Preston, Stainforth 1651-1768
Includes articles of the Brotherly Society, Long Preston 1800
Rules of the Craven Savings Bank at Settle 1829
MD309 1572 Exemplification of a fine relating to Thornton Extracted in YRS 5 (1888)
MD310 1600 Letters patent from Elizabeth I to John Mylborne of Hinderskelfe relating to property at Thornton Riseborough
MD311 13th-17th century Deeds relating mainly to lands of the Taylor family in North Bierley and Gomersal 13 cent.-1604/5 Also deeds etc. relating to Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Middlesex 16th-17th century
Includes deeds relating to London, St. Dunstan's parish house, Bowser and Street's Charity 1594-1673
Deeds etc., mainly Tilley family, relating to London and Shenley [Hertfordshire] 1594-1689
MD312 1597-1604 Two deeds relating to the Hewitt family, Grassington
MD313 1619-1621 Darley family: survey of Pickering Lythe by John Norden 1619 and 1621
Partially printed in the North Riding Record Series, New Series 1 (1895)
MD314 1606-1844 Verdicts and other papers
Relating to the manor of Walton [parish of Sandal Magna] 1685-1844 and deeds etc. mainly relating to Cawthorne 1606-1675
MD315 1765-1892 Papers of the Bucktrout family of Bedale 1765-1892
Includes accounts etc. of William J. Blyth of Sunderland [Durham], chemist 1849-1892
Accounts etc. of William Bucktrout of Bedale, painter 1816-1824
MD316 1631 Settlement by Katherine Rossendale, widow, executrix of Philip Rossendale, on her son Jeremiah of property in York
MD317 18th century Lawyer's precedent book
Includes precedents for conveyancing and other documents
Copy letters relating to Hemsworth school 1770
Form of petition and certificate for admission relating to Tancred's charity, Whixley n.d. [18th century]
Advertisement for mortgage money secured on tolls of Leeds and Liverpool Canal and Douglas Navigation n.d. [18th century]
Other items relating to Argam, Brodsworth, Eskdaleside p. Whitby, Hunsingore, Langthorne, Mark, Sleights, Ugglebarnby and York 1787-1789 and n.d.
MD318   Copy exemplification of the proceedings in the Court of Exchequer relating to the custom of 'tenant right' in the manor of Dent 1634-1641
MD319   English translation of ministers' accounts of John, 8th Baron Scrope of Bolton 1535-1536
Note: originals are at North Yorkshire County Record Office
MD320 (1546) Photocopy of licence to alienate, from Henry VIII to Henry, earl of Cumberland, relating to the manor of Bramhope
MD321 1786 Transfer and further mortgage relating to lands in Starbotton [parish of Kettlewell]
MD322 1840 Marriage settlement of William Ackroyd of Otley and Sarah Baines of Farnley relating to lands in Otley and Newall with Clifton
MD323-MD324 1835 Papers relating to the case of Jonathan Akroyd v the Calder and Hebble Navigation
MD325 (1237) Photocopy of confirmation by Henry III of grants to Byland abbey
MD326 (1732) Photocopy of bond of Joseph Nussee of Ridings [parish of Birstall]
MD327 (1793) Photocopies of survey and plans of the estate of Sir John Coghill, bt. relating to Coghill [Conyngham] Hall, Knaresborough
MD328 1731-1836 Bound indentures of apprentices put out by the countess of Westmorland's Sharlston Charity
MD329 18th century Papers relating to the estate of Charles, 3rd Viscount Preston with other items
Includes manorial papers relating to Garton and Nunnington 1737, 1739
MD330 1342-17th century Grant of property in Cowick and two 17th century bonds
MD331 1342-1758 Deeds relating to Bramham, Camblesforth, Carlton p. Snaith, Cowick, Heck, Great Ouseburn, Great Rusholme [township of Newland], Snaith, Warmfield
Includes lease of the manor of Heck 1342
MD332 n.d. [18th century Map of an estate at Conistone Cold
MD333 1627 Deed relating to two cottages in Chesterfield [Derbyshire]
MD334 1776-1811 Papers of the Tolson family of Leeds
Includes account book of expenses of a journey to and from Delft [Holland] 1776-1777
A book containing poems, notes on finance, distances, historical events [18th century]
Various detailed account books 1805-1811
Commonplace book of poetry 1806
MD335 12th-20th century Bradfer-Lawrence Collection
A collection accumulated by H.L. Bradfer-Lawrence, consisting mainly of the estate papers of the Listers, lords Ribblesdale of Gisburn, but also of papers of Wilson of Eshton, Pilkington of Chevet, Ingilby of Ripley and others:
Ribblesdale papers
Includes deeds etc. relating to estates of the Listers in Gisburn, Malham, Paythorne, Rimington, Skipton, Swinden and elsewhere in Craven, and Lancashire, and of the Lambert family of Calton 13-18 century, notably for Bolton priory 12th-16th century, Cockersand abbey [Lancashire] 1533, Guisborough priory 1323 and Sawley abbey 12th-13th century
See also MS731d. and MD303
Court book for Gisburn 1572-1582 and other manorial material
Rentals 17th-19th century
Accounts, various 17th-19th century
Correspondence, estate and personal 17th-20th century, notably of Thomas Lister, 1st baron Ribblesdale 1ate18th-early 19th century
Maps and plans 18th-20th century notably of Gisburn Park by Francis White 1812
See also MS918
Business and industrial records, notably woollen draper's accounts (London) 17th-18th century, calamine mining, Malham moor 1ate18th-early 19th century, shipping 1ate18th-early 19th century
Various Gisburn township and other accounts 18th-19th century
Wilson of Eshton (with Currer of Kildwick and Richardson of Bierley)
Includes court rolls for Burley in Wharfedale 1604, 1616
Account for alterations to Eshton Hall 1825-1839
Pilkington of Chevet. Includes deeds 12th-16th century
see YRS 83 (1932) and 102 (1940)
Chevet Hall building account 1516
see YAJ 32 (1934-1936)
Ingilby of Ripley
Includes deeds, survey etc. relating to Fountains abbey 12th-16th century
Fountains stock accounts 15th century
Fountains rent accounts 1527-1536
Account roll of Sir William Ingilby, sheriff of Yorkshire 1564
Deeds, formerly belonging to Dr. E. G. Millar, relating to the Snaith area 13th-14th century
See also MD135-136, MD141, MD182 and YRS 120 (1953)
Deeds of Byland abbey, Jervaulx abbey, Kirklees priory
see YAJ 38 (1952-1955),
Nun Appleton priory, Rufford abbey [Nottinghamshire], Knights Templars and Hospitallers 12th-16th century
Further material relating mainly to Craven
Includes court book for Clapham 1758-1925
Court roll for Horton in Ribblesdale 1517-18
Miscellaneous items including Howden parish register 1543-1651, Knaresborough township book [1695]-1856, valuation of East Riding estates under the Militia Act 1662 and a volume of arms and pedigrees of Yorkshire gentry 17th century
Some deeds from this collection are published in YRS Extra Series 1 (1914), 2 (1936), 5 (1947), 9 (1963)
See also YAJ 51 (1979)
MD336 1797-1948 Deeds relating to 9 Park Place, Leeds
Includes plan of 9 and 10 Park Place and 37 and 39 St. Paul's Street 1946
MD337 1802 -1924 Deeds relating to 10 Park Place, Leeds, YAHS former headquarters
Includes plan of building sites etc. near Leeds bridge 1873
Map of St. Paul's Street etc. n.d. [19th century]
MD338 13th-20th century A collection of miscellaneous documents accumulated by Canon J.S. Purvis
Includes MS copy [on paper] of Aristotle's 'De mote animalium' and 'De memoria et reminiscentia' 15 cent.
See N.R. Ker Medieval Manuscripts in British Libraries Vol. 3, 1983
Deeds etc. for Buckden, Leeds, Snaith, Thorpe Underwood, York and elsewhere in Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Durham and Lancashire 16th-19th century
Grant of land in Seale [Surrey] 1291
Rental of 'Pembruge' [?Pembridge, Herefordshire] n.d. [17th century]
Rickaby family of Wakefield and Bridlington, woollen shippers, letter book 1804-1836, account book 1805-1838
MD339 1833 Account for work at the Engine Pit, St. Helen's Coal Co. [?Lancashire]
MD340 17th-19th century Papers relating to estates of Viscount Allendale,
Mainly relating to Northumberland estates and primarily 19th century
Includes map of Barugh showing coal workings 1697
Map of Cumberworth 1743
See also DD70, DD156 and MS1217
MD341 1668-1764 Miscellaneous documents
Deed relating to properties in Derbyshire 1668
Summonses to Westminster [Middlesex] 1749, and York assizes 1764
MD342 1404 Quittance of dower of Catherine di Antonio Sarpe of Quarto [Italy] attested by imperial notary
MD343 1704 Deed relating to Bramwith
MD344 1692-1924 Documents relating to the estates of the Hainsworth family at Farsley and Stanningley
Includes estate plan 1867
Surrender relating to Great Woodhouse [parish of Leeds] 1695
MD345 1844-1851 Barnley tithe documents
Barnsley tithe and chief rents account book 1844-1851
Award of tithe rents 1864
MD346 1764-1888 Deeds relating to Gate Fulford
Deeds mainly 19th century
Includes agreement relating to land in Kelfield and Riccall 1838
MD347 1560-1826 A collection of miscellaneous papers relating mainly to Yorkshire
Includes correspondence, notably of the earl of Strafford, mainly relating to elections and estate matters c.1718-1734
Deeds etc. relating to Elland, Erringden, Fishlake, Greetland, Northowram, Southowram, Thornton p. Bradford and elsewhere
Probate inventory of Lionel Rayner of Eccleshill 1612
[printed in YRS 134 (1972)]
Rental of the estate of James Hale in Byland, Oldstead and Wass [township of Byland Membris] 1724
Papers relating to rents formerly of Wragby chantry 1741-1745
MD348 1924-1937 Correspondence relating to authorities superseded by Morley Corporation in East and West Ardsley, Drighlington, Gildersome, Morley
MD349 14th-20th century Miscellaneous documents relating mainly to Yorkshire
Includes writ relating to land at Boylestone [Derbyshire] 1304
Court rolls for Alnesbourne [Suffolk]1407, Beverley Aquatica 1581-1582
Inventory of John Hanson of Banckhouse, Huddersfield 1689
MD350 1781-1919 Volume relating to property of J.T. Clay and Sons Ltd., textile manufacturers of Rastrick
MD351 17th-19th century Papers of the Nussey and Leathley families
Relating mainly to Leeds, but also to Elgin
See also DD185 and MD296
MD352 1610-1836 Miscellaneous documents relating to Hirst Courtney, Pannal, Rawcliffe and Lincolnshire
MD353 n.d. [19th century] Survey of Barnoldswick
MD354 1803 Abstract of title of John Rimington to the manor of Bolsterstone 1741-1803
MD355 1896 Certificate relating to shares in the Scotgate Ash Stone Co., Patley Bridge
MD356 1603 Lease relating to property at Long Preston
MD357 1802 Enfranchisement of a copyhold messuage at Tanshelf
MD358 n.d. [18th century] Map of Hey Farms, Linthwaite
Probably surveyed by W. Crosley
MD359 1670 Bond of James Taylor
MD360 1799-1812 Letters written to Elizabeth Atkin (later Hodgson) of Sharlston by Miss M.Hornblow of Crofton Hall and later of Tracy Park near Bath
Includes letter relating to the collection 1931
MD361 1890-1935 Ledgers and notebooks of Albert Benn, chemist, of Bramley, near Leeds
MD362 17th-19th century Miscellaneous papers relating mainly to Brockthorn and Harrop [parish of Great Mitton]
Includes valuation and plan of Airton 1849-1850
MD363 14th-19th century Deeds etc. of John Charlesworth of Horbury
Relating mainly to Wakefield but also to Adwalton, Alverthorpe, West Ardsley, Birstall, Brierley, Campsall, Carleton p. Pontefract, Carlton p. Rothwell, Dewsbury, Drighlington, South Elmsall, Horbury, Leeds, Lumby, Mexborough, Ossett, Oulton, Pontefract, Reedness, Sandal Magna, Sharlston, Stanley, Thornes, Thornhill and other places in Yorkshire, Cumberland, Derbyshire, Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Lancashire, Middlesex, Nottinghamshire, Warwickshire, Westmorland and Worcestershire
Includes translation of the deed of endowment of Halifax vicarage
Maps of lands in Wakefield and Woodthorpe 1760, Horbury and Sandal Magna 1787
See also MD202-204, MD220, MD261, MS700, MS708, MS722, MS749 and MS761-768
MD364 1588-1913 Documents relating to places in Yorkshire, Essex and Lincolnshire
Baildon, Bingley, Byland, Hull, Hunslet, Kilburn, Kirby Misperton, Knaresborough, Oswaldkirk, Soothill, South Stainley, Thrintoft, York and elsewhere in Yorkshire, Essex and Lincolnshire
Includes account of trees in the manor of Byland and Old Byland
n.d. [?17th century]
MD365 1414-1691 Deeds relating to Halifax and area including Clayton, Haworth, Horton [parish of Bradford] and Sowerby
MD366 1925-1967 Deeds relating to 'Claremont' Clarendon Road, Leeds
MD367 1538-1877 Deeds relating to Yorkshire and Gloucestershire
Relating to Acomb, Appleton Roebuck, Askham Bryan, Bishopthorpe, Burley, Copmanthorpe, Ellerton, Fulford, Hessay, Leeds, Linton upon Ouse, Sheffield, Westbury upon Trym [Gloucestershire] and York
MD368 1581 Feoffment of a burgage site in Otley
MD369 1625-1858 Miscellaneous documents relating to Shepley and Partington [Cheshire]
MD370 18th-19 th century Deeds etc. relating to Chapel Allerton, Bramley [parish of Leeds], Thorner and elsewhere
See also MD407
MD371 1673-1810 Two deeds relating to Anston
MD372 1680-1934 Deeds etc. relating to Potternewton Hall and adjacent land
Includes sale plans 1853, 1860, 1934
MD373 19th-20th century Plan and survey of estates in Horsforth, Rawdon and Yeadon
n.d. [19th century] and inventory of arms and armour 1958
MD374 1916 Agricultural census returns for Elland parliamentary division
MD375 1829 Notice relating to the transfer of alehouse licences in West Riding Skyrack division
MD376 1704-19th century Township officers' accounts relating to Rimington 1704-1832
Also two documents relating to Grindleton and Waddington [19th century]
MD377 1892-1906 Meat wholesaler's account book [?Horner family of Bingley]
Relating to Boroughbridge, Bradford, Harrogate, Knaresborough, Leeds, Otley and York
MD378 19th century Deed etc. relating to Cridling Stubbs, Darrington, Pontefract and Womersley
MD379 1817-1844 Miscellaneous papers relating to Golcar, Ripley, Scarborough and elsewhere
MD380 1862-1886 Papers relating to Worksop [Nottinghamshire]
MD381 1838 Passport to travel from London to Boulogne [France]
MD382 18th-20th century Plans of Easingwold open fields 1ate 18th century-1934
Includes plans of churches at Aberford and Garforth
by George Fowler Jones [19th century]
MD383 1629 Deed granting an annuity, Akeroyde family
MD384 n.d. [13th century] Grant in frankalmoin to Roche Abbey of lands etc. in Thurstonland
See YRS 65 (1923)
MD385 1673-1962 Papers of the Richardson family of Knaresborough and Harrogate, solicitors
Includes solicitors' accounts 18th-20th century
Leeds and Thirsk Railway papers, notably details of building of station at Kirkstall [township of Headingley] 1850, 19th century, poll book for Knaresborough 1852
MD386 1896 Declaration by Albert Edward Leak of Lille [France] renouncing French citizenship in favour of British
MD387 19th-20th century Plans showing proposed alterations to Eshton Hall [parish of Gargrave] by Francis and George Webster of Kendal 1825-1833
Includes C. J. Stewart A Catalogue of the Library Collected by Miss [Frances Mary] Richardson Currer at Eshton Hall 1833
Further plans of Eshton Hall 20th century
See also MD335 for Eshton building accounts
MD388 1924 Sale catalogue relating to Wigglesworth
MD389 1729-1744 Probate of will of Jeremiah Knight of Tiscott [parish of Tring, Hertfordshire]
MD390 1806 Plan of Crummack [township of Austwick ]
MD391 1938 Plans of the Travellers' Inn, Stanley
MD392 n.d. [?18th century] Plan of property in Ossett and Horbury
MD393 1574-1792 Deeds etc, relating to Dewsbury, Hathersage [Derbyshire], Horsforth and Huntington
See also DD167 and MS390
MD394 1899-1906 Assorted billheads of the Field family of Skelmanthorpe
MD395 1667-1857 Miscellaneous documents from the E. M. Walker bequest
Relating to Norfolk, Suffolk and Yorkshire 1667-1857
Includes two maps of Kirby Knowle 18th-19th century
Manuscript of 'Amyntor and Theodora, or The Hermit',
a poem [by David Mallet] n.d. [18th century]
See also MD334, MS878 and MS1174
MD396 1618 Fragment of letters patent of James I creating Robert Sidney, viscount Lysle, earl of Leicester
MD397 1886-1976 Accounts of the Wainwright family, joiners, of Skelmanthorpe
MD398 16th-17th century Early printed plans of Amsterdam [Holland], Brazil, Caiazo [Italy], India and S.E. Asia, and Speyer [Germany]
MD399 1889 Account for furnishing a house in Leeds
MD400 1966-1969 Minutes (unsigned) of Denby Dale Urban District Council and committees, with related papers
MD401 1810-1825 Papers of the constable of Horbury
MD402 1754-1963 Deeds and plans relating to property of the Foggitt family at Menston, Rawdon and Yeadon
MD403 1862-1938 Freemasons' records, deeds, correspondence, share records etc. relating to Leeds
Includes copy deed and agreements including deed of constitution of Sheffield Freemasons' Hall 1862
Includes list of subscribers to new Masonic hall debenture fund and fire insurance policy for Masonic hall, Great George Street, Leeds
MD404 1950-1971 City of Leeds Baths and Wash-houses Department, accounts etc. relating to Holbeck baths
MD405 1790-1920 Letter of the duke of York concerning recruitment of Chelsea out-pensioners 1790 and account book of F. Reddyhoff and Son, builders, of Leeds 1918-1920
MD406 1778-1871 Two deeds relating to Horton [parish of Bradford] 1778 and Manningham 1871
MD407 &
MD407 Add.
1697-1842 Deeds relating to Chapel Allerton, Moortown, Leeds and Thorner
See also MD370
MD408 1940s-1960s Photographs, brochures, cartoons etc. relating to R.W. Crabtree and Sons Ltd. of Leeds, printing machinery manufacturers
MD409 16th-20th century Miscellaneous deeds and notes
Relating to Hull, Langtoft, Long Preston, Nafferton, Sherburn [East Riding], Hampshire and Lincolnshire 1539-1800
Notes relating to Holme upon Spalding Moor 1904
MD410 1830-1840 Apprenticeship indenture of John Roebuck of Leeds to George Newton of Leeds, painter
Also three related letters
MD411 1805 Probate of will of Tille Ormerod of Halifax 1805
MD412 1807-1924 Papers of the Dovenor family of Kirby Ravensworth and Gainford [Durham]
Includes a few papers relating to the manor of Arkengarthdale1807, 1847
MD413 13th-20th century Papers of Lionel Cresswell relating to Burley in Wharfedale Includes deeds 1311-1911 [see YRS 69 (1926)] Court rolls 1400-1555, 1637-1751, court book 1751-1825 and other manorial material
See also MD130 and MD335
Papers relating to Burley chapel, notably a copy survey for tithe purposes (1616), 18th century
MD414 1897-1966 Minutes, reports etc. of St. Faith's Association for Moral Welfare, Leeds
MD415 n.d.[19th century] Plan and elevation of an unidentified house by George Wilson junior of Knaresborough
MD416 n.d. [mid 13th century] Deed of Robert de Killingholme and Isabel his wife to Henry son of William de Binington relating to property in Binnington in exchange for property in Willerby [East Riding]
MD417 1717 Appointment of deputy receiver general for the wapentakes of Pickering Lythe, Whitby Strand and Dickering and for Scarborough
MD418 1575-1852 Deeds relating to Oswaldkirk 1575-1658 and patent for brewing apparatus 1852
MD419 16th-17th century Documents relating to Leeds, Hartwith and Oulton
Includes: copy of a final concord relating to property in Leeds, 17th century copy of 1555 document. Lease relating to Hartwith 1621. Receipt relating to premises in Oulton 1698
MD420 ?1660s-1680s Account of legal proceedings between Anthony Ashton of Steeton and Richard Littlewood relating to a transaction at Pontefract
Note: two fragments of parchment found in the binding of a book
MD421 c.1820-c.1857 Quarry Hill Primitive Methodist Sunday School, Leeds, register
MD422 1893-1895 Ledger of T.R. Harding & Son, Leeds
MD423 1569-1909 Wilson of Eshton collection
Including estate papers of the Wilson family including deeds, wills, plans, accounts, recipes, inventories and correspondence
MD424 17th century Miscellaneous documents
Receipt to Algernon, earl of Northumberland for Blanch Farm 1639, jury verdicts nd, list of jurors 1607, letter from William Conyers of Follifoot to Thomas Baitson, nd
MD425 1837-1947 Documents relating to Baildon
Plans and elevations regarding property in Baildon, papers regarding Charles Greenwood, and accounts of Joseph Rhodes, Butcher, Westgate, Baildon, 1896-1899.
MD426 1758-1890 Deeds regarding property in Horbury regarding Craven and Smith families
Also notes by John Bayldon re purchase of property 1801-1854
MD427 19th century-1953 Drawing of Bretton Hall 19th century, and collection of billheads 1945-1953
MD428 nd [19th century] Plan of Brancepeth Castle, Durham as it was in 1796 by H.D. Pritchett
MD429 &MD429 Add. 1905-1971 Records of A. Beckwith of Batley, furnisher and upholsterer
Including day books, customer ledgers, account books and correspondence
MD430 1740-1841 Bond of Thomas Tennant of Garsdale 1740, and three receipts for legacy duty under the will of Thomas Meek of Sowerby 1841
MD431 1798-1826 Miscellanoeus documents
Probate of William Richardson of Potterton 1802, share ticket in Kennett and Avon canal 1795, appointment of John Calverley of Leeds as Deputy Lieutenant of the West Riding 1798, list of persons expressing confidence in the Craven Bank 1826
MD432 1770-1932 Wrathall papers
Including the diaries of Angus William Wrathall of Croft House, Cowling, nr Keighley covering his time at Ackworth School 1891-1893 and papers regarding Brown family 18th century
Also collection of letters from Dr Joseph Bevil Wrathall Rowe, Surgeon Lieutenant RN of Bradford to his mother whilst serving on the China Station 1929-1932 MD432 Add. - Papers relating to Brown family of Skipton and Lothersdale
See also MD464
MD433 1893-1921 Yarn order books of William Hartley, woollen manufacturer, Greenroyd Mill, Sutton-in-Craven
Including sales book, purchase book and cash book.
MD434 1945-1946 Rail shipment notes and invoices of C.E. Seed Ltd, corn merchants, Bradford
MD435 1764-1829 Agreement for making a new pinfold at Settle 1764, and valuation of the township of Grassington 1829
MD436 1609-1681 Deeds regarding property in Dishforth
MD437 1605-1943 Papers regarding property in the North and East Ridings
Including deeds, wills, receipts and correspondence.
MD438 1969-1974 Papers of John E Fleetman Councillor
Including Derwent Rural District Council minutes and agendas, election posters, years books and papers regarding water supply in North Duffield.
MD439 1848-1862 Turnpike toll accounts for Leeds and Wakefield 1857-1862, and Leeds and Whitehall 1848-1849
MD440 (1955) Photocopy of inventory and valuation of village stores and Old Fox Inn, Little Smeaton, near Pontefract
MD441 (18th century)-1890 Photocopy of sermon with list of occasions on which it was preached in Lastingham and elsewhere (18th century), and other papers 1882-1890
Includes invoice addressed to Jacob Taylor of Pickering
MD442 1817-1970s Pickop family of Bolton Abbey
General account book 1817-1833
Also notes by William Lemman of Addingham on local history including Dugdale's Vavasours and the Addingham militia.
MD443 1819 Letter from Alice Gregory, at school in Dukinfield to her aunt Mrs Jagger in Halifax.
MD444 1946-1961 Rye Internal Drainage Board, rate books 1946-1947, 1960-1961
MD445 1676 Aikton [Cumbria] admittance of Richard Barnes to copyhold messuage in Biglands
MD446 & MD446 Add. 1880s-1940s Correspondence of Edwin Kitson Clark (1866-1943) and Ina Kitson Clark (nee Bidder)
Also letters from Anna Bidder, Ina's mother, and others, Kyrle Society reports, photographs, Christmas cards, sketches, notebook, newspaper cuttings, and ephemeral items.
See also MD461.
MD447 1890-1979 Papers of Tom Wainwright, joiner, Skelmanthorpe
Including accounts.
MD448 1861-1881 Papers of Charlotte Watson (nee Baildon), schoolmistress
Regarding inspection of Skirlaugh Church of England School 1865, Leigh Girls' School 1867-1869, Copley Factory School 1870-1871, and Ripponden National School n.d.-1881.
Also certificate from York and Ripon Diocesan Training College 1861
MD449 1887 Invoices of Armistead and Shepherd, druggists and general stores, Settle
MD450 1810 Lease for one year of property in Todmorden
MD451 1676-1680 Bond regarding Rothwell and for keeping of covenants
MD452 1826 Lease for one year re property in Leeds
MD453 1756 - 1885 Deeds and other papers regarding premises in Burton in Lonsdale
MD454 1837-20th century Papers of Jane Taylor of Knowle House, Mirfield
Including letters chiefly from Louisa Mortlock of London.
Also notes, correspondence and transcriptions by J.T.M. Nussey, and pedigree of Ingham and Taylor families 1697-1880
MD455 1928-1932 Letters, photographs and diaries from Elizabeth Kitson to her parents about archaeological digs in Africa, 1929, and Palestine 1932
MD456 1862-1899 Probate of will of John Ogden of Worsbrough 1862, and birth certificate of Winifred Eleson of Bingley, 1899
MD457 1876-1921 Deeds and papers relating to Dacre near Ripon
MD458 1790-1843 Kirkheaton constables' account book
MD459 1581 Lease of Kershaw House, Midgley
MD460 1846-1931 Leeds Cemetery, Beckett Street (Burmantofts) certificate registers consecrated ground: 1846-1858
unconsecrated ground: 1862-1931
MD461 1850s-20th century Kitson Clark and Bidder family papers
Including photographs, drawings and correspondence
MD462 1711-1905 Deeds and related documents
Regarding property in Bingley 1800, Cottingley 1867-1890, Gawthorpe 1810-1890, Harrogate and Bilton 1828-1894, Ilkley 1800-1905, Langfield 1753-1814, Pocklington 1711-1875, and Wilsill 1746-1871.
MD463 c.1400 The Whixley cartulary
[formerly DD59]
MD464 c.1894-1995 Papers regarding Wrathall and Rowe families of Craven and the Yorkshire Dales
Including pedigrees, correspondence 1871-1959, and photographs.
See also MD432
MD465 1749 Conveyance from William Payley of Stainforth under Bargh to Richard Redmayne of Stainforth under Bargh of a parcel of ground in Hesley
MD466 (1619)-1855 Deeds regarding Gildersber Farm and Pinfold Plantation, Addingham and transcript of 1619 deed
MD467 1860-1881 Addingham Saw Mill cash account book
MD468 1854-1870 Conveyances and mortgages of land and houses in Great Woodhouse, Leeds
MD469 1868-1885 Deeds regarding a farm at Hayshaw [parish of Ripon] 1868, and deed and arrangement of will of John Wall of Addingham 1885
MD470 1752-1759 Medical accounts addressed to Sir Ralph Payne listing medicines, cures and treatments for slaves in the West Indies
With notes by Dr Gough who bought them from the Ephemera Society.
Relates to DD94
MD471 1761-1792 Leases from the Earl of Thanet to the Wilkinson family relating to Snaygill Farm, Skipton
MD472 1596 Lease for 3000 years from earl of Cumberland to Thomas Peacock of a messuage at Caponhaw, Malham
MD473 1853-1854 Diary of John Aldam Heaton (1828-1897)
MD474 1533-1970s Stubb House estate collection
Includes deeds, wills accounts books, inventories, surveys and receipts regarding Holmes, Harrison and Stanton families
MD475 1585-1961 Nigel Andrew Hudleston papers, Cayton Hall
Principally comprising records of the Simpson family (later Hudleston), the Keighley family, and deeds relating to Cayton Hall, South Stainley, West Riding
The collection includes the papers of John Simpson of Knaresborough (c. 1735-1806), John Simpson of Malton (d. 1825) and John Simpson of Castle Lodge, Knaresborough, later of Cayton Hall and Dore House (b. 1793)
MD476 17th-18th century Documents relating to Elland and Soyland mainly concerning the Whitttall family of Marshall Hall, Elland
MD477 1849-1880 The diaries of John Deakin Heaton (7 volumes) 1859-1880
and the letters of John Deakin Heaton (6 volumes) 1849-1880