Guide to Yorkshire Archaeological & Historical Society archive

This guide provides an overview of the contents of the YAHS’s collections. It currently covers all items deposited or gifted to the archives between 1867 and 2008. For ease of searching the guide is divided into three sections: DD, MD and MS. For more information on these series see the Introduction.

The following guide is a consolidation of the two printed guides and lists of more recent accessions. Please excuse any formatting or stylistic inconsistencies or typographical errors which may have occurred in the process of compiling this guide. We hope to be able to address any such problems in due course.

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Collection Reference Date Collection Description
MS1-MS36 1601-1726

The Thoresby Manuscripts Ralph Thoresby, antiquary (1658-1725)

See also MS891, MS1573, MS1595
MS1 - Copy letters from Ralph Thoresby to various correspondents 1695-1724
Includes a list of books and a transcript of the Answer to Priestcraft by Richard Thornton [see Ducatus Leodiensis, p536]. Bound volume.

MS2 - Letters written to Ralph Thoresby 1679-1723
[bound volume with bookplate of Thomas Brooke FSA, Armitage Bridge; see Letters addressed to Ralph Thoresby FRS., Ed. W.T.Lancaster, Thoresby Society Vol XXI, 1912]

MS3 - Letters and papers [ Nos 1-103, A-L] collected by Ralph Thoresby 1660-1711
Purchased at his auction 7 March 1764 by Andrew Coltee Ducarel LLD, FRS, FSA; bound volume. Indexed.

MS4 - Letters and papers [ Nos 104, M-W] collected by Ralph Thoresby 1601-1726

MS5 - Letters written to Thoresby with three engraved portraits 1694-1723

MS6 - Ralph Thoresby's correspondence Vol 1 1652-1696
[Includes contents list of five volumes]

MS7 - Ralph Thoresby's correspondence Vol 2 1667-1703

MS8 - Ralph Thoresby's correspondence Vol 3 1704-1709 MS9 - Ralph Thoresby's correspondence Vol 4 1709-1716

MS10 - Ralph Thoresby's correspondence Vol 5 1716-1723
[With index to correspondents in vols 1-5]

MS11 - Ralph Thoresby's correspondence Vol 6 1679-1696
Published in Letters of Eminent Men addressed to Ralph Thoresby, FRS., ed.Joseph Hunter, London, 1832

MS12 - Ralph Thoresby correspondence Vol 7 1697-1708
Published in Letters of Eminent Men addressed to Ralph Thoresby,FRS., ed.Joseph Hunter, London, 1832

MS13 - Ralph Thoresby correspondence Vol 8 1709-1723
Published in Letters of Eminent Men addressed to Ralph Thoresby,FRS., ed.Joseph Hunter, London, 1832

MS14 - Ralph Thoresby correspondence Vol 9 1699-1723

MS15 - Ralph Thoresby correspondence Vol 10 1707-1717

MS16 - Ralph Thoresby correspondence Vol 11 1682-1709

MS17 - Ralph Thoresby's correspondence Vol 12 17th-18th century
Being Miscellanea in his handwriting including catalogue of his museum, topographical notes for Yorkshire, biographical notes, extracts from Mss of Castilion Morris and N. Johnston

MS18 - Ralph Thoresby's correspondence Vol 13 1679 -1724
Being an index of letters received by Thoresby

MS19- Ralph Thoresby's correspondence Vol 14 17th-18th century
Being miscellaneous papers and letters collected by Thoresby

MS20 - Ralph Thoresby's correspondence Vol 15 1700-1702
Being 125 letters collected by William Upcott of the London Institution and not seen by Hunter

MS21 - Diary of Ralph Thoresby 1677-1683

MS22 - Diary of Ralph Thoresby 1691-1695

MS23 - Diary of Ralph Thoresby 1701-1704

MS24 - Diary of Ralph Thoresby 1708-1712

MS25 - Diary of Ralph Thoresby 1719-1724

MS26 - Autobiography of Ralph Thoresby 1711 - 1714
[called by Hunter 'the Review', also copy of Vicaria Leodiensis, 1724

MS27 - Ralph Thoresby's 'Album' of bon mots by visitors to his Museum and notes on contemporaries 1696 - 1719

MS28 - Volume containing copies of various documents made by Thoresby
Contains Thoresby's copy of Thomas Kirk's account of his visit to Scotland, 1677; copy of return of window tax, West Riding 1704; Commissioner's report on certain livings in Archdeaconry of York, 1707 [see Ducatus p543]; epitaphs copied by Thoresby in his journeys to London, 1712 and 1714

MS29 - 'The Duelling Doctor defeated, being a polemical essay to shield Mr. Baxter, and the non-Conformists, from the Decretorial Arms of Dr Hook, in his Satyrical Piece entituled The Non-Conformists Champion his challenge accepted & concerning Government, War, Liturgy, Gift of Prayer, Things indifferent, Reordination etc.' by TJMA (The Just Man's Advocate) alias Thomas Sharp [c. 1690]
[Mss numbered 248 in his Museum, see Ducatus p.542]

MS30 - 'The Natural Histories of Insects' by Johannes Godartius translated into English by Martin Lister 1672
[The original manuscript given to Thoresby by Thomas Kirk and numbered 163 in his Museum, see Ducatus p.535]

MS31 - Diary of E Wright [of Deal, Kent and London]
Concerns the weather and shipping matters
[Identified as Ralph Thoresby's correspondence 21; given to Thoresby by Mr Mitton, see Thomas Brooke's Library Catalogue]

MS32- Letters, written to Ralph Thoresby by Rev Matthew Henry, Richard Stretton, Charles Townley, Philip, Lord Wharton etc., with engraved portraits of Henry and Lord Wharton 1681-1710

MS33- 'The Art of Limning ether by the life landscape or histories' by Thomas Kirke n.d.
[purchased at auction Jan 1707 by Thoresby, numbered 88 in his manuscripts, see Ducatus p. 526]

MS34 - 'Leicester's Commonwealth' 16th century
[Mss from Thoresby's Museum, numbered 121, see Ducatus p 531]

MS35 - 'An Historical Account of the silver and gold coins of England, Scotland and Ireland' by John Sharp, Archbishop of York c. 1736
[Bound Mss from Thoresby's Museum, numbered 95, see Ducatus p 528. Also contains numerous memoranda]

MS36 - Documents collected by Thoresby c. 1707
Letter, 20 May 16 [1707], from Rev John Strype to Thoresby
A sketch of the Roman Wall and Multiangular tower at York by Thoresby; map of Wapentake of Skyrack by Thomas Marsh, clerk to Thomas Kirk, who gave it to Thoresby and plan of Goole cut by T. Lodge
[all from Thoresby's Museum]

MS37-MS42 1611-c.1720

The Fairfax Manuscripts Purchased by Sir Thomas Brooke Bart. of Armitage Bridge, President of the Yorkshire Archaeological & Historical Society, at the sale of the late Sir Thomas Phillip's papers on 8 June 1898

MS37 - List of owners of manors in West Riding of Yorkshire, c.1720,
sundry medical prescriptions
[Bound in small volume]

MS38 - Precedent book for West Riding of Yorkshire Quarter Sessions compiled by Charles Fairfax, J.P. 1611-1633
[See article by S J Chadwick in Vol LX of YATA Journal]

MS38a - Copies of orders of West Riding Quarter sessions relating to outbreaks of the plague 1636-1692
[Published in vol LV of YATA Journal]

MS39 - 'Evidences relating to the Fairfax family, from Richard I to 1515' 17th century

MS40 - Copy deed of annexation (8 May 1609)
By King James I of crown lands with a collection of names of his castles, mansion houses, parks, forests and chases in survey of Court of Exchequer and Duchy of Lancaster in several counties according to certificates of Auditors of said counties

MS41- Volume of historical notes 17th century
[bound in part conveyance of Bland House, Clifton, Timble to Henry Fairfax, Rector of Newton Kyme 1636]
Containing notes mostly in hand of said Henry Fairfax on: 'Ancient places decayed, within eight or ten miles of Haslewood';
'A true copie of writing intitled 'The pleasant and profitable seat of Haslewood, in the Countie of York' in 1546';
Copy of a sixteenth century list of certain West Riding manors, with the owners [two preceding items in hand of Wm Vavasour in 1620];
'A brief note of such deeds or evidences as doe belong to Newhall in Timble, within the parish of Otley, and to Hillhouse or Thorp's tenement, and to the Kirkbanck closes within the parish of Fuiston, sometime belonging to the said Newhall.';
Similar evidences relating to Bland Hill in forest of Knaresborough, and the hamlet of Clifton in Timble. [The earliest entry is 1356];
Similar evidence relating to certain copyhold lands in Fewston and Fewston Hill;
Evidences relating to Oglethorp-cum-Toulston,'the Fairfaxe's auncient land.' [earliest ref 1442]
Evidences of Bramham and Clifford;
Evidences relating to York;
Evidences of Rigton and Clementhorpe;
Evidences of Cawthrone in Pickeringlyth; [earliest ref. 1377]
Evidences of Middleton by Pickering;
Evidence for Willm Huntrod tenement in Fyling within Whitby-strand and Badsworth;
[loose, a lease by Sutton Oglethorpe to Henry Fairfax of part of Great Close in Oglethorpe, 1641];
Deeds relating to 'Mr. Oglethorp's annuity of £10';
The sale of Oglethorp to Fairfax 1653, with schedules of leases;
An agreement between Stephen Fairfax of Ashton-under-Lyne and Christopher Tempest of Tong and others about the minority of Henry Tempest, 1639;
Also two loose drafts, an account and a letter 1637

MS42 - 'Henry Fairfax's collections' n.d.
Volume containing numerous Fairfax pedigrees, with memoranda as to arms, etc. Also pedigree of Constable family and descents of Barons of Halton and the Thwayts family

MS43-MS59 1652-1730

Woodhead manuscripts
A collection of autograph letters, original manuscript transcripts and miscellaneous writings by or relating to Abraham Woodhead, the seventeenth century divine who seceded to Roman Catholicism, collected in the eighteenth century by the Hon. Cuthbert Constable of Burton Constable.
Bound in seventeen volumes

MS43- Vol 1. Containing 'some few particulars of Mr Woodhead's life'; Mss by Cuthbert Constable, 30 Jan 1730 and 'Memoranda relating to Woodhead's connection with University College, Oxford, with a transcript of his Latin oration of 1634' 1730

MS44 - Vol 2. The first part of the 'Prevarication of Holy Church Liberties' n.d.

MS45 - Vol 3. Transcriptions of various documents relating to Woodhead's life
Containing 'A few particulars relating to Mr Woodhead's life and work' being a transcript of Francis Nicolson's mss in Vol 4, with list of his works; a transcript of Woodhead's Latin oration, 1634; 'various memoranda relating to Obadiah Walker', collected by Rev. W. Smith, Rector of Melsonby, including an unsigned letter from Obadiah Walker; 'an account of Woodhead' by Mr Dod or Toutle; letter from Thomas Baker to Constable re Woodhead, Cambridge, 25 December 1736 and from R. Hyde to Constable re Woodhead, 5 September 1730

MS46- Vol 4. Letters from Francis Nicolson, Lisbon, to Constable about Woodhead
Also 'A few particulars relating to Mr Woodhead's life and works, writ with Mr. Francis Nicolson's own hand'

MS47 - Vol 5. Letters from Thomas Hearne, Edmund Hall, Oxford, to Constable on Woodhead and the University

MS47 add. - Photostat of letter, 27 Nov 1732, from Thomas Hearne, Edmund Hall, Oxford to [Constable] regarding Woodhead and his recently published book
[Bodleian Library; ref. Ms Don c 79]

MS48 - Vol 6. Transcript of 'An Historicall Discourse on the Eucharist, reflecting on severall modern writings of the reformed on this subject' Parts I-IV. by Woodhead

MS49 - Vol 7. Transcript of 'An Historicall Discourse on the Eucharist, reflecting on severall modern writings of the reformed on this subject' Parts I-IV. by Woodhead

MS50 - Vol 8. Transcript of 'An Historicall Discourse on the Eucharist, reflecting on severall modern writings of the reformed on this subject' Parts I-IV. by Woodhead

MS51- Vol 9. Letters from Abraham Woodhead to Dr Wilby, London.
Also letters from Dr Wilby to Woodhead [notes by Constable?]1652

MS52 - Vol 10. 'Concerning Salvation possibly to be had in a Schismatical Communion, and Concerning the danger of living in and necessity of departing from a knowne Schismaticall Communion'
Mss by Abraham Woodhead.Printed at Oxford, 1688

MS53 - Vol 11. 'The grounds of the old Religion, or The security of adhering to the ancient Catholick Communion preferably to that of any modern Sect of pretenders to reformation, maintained'
Mss by Abraham Woodhead 1729

MS54 - Vol 12. 'Brief account of Ancient Church Government, abridg'd from the learned Mr Abraham Woodhead's treatises on that subject' n.d.

MS55 - Vol 13. 'The Definitions of Council concerning the estate of the souls of saints after death. The definitions of Councils concerning Purgatory, or the estate of (after death) faithfull souls less perfect'
Mss by Abraham Woodhead n.d.

MS56- Vol 14. 'A treatise of the Invocation of Saints and Angels, abridg'd from a manuscript of the learned Mr Abraham Woodhead'
Mss transcript n.d.

MS57 - Vol 15. 'Whether it be sufficient motive for non-Communion with the Church of Rome That the Council of Trent has declar'd several Articles to be of Faith, and that such Articles are imposed as terms of Communion' Mss transcript n.d.

MS58- Vol 16. 'The second Part of Ancient Church Government, writ above 75 years agoe by the most learn'd pious, mild, humble, and retir'd Abraham Woodhead, of University Colledge, Oxon: and now first printed from his own manuscript' Mss transcript (1737)

MS59 - Vol 17. Various notes and papers
Slip case containing miscellaneous notes and pamphlets, including fragments of work by Woodhead (c. 25)
A separate envelope contains loose papers being one manuscript volume numbered 11


The Beckwith Manuscripts
Consists of documents formerly by or in the possession of Thomas Beckwith, an eighteenth century 'arms painter', of York MS60 - Lists of books and manuscripts in certain named libraries, with coats of arms and copies of monumental inscriptions after 1780

MS61 - 'Transcript by Thomas Beckwith of 'A History of Ancient Ceremonies, containing an Account of their Rise and Growth, their first enterance into the Church, and their Gradual Advancement to Superstition therein' (1776)
A translation from a French work by Thomas Douglas, published in 1669

MS62 - Arms of Yorkshire families n.d.
Mostly emblazoned, including Thomas Beckwith

MS63 - 'Collections for the Pedigrees of Yorkshire Gentry by Thos Beckwith, painter in York, and F.A.S' n.d.
A volume of rough pedigrees and memoranda with an index

MS64- Index to deaths in the mid eighteenth century, mostly of Yorkshire people. Compiled by Thomas Beckwith n.d.

MS65 - Miscellaneous collection of genealogical lists n.d.
Monumental inscriptions in several churches of the Ainsty with some pencil sketches';
Arms and monumental inscriptions in several Yorkshire churches;
The arms of several Yorkshire families;
A few monumental inscriptions from York churches;
Lists of a number of Lord Mayors, Sheriffs and Aldermen of York, in alphabetical order;
Copies of two Lancashire charters;
Memoranda from registers of St John's Mickelgate, York;
'An old collection of Yorkshire Gentry by Robert Glover, Esq., Somerset Herald, 1590';
'The Introduction to Lord Chief Baron Gilbert's History and Practice of Civil Actions, particularly in the Court of Common Pleas';
Misc monumental inscriptions;
The Liberty and Court of Record of St Mary's Abbey,
York,-names of the towns and villages arranged alphabetically; temp. William III. List of fees of the Court

MS66 - Volume containing the arms of numerous families from 'a Folio collection in Trick belonging to Hatfield Kay of Yorkshire' and from Segar's Aspidora etc., with index n.d.

MS67 - 'A Collection of Armes, by Thos Beckwith, painter in York, begun in the year 1746, at Wakefield'

MS68 - 'A collection of Armes and Crests by Thos Beckwith, Painter in York' Vol 2 begun April 1763'
A list of printed sources is provided at the end

MS69 - Copies of monumental inscriptions in many York Churches, with some notes on place names and other matters 1782

MS70 - Collections of pedigrees of Beaumont, Brus, Buxton, Constable, Fawkes, Langdale, Lascelles, Lowther, Neville, Percy, Bethell; also copy marriage settlement, 1722, of Henry Atkinson and Frances Fawkes and printed pedigrees c.1782 by Richard John Tetlow of Knottingley

MS71 - Volume of miscellaneous lists n.d.
Lists of officials in certain towns and villages in Yorkshire in 17th century arranged in wapentakes
Pedigree of Selby
Extracts from Domesday relating toYorkshire
'Feodarium Honoris Pontefract' fact' tempore Alicie de Lacye anno regni Regis Edwardii vicesimo non renouat'
[see also Knights' Fees, 31 Edw I (Surtees Society, Vol XLIX)]
Agreement, 12 July 1783, between Thos Beckwith and Samuel Guttridge re access to a yard leased by former in York
copy of certificate of change of name of Hercules Malby to Beckwith
Pedigree of Howitt
The descent of Stewart; Kings of Portugal
Pedigree of Bower of Bridlington
Notes on family of Green of Horsforth
The arms and pedigress of Captain Philip Eyton
Notes from John Archer's mss, then with Mr Constable of Everingham
Drawings of coats of arms, many emblazoned
Extracts from registers of St Michael le Belfrey, York
Copies of will of John Darby, York, 1713

MS72 - Notes and memoranda on many subjects, in various hands bound together c. 1752
Includes: 'Sir Isac Newton's theorem concerning the relation between the coefficients of an equation and the sums of the powers of its roots'

MS73 - 'Beckwith's Yorkshire Pedigrees to 1778 with Ratcliff's continuations to 1822' n.d. (1822)
A note by Sir Thomas Pillipps at the beginning of the book states that the original was made by Beckwith and that this copy was by T. Dowce, the admirable heraldic illuminator, who was clerk to W. Ratcliffe. Mr Hunter had informed me that the original was then 1852 in the possession of Lord Harrowby'

MS74 - 'Pedigrees or descents of Yorkshire familys collected by Thomas Beckwith'1783
Volume containing memoranda, notes of pedigrees etc. but unindexed

MS75 - 'Pedigrees of Yorkshire Gentry' 1735-c. 1750
Part collected by William Brack, York, painter, who died 1747 and rest by Thos Beckwith, with index

MS76 - Notes on Acaster Malbis village and the Malbis family n.d.
With copies of two charters [see MD1-3]; notes on religious houses in Yorkshire; recipes and verses, political and scurrilous

MS77 - Pedigrees of Yorkshire Gentry collected by Thos Beckwith originally loose but bound together, date added by binder 1770

MS78 - 'Pedigres [sic] of many of the Best Yorkshire Familys collected by Thos Beckwith, Painter in York and FAS, London, Vol 5th
begun in the year 1765'

MS79 - 'A collection of pedigrees of Yorkshire families by Thos. Beckwith, painter of City of York'


The Dade Manuscripts
Rev. William Dade 1741-1790, rector of Barmston, East Riding of Yorkshire

MS80 - 'Materials for compiling the History and Antiquities of Beverley, collected from Torr's manuscripts in the Cathedral at York, from Grants, Charters, Wills, Monumental Inscriptions and Parish Registers, and from the printed works of Leland, librarian to King Henry the Eighth, of Sir William Dugdale, Campden, Dodsworth, etc. By William Dade, A.S.S., Rector of Barmston, in the County and of St Mary's, Castlegate, within the City of York.' c. 1780

MS81- Compilation of pedigrees of Yorkshire families by Mr Dade With index c. 1780

MS82- Compilation of pedigrees of Yorkshire families by Mr Dade [no index]


The Radcliffe Manuscripts
The work of or formerly in the possession of William Radcliffe, Rouge Croix Herald in ordinary, College of Arms 1803 -, who died in 1828

MS83- In-letters, memoranda etc., relating to various genealogical matters Among the families referred to are Baker (or Watson), Bewick (or Anderson), Blakeston, Blayds (or Marvel), Fearon (or Brown), Cooke (or Rhodes), Eyre; also letters to and from Robert Surtees [1779-1834] 1804-1826

MS84 - In-letters relating to families Harter (or Hatfield), Jackson (or Calvert), James, Midgley, Monson, Milnes 1804-1816

MS85- In-letters relating to families Foster or Forster, [Bacon], Frank of Campsall and Gosnold 1804 - 1824

MS86 - In-letters relating to families of Dalton (or Norcliffe), Ord, Pawson (or Hargrave), Pilkington, Povey, Price, Robinson
Includes letters from Robert Surtees and Rev Joseph Hunter [1783-1861] 1807-1825

MS87- A collection of letters and pedigrees with Radcliffe connections Sold at an unidentified auction and bound together [original lot numbers] relating to families of Bentham, Wheatley, Wood, Dimsdale etc 1801-1812

MS88- A collection of pedigrees and genealogical papers with index to famillies n.d.

MS89 - In-letters from George Ashton of Sheffield and Charles Chadwick of Mavesyn-Ridware
With assorted pedigrees including Beaumont, Kaye of Woodsome, Wood, Harpham, Green, Nevill, Stanley, Redshaw, and Howard 1804-1814

MS90- Lancashire pedigrees with arms of families
With index n.d.

MS91- In-letters regarding suggested additions to legislation to improve the keeping of parish registers 1808-1821

MS92- In-letters relating to various families
Includes Scott of Bromley, Savile of Methley, Sykes, Tempest of Holmside, Pickford, Rudd, from Robert Surtees, Rev Joseph Hunter, Charles Frost [published Notices relating to the early history of the town and port of Hull 1827] and John Wainwright and history of Wapentake of Strafforth and Tickhill 1807-1826

MS93 - In-letters relating to families of Jarrett, Fearne, Evans of Darley, Baynes of Knostrop, Birch, Baker and Littlehales, Barber, Owen and others 1802-1828

MS94 - In-letters with wills and pedigrees regarding families including Lumb, Tooth, Armitage, Read, Gaskell, and Southwell
Also personal letters from Radcliffe's brother etc.1797-1820

MS95- In-letters from Dr Thos D Whitaker and others relating to his Histories of Leeds and Richmondshire
With various letters regarding Radcliffe family from Whitaker 1800-1826

MS96- Volume of pedigrees with arms emblazoned prepared for publication as Yorkshire Genealogy. supplement to Dugdale's Heraldic Visitation of Yorkshire
Proposed for publishing by subscription 1825, with Prospectus. Letter 1806, from Charles Gosnold, Swaffham bound in n.d.

MS97 - Volume of pedigrees relating to families descended from Norman earls and barons in Yorkshire
With index n.d.

MS98- Volume of Yorkshire documents relating to Ellis family of Doncaster and Loversall
Including wills, agreements, rentals etc. collected by Radcliffe 1698 - 1740

MS99 - Pedigree of Sutcliffe by Radcliffe n.d.

MS100 - In letters from R.H.Beaumont and John Beaumont regarding the family of Beaumont of Whitley Hall
With several detailed pedigrees with trickings of arms with quarterings 1800-1819

MS101 - In letters from Robert Surtees, Mainsforth, with numerous pedigrees some by him
Also copies of inquisitions regarding the Roos, Salvain and Aldburgh families etc 1808-1811

MS102 - 'Pedigrees of Lancashire and Yorkshire written by Wm Adamson for Wm Ratcliffe' n.d.

MS103 - In letters personal and numerous pedigrees
Including Ryther, Suger, Hoghton, Langton, Gerard, Butler, Clitheroe, Balderston. Gascoigne, Tate, Radcliffe, Fitzwilliam etc. Indexed. 1810-1820

MS104 - In-letters from Jno Cockroft, curate of Middleham regarding Smithsons
Also pedigrees of Strangeways, Sherwood Talbot, etc. Indexed. 1795-1825

MS105 - 'Pedigree of the House of Radclyffe'
Bound volume of copy deeds, pedigrees and in-letters 1809-1816

MS106 - 'Proofs to the Pedigree of Beaumont of Whitley Beaumont and Beaumont and Wentworth of Bretton, County of York' by William Radclyff, Rouge Croix 1806

MS107 - Radcliffe's Prerogative Office Canterbury Collections Vol 1
Extracted wills. Indexed c.1806

MS108 - Radcliffe's Prerogative Office Canterbury Collections Vol 2
Extracted wills. Indexed c.1806

MS109 - In letters from Robert Surtees and others relating to Salvin and Blakeston families 1809-1815

MS110 - In-letters from John Wilmer Field of Heaton and others, inc Joseph Hunter, relating to Wilmer and Field families 1820-1825

MS111 - In-letters from Robert Surtees and others relating to families of Foljambe Beaumont, Beckett, Barnard, Hornby, Ashton Chadwick and Petre 1800-1827

MS112 - In-letters mainly from relatives on personal matters 1807-1830

MS113 - In-letters on personal matters 1803 - 1827

MS114 - In-letters to Radcliffe and others relating to families of Adams, Gaskell, Litt and Lamb
Also some personal letters 1804-1820

MS115 - In-letters on private and heraldic subjects
There are rough notes etc., relating to the families of Adams, Fearne, Broadwood, Goding, Bartram etc 1808-1818

MS116 - In-letters from family and friends on social and personal matters 1807-1828

MS117 - In-letters relating to families of Bentham, Carr, Dimsdale, Doyle, Hildyard, Ridsdale, and Turbutt 1807-1827

MS118 - In-letters etc relating to families of Snell, Walton, Smithson, Waterhouse, London, Winn and Spencer-Stanhope (Collingwood 1816)
Includes several letters from Thomas Blore of Stamford 1807-1827

MS119 - Prospectuses and in-letters
Mainly from Yorkshire booksellers relating to Radcliffe's proposed publications 'Dugdale's Visitation of Yorkshire' and Supplement to Dugdale's Visitation of Yorkshire' 1823-1825

MS120 - Memoranda with some in-letters
Regarding families of Turner, Mitchell, Surtees, Butterfield, Barber, Appleton, Heryon, Brooksbank, Wetenhall, Thorndike, Lukin, Bretland, Dalrymple etc 1808-1823

MS121 - In-letters from John Wilmer Field of Heaton regarding his family 1820-1824

MS122 - Bound volume entitled 'Radcliffe's Collections :
1. Cartul.Monk Breton [sic]
2. Yorkshire Monuments' of manuscript notes and transcripts from a variety of sources inc: Extracts from the cartularies of Monk Bretton and Pontefract then in the possession of Godfrey Wentworth of Woolley; extracts from the parish registers of and monumental inscriptions in a number of Yorkshire Churches inc. Worsborough, Barnsley, Cawthorne, Felkirk, Doncaster, Conisborough, Ecclesfield, Campsall, Sprotborough, Normanton, Gilling, Easingwold, St. Michael le Belfry and other Yorks churches, Boynton, Bradford, Bingley and many others.
Also notes from manuscripts in the possession of the Frank family and the Field family and then in the custody of Mr. Jameson, solicitor, York; pedigrees of Walker, Wordsworth and Radcliffe;
extracts including several pedigrees from the Wilson Mss [taken from the Hopkinson Mss] in the Leeds Library

MS123 - Bound volume entitled 'Genealogical and Topographical Collections' by Radcliffe
It contains collections relating to Doncaster, with list of Mayors; notes re Conisborough, Sprotborough and Brierley; extracts and notes regarding Radcliffe family [ pps. 81-86 re royal grant of office of Rouge Croix Pursuivant of Arms to Radcliffe, May 1803]; extracts from Cole's Norfolk records; numerous pedigrees, mainly of Yorkshire families, and taken from the Harleian Mss n.d.

MS124 - Inventory of contents of Chapter House, Westminster by Radcliffe
With various transcripts including muster roll of Henry V, made 16 November 1819; also pedigrees of Salvin, extracts from Assize rolls regarding Radcliffe family, notes on Dyneley and Drake families with pedigree of Dyneley, also pedigrees from Harleien mss and notes on Fitzwarine family

MS125 - In-letters from C.J. Doyle, Thomas Dimsdale, Francis Wrangham [Archdeacon of East Riding of Yorkshire etc], Digby Wrangham and Wm Bentham
Many from archdeacon Wrangham as subscriber to Radcliffe's proposed 'Visitation of Yorkshire' 1814-1828

MS126 - 'Radcliffe Yorkshire Collections'
Includes extracts from Dodsworth Mss, monumental inscriptions in Featherstone Church with extracts from the parish register, extracts from Wragby parish register and deeds at Gilling Castle; Wilson's mss, Leeds Library; Hopkinson's mss at Heath; notes from 'Smith's mss at Heath H, 30 Aug 1827' make up over half the contents
[with name index; now in British Library Add MSS 26717-26748]

MS127 - 'Radclyffe's Family Evidences MS'
Including extracts from evidences of George Armitage of Kirklees [Hall], made in September 1809; Joseph Armytage of Outwood Lodge September 1808; Joseph Green Armytage of Thickhollings September 1807; William Wilson; Francis Edmonds of Worsborough; ? Radcliffe in custody of Jeremy Simpson of the Temple, solicitor; Frances Trappes of Nidd, November 1809; Charles Radcliffe of Smithouse; also extracts from the York Probate Registry, numerous parish registers [indexed]1807-1825

MS128 - 'Ratcliffe's Yorkshire Wills' notes and abstracts of wills in the York Probate Registry, particularly Fairfax and Maude wills, with name index n.d.

MS129 - 'Radcliffe's Prerogative Office York Collections' a further volume of notes and extracts from the York Probate Registry, with a name index. Also includes a letter from Joseph Hunter 23 March 1809

MS130 - 'Ebor IV: Dugdale, 1665-1666'
Containing part of Dugdale's Yorkshire Visitation with the arms in trick. Pedigrees reordered from original [Surtees Society Vol xxxvi] with additional information; includes an index of this and further volumes.
Concludes with a 'Catalogue of Yorkshire Gentry that have compounded for their estates in and before the year 1665'.
On inner back cover there is a newscutting from the York Herald, 14 May 1825, announcing the proposal to publish Radcliffe's revision of Dugdale by subscription c. 1825

MS131 - Pedigrees and in-letters
Includes extracts from Hopkinson's manuscripts and copy of frontispiece of 'Dugdale's Visitation of Yorkshire, 1665-6' [then in Miss Currer's library], and index to families 1809-1817

MS132 - Pedigrees in volume lettered 'Geneal.Vari. R III'
Includes letter from Rev Joseph Hunter, 1813. No index 1808-1817

MS133 - Pedigrees in volume lettered 'Geneal. Vari. R IV'
Similarly includes letter from Rev Joseph Hunter, 1815. No Index 1807-1816

MS134 - Pedigrees loosely bound together
Including families of Davenport, Drake, Knight, Fitzwilliam, Rockley, Foster, Conyers, Stacpoole, Salvin, Gosnold and Parsons of Pontefractc.1815

MS135 - 'Pedigree of Radclyffe [sic] of Milnes Bridge', proved College of Arms, 31 January 1810

MS137 - Copies of letter, 12 November 1765, from Edward Clough of Ripley regarding antiquities of Ripley
Some extracts from Abbreviatio Placitorum and Radcliffe pedigrees (1765)

MS138 A pedigree of the Armytage family
On the verso of A List [Membership] of the Society of Antiquaries of London, November 26 1812

MS139 - Pedigree of Midgley n.d.

MS140 - Two separate pedigrees of Wilmer family
One from Harleien Mss and one Phillipps 9971 MS141 - Pedigree of Smithson of Heath n.d.

MS142 - Pedigree of Ashton
'rough draft' but detailedc. 1802

MS143 - Pedigree of Beaumont, etc n.d.

MS144 - Pedigrees of Rockley, Gosnold, Howard etc


The Hunter Manuscripts
Being miscellanea from Rev. Joseph Hunter's library
[See also MS493]

MS145/1 - Account book of 'monies collected at the Lord's supper', Trim Street, Chapel, Sheffield 1806 - 1812

MS145/2 - Account book [pew rents?] 1806-1817

MS146 - Notebook of expences 1822-1827

MS147 - A schoolboy's note-book, marked 'S J Hunter Octr 5 1841' with timetables
['St Paul's School' on front edge]1841-1842

MS148 - Sermon in shorthand entitled 'Salvations by the Name of Christ Considered'
With dates when and locations sermons were delivered. [Sheffield and Birmingham]1777-1798

MS149 - Notebook of copies of deeds relating to Rich's almshouses, Felstead, Essex
Given to Rev. Hunter by E.H. Barker, 25 January 1833

MS150 - A catalogue of collated manuscripts of the New Testament
This is followed by a number of New Testament notes, partly in shorthand n.d.

MS151 - Volume containing transcripts of documents
Includes: transcripts of records in the Exchequer; copy will of John Webb of Winterborne Dauntsey, County of Wiltshire, 7 December [1638];
collation of Mr Blaauw's copy of the Sussex Subsidy Roll, printed in Sussex Archaeological Collections Vols II and VII.; an inventory of armour household stuffe and goods in Castle and College of Arundel, 20 April 1589; an inventory of the goods of the late Duke of Somerset, 1551;
copy of grant by Roger, Bishop of Chester, to the monks of Redmore; inquisition re bounds of Edenstowe, 6 Chas I; notes re Bromhead from Nottinghamshire Subsidy Rolls; sheet of genealogical notes respecting families of White, Wastney, Brinsley, Baker, Strelley etc; notes re Bromhead from Yorkshire Subsidy Rolls; copy of charter between Prior of Blyth and Richard de Glatton, 16 August 11 Edward III [1337]; list of papists with estates in county of Worcester; copy of song 'The Red Herring' as used to be sung by Mr Alderman Sloney, Hatter at the Bailiffs Feast at Bewdley; printed pedigree of Steinmann of Switzerland and Britain; printed paper by Sir Richard Colt-Hoare read to the Bath Literary and Scientific Association on 'The Pitney Pavement' by Rev. Joseph Hunter, with his Prefatory Remarks; copy of subsidy roll for wapentake of Strafforth, n.d.

MS152 - Notes by Hunter on Roman Antiquities of Britain
Also collections of notes and ephemera relating to the counties of Bedford, Berkshire, Buckingham, Chester, Notts., Oxford, Salop [Shropshire], Somerset, Stafford, Suffolk, Surrey, Sussex, Warwick, Worcesterc.1825-1857

MS153 - Notes and ephemera for counties of Cambridge, Devon, Dorset, Durham, Essex, Gloucester, Hants, Hereford, Hertford, Kent 1850-1854

MS154 - Notes and ephemera for the counties of Lancaster, Leicester, Lincoln, Norfolk, Northampton, Northumberland 1843-1848

MS154a - Notes relating to counties of Chester, Oxford, Nottingham, Derby, Somerset, Surrey, Warwick n.d.

MS154b - Notes relating to Birmingham, and to counties of Chester, Oxford, Nottingham, Derby, Somerset c.1852

MS155 - Notes for the county of Bucks and the Scilly Islands n.d.

MS156 - Short notes from variety of sources relating to many counties
Arranged alphabetically

MS157 - Notes relating to several counties but mainly to London n.d.

MS158 - Notes relating to Wiltshire
With pamphlets on the Descent of the Manor of Draycot Cerne by Charles Edward Long, nd., and the Sculptures at Wilton House by Charles Newton, 1849

MS159 - Transcripts of records 'late of the Queens Remembrancer preserved in the Branch Public Record Office, Carlton Ride in the custody of the Right Hon the Master of the wit among the Accounts of the Seneschal of Cornwall [temp. Edw III]
Including: an account of Henry Trethewy, Steward of Cornwall, 7 Edw III [ 1333]; an account of John de Flete, clerk c. 6 Edw III [1332]; Report of George Wright deputy to Sidney Godolphin Esq., one of Auditors of Court of Exchequer and Auditor of Wales to Committee of House of Commons to view the Cottonian Library and such Publick Records of the Kingdom and report on condition etc., 9 March 1731; Schedule of goods and chattels of John Robyns, Nicholas Yon', and Thomas Kidvaa, of Coventry, attainted, temp Hen VI; an account of Bernard Angevyn, Constable of Bordeaux Castle (Castri Regis Burdeg'), temp. Hen V;
an extract from Book of Compositions for First Fruits, 15 Chas I [1639]; documents relating to the Indulgence of 15 March 1672

MS160 - Pedigrees and family papers
Accounts of Rishbrooke family and pedigree of Jermyns of Rishbrooke taken from one lent to the writer by Mrs Davers of Bury St Edmunds; Pedigree of Torre family with covering letter from Christopher Torre, Pontefract, to James Milne, Wakefield, 5 March 1809, also other Torre family accounts.
[In pencil on frontispiece 'Joseph Hunter the gift of Gavin Lloyd 1810'] c.1809

MS161 - 'The History and Topography of Ketteringham in the county of Norfolk. The seat of Sir J.P.Boileau Baronet'
by Joseph Hunter F.S.A. Assistant Keeper of the Public Records, 1851

MS162 - Corrected proofs of 'The History of Ketteringham' n.d.

MS163 - Collection of notes and printed ephemera relating to Southwark London and Middlesex
Kensal Green Cemetery plan; Lord Mayor's Day, 1822, Order of procession and Bill of Fare; Verses recited in Praise of Dean Colet, founder of St Paul's School, 1848; Pedigree shewing the Descent of the Manor of Kensington in the noble family of De Vere, from the Conquest until the alienation thereof by the representatives of the co-heirs of John De Vere, XIVth Earl of Oxford; sundry petitions relating to the decision by the Corporation of London to incorporate the burial ground of St Thomas' into a new road 1847-1848 1822-1851

MS164 - Notes on sermons and copies of hymns
Also copy wills of Anna Maria Stephenson of Sheffield, 1778; William Hall of Sheffield, 1772; Thomas Gunning of Sheffield, 1784; Hannah Fox of Tinsley, 1801.
Volume contains signatures of Dorothy Micklethwaite (14 in 1647/8), whose initials are stamped on binding, also Dorothy Stillington 1681, and Dorothea Stephenson 1771
1648 - 1773

MS165 - Precedent book
[badly damaged, pages torn and missing, pencil inscription 'Joseph Hunter, Bath, 1820']c.1820

MS166 - Notes and memoranda relating to Robin Hood published in 1852 and Agincourt, published 1850 c. 1852

MS167- 'Sir Edward Stanley K.G. First Lord Monteagle'
A biography by Hunter; also monumental inscriptions from St Peter's Church, Basle, Switzerland n.d.

MS168 - 'A Synopsis of the Roman Inscriptions which have been discovered at Bath' by Rev. Joseph Hunter F.A.S. 1827.; 'The Connection of Bath with the Literature and Science of England',
a paper read by Mr. Hunter to the second meeting of the Literary and Philosophical Society, Bath, 1826

MS169 - Collection of ephemeral items
Including: a flyer for Iconography of the West Front of Wells Cathedral by Charles Robert Cockerell, R.A. 1851; portion of paper in MS 168 given in1826; notes on Bath history and papers connected with the meeting of the Archaeological Institute at Bath in 1858 with a List of Charters etc., connected with the City of Bath 1826-1858

MS170 - New Testament notes, mainly in shorthand n.d.

MS171 - 'On the site of Cambodunum', manuscript printed in Archaeologia, Vol.XXXII (1847); Also Antiquarian notices of The Clay House in Greteland: (parish of Halifax, and county of York) For private distribution and only twenty copies printed. January MDCCCXLV', printed in Yorkshire Archaeological and Topographical Journal, Vol II. 1845-1847

MS172 - Recipe book in various handwritings, with some loose items
[one addressed to a Miss Girdler, another dated Bath 1822]

MS173 - Extracts from parish registers of Brampton, Norton, Barlow and Chesterfield [various handwritings]
In notebook with simple woodcutsn.d.

MS174 - Rough notes by Hunter on ecclesiastical history
[in pencil and partly in shorthand]n.d.

MS175 - Notebook with extracts from three volumes of Lancashire pedigrees by Mr Percival of Royton, then in possession of J.P.Radcliffe of Milnsbridge
Includes: copy letter from 'Thomas Selvestr, prest' [to Earl of Shrewsbury), respecting chapel at Sheffield, from original in Talbot papers, Herald's College; memoranda from the mss of Pingo, the Herald who perished with Brooke; copied from his own hand; extracts from C40 in the College of Arms; extracts from Brooke's 'Genealogical Collections'; extracts from Dodsworth; list of Nathaniel Johnston's Mss; etc 1819-1826

MS176 - 'A Little Historical Memorial of Hodsoke in County of Nottingham by an F.S.A.'
On frontispiece the note 'Dear Evan, Make me a copy of this in 8vo form, and let me have it as soon as you can to oblige your affectionate J.H. Nov 1' 1852

MS177 - An uncompleted manuscript account of the family of Kaye of Woodsome by Hunter n.d.

MS178 - 'Kaye and Bunney' titled booklet
'A book of several transactions of the Kayes of Woodsome from
Qu: Elizth's days to 1642'; an account of the rentals, purchases of land, building operations, etc., of the Kayes during that period with sundry other matters; transcripts of 16th century papers regarding Bunney family; further material on Kayes of Woodsome 16th century 1852

MS179 - Rough draft of descendants of Joshua Kirby, ejected minister, in hand of Dr Sutton of Leicester
Given to Hunter by John Milnes, June 1821
[includes poems composed by Wadsworth Bush]

MS180 - 'Knights of the Garter' [by reign to Richard II] n.d.

MS181 - 'Knights of the Garter' [in reigns of Edward III and Henry VII] n.d.

MS182 - Notes and extracts relating to London and Middlesex
Including unusual, unsourced, 'Account Book of the Keeper of a Bagnio in London 1725' etc n.d.

MS183 - Letters
Letters to Charles Parton Cooper, Secretary to Commissioners on the Public Records 1832-1836 from Sir Charles Ellis, Sir Robert Inglis, John Hodgson, Wm Foxton and E. Protheroe etc., and printed official letters by him in1834; also notes by Hunter of the proceedings of the Record Commission 1800-1803 and draft letters by him regarding publication of Chancellor's Roll of 3 John, nd., with rejection of his article on same by John G. Lockhart, editor of Quarterly Review.
Two loose letters by him from Bath in1830 and 1831 to Mrs. Norcliffe, Langton Hall, Yorks [from Rev. Henry Laurance, Bridlington.] 1800-1836

MS184 - Collection of papers relating to the Record Commission
'A List of the Titles affixed under Mr. Caley's direction to the volumes in the Augmentation Office' signed by Henry Cole, 25 November 1833; 'Exchequer Records, Report of Number of Sacks or Bags etc., at Carlton Ride. Resorted into Reigns';
A list of 'Manuscript Books' with pencil annotations 'Mr. Devon's handwriting', 'Where are these?', '? In the Parliament Library', 'Duchy of Cornwall'; notes [? by Hunter] of corrigenda to Record Commission volumes, nd; copy of article by Hunter on publishing of Public Records, nd.; 'Synoptical View of the present circumstances of the Public Records at the chief Record Repositories.'; A Bill to abolish the office of Recorder of the Great Roll, or Clerk of the Pipe in the Exchequer in Scotland, 1834;
Extract from Minutes of the Board of 30th April 1836; Record Commission questionnaire from C P Cooper, 1833; Public Records, Return of expenditure on Public Records in 1826, 1827 and 1828, 1829;
addresses of Commissioners nd; Memorial of the President and Council of the Royal Irish Academy to the Rt Hon Chancellor of the Exchequer as to preservation of Irish records nd; Extract from a Report by Sir Francis Palgrave of proceedings for 1834 and 1835 of such matter as relates to what has been done at the Chapter House since his appointment to the office of Keeper of the Records there deposited as successor to the later Mr Caley, nd; letter, June [1836], from Rev John Hodgson, Hartburn Vicarage nr. Morpeth, to C.P. Cooper Esq., secretary to the Record Commission describing the value to him of the Record Commission publications

MS185 - 'The Preface to the Three Catalogues as originally intended but not quite completed. Nov 1837'

MS186 - 'Illustrations of Mr Charles Buller's proceedings as chairman of the Select Committee of the House of Commons on the affairs of the Record Commission, particularly in respect of the author; by the Rev. Joseph Hunter F.S.A., one of the Sub-Commissioners' n.d. [1830s]

MS187 - Notes from the Public Records, all after April 30 1858

MS188 - Notes from the Public Records n.d. [c. 1858]

MS189 - Notes from the Public Records 1858

MS190 - Notes from the Public Records, Hen III to Hen VI n.d. [c. 1858]

MS191 - Miscellaneous notes from Records n.d. [c. 1858]

MS192 - Miscellaneous notes from printed and manuscript sources
8 John -1 Hen II n.d. [c. 1858]

MS193 - Notes from Records, chiefly relating to the King's movements and his guests and visitors. Edw I -Hen VIII n.d. [c. 1858]

MS194 - Lists of ship names, 14th-17th century n.d.

MS194a - Four three-quarter leather bound volumes of pedigrees
Numbered 1-4, in vol 3 two letters: 1917, from George Armytage, Kirklees Park and 1932 from Farrer, Abinger Hall, Dorking

MS195 - MS201  

The Paver Manuscripts
William Paver, genealogist, 1802-1871

MS195 - 'Genealogical Abstracts of Wills made from the originals or from Registered copies preserved in the Archiepiscopal Registry at York' by William Paver
With covering letter, 18 July 1836, to Sir Thomas Phillipps from Paver, Clementhorpe, York, 'I shall feel much obliged by return of the mss as soon as convenient.' No index 1836

MS196 - 'Miscellaneous Genealogical Extracts from Wills chiefly of members of Yorkshire families' 1837

MS197 - 'Extracts from Wills in the Archiepiscopal Courts at York of persons of the name of Walton', 1599-1709
Annotated by Sir Thomas Phillipps n.d.

MS198 - 'Pedigrees of Yorkshire Families compiled from various
sources of information, by William Paver, genealogist, York' May 1836. Palmes of Naburn, Frankland of Thirkleby, Armytage of Kirklees, Fairfax of Gilling, Dawnay of Cowick

MS199 - 'Genealogies of Yorkshire Families derived from various sources, by William Paver, genealogist, York'. 1838.
Index of 89 families and list of 'Lords of Manors in Yorkshire',
Temp. Edw. II.
This copy is apparently from an original different from Harleian MS 6281, printed in the Surtees Society's Vol. xlix, as there is considerable extra matter inserted in the list for the wapentake of Holderness - much of it relating to vills outside that wapentake. Paver's copy appears to have been made from a copy by "J.W."
This MS in 1841 was in the possession of Mr. W.D. Bruce, of Ripon, who has added a few occasional notes, and a pedigree of Wells at fo. 83b.
It was afterwards in the possession of Mr. John Stansfeld, of Leeds

MS200 - 'Index of all the names contained in the Pedigree comprised in Book A of the Genealogical Collections of W Paver' n.d.

MS201 - Pedigrees of Yorkshire families from the Visitation of 1612
The Visitation has been printed by Joseph Foster, but in the MS, the pedigrees are arranged alphabetically n.d.

MS202-MS205a   The Turner and Ismay Manuscripts
William Turner's copies of work of Rev. Joseph Ismay, Vicar of Mirfield
See also MS554 and MS1625

MS202 - Volume lettered Mirfield - Almondbury, of miscellaneous articles re customs and Mirfield
Transcripts of letters to Rev Ismay, 1756-1758, an extent of manor of Almondbury, 1343 and rental of Almondbury 1425 [rebound in Dec 1895]

MS203 - Volume labelled Mirfield No 2. Sundry Deeds
Containing: Miscellaneous collections for Mirfield.
[Interspersed are various notes copied from books like Whitaker's Loidis and Elmete and newspapers on matters not connected with the place- such as 'ancient customs']; copy letters to Rev J Ismay 1775-1778; remarks on various seats of gentry in neighbourhood of Mirfield, 1758; copies of a number of ancient charters etc.; Pedigrees of Beaumont, Neville, Crosland, Quarmby and others; sundry notes re Beaumont family; list of freeholders in Mirfield, 1766. Indexed 1886

MS204 - 'Mirfield Parish'
Volume of collections regarding Church and parish. After 1813

MS205 - 'Almondbury Manor 1584'
Volume containing:
Copy Inquisition regarding Manor and Lordship of Almondbury, 1584; extent of same Manor [1343] see MS202; rental1425, see MS202; extracts from Manor Court rolls 1611; rental of manor 1623; copy of Bill for the Militia, 1715

MS205a - Letter, 19 January 1642, from Sir Thomas Fairfax to the Constable of Mirfield
MS206-MS228   Manuscrips by R.H. Skaife
Materials for the history of the Ainsty by Robert H. Skaife of York
[Bound in full leather by J.W. Ruddock, Lincoln]
See also MS371-372

MS206 - Vol. I. Acaster Malbis and Acaster Selby 1881

MS207-MS210 - Vol. II. Acomb (with Knapton), Askham Bryan, Askham Richard, Bilborough 1881

MS211-212 - Vol. III. Bishopthorpe n.d. [late 19th century]

MS213 Vol. IV. Bilton (with Appleton Roebuck, Nun Appleton, Colton, Hornington, Pallethorpe, and Steeton n.d. [late 19th century]

MS214-MS216 Vol.V Copmanthorpe, Healaugh and Marston (with Hutton Wansley and Angram) n.d. [late 19th century]

MS217 & MS223 Vol.X. Middlethorpe (with Dringhouses and Bustardthorpe) & Walton n.d. [late 19th century]

MS218 - Vol.VI. Moor Monkton (with Scagglethorpe, Hessay, and Red House) n.d. [late 19th century]

MS219 - Poppleton (Upper and Nether, with Holgate and Knapton) n.d. [late 19th century]

MS220 - Rufforth n.d. [late 19th century]

MS221 - Vol. VII. Tadcaster (with Catterton, Oxton, Ouston, and Hagenby) n.d. [late 19th century]

MS222 - Thorp Arch n.d. [late 19th century]

MS223 see MS217

MS224 - Wighill (with Esedike) n.d. [late 19th century]

MS225 - Vol.VIII. Ainsty (General) n.d. [late 19th century]

MS226 - The Ainsty Index to Wills, Administrations & Probates 1882-1901

MS227 - Vol.IX. Civic Officials of York and Representatives in Parliament, parts 1 & 2 n.d. [late 19th century]
With a loose list of pedigrees in the Skaife Mss
MS229-MS242   Manuscripts by Henry Whitwam

MS229-MS232 Calendar of feet of fines, County of York, Edward I, 1272-1307 (four volumes)

MS233-MS240 Calendar of feet of fines, County of York, Edward III, 1327-1377 (eight volumes)

MS241-MS242 Calendar of feet of fines, County of York, Richard II, 1377-1399 (two volumes)

MS242a - Calendar of feet of fines, County of York, Henry IV 1399-1413

MS242b - Calendar of feet of fines, County of York, HenryV 1413-1422; Richard III 1483-1485

MS242c- MS242d - Calendar of feet of fines, County of York, Henry VI, 1422-1461 (two volumes)

MS242e-Calendar of feet of fines, county of York Edward IV, 1461-1483; Edward V, 1483
MS243-MS281a   Transcripts by W.J.J. Glassby
Author of the Old Churchyards of Sheffield, presented to the Society by Rev. C.V. Collier
[Indexes loose in envelope in box with notebooks]

MS243-MS264 - Monumental Inscriptions of St Peter's Parish Church, Sheffield 1894
[in small notebooks numbered 1-22, some with locations]

MS265-MS274 - Monumental Inscriptions for St Paul's Church, Sheffield 1895
[in small notebooks numbered 1-10, with locations]

MS275 - Monumental Inscriptions for Upper Chapel, Norfolk Street, Sheffield 1895
[small notebook, with locations]

MS276 - Monumental Inscriptions of unknown church 1895
[part facing City Chambers Door, Mount Zion Chapel?]

MS277 - Monumental Inscriptions for Nether Chapel, Norfolk Street, Sheffield
[small notebook, with locations]

MS278-MS281 - Monumental Inscriptions for Attercliffe Old Chapel, Sheffield 1896
[in small notebooks numbered 1-4]

MS281a - Monumental Inscriptions for St Paul's Church, Sheffield
[a perfect copy by Glassby of MS 265-274]
Also letters from W J J Glassby, Howbury Estate Office, Renhold, Bedford, explain his ambition to revise all the records in this manner but he then found that too much other work prevented him completing the project 1912-1914
MS282-MS283 1635-1652 Roger Dodsworth Manuscripts
In two volumes

MS282 - Collection of extracts from a variety of sources, charters at Gilling Castle and from manuscripts concerning the City of York
A volume in the handwriting of Roger Dodsworth containing:-
(a) Abstracts of charters etc. taken at Gilling Castle
19 December 1652 Fo. 1-56
(b) Sundry memoranda and copies Fo. 57-60
(c) Extracts from the Chartulary of Byland,
relating to Sutton-under-Whitstonecliff Fo. 61
(d) Extracts from the Chartulary of St. Mary's Abbey, York,
lately in St. Mary's Tower, York Fo. 65-72
(e) A list of Mayors of York Fo. 73a
(f) Extracts from a MS. kept among the evidences preserved on the bridge of Ouse at York, entitled 'Evidencie de terris et tenementis in parochia Sancti Edwardi in Ebor. Hospitalis Sancte Trinitatis in Fossegate in Civitate Ebor.' Fo. 73b-74
(g) Extracts from a MS, preserved on the bridge of Ouse at York, containing 'quoddam placitum de Quo Warranto diversarum villarum juxta forestam de Galtres.' Fo. 75-76
(h) Extracts from a Register of charters of the family of Willesthorp, penes Sir Thomas Harrison, Knt. at York 1 January, 1632 Fo. 77-84
(i) Extracts from a MS. in the office of the Dean and Chapter of York chiefly 'the order or form respecting the enthroning and installation of the Archbishop of York.' Fo. 85-87
(j) Further extracts from the Chartulary of St. Mary's Abbey, York Fo. 88
(k) Extracts from 'divers Registers in charge of the Commonalty of the City of York, in the Chapel of St. William upon the bridge of Ouse, in the City of York' 27 December, 1652 Fo. 89-104
(l) Particulars as to the rectories and possessions of the Deanery and various Prebends of York Fo. 105-113
(m) Extracts from a MS. in the Chapel of St. William on Ouse Bridge entitled 'Liber diversorum memorandorum Civitatis Ebor. tangent' de rebus actis, Anno 51 Regis E. 3, R. 2.' Fo. 114-122
(n) Extracts from the Register of the Guild of Corpus Christi, York
Fo. 123-126
(o) Extracts from a Register in the Chapel of St. William on Ouse Bridge, commenced in the Mayoralty of John Norman, 16 Hen. VIII. Fo. 127-132
The remainder of the volume contains pedigrees of Fairfax, Etton, Malbisse, etc. with a few memoranda

MS283 - Collection of Dodsworth's manuscripts relating to Yorkshire
Rebound in 1848 by Bretherton. A volume in the handwriting of Roger Dodsworth containing:-
(a) Large extracts from a transcript of the charters 'formerly of the Lord Robert de Pedwardyn, predecessor of Richard Towneley of Nocton Parke, Co. Lincoln, and lord of Townley, Co. Lane.'
examined by Dodsworth, 23 January 1636 Fo. 1-62.
(b) The heirs of William de Briwer, with a pedigree Fo. 64-66a
(c) Copy of a charter of King Edgar, respecting the restoration of the Monastery of Peterborough Fo. 66b-68
(d) Extracts from the Chartulary of Daventry
(including several relating to Skirwith, in Cumberland), with a descent of the lords of Daventry Fo. 69-76.
(e) History of the Abbey of Melsa (Meaux), transcribed from the original, penes 'Sir Christopher Hilliard, of Wyestede' (i.e., Sir Christopher Hildyard, of Winestead, Holderness) Fo. 77-111.
(See also the preface to the printed Chronica Monasterii de Melsa)
(f) Copy of a charter to the Abbey of St. Martin, Albemarle
by Stephen, Count of Albemarle, transcribed by Dodsworth from the original in St. Mary's Tower, York on the 1st October1636 Fo. 112-113.
(g) Copies of charters of confirmation by Robert, Bishop of Lincoln, and of Ordination of Churches by Walter, Archbishop of York, to the same Abbey Fo. 114-115a
(h) Copy of the charter by the Abbot of St. Martins', of Albemarle, to the Abbey of Kirkstall of its possessions in Holderness
dated 10 October 18 Rich. II.
'In cista cartarum Abbathie Sancte Marie de Kirkstall in turri Beate Marie Ebor.' Fo. 115b-116a
(i) The aid granted to King Edward I in his expedition against the Scots 'circa annum 1292.' Fo. 117-124
(j) The Fees of William de Longespeye, taken before Matthew Brown, 11 March, 18 Edw. II; 'in a certain book of fees in the office of the Duchy of Lanc' at Gray's ynn.' Fo. 125-128
(k) Partition of the Knights' Fees and Advowsons which were Henry's, late Duke of Lancaster, deed. Fo. 129-139a
(I) The fees of Roger de Quency, of the Honour of Leycester Fo. 139b-140a
(m) The account of John Rouceoy, bailiff, and collector of the aid for marrying Blanche, eldest daughter of the King, within the Lordship of Pykeringe, 3 Hen. IV. Fo. 140b-141b
(n) Similar accounts of Henry Nottingham, bailiff of the Duchy of Lancaster, in Norfolk and Suffolk, and of Hugh Norburgh, in Lincoln Fo. 142-146.
(o) The names of those persons who covenanted to serve William, Lord Hastings, 14 Edw. IV.
Copied out of a Roll in the custody of the Earl of Huntingdon, 1634, with copies of a few indentures of service Fo. 149-152a
(p) Indenture between Thomas, Earl of Lancaster, and Adam de Swillington, for service, 21 June, 10 Edw. II. Fo. 153-154
(q) An indenture between Sir John de Nevill, of the one part, and the Bishop of Worcester and others, feoffees of the lands, etc., which were Sir William Latymer's Fo. 155-156
(r) Extracts from Ingulph's 'History' Fo. 157-160
(s) An indenture between Sir William Stanley and wife, of the one part, and Richard Houghton and wife, of the other, 17 March, 8 Hen. VIII Fo. 161
(t) Descent of Fleming and Harrington. Fo. 162-164
(u) An agreement between the Prior and Convent of Nostell and Alexander de Bramham Fo. 165
(v) Extracts from the Register of the Abbey of Osney, shown to Dodsworth by his friend, Augustine Steward Fo. 166-169
(w) Copy of a charter of King Edward the Confessor
to the Monastery of Coventry Fo. 170
(x) An extract from the History of Meaux respecting Pope Clement VI's institution of Jubilee. (See the printed History, Rolls Series, iii, 88) Fo. 173
MS284 16th century Cartulary of leases, agreements and other legal instruments of Abbot and Convent of Fountains
Begins 'Willelmus Thryske, [32] Abbas de Fontibus, composuit Registrum dimissionum indenturarum et tenementorum nostrorum ad firmas tenentibus nostris concessorum.' Index of vills at start. Folios 119-122 missing.
MS285 Nov 1667 'Yorkshire Tenures' a Chr.Townley manuscript, compiled from the Escheats. Dated 'Eborum, Novem: 25, 1667'
Bound and blind tooled in full black leather.
MS286 17 Oct 1587 Subsidy roll, 17 October 29 Elizabeth I, for Wapentake of Claro
MS287 nd 'Monumental Illuminations'
A case of notes from various Churches, with numerous sketches (many coloured) of architectural features, monuments, windows etc.
Also collections relating to various Yorkshire families.
Among Yorkshire churches included are Beverley Minster, Bridlington Priory Church, Aldborough (Holderness), Thwing, Bainton, Barmston, Welwick, Foston, Kirkburn, Beeford, Bishop Burton, Halsham, Ripley. Formerly in possession of John Stansfeld
MS288 10 Oct 1649 Letter from General Fairfax, Menston, to the Committee for the West Riding of the County and City of York
Written on behalf of Thomas Stringer who suffered from soldiers being quartered in his house, endorsed by Sir Henry Cholmeley
MS288a nd Plan of Sheriff Hutton Castle roof and attics as conjectured from remains and designed by Samuel Sharp
MS289 25 Feb 1650 Warrant of Oliver Cromwell to permit passage of Thomas Stringer of Sharlston 'about his lawfull occasions'
MS290 10 Jun 1593 Award by Thomas Fairfax, the elder of Denton and Thomas Fairfax, the younger, in a dispute between John Brearey and Thomas Graver both of Fewston
MS291 1664 'C. Townley's mss 1664'
With 'Nomina Villarum', 9 Edw II, Kirkby's 'Inquest', and the 'Knights' Fees of 31 Edw I 'for Yorkshire.
MS292 1843 'The Book of Entrances made in the time of the Visitation of Yorkshire begun 1584 and continued anno domini 1585'

R Glover, Somerset Herald Marshal and Deputy to W Flower Esq., alias Norroy King of Arms.
Enlargements and additions made by Willm Smith Rouge Dragon and Sir W Betham, Ulster.
MS293-MS295 1819 Rev. D.T. Powell 'Collections for Yorkshire'

Vol I: York City and York Minster
[with newscuttings 1819 and 1840 regarding fires]

Vol II: Bolton Priory, and the Abbeys of Fountains, Jervaulx, Rievaulx, Roche and Selby

Vol III: Acaster Malbis, Tadcaster, Wistow, Newton Kyme, Birkin, Aldborough and Boroughbridge, Myton and Ouseburn, Barden, Burnsall, Beverley Minster, Bolton Percy, Brayton, Cawood, Scarborough, Guisborough Priory, Kirkby Wharfe, Middleham, Ryther, Sawtree, [sic, i.e. Salley] Abbey, Skipton, West Tanfield, Tickhill, Bawtry, Carlton, Thorne, Snaith, Wighill, Yorkshire miscellaneous, Durham, Chester le Street, Durham and Northumberland miscellaneous.
MS296 (1753) A book containing ecclesiastical collections for Yorkshire:-
(a) 'The Names of all the Parishes, alphabetically digested within the Diocese of York: together with the nearest Post Town, the quality of the Benefices; their several patrons; and true yearly value, copied in a hurry in the year 1753 but digested some years before'
(b) 'The Patronage of the Archbishop of York, within the Dignitys and Prebends belonging to the Church of St. Peter, commonly call'd the Minster, and their yearly value. Copied in a hurry in the year 1753'
(c) 'Notes on the Collegiate Church of Ripon'
(d) 'The names of the Incumbents of the livings in the Diocese of York, alphabetically arranged'
(e) 'The names of the Dignitaries and Prebendaries of St. Peter's, York, in 1753'
[loose note suggests parts were prepared between 1720 and 1740]
MS297 1666-1745 Writs of precipe
Mainly for Yorkshire but with some other counties; Wiltshire, Nottinghamshire and Suffolk [bound together]
MS298 nd Transcript of parish registers of South Cave
Marriages 1558-1783, baptisms and burials 1558-1727 by Bridger.
Bound volume in three quarter brown calf
MS299 nd Transcript of parish registers for Whitby
Baptisms, marriages and burials 1608-1754
MS300 1847-1853 'Yorkshire Vol I'
Armorial bookplates with notes collected by J.J.Howard from the owners and arranged alphabetically
MS301 1847-1902 'Yorkshire Vol II'
Armorial bookplates with notes collected by J.J.Howard from the owners and arranged alphabetically. With some loose letters relating to the Walpole coat of arms
MS302 1689-1848 'Yorkshire Vol III'
Armorial bookplates with notes collected by J.J.Howard from the owners and arranged alphabetically. With loose items inc. will of Thomas Ellis, of Bridlington, merchant, 30 December 1689
MS303 early 17th century Yorkshire pedigrees
Indexed, with elaborate pedigree of Everingham at end of later date and different hand
MS304 (1674) A Collection of Pedigrees of the Gentry of the West Riding of Yorkshire, transcribed from a manuscript by Robert Nalson in York Minster Library.
MS305 1877 'Whitby registers and transcriptions'
Vol 1 Marriages 1608-1675; baptisms1608-1755; misc entries baptisms 1608-1703; burials 1609-1750; misc entries burials 1609-1659;
Also Monumental Inscriptions Whitby Churchyard [copied 1877]
MS306 1877 'Yorkshire Churches-Peterborough Cathedral Inscriptions'
Copies of monumental inscriptions from Aughton, Catterick[Lawson family], Halifax, Mirfield, Bubwith, Northallerton, Selby, Stokesley, York Minster, St. Martin's, York and Peterborough Cathedral
Index to churches
MS307 nd 'Penistone'
Extracts from the parish registers of Penistone, county of York, with many of the monumental inscriptions in the church and churchyard by E. J. Bedford.
Entries grouped into families: Burdet, West, Bosville, Fenton, Cotton, Barber, Eyre, Sotwell, Walton, Appleyard, Rich, Micklethwaite, Pasley (or Pashley), Hawkesworth, Copley, Roades, Morton, Crossley, Sanderson, Gaunt, Beever, Swift, etc
MS308 1842-1844 'Sir Cuthbert Sharpe Parish Register Extracts'
Selected unusual entries from various parish sources including Doncaster, Sculcoates, Hull, Selby, Cantley, Drypool, Melton, Tickhill, Brodsworth, Kniveton, Arksey, Hythe and Dymchurch, Newington and Cheriton [in original letters to Sir Cuthbert Sharpe, Sunderland, from Stephen Isaacson, 1843], Barnsley, Swine, Brodsworth, Sutton-on the-Forest, St. Cuthbert's (York), Catton, Guisborough, Kirklington, Wakefield, Ripon, Conisborough, St. Mary Bishophill [York], Sandal Parva, Adwick-le-Street, Rossington, Sprotborough etc
MS309 1796 'Constable's Pedigree'
By Dr Burton of York transcribed by Mr Lane
[flyleaf signed Marmaduke Tunstall and last pages refer to Tunstall family, note on inside front cover '23 Feb 1796 Dade's fair copy of Tunstall Pedigree']
Also loose copy of note from Edward Constable, London, 30 March 1802, stating that he had left certain volumes with Messrs Townsend and Bigland at the Heralds College, with receipt regarding return, 31 Dec 1804
MS310 1638 'The Arms of Yorkshire Gentry 1638'
Descriptions and trickings arranged alphabetically
MS311 1592-1640 Commonplace and account book of Francis Stringer of Sharleston, with memoranda by his son Thomas
Contains many recipes, notes and rentals 1604-1640
MS312 1574-1775 'Mss Ancient and Modern'
A collection of [copy] letters, speeches, petitions, poetry and prose made by Joseph Haslewood
MS313 (1518)-1825 'Wills and Graham collection'
Being a collection of legal documents, abstracts of title, wills etc., mostly 19th century.
Abstract of title of Sir B. R. Graham to estates at Nunnington, Stonegrave and West Ness, 1825 with related schedule of deeds on occasion of mortgage from Graham to Sir Charles Loraine and others for securing £50,000 and interest.
Also copies of will of William Pykynham. Archdeacon of Suffolk, proved 1496, and of William Aykerod, proved 1518
MS314 (1772) 'A List of those who have held the Duchy of Lancaster under different Titles of Honor, succinctly shewing the Augmentations, the Decline, and the present State of the Augmentations, the Decline, and the present State of the Duchy'
Dedicated to the King by Lord Hyde, 20 January1772 (copy)
MS315 1641 'Yorkshire Monumental Inscriptions' being inscriptions from York Minster, made 15 September 1641
Bound 1850
MS316 1550s 'A booke of the valuations of the Ecclesiasticall Preferments in England and Wales; entituled Nomina et Valores omnium et singulorum Archiepiscopatuum, Episcopatuum, Archidiaconat', Decanat', Prebendarum, Ecclesiarumque paroch', infra Regnum ac Dominia Angliae, ac omnium aliarum Promocionum quarumcunque Spiritualium inf' eadem quae ad solucionem decimae partis earundem Dominis Regi et Reginae nuper tenebantur'.
The values are mainly those given in the Valor Ecclesiasticus
MS317-MS318 1712 'Yorkshire Pedigrees 1666'
Volumes described as 'Yorkshire Pedigrees chiefly from Sir William Dugdale's Visitation, 1665 and 1666'. Pedigrees are not entered in same order as in published 'Visitation', Surtees Society vol xxxvi., nor are they as complete but there are additions and indexes
MS319 (1746) 'Tower Records'
Being 'An account of the Original Charters, Patents, Oblations, Fines, Escheat Rolls, and Inquisitiations in the Archives of the Tower of London, relating to the County of York: extracted by John Burton, M.D., 1746.'
Copy in the handwriting of Thomas Wilson of Leeds
MS320 n.d. 'Historical Collections by T Harrison. Temp. Car 1'
Being copies of speeches, letters and verses from the reign of Charles 1, apparently by Thomas Harrison of York. Bookseller's description of part of contents on inside cover
MS321 late 17th century 'Middle Bailiwick of Holderness'
Collections of charter, and deed references listed under placenames
MS322 1840 'Antiquities found near York 1840 Ex dono Thomae M Hope Armigeri'
Book of drawings
MS323 17th century Extracts from records relating to manor and lordship of Wakefield
Including rental 1609 and rentals for Sowerby and Hipperholme etc.
Inscribed 'John Watson Rector of Stockport, 1778'
MS324 1708-1912 Assessment for chapelwardens, 1708, [assumed to be Rosedale]
With covering letter, 16 Aug 1912, to Lancaster From William Bron, The Old House, Sowerby, Thirsk, explaining that it was 'with Canon Atkinson's lot'
MS325 1870-1880 'Notes on the family of Fairfax' by Bridger
Being a bound volume of letters from genealogists concerning the Fairfax pedigree and other matters to Charles Bridger and J Camden Hotten 1832-1873
MS326 (1684) 'The Character of a Trimmer'
Transcript of work by George Savile, 1st Marquess of Halifax
MS327 1870 'Monumental Inscriptions, Helmsley'

With inscriptions in Edston Churchyard.
Inscribed 'Wombleton November 13th 1870'
MS328 1724 'Account of my Journey begun 6 Aug 1724'
Journal of visits to a variety of gentlemen's seats including Cannons at Whitchurch, Hatfield, Stowe, Althorp, Kimbolton, Burleigh, Belvoir, Castle Howard, Studley Royal, Fountains Abbey, Newby, Bramham, Wentworth Woodhouse etc., by Edward Southwell [1705-1755] [with letter regarding attribution in sale of manuscript in 1836]
Also copy of articles on the account in Country Life, 1 and 8 February 1973, by Terry Friedman and Derek Linstrum
MS329 1638-1645 Verses and essays, handwritten by Sir John Reresby of Thribergh
In full morocco slip case
MS330 18th century Copy of a treatise on the Dukedom of Lancaster, written by Sir William Fleetwood, 1590
MS331 16th century A Return of lands and fees in many vills of Yorkshire
[possibly at time of dissolution of monasteries c. 1537]
MS332   Miscellaneous papers

MS332/1 - Moderation, or a candid Disposition towards those that differ from us, recommended and enforc'd.: A Sermon Preach'd in the Parish Church of Halifax on Sunday, July the 28th, 1751,by John Watson, A.M., Fellow of Brazen- Nose College, Oxford, and Curate of [Halifax] The second edition., 31pp 1751

MS332/2 - The necessity of LAWS, and the proper obedience thereto enforced, in a SERMON preach'd before the Honorable Baron Smythe at the Assize held at Lancaster, 25th March1764, by John Watson, Minister of Ripponden in Yorkshire, Halifax
printed by P. Darby, 28pp 1764

MS332/3 - Druidical Remains in or near the parish of Halifax in Yorkshire, discovered and explained by the Rev. John Watson, M.A. F.S.A. and Rector of Stockport in Cheshire. Read at the Society of Antiquaries, Nov 21, 1771. 11pp.(2) 1771

MS332/4 - A Bibliographical and Critical Account of the three editions of Watson's Memoirs of the Ancient Earls of Warren and Surrey, by John Gough Nichols, FSA
[extracted from The Herald and Genealogist], 27pp 1781

MS332/5 - Proposals to Gentlemen, 25 Aug 171[9], by Dr Nathaniel Johnston
[an appeal, by his son Charles, for subscriptions to place his projected Antiquities of Yorkshire in fifty volumes in the Library of the Cathedral at York and aid access thereto];
Enquiries for Information towards the Illustrating and Compleating the Antiquities and Natural History of Yorkshire.
By Nathaniel Johnston Dr. in Physick.nd;
Enquiries for Information towards Completing a most Elaborate and Exact History of Yorkshire; together with the Author's Design; and Proposals for the Publication of so usefull and desireable a Work
[by Nathaniel Johnston, nd];
The Antiquities of the Town and Corporation of Pontefract in the County of York, pp1-2, ndc. 1719

MS332/6 - Letters, December 1873, from J Finch Smith, Aldridge Rectory, near Walsall, to James Crossley [1800-1883] of Manchester concerning the following collection of 18th century letters 1873

MS332/7 - The Manuscript Collections of Roger Dodsworth
Proposals to found a Society for the purpose of publishing selections from the collections of Roger Dodsworth [with list] by Joseph Foster, 1874; Pedigrees of The County Families of Yorkshire compiled by Joseph Foster, Now ready Vols I and II;
containing the West Riding families[with list].
Proposals to publish by subscription a New Edition of Ducatus Leodiensis by Ralph Thoresby, FSA and of Loidis and Elmete by Dr Whitaker, and The Visitation of Yorkshire in 1584-5 by Robert Glover etc.
by Mr Foster, 1874

MS332/8 - Catalogue of the Yorkshire Library formed by William Boyne Esq., FSA, Sotheby Wilkinson and Hodge. [priced]1873

MS332/9 - Folio 692- 693 of notes by Ralph Thoresby n.d.

MS332/10 - Prospectuses of T D Whitaker's
A General History and the County of York. 1816
MS333 1665 Precedent book, indexed and inscribed 'Thomas Levett scripsit Anno dni 1665'
[270 folios]
MS334 [17th century] 'Heraldic Antiquities and Pedigrees relating to the County of Yorke' Contents list and index of families.
[356 folios]
MS335 [17th century] 'Song of Lady Bessy'
Being in manuscript 'The most pleasant song of Lady Bessy the eldest daughter of King Edward the fourth and how she married King Henry the Seventh of the house of Lancaster' (68pp), with engraving of Elizabeth of York, printed transcript with introduction by Thomas Heywood, F.A.S., London ,1829 and letter tipped in at rear of volume from Thomas Rodd, London, 11 May 1829, to Thomas Heywood concerning an earlier version in the British Museum?
MS336 1827 Sepia washes and pencil sketches of Kirklees Hall, Austhorpe Hall, Mirfield, Elland, Kiddall near Becca by J Scarlett Davis [1804-1845]
MS337 1780s Rentals and other papers regarding estates of Robert Shuttleworth
Relating to estates in Forcett, Carkin, Eppleby, Middleton Tyas, Moulton and Caldwell, North Yorkshire, and papers regarding Sutton Holland
Also annotated copy of Borough charter of Sudbury, Suffolk [1664]. Pen notation 'Ex Bibl Gresley de Seile'
MS338 pre 1847 'Yorkshire Church Notes'
Being 'Arms and Monuments in Churches etc. in the West Riding of Yorkshire; Copied from Dodsworth's original manuscript in possession of John Hatfeild Kaye Equire F.S.A. and Rivers and Places noted by Mr Dodsworth; with additions by Dugdale, Doctor Johnston of Pontefract and J.H.K'. Indexes of places and wapentakes. 519 pp. Based on Dodsworth's vol 160 in Bodleian Library and referred to in preface to in YAHS Record Series vol. XXXIV, 1904
MS339 1826 'Survey [and Valuation] of Township of Howden' by Tukes and Ayre and Pilkington and Pavor, 1826
With numbers referring to plan [not known]
MS340 1681-1877 A collection of ephemera mostly relating to Doncaster

1. 1873, Proposed restoration of Campsall Church, subscription list with a mss list nd.
2. 1722-1736, papers regarding clerical library of St George's Church in Doncaster
3. 1818-1827, receipts for items deposited and taken from Corporation Muniments, Mansion House, Doncaster;
4. 1804-1877, printed poems etc with covering letter, 4/5/1877, from T. Lister, Victoria Crescent, Barnsley
5. 1745-1746, petty disbursements at Doncaster
6. Petitions [c1837], one to Parliament regarding highway from Doncaster to Selby
7. 1802 & 1806, land tax assessments for Bentley-cum- Arksey;
8. 1809, list of magistrates for Ridings of Yorkshire
9. 1846-1847, letter, 24 July 1847, from Thos Booth jr, Conisborough Water Mills, to Mr Wright, enclosing measurements of the Castle,1 Aug 1846, also earlier extracts from some notes on the 'Antiquity of Conisbro'' and from Conisbro' Court Roll 1776
10. 1798, State of pay of Whitby Battalion of volunteers under command of Lieut Colonel the Hon Augustus Phipps
11. 1862-1864, apologies from officers of 2nd W York Yeomanry Cavalry, Halifax Squadron
12. 1853-1875, printed poetry with some letters by Thomas Lister of Barnsley
13. 1831-1833, original poetry submitted to the Editor of the Doncaster Gazette by Thomas Jackson of Balby, Thomas Lister of Barnsley and others
MS341 1845 'Antiquarian Notices of Claye House in Greteland in the parish of Halifax and County of York' January MDCCC. XL.V by Rev. Joseph Hunter
[Published in part in an edition prepared by Rev. Thos. James for the Yorkshire Archaeological and Topographical Journal, Vol II]
With article from Huddersfield Chronicle, 16 August 1879, describing the funeral of the Rev. James. Bound by HATS
MS342-MS343 c. 1880 Two books of monumental inscriptions in Mirfield Old Churchyard by S.J. Chadwick and John Nevin
Second volume also contains brief diary entries relating to testing gas entitled 'Places Visited' 23 August to 31 December1880
MS345 c. 1884 Notes, loose, regarding church plate in the Deaneries of the Ainsty, Doncaster, Pontefract and Craven by T.M. Fallow
MS346 [1910-1912] 'Abstracts of deeds etc., from the Whixley Chartulary in the papers of John Dent Dent of Ribston Hall'
Transcript by Dr Francis Collins, St Andrews, Lyme Regis.
Also letters regarding transcript to William Brown and W.T. Lancaster, officers of the YAHS
See also MD463
MS347 1912 Monumental inscriptions [edited] of Independent Chapel Burial Ground at Allerton, Bradford
Copied by G.P.Townend, Bradford, Fellow and Hon (local) Secretary of the Society of Genealogists, with covering letter, 19 May1912, to W.T. Lancaster
MS348 1912 Monumental inscriptions of Kipping Independent Chapel, Thornton, Bradford [The Chapel Yard, The Old Burial Ground, the School Yard burial ground]
Copied by G.P.Townend, Bradford, Fellow and Hon (local) Secretary of the Society of Genealogists, with covering letter, 21 May 1912, to W.T. Lancaster
MS349 18th century Notes and sketches relating to Wressle Castle and Beverley by Mr [R] Bell, architect, who rebuilt part of Alnwick Castle, 1765
MS350 1818 - 1820 Muston Tithe survey, 1818.
Enclosed is a valuation of Rev. Edmund Dowker's glebe land at Sinnington and Marton 1820 by John Parke [Bookplate of YATA]
MS351 1911-1913 Monumental inscriptions at Crayke, Husthwaite, Raskelf, Easingwold and Alne Churches [typescript]
With plans of graves, except Easingwold
Also covering letter, 22 October 1912, from J. B. Willans, Dolforgan, Kerry, Montgomeryshire, to Mr. Crossley
MS352 28 Jan 1734/5 Letter from John Chaloner, Guisborough, to Thomas Rudd Esquire., Durham regarding Radcliffe family of Ugthorp
MS353 n.d. Lists of wills of persons of the name of Dickons, Diccons, Dyckens, Dickins, Diggen etc.,
With references, provided by Probate Registry at York
MS354 1913 Shields of arms in Lockington Church prepared by Ernest C. Koch, 39 Charlwood Street, South Belgravia, London, S.W., and presented by him to the YAHS
MS355 16th century-1912 Rental of Crayke, with notes on the Castle there
The notes were printed by Canon Raine in Associated Architectural Societies' Reports, vol. X, pp. 66-69, with plans and illustrations
Covering letters, April 1911, from W Greenwell, Durham to Brown and, 22 Nov 1912, William Brown, The Old House, Sowerby, Thirsk, to Lancaster
MS356 1828 'One of the Fancy' by John Dransfield
Book of verse written when Dransfield was articled to William Holt of Schofield and Holt, solicitors, Horbury. Concerns social occasions in Wakefield and mention many people.
Loose verse also covering letter, 8 August 1913, to W.T. Lancaster
MS357 n.d. Volume of copies of charters and other documents mainly relating to Ugthop in Cleveland
[transcribed from originals by Bernard P.Scattergood]
[several documents printed in Chartulary of Guisbrough Priory, Surtees Society, Vol. lxxxix.]
Also loose copies
MS358 1907-1913 Drawings of the Goldsborough tomb in Goldsborough Church. [Sunprints] Drawn by F R N Haswell, FRIBA, North Shields, 1907
With correspondence with William Brown, Old Hall, Sowerby, Thirsk, 1909-1913.
MS359 nd Stained Glass designs of windows in the transept of Dewsbury Parish Church
MS360 1907 Drawing of ceiling at Priory Farm, Sinningthwaite by Colonel Haswell, Cladwell House, Monkseaton, Northumberland
MS361 1914-1915 Papers relating to manorial documents by A Hermann Thomas
Transcript of a Court Roll of Wakefield, Halifax, and members, 14 Edw I, [Jul.20 to Sep.29 1286] and an Account Roll, 9 Edw I [Mar 25 1281] by A Hermann Thomas with correspondence, 1914-1915, between him at Records Office, Guildhall, London and E.W. Crossley of YAHS
Printed in YAHS Record Series, vol LVII
MS362-MS365 1897 - 1898 Papers relating to Wakefield court rolls
Wakefield Heriots (4 Volumes) being notes and extracts from the Wakefield Manor Rolls, 14th to 16th century, by A. Gibbons.
MS362 also includes loose copy of Nomina Villarum within the Manor of Wakefield by Sackville Walter Lane Fox, Esq., Lord of the Manor, Wakefield, 1865
MS363 includes loose poster for Manor of Wakefield 1898
MS366 1914 Copies of deeds 1521-1619, relating to Eastwood, Stansfeld
Abstracted and translated by S.J. Chadwick of Dewsbury from originals in private possession.
With covering letter, 22 May 1914, from S.J. Chadwick to W.A. Lancaster of YAHS
MS367 1911-1914 Ground plans of Wighill Parish Church, 1911, by John Bilson and Villers Abbey, 1914, by W G Footit
[see YAHS Journal vol XXIII, pp.104 & 108]
MS368 1915 Monumental inscriptions in the old burial ground of the Society of Friends, Bishophill, York
By T.P.Cooper of York
MS369 nd Brass rubbings
Brass rubbing of tomb of Oswald Dykes, rector of Wensley, d. 5 Dec 1607, in Wensley Church with rubbings from Christ Church, Oxford, and churches of Girton, Little Shelford and Trumpington near Cambridge
MS370 1908-1927 Notes on Slack and the neighbourhood by Francis Villy, M.D. of Keighley
Concerns Roman roads and refers to Slack in Outlane, Huddersfield with OS 6' maps 2nd Edn 1908, sheets CCXLV. S.E. and CCXLVI.S.W.
See also MS1208 Add/1-6 for photographs from 1912
MS371-MS372   Manuscripts of Robert H. Skaife of York

MS371/1 -
1. 'The Fairfax Family'
2. 'Fairfax Pedigrees' [2 vols]
3. 'Merchant Tailors Company; formerly Tailors and Drapers; Governors, Admissions & Apprentices'

MS371/2 -
1. Lists of the High Sheriffs of Yorkshire, Mayors, Sheriffs, Recorders, Bailiffs, Town Clerks, Aldermen, of the City of York, and a long alphabetical list of notable inhabitants of the City and County with many particulars relating to them[disbound and damaged sections]
2. Lists of the High Sheriffs of Yorkshire with biographical details
[2 vols]
3. 'A Catalogue of the High Sheriffs of the County, the Mayors, and Bailiffs, Lord Mayors and Sheriffs, the Representatives in Parliament, and the Recorders and Town Clerks of the City of York with a Companion by Robert H. Skaife. York'

MS371/3 -
1. Collections relating to Guild of the Virgin Mary, Fossgate; St Mary at the Abbey; Paternoster Guild; St.Anne, St.Christopher & St. George; St John Baptist; St Anthony of the City of York [2 parts] with notes, 1863
2. Extracts from the House Books of the Corporation of York 27pp, 1864
3. Pedigrees of Barlow and Waller of Middlethorpe, Lardiner, Thwaites of Bustardthorpe, Morritt of Colton, Preston of Askham Bryan, Sampson of Appleton, Shackleton of Bingley, Stapleton of Wighill, and Vavasour of Copmanthorpe, 1866-1869
4. Collection of miscellanea relating to the Church and Parish of St Mary, Castlegate, York by Robert H Skaife with extracts from parish registers. [238pp], 1883-1909

MS372/1 - Chronological events AD 596-1848
[pp. un - 460] with newscuttings, portraits inserted

MS372/2 - Chronological events AD 596-1658
[pp.1-175] with newscuttings, portraits inserted

MS372/3 - Chronological events AD 1848-1890
[pp.461-705] with newscuttings, portraits inserted

MS372/4 - 1. The Register of Baptisms in York Minster (illustrated with biographical notices) by Robert H. Skaife, York
2. Catalogue of Rectors and Vicars, Bilton
3. Collection of loose notes, pedigrees in leather case
4. 'The House of Clifford in connection with York'
MS373 1916 An index of the papers and notes contained in Vols xviii- xxiii of the YAHS Journal prepared by H.F. Killick
MS374 (1916) Copy of transcript of Bishop Stubb's genealogical notes
[YAS Record Series, vol xxvi]
MS375 nd 'An Index to the Wills and Inventories from the Registry of'an Index to the Wills and Inventories from the Registry of the Archdeaconry of Richmond being vol 26 of the publications of the Surtees Society' by W.T. Lancaster
MS376 1917 Monumental Inscriptions in the church and burial ground of All Saints, Burythorpe [East Riding] by the Rev. C.V. Collier
MS377 (24 Aug 1558) Copy of probate of the will George. Lord Darcy
[York wills, XV, ii, 291]
MS378 nd Transcript of an extent of Sandal, 3 Edw II
[Rentals and surveys, Duchy of Lancaster]
MS379 1917 Monumental Inscriptions in the church and burial ground of St Andrews, Langton, by the Rev. C.V. Collier
MS380 19th century An account of all the searches made in the Record Office in the Tower of London, 21 March 1775-29 September 1803, accounts made up regularly by Robert Lemon, Chief Clerk, and returned to Thomas Astle Esqr., Chief Clerk and Keeper of the Public Records
[470pp, indexed]
MS381a-z   The Clay Manuscripts
Manuscripts by John William Clay, FSA., or purchased by him, including many manuscripts by Rev. Alfred Gibbons, F.S.A. [editor of the Northern Genealogist, 1895-1902]

MS381a - Notes and collections for Lincolnshire Families
[32 books in roughly alphabetical order]
With a volume of Lincoln wills, volume of extracts from Bishops Registers, and a few miscellaneous papers, including correspondence 1889-1918 [Poignant letter from Clay regarding death of eldest son in 1914.] Presented by J.W. Clay 8 April 1918

MS381b - 'Yorkshire Collections' Vols 1-3
[list of contents available], 4-5(3), 6 (2),7-13(3), 14(4),15-22 (4), 23-25 (2), 26-29 (2), 30-31 (2)
Principally abstracts of wills from York Registry, parish registers, bishops transcripts, mss and deeds 1891-

MS381c - 'Bishopthorpe Mss with rough list of bundles of documents,
mostly 18 century at Bishopthorpe'.
Index of principal surnames compiled by A Gibbons 1896

MS381d - 'Benson collection'
Papers relating to Benson pedigree. Also in-letters, 1894-1896, and letter to Rev. A. Gibbons1893-1896

MS381e - 'Spragge family'
Papers relating to Spragge family with in-letters to Rev. A. Gibbons

MS381f - Two notebooks with research on Hawkesworth, Habergham and Pickard families
Also includes in-letters regarding Pickards, 1895-1897, and to A Gibbons.

MS381g - Pateley Bridge parish register transcript 1552-1661

MS381h - Three Peacock family notebooks
Prepared for A Gibbons Esq., Heworth Green, York by C.E. Gildersome Dickinson, 12 Great Turnstile, London, W.C. With in-letters to A. Gibbon

MS381i - Two notebooks regarding Beckwith, Smithson and Sisey families.
One dated 2 October 1897, compiled by C.E.Gildersome-Dickinson,
15 Wyler Street, Honor Oak Park, London, S.E

MS381j - Notebook of various family history enquiries, carried out by C.E.G. Dickinson
With in-letters 1895-1896, to A. Gibbons.

MS381k - Index to wills, registers, notes in A Gibbons' Mss volumes n.d.

MS381l - Twelvth volumes of extracts from wills relating to pedigrees contained in Dugdale's Visitation of Yorkshire continued by John Wm Clay, F.S.A. n.d.

MS381m - Extracts from various parish registers used for Dugdales's Visitation of Yorkshire continued by J.W.Clay
Arranged alphabetically by name [3 vols]
MS381n - Abstracts of wills [2 vols] used by Clay for his Extinct and Dormant Peerages of the Northern Counties
Arranged alphabetically n.d.

MS381o - Copies and abstracts of Inquisitions Post Mortem for Yorkshire n.d.

MS381p - Descents of Yorkshire families n.d.

MS381q - Collections of will abstracts etc regarding Yorkshire
families including the Saviles n.d.

MS381r - Rough notes and extracts regarding Yorkshire families, Including many Saviles n.d.

MS381s - Abstracts of Yorkshire wills n.d.

MS381t - Papers regarding Pennyman and Tempest families
Extracts from parish registers of Kendal and letters from J.W. Pennyman,Ormesby, 18 May 1908, regarding Pennyman pedigree and E. Blanche Tempest, Coleby Hall, Lincoln, 22 November 1890 regarding Tempest family

MS381u - Letters to Clay from various correspondents correcting his published pedigrees 1911-1916

MS381v - Lists and notes from York Act Books n.d.

MS381w - Pedigrees, notes and various genealogical information re Armitage, Lee of Pinchinthorpe, Guisborough, Chambre, Thomlinson etc 1910-1912

MS381x - Collections for the Waterhouse family n.d.

MS381y - Collections for Mr Clay's edition of Dugdale's Visitation of Yorkshire n.d.

MS381z - Genealogical notes on various topics

MS381(aa) - 'Extracts - Yorkshire Registers'
being copies of early entries from other's transcripts of Adwick le Street (Dr Sykes), Braston & Bubwith (Canon Raines), Campsall (Dr Sykes), Pontefract, Silkstone, (?), Thornhill, Wakefield (Dr Sykes). Mss.

MS381(bb) - File of genealogical in-letters to J.W. Clay

MS381(cc) - Files of notes by J.W.Clay on monasteries

MS381(dd) - Copy of Acts of Parliament,10 & 11 William III [1698] & 14 Geo III [1774] regarding keeping navigable the rivers of Aire and Calder
In manuscript from a printed source n.d. [1744]

MS381(ee) - Three notebooks of and in-letters to J.W.Clay concerning pedigrees and publications 1888-1915

MS381(hh) -
i. Notes from Add.Mss. [no number, in British Library] by Joseph Hunter, 28 November 1858, relating to his 'Familiae Minorum Gentium' [ts] and notes of contents of other Add.Mss 24436-24449; 24456
ii. Copy 'A fifteenth century Book of Arms' Harleien Mss 2169. Ancestor Vol 3. [Hunter's handwriting]
iii. Copy of Assessment upon England at the rate of sixty thousand pounds by the month for three months. Commissioners for Yorkshire, 1656.[Hunter's handwriting]c. 1858

MS381 (ii) - Sundry pedigrees
Regarding Bate, Brearey, Carrington, Chaloner, Lister, Meynell of Dalton and Aldborough & Kilvington, Robinson of Darlaston, Rushworth & Collingwood, Scrope of Bolton, Scrope of Danby.
Also two letters, 16 July 1888, from E. Blanche Tempest, Coleby Hall, Lincoln, and 2 August 1896, from J.W. Powell of Kirk Deighton to Mr. [G.D.] Tomlinson 1888-1896

MS381 Add. - Further papers of J.W. Clay
Consisting of correspondence, notes and pedigrees relating to various families; a copy of Joseph Hunter's notes relating to his manuscripts [1858]; notes on Yorkshire monasteries and various indexes n.d. 1.19 - e. 20 century 19th-20th century
See also MS481-484, MS972-977
MS382 (1911) Copies of charters from the Chartulary of Salley Abbey [Harleian Mss 112] by Canon Arthur Beanlands, Orpington, Kent
MS383 (1918) Photographic reproduction of drawing attributed to Simeon of Durham purporting to be portraits of Woden and six of his descendants
[Cotton Mss Caligula A viii, fo29 in British Library]
MS384 nd Photographs of sixteen charters of Guisborough Priory from chartulary in British Library [Cott. Ms. Cleop.D. ii]
MS385 4 Aug 1770 Brief for prosecution , The King v Thomas, Normanton and Folds, for murder at Yorkshire Assizes
Concerns murder of excise officer in coining case in Halifax, see The Yorkshire Coiners, 1767-1783 by H. Ling Roth, pp.43-46
MS386 nd Plan and sections of hypocaust found at Slack, 1865-1866
MS387 1785 Plans and drawings
Plans and view of Doncaster Vicarage by W.Lindley; view of Mansion House, Doncaster; various architectural drawings from Conisborough Castle; shields of arms and epitaphs from the churches of Arksey, Conisborough, Doncaster, Wadworth, Adwick-le Street, Sprotborough, Barnby Don, Barnborough, High Melton and Brodsworth
MS388 nd Pedigree of Rimmington family compiled by W.H. Rimmington
MS389 nd Collection of various documents

MS389 (a) - Copy list of wills in volumes of Surtees Society Publications [96pp] n.d.

MS389 (b) - 'A Schedule of Deeds and Writings found in possession of Thomas Micklethwait Esq., in Leeds at his death in 1756.' [taken by Mr Barstow Senr.]

MS389 (c) - Court rolls for manor of Marsden [steward's paper drafts] 1690-1711

MS389 (d) - 'The Heraldry of All Saints Church, Hunmanby' by Rev. C.V. Collier FSA 1891

MS389 (e) - Muster roll for Harthill wapentake 1573

MS389 (f) - Copy terrier of Darton 1809 & 1817

MS389 (g) - Extracts from Fetherston parish registers
[property of John Sykes, M.D.]1867

MS389 (h) - 'Epitaphs and Arms in the Priory of Bridlington'
Enclosed a letter, 27 November 1883, from C.B. Norcliffe, Langton Hall, Malton, to G.D. Tomlinson Esq.

MS389 (i) - Deposition of witnesses in John Weighell v John Dunning and John Grime also Graham in the Exchequer Court
16 Oct 1764

MS389 (j) - Copy of letters patent granting tenements and land in Dunsley [Whitby] to William Ramsden of Longley, gent., and Edward Hoppey of Halifax, clothier; with legal opinions [1558?] (1540)- c. 1558

MS389 (k) - Valuation of the several lands in Knaresborough taken in June 1796, by John Moiser

MS389 (l) - Pedigree of Tempest of Brightwhistle and Hagh by Mrs E.B. Tempest 1888
MS390 1348-1356 Account rolls of Rectory of Dewsbury
[8 membranes]
See YAJ, xxi, 352-392
MS391 1909 Abstract of Deeds and other papers in possession of W. A. Littledale
Relating to lands formerly in possession of Family of Broxupp of Holden in parish of Bolton by Bolland, County of York, to which is added a Pedigree compiled from information contained in the Deeds and Parish Registers of Bolton by Ralph Pudsey Littledale
MS392 1919 Schedule, prepared by Mr R. M. Glencross, of the Marriage Licence Allegations and Bonds in the possession of the Dean & Chapter of York, Dec. 1919.
MS393 13th century Two charms [slips of parchment] found in Ingleby Arncliffe amulet crucifix
Also related correspondence 1903-1920
See YAJ., xvii, 402-411]
MS394 (1641)-1920 Protestation return for Wapentake of Allerton, 1641 copied from the original in the House of Lords by Charles Clay
Also letter, 20 February 1920, from Charles Clay to Mr Brown
MS395-MS400   Sir W.H. St. John Hope's Collections

MS395 - Ground plans of Bridlington Priory, Fountains, Jervaulx, Mount Grace and Watton n.d.

MS396 - Plans, drawings and photographs
Measured drawings, 1863, Kirklees Priory excavations; prints of photographs and related letter from Sir George Armytage, 1887. Also Account of Excavations at Kirklees Priory from Proceedings of Society of Antiquaries, 3 May 1906; measured drawings, ground plans of Jervaulx[Excursion to Jervaulx Abbey and Middleham Castle, 29 July 1891, YATA] and Fountains Abbey, 1903, [also Excursion Programme & Arrangements at Fountains Abbey and Ripon, 28 August 1872, YATA], measured drawings, ground plans and negatives and prints of photographs of Mount Grace Priory. Also History and Guide to the Ruins of Mount Grace compiled by C.W. Smithson, Northallerton, 1891

MS397 - Kirkham Priory ground plan by Hope. Also plan, E.B.S. Shepherd, 1902

MS398 - Measured plans, photographs and details of Watton Priory
by H.Brakspear and J. Bilson
Also two related letters, 6 and 12 July 1897 from Hope and Bilson

MS399 - Plans, drawings and measurements by Sir William St.John Hope of Easby Abbey, 1885, Kirkham, nd., Nunkeeling, nd., and Warter Priories, nd

MS400 - Two Petitions to the House of Commons in favour of the Bill for a turnpike road from Doncaster to Selby
One from property owners in the town and parish of Doncaster and one from those in Selby
MS401-MS420   The Lancaster manuscripts
Compiled, or formerly owned by William Thomas Lancaster, F.S.A., Hon.Librarian to the Yorkshire Archaeological & Historical Society, 1909-1920

W.T. Lancaster's Yorkshire collections

MS401 - Yorkshire Collections Vol. i., Birdforth
Includes copies of many charters from the Dodsworth mss relating to the abbey of Byland and priory of Newburgh. Also numerous abstracts from the public records and from the printed sources relating to the history of this wapentake n.d.

MS402 - Yorkshire Collections Vol. ii, Skyrack & Morley
Includes copies of many charters from the Dodsworth mss
Includes extracts from Rawlinson mss n.d.

MS403 - Yorkshire Collections Vol. iii, Skyrack and Morley

MS404 - Yorkshire Collections Vol. iv, Skyrack and Morley
Enclosed two letters, 16 June 1904 & 1 July 1905 from T.S. Coleman, Rector of Barwick-in-Elmet to Lancaster regarding local Pedigrees.
Includes copies of charters and extracts from an old book containing copies of evidences, belonging to Colonel Gascoigne of Parlington; extracts from the Lact feodary, the coucher book of the Duchy of Lancaster, and the Mauleverer chartulary n.d.

MS405 - Yorkshire Collections Vol. v
Collections from various sources including Healaugh Park chartulary [BL Cotton mss]; Dodsworth mss [see YAHS MS283];
charters abstracted from Spencer Stanhope papers, 1905
[see WYAS Bradford]; certain deeds in possession of Lord Ribblesdale [see YAHS: DD 70] copies made by Mrs Tempest of Broughton in1904, from copies by J W Morkill in 1907; also 'Pedes Finium Com' Ebor': Temp Edw 1. From a calendar prepared by Henry Whitwam 1904-1907

MS406 - Yorkshire Collections Vol. vi
Extracts from Public Records; notes from Sir George Armytage's muniments at Kirklees; Laud Mss G 54 n.d.

MS407 - Yorkshire Collections Vol. vii
Various families including Heslerton, Swillington, Hopton, Tong n.d.

MS408 - Yorkshire Collections Vol. viii, Birdforth vills
Loose inside are seven dark paper photographic prints, one of a family group, one clear paper print of Kirby Knowl Church and a print of Thirsk Parish Church 1892). Rough index
MS421-MS433   Heraldic manuscripts

Mostly compiled or owned by the Horsley family of York, herald painters

MS421 - 'The Names of the Gentry of England, alphabetically set downe with their Arms placed in their order according to ye Honorable Partitions and Ordinaries and Charges of severall sorts in their Arms. Collected by Jo: Harrison, and enlarged by Edward Horsley, herald's painter, with divers new coats in the yeare of our Lord, 1666'
Annotated 'Thos Horsley his book 1726/7'; 'This book was bought of Samuel Carpenter Coach Painter in York by Thomas Grimston of Grimston Garth in Holderness and of Kilnwick on the Wolds in Yorkshire Feby 2d 1782'; Contemporary vellum binding but reused coloured map of Yorkshire 1666-1727

MS422 - Collection of Yorkshire arms in trick
With 'A Coppy of the entryes of some of the Gentrye of the North and East Riding of Yorkshire, Collected by Edward Horsley Deputy to Norroy King of Armes 1666' entered on folios 30-41 [with small number of signed family trees] 1666-1667

MS423 - Index to MS422

MS424 - Volume of arms in trick of many individuals titled in French
[with some translations in another hand]. Annotated 'Benedict Horsley Price 15s 6d' and 'This book was bought of Samuel Carpenter Coach Painter in York by Thos Grimston of Grimston Garth & Kilnwick Febry 2d 1782' n.d.

MS425 - Volume of arms of the nobility arranged in chronological Order according to reigns with a short account in each case of the head of the line
Annotated on flyleaf 'Ben Horsley son from Edward Horsley Booke Amen', on frontispiece'This book was bought of Samuel Carpenter Coach Painter in York by Thos Grimston of Grimston Garth & Kilnwick Febry 2d 1782'.
Bound in parchment folio of two columns of 38 lines containing part of book VI of Historiae adversum paganos by Paulus Orosius in latin and late 12th century hand [transcription by Jean Mortimer?]
c. 1572

MS426 - Volume of arms mostly blazoned and copied from a variety of sources such as churches and Inns of Court
Indexed by name with place.
Inside the cover is written 'Edward Horsley his Booke 1659 pri 10s-0', on p 12 is written'Wil Horsley Booke 1670', on inside back cover is written'William Gowland Cobler' and on inside of vellum cover is written 'John Constable est liber meus 30 Junr 1659'.

MS427 - Volume of arms and crests
'Armes and creasts entred in the Salop Visitation, Ao 1663, by Wm Dugdale, Esqr., Norroy King of Armes, as deputy to Sr Edw. Bish, Clarencieux'[f 1-7]; 'ditto taken in the Visitation of the Co. palatine of Chester, 1663-4, by Wm Dugdale, Norroy' [f 8-15]; 'ditto, in the Visitation of Lancashire, 1664-5, by Wm Dugdale [f 17-32]; 'ditto, taken in the Visitation of Northumberland, 1663 by Wm Dugdale [f 32-34]; also Westmorland, nd [f 34-35]; Cumberland, nd [ff 35-37]; and bishopric of Durham, nd [ff 37-40]. The arms all in trick
17th century

MS427a - Index to MS 427

MS428 - Volume of arms and crests
Containing 'Armes of the Gentry of Yorkshire entred in the Visitation of that County in Ao MDCLXV and MDCLXVI by William Dugdale, Norroy King of Armes.'
Inscribed 'Wil Horsley Booke ..'and ' Thos Grimston his Book 1782' 'This book was bought of Samuel Carpenter Coach Painter in York by Thos. Grimston of Grimston Garth & Kilnwick Febry 2d 1782'. 48ff

MS428a - Index to MS 428

MS429 - Volume of arms
'The Armes of such Gentlemen as now do Dwell or heretofore have dwelled in the Countie Pallatine of Chester. Written in Ano 1594'
Arms are in alphabetical order and blazoned
Bound in parts of a later deed. 17ff

MS430 - Volume of coats of arms in trick with index
24 ff
Loose pedigree of Holme of Paull Holme. 'This book bought of
Samuel Carpenter Coach Painter in York by Thos Grimston Esq., of Grimston Garth & Kilnwick Febry the 2nd 1782'
Bookplate of coat of arms with motto 'Faitz Proverount'; S. Carpenter, Coach Painter, 1756

MS431 - Volume of arms blazoned with no title
Contains the arms of the nobility [pp 5-71]; arms of the Yorkshire gentry [pp. 73-117 with pages 78,79 and 104-107 missing]; bishopric of Durham [pp. 128-134]; pedigree of Boyntons 1067-1607, with arms of their alliances; 37 pedigrees of Yorkshire families with their coats;
14 pedigrees of Durham families and 61 pedigrees of Lincolnshire families
Annotated on vellum cover 'Mr. Grimstons' and inside 'J. Grimston',
'J. Robinson DD 1756'
Loose index with notes about the work
A report of 1921 on the mss by Dr F.W. Dendy FSA is included with related correspondence1917 of C.V. Collier, Langton Rectory, Malton with Canon Ollard, Bainton Rectory, Middleton in the Wolds.
c. 1607

MS432 - Armorial arranged alphabetically
On front page is contemporary annotation 'William Briggs: His Booke 1691'

MS433 - Armorial arranged alphabetically with index
On front page in pencil is written' S Carpenter'. Annotation on inside front cover is 'This book bought of Samuel Carpenter Coach Painter in York by Thos Grimston Esq., of Grimston Garth & Kilnwick Febry the 2nd 1782'. 208 pp with index and list of Knights of the order of the Garter, elected in each reign from Edw III to Mary
At the end of the volume a few pages contain arms of the Kings of Scotland and the Scottish nobility
n.d. [early 17th century]
MS434 nd Volume containing lists of sheriffs in various counties
Generally from 1 Hen II to 22 Charles 1. 127 pp
The list for Yorkshire is brought down in a more recent hand to 31 Geo III.
From p129 there is a list of the nobility and gentry of Yorkshire who compounded for their estates
On inside cover is written 'Thos Grimston'
MS435 1584-1762 'East Riding Musters 1580'
Volume containing certificates of the general musters in the East Riding taken in 1584 by virtue of a commission issued in 1580
Includes figures for arms furnished and names of potential officers
At end totals of effective men in the East Riding in 1757 and 1762
On inside of front cover is written 'Grimston'
MS436 1600-1607 Volume containing material largely for a history of Richmondshire compiled from ancient records
Including Knights' fees, extents etc.
The copy of Kirkby's Inquest includes several wapentakes not in Richmondshire, e.g., Buckrose, Bulmer, Ryedale and Langbargh
The copy of Domesday also includes parishes not in Richmondshire.
At the end are a brief and perfect description of Ireland and a list of the Scottish nobility in 1607
MS437 1727 A catalogue of books left by the late Geo: Lawson, esq., for the use of the curate of East Harlsey for the time being
Witnessed by Wm Mauleverer. Annotated on flyleaf 'Tickhill November 9 1811 H. Bower.
George Lawson of East Harlsey in the county of York Esquire, married Margaret the daughter of Edward Trotter of Skelton Castle, Cleveland, Esquire, (by Mary the daughter of Sir John Lowther Baronet of Lowther Hall in Westmorland) and died without issue Catherine a sister of Mrs Lawson married William Bower of Bridlington Esquire into the possession of whose great-grand-child (Henry Bower of Tickhill) this Book has descended, together with….'
MS438 1902 Pedigrees of Roos of Ingmanthorpe, Chapel Allerton, Leicestershire etc., compiled by G W Tomlinson FSA
With covering letter from his son to Mr Clay, 23 September 1902
MS439 10 Apr 1788-5 Feb 1791 Day book of the Master of the Knaresborough Workhouse

Transcribed and published By Maria F.Garcia-Bermejo Giner and Michael Montgomery, Yorkshire Dialect Society, 2003 [56G9]
MS440 1741-1796 Plan of the River Calder from Wakefield to Ealand, and thence continued to Salterhebble Bridge, in the County of York. Survey'd in 1740 & 1741 by John Eyes. Also Notice of order by Undertakers of Aire and Calder Navigation of form for consignment of goods, 16 April 1796
MS441 nd Ground plan of original Priory of Bridlington
Tracing on linen
MS442-MS443   The Brigg Manuscripts
See MS442-443, MS485-486, MS498 and MS513

MS442/1/1 - Prerogative Court of Canterbury wills
Regarding Briggs/Bridges 1443-1787, extracted by William Briggs n.d.

MS442/1/2 - Extracts from Parish registers of London parishes
Regarding Briggs/Bridges 16th-18th century n.d.

MS442/1/3 - Correspondence
Predominantly with W Farrer, Hall Garth, Carnforth [William Brigg his solicitor] mainly from J Brownbill, 34 Milton Avenue, Highgate and extracts from a Sources in the National Archive and British Museum being research for Farrer's Early Yorkshire Charters, 1914-1916

MS442/1/4 - Extracts from parish registers and deeds regarding Foster family of Ossett
With related letters, 1916-1917 from John Charlesworth, The Crofts, Horbury, Wakefield to William Brigg; Extracts regarding Blencow family 12th century to 1903; Brigg wills in Archdeaconry court of St Albans, Peculiar court of Snaith, York Dean and Chapter's Peculiar and Prerogative Court of York [corrected list of that given in YAHS Vol 1398-1665] Also index to Yorkshire Feudal Baronies

MS442/1/5 - Index and extracted wills in Prerogative Court of Canterbury 1403-1817
Regarding Brigg family n.d.

MS442/1/6 - Brigg and Briggs Family Records
Collected and annotated by William Brigg, B.A. includes
1. Wills and administrations
2. Parish Registers
3. Chancery Proceedings
4. Inquisitions Post Mortem
5. Court of Requests
6. Feet of Fines, Subsidy Rolls
7. Patent Rolls
8. Marriage Licenses
9. Manor Court Rolls Wakefield -1593, 1624
10. Monumental Inscriptions
11. Deeds [Misc Halifax wills, Poll Tax Halifax 1379, Deed 1454- Staynland and Eland, Cat of Ancient Deeds in National Archive, Extracts from various sources]
12. Newspaper entries, Universities etc.13. Heralds College Visitations etc

MS442/1/7 - [NO DOCUMENT]

MS442/1/8 - Pedigrees of Brugge or Bridges of Ley, Herefordshire [1385-1508], Bruges [Visitation of Essex 1558 and London 1568] n.d.

MS442/1/9 - Notes regarding Bridge family of London
Pedigrees, list of Archdeacons of St Albans 1415-1531, terriers of various places, Royalist Composition papers, Inquests Post Mortem and wills in various registries n.d.

MS442/1/10 - Pedigrees, notes and correspondence
Pedigrees of Thomas Wilson of Elton, Yorkshire [from Berry's Sussex Genealogies] , Skillbeck of Healaugh from Bilton Registers with related extracts from Bilton Registers [made 15 July 1911], many Briggs, Bridge/Bridges, Brugge Pedigrees
Also correspondence in 1911 with F.R.N.Haswell, Caldwell House, Monkseaton, Northumberland on genealogical matters

MS442/2/1/1 - Pedigrees and supporting documents
Includes: Atkinson of Leeds; Barnsley [includes letters 1814-1837 Between George Crowther of Churwell, Leeds and Thomas Parker of Brinsworth nr Sheffield [Ickles Oil Mill, Rotherham] personal and business; Barrett of Harewood [inc letters (4) 1879-1920 from Jas.W.Barrett, Laneside, Churwell to William Brigg ]; Blencowe; Bridges [inc envelope addressed to 'W Briggs Esq., 1 James Avenue, Cricklewood, London, NW2 (nd)]; Burnett [circular addressed to WB at same addresss 1918]; Burton; Clapham of Batley; Collett; Conyers of Hutton Bonville; Dade of Farnley; Dee [inc letters (2) 1901 from F.C.Lingard, clerk, Bakers Hall, Harp Lane, EC., to Wm Brigg, Field House, Harpenden, Herts]; Dunn [inc letters (29) 1828-1908, many addressed to Wm Brigg [Forest Side, Epping 1889] [St Alban's, Herts, 1892]

MS442/2/1/2 - Pedigrees continued
Dudley; Duffield; Dunn [includes letterss to WB from C.B.Dunn, Kaitaia, Manganui, New Zealand 1871-1877 and other correspondence -1915]; Jackson; Laycock; Moore; Nickson; Newsom; Outhwaite; Sandford; Scarr of Newton Kyme; Scholefield of Batley; Smelt; Speight; Tennant [including related letters] 1898-1899; Turner of Batley

MS442/2/2 - Extracts from Halifax Parish registers relating to the name of Brigg/Bridge 1544-1722
Mainly typewritten [formerly MS 442/f] n.d.

MS442/2/3 - Extracts from wills of Brigg/Bridge family in Will and Administrations of Exchequer and Prerogative Courts of York 1389-1796

MS442/2/4 - Extracts relating to various Halifax families
Including the Crowther family, pedigree of Benjamin Crowther of Little Gomersal d 1730 etc., includes agreement, 14 May 1755 to contribute to conversion of gallery in Birstall parish church to organ loft and copy faculty, 15 July 1754; also Notes upon the Old Testament by John Wesley, 1765 (part) [formerly MS442/k]

MS442/2/5 - Transcript of parish registers for Brettenham, Suffolk, 1584-1773
Made by William Brigg BA.
Includes numerous letters to William Brigg about this research 1920-1921
[formerly MS442/h]

MS442/2/6 - [NO DOCUMENT]

MS442/2/7 - Deeds regarding Bridges family
Including Assignment of a recognisance or statute merchant, 4 November 1669, Joyce Bridges, of Priors Court, Herefordshire, widow and executor of John Bridges, gent. to Erasmia Smith of City of Hereford, widow, of a debt of one hundred pounds owed to her by William Whittington of Hampton Bishop; two unusual manorial conveyances, 1 & 2 May 1677, for land in manor of Dymock, Gloucestershire by William Bridges of Collwall in County of Hereford and Ursula his wife to John Hankins of Dymock; Probate certificate, 20 February 1716/7, for John Middleton of Wennington , Northants, died intestate

MS442/3/1 - Wootton will index slips to Vol 8
[formerly MS 442/p] n.d.

MS442/3/2 - Extracts from printed parish registers, largely Yorkshire
Relating Briggs/Bridges [formerly MS 442/n] n.d.

MS442/3/3 - Extracts from non-Yorkshire parish registers and from Weston and Otley parish registers
Regarding Briggs/Bridges etc 1890

MS442/3/4 - Extracts, pedigrees and letters
Extracts from wills of Warren family in Prerogative Court of Canterbury 1593-1783, pedigrees of Warren of Pointon and Coventry, also letters to William Brigg, 18 Park Row, Leeds concerning his research into the family 1890

MS442/3/5 - 'Index to other surnames occurring in my Ms Brigg and Briggs Pedigrees' n.d.

MS442/3/6 - Abstracts, indexes and papers
Abstracts of wills proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury Register 'Wootton' 1658, Vol VIII [index of personal names],
Vol IX [no index], and 'Administration Acts in the PCC 1658 by William Brigg, B.A. privately printed for subscribers 1894-1914'
[formerly MS 442 (o,p) 443 (j)]
c. 1917

MS442/3/7 - Extracts from Snaith Registers; H-W pedigrees notes
[formerly MS 442 (m)] n.d.

MS442/3/8 - Various papers
Transcripts from Spofforth parish registers [commenced 13.6.1899 by Wm Brigg of Harpenden]; letter, 14 September 1903, from John Holding of Stotfold, Baldock to William Brigg; PCC wills extracts re Brigg/Bridges 1383-1765 [formerly MS 442 (b)]; Dunn family hotographs (5) c1870 before leaving for New Zealand [see also MS442/2/1/2]; Smith/Smyth notes; Brigg monumental inscriptions from a variety of sources [formerly MS 442 (g)]; rough copies of miscellaneous wills from Wootton VIII 1899-1916

MS442/4/1 - Article 'Specialised Photography II; Copying Ancient Documents' by Rev. R.C. Macleod in Photography 10 July1906, and application form 1909 for subscribers to Suffolk parish register volumes transcribed and printed by William Brigg, 14 Clifford's Inn, London, E.C.

MS442/4/2 - Papers relating to Harpenden estate, Hertfordshire
Sale plan of Harpenden Estate, Hertfordshire, nd.;
newscutting from Herts Advertiser, 28 October 1893, regarding sale of Harpenden Brewery with extracts from abstracts of title and deeds regarding property in Harpenden and some related pedigrees
[William Brigg lived at Field House, Harpenden for some years]

MS442/4/3 - William Brigg's papers
Order forms for copies of Genealogical Abstracts of wills.Register Wootton.Vol 1, ed by William Brigg, 1894; Publicity flyer for The Herts Genealogist and Antiquary ed by William Brigg with list of Genealogical Works edited and published by him;
letter, 23 March 1917, from George Sherwood of the Pedigree Directory 1917 inviting an entry of Brigg's genealogical interests; publicity flyer for The Pulleyns of Yorkshire by Catharine Pullein, 1915

MS442/4/4 - Goodyear family notes with letters
From Ethel Stokes, 75 Chancery Lane, London, W.C. and J.Edward Goodyear, 99 Cheapside, London, E.C. 1919-1920

MS442/4/5 - Rough notes on Briggs
With Inquisition, 1 Oct 15 Hen VIII [1523] Chancery IPM Series II, Vol 40, No 20 and Exchequer Series II, File 225, No 5 regarding death of Thomas Hesketh 1910

MS442/4/6 - Extracts regarding Lassells of Elston n.d.

MS442/4/7 - Transcript of burial entries for parish of Aldenham, Hertfordshire, 1682-1712, from overseer's accounts 1901

MS442/4/8 - Various papers
Extracts from Hertfordshire deeds; pedigree notes regarding Clapham and Brigg; extracts from Temple Church registers 1628-1634, correspondence, 1909, with P H Emmerson re Thos Emmerson of Great Dunmow, Essex; newscutting from Daily Mail, 31.3.1909, regarding will of John Kershaw, FRCS., of St Anne's-on-the-sea, Lancashire 1909

MS442/4/9 - Lee of Virginia
[Reprinted from the New England Historical and Genealogical Register, January 1890] with notes by William Brigg 1890

MS442/4/10 - Rough notes on Bridge family
From Chancery Proceedings, Calendar of Close Rolls, Escheators Inquisitions with A Roll of Arms from the Margins of wills registered in Book'Martyn' [1574] and proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury by Oswald Barron, nd., and a bibliography of the works of Rev. Charles Bridges A.M. and Sir Samuel Egerton Brydges n.d.

MS442/4/11 - Subscription list to the Herts Genealogist with related correspondence 1893-1900

MS442/4/12 - Extracts from Non Parochial Registers in Somerset House;
French Church, Canterbury regarding Pollet family 1893

MS442/4/13 - Various papers
Newspaper offprints of letters, 1904-1905, to editor of Herts Advertiser regarding preservation of historic buildings by John Harris, CE;
printed order forms for publications edited by William Brigg, 1908;
Rules and regulations re public use of William Brigg, 18 May 1909;
coat of arms, 'copied from vellum roll in possession of F Darwin of Creskeld, June1887' [on tracing paper] 1887-1908

MS442/4/14 - Index to Peterborough wills, Archdeaconry of Northampton 1541-1557
With copy of Regulations for Public Record Office, 1909, with Student's Ticket n.d.

MS442/4/15 - Coats of arms
One separate of Clyfton from vellum roll in possession of F. Darwin of Creskeld, June 1887

MS442/4/16 - Notes on Bridge family n.d.

MS442/4/17 - Pedigrees of Bowden, Bridge, Groome, Lister of Shibden Hall and Lodge of Leeds n.d.

MS442/4/18 - Subsidy Rolls, 1st and 2nd, with notes, Yorkshire n.d.

MS442/4/19 - Rough notes towards pedigrees n.d.

MS442/4/20 - Various papers
Inquest Post Mortem; note book regarding Court of Wards, Hertfordshire and papers regarding Inquisition Post Mortems for Bridge family n.d.

MS442/4/21 - Correspondence
Regarding Barnard, Brigg, Judd and King families; also with YAHS and Thoresby Society 1901-1912

MS442/5/1 - Extracts from Calendars of Proceedings in Chancery in Reign of Queen Elizabeth, Vol.1, 1827 regarding Briggs family n.d.

MS442/5/2 - Calendar Rot Claus Edw III, extracts n.d.

MS442/5/3 - Chancery Proceedings, Bills and Answers, Charles I
Regarding Dee/Dey cases n.d.

MS442/5/4 - Correspondence 1898-1918

MS442/5/5 - Hertfordshire documents
Includes draft article by John Harris CE, of Hemel Hempstead 1897

MS442/5/6 - Index to Feet of Fines, Hertfordshire n.d.

MS442/5/7 - Printed pedigrees of Elwes, Gibson, Tolhurst and Trumbull 1914

MS442/5/8 - Miscellaneous notes
Including West Riding Deeds Registry index for Speight family 1704-1771, pencil drawing of top of east window, Selby Abbey 1885, Visitation notes, Royalist Composition papers

MS442/5/9 - Newscuttings regarding Briggs family 1887-1913

MS442/5/10 - Rough Pedigree Notes
Including fair pedigrees for Duckworth, Carter, Rhodes, Butler, Power, Briggs 1900-1919

MS442/5/11 - The Visitation of London 1568
Part manuscript, part printed from pages 1-21; from edition by Joseph Jackson and John Gough Nicholson n.d.

MS442/5/12 - Extracts from the York Probate Registry 1408-1858 n.d.

MS442/5/13 - Extracts from Yorkshire deeds n.d.

MS442/5/14 - Proof of printed name index n.d.


MS442/7/1-6 - Briggs related pedigrees 1875-1911

MS442/7/7 - Grubb family
Pedigree notes and correspondence from J Eustace Grubbe of Southwold 1887-1888

MS442/7/8 - Goodwin pedigree notes
and correspondence with Frank Farnsworth Starr, Middletown, Conn., USA and James J Goodwin, 45 West 34th Street, New York, USA 1892-1893

MS442/7/9 - Brigg of Field House, Sowerby
Rough pedigree notes n.d.

MS442/7/10 - Brigg family pedigrees
Including Brigg of Binroyd in Norland with offprint of article 'Binroyd in Norland' by H.P. Kendall for Halifax Antiquarian Society Transactions, 1913

MS443/1 - Brigg/Brigge family notes
Includes extracts from Halifax Parish Registers 1538-1725
[by WB in 1886], Baines History and Directory of Yorkshire, 1822, West Riding Registry of Deeds 1704-1800 [by HS in 1915], Yorkshire Feet of Fines 1498-1556 [from YAHS Record Series] and 1645-1695 searched by WB in 1891, History of the Stansfeld Family by J Stansfield, 1885

MS443/2 - Brigg/Brigge family notes
Brigg entries in Wakefield Court Rolls 1369-1624; also 1478 back to 1322 and 1559 to 1570, [by William Brigg, 10 Grosvenor Terrace, York];
Henry Brigg (1560-1630), mathematician with articles by W.R.Bower, 'The Tercentenary of Logarithms' in The Technical Journal, Nov 1917 and January 1918; Briggs of Adel, Co. York; Brigg of Quickstavers in Sowerby; Brigg of Warley etc.

MS443/3 - Genealogical correspondence 1914-1920

MS443/4 - Genealogical notes
Ipswich wills, extracts regarding Groome family 1650-1725,
The Lippincotts in England and America by James S. Lippincott, nd.; sundry genealogical notes 1918-1920

MS443/5 - Notes on Brigges of Shropshire and Warren family
Will index for Prerogative Court of Canterbury wills 1583-1747 n.d.

MS443/6 - In-letters
Mainly regarding publications 1911-1915

MS443/7 - In-letters
Mainly regarding publications 1894-1920

MS443/8 - Rough notes on Briggs families pre 1714
Also includes some correspondence 1903-1920

MS443/Add - Further papers of William Brigg
Consisting mainly of extracts from documents, notably ministers' accounts for Newland [1539 - 1540] 1ate19th-early 20th century
MS444 1922 Copy of report with plan of visit to cellar of Cross Keys Inn [Wheelgate Hospital], Malton, Yorkshire, 26 July 1922,
By Keneth B. Mackenzie to secretary of SPAB
MS445 10 Oct 1920 Note by Judge B.Fossett Lock on a skull found at Kilham, East Riding
MS446 1837-1843 Copy letters in letter book with loose in letters of William Turner of Hopton, genealogist
MS447 3 May 1643 Letter from George Wentworth to the constable of Knottingley and Ferribriggs ordering him to make search for arms
With list of arms taken and from whom
MS448 12 Nov [17]86 Letter from E Rokeby, Hague Hall to Lady Hewley of York
On dorse is a note by Joseph Hunter.
MS449 nd [c. 1925] Plan of canal at Rievaulx Abbey
MS450 nd [c. 1929] Transcripts of Askrigg and Arncliffe documents
Transcripts of Grant of Market and Fairs at Askrigg, 3 October 1587, and copy of an agreement, 1 August 1564, between the churchwardens of Arncliffe in Littondale and those of Hubberholme as to repairs to Arncliffe Church
[A True Copy (taken from a true copy in the possession of John Hammond of Buckden in parish of Arncliffe) by Thomas Lodge, Beckermonds, 8 July 1842] [later typescript]
MS451 Sep 1923 Photographs of Bishopthorpe Stables
Presented by Walter Brierley, FSA
MS452 1902 An Account of the Annual Shooting for the Ancient Silver Arrow commonly called The Scorton Arrow from 1673-1866
Transcribed and indexed by C.V.Collier FSA
With related photograph
MS453 1902-1912 An Account of the Annual Shooting for the Ancient Silver Arrow commonly called The Scorton Arrow from 1867-1912
Transcribed and indexed by C.V.Collier FSA
MS454 1893 'The Church Bellsof the West Riding of Yorkshire - Rubbings'
Taken by J. Eyre Poppleton, and used by him to illustrate his paper in vols. XVI and XVII of the YAJ
MS455 18th century 'Contra Transubstantionem' by Dr. [Samuel] Kirshaw, Vicar of Leeds (1750-1786)
Mss in latin
MS456 1885-1893 An Index to archaeological notes by Thomas McAll Fallow, with a list of London goldsmiths and pewterers from a Directory, 1809
MS457 1923 Photograph of 1632 silver cup in Bombay Cathedral
Inscribed 'The Greenland merchants of the Cittie of York' with arms of city of York, presented by P.A. Barlow with covering letter
Photograph by Clifton, Bombay
MS458 1661 Rental of free rents and tithes of tenants in the Halifax area
98 pp. with index to townships
MS459 21 Jun 1924 List of epitaphs from the Cholera burial ground at York
in newscutting from Yorkshire Herald
MS460 1725 A Particular of the Lordship of Aske
Tenants named
MS461 1386-1798 Letters and papers relating to the Elsley family of Felixkirk and East Brompton
MS462 1910-1917 'Vol I, Shields of Arms in Lockington Church, near Beverley, East Yorkshire by Ernest Charles Koch (now Kocq)
Some original letters tipped in to the manuscript volume
MS463 1917 'Vol II, companion volume to MS 462, with arms blazoned.
Loose postcard from E.W.Crossley, Hon.Sec.Y.A.S., 12 October 1917
MS464 1585 Marshalling of the Arms of Edmund Eltoftes, Esquire,
by R. Glover, Somerset Marshall to Norroy King of Arms
On vellum and coloured [from Middleton Collection MD59]
MS466   Volume containing transcripts and extracts

MS466/1 - Transcripts of documents in Latin relating to the foundation of monasteries of Wearmouth and Yarrow and churches of Leek and Warkworth
From the archives of the Cathedral of Durham

MS466/2 - Copy of grant
8 May Jas 7, to Francis Morrice and Francis Phelips of (inter alia) the Prebends of Thorpe and Sharrow, County of York 1826

MS466/3 - Extracts from the proceedings of the Archbishop's Court [not identified], 20 December 1676
MS467 1724-1788 Verdict papers and call book of the manor of Garton and Grimston
Verdict papers 1724, 1752-1763, 1781, 1786
Call book 1788
MS468 1719-1771 Papers regarding erection of St Paul's church, Sheffield
Including Act of Parliament for making the chapel a perpetual cure and benefice (1739), and the case of Mrs Jessop and others against the bill for a new parish church within its own walls, in the town of Sheffield (1735)
MS469 1929 Plans of Holy Trinity Church, Richmond
Showing lines of excavations in 1929, photographs
and covering letter to E.W. Crossley, Hon. Secretary, YAHS,
from George W. Waine, 18 March 1929
MS470 1928 Plan of stone circle near Yockenthwaite, Buckden by Dr. A.Raistrick
MS471 nd Notes relating to various topics made by J.K.Walker M.D
Includes notes relating to Almondbury, Roman sites in Lancashire,
Welsh language and other matters
MS472 (1584)- 1873 Transcripts relating to Almondbury and Huddersfield
Copy of 1584 survey of manor of Almondbury; notebook of transcripts of Huddersfield area deeds, 16th to 18th centuries.; notebook of partial transcript of Almondbury parish register from 1557; letters 1867-1870, and Huddersfield Chronicle, 29 March 1873 with obituary of Dr John Kenworthy Walker (1786-1873)
MS474 nd [c. 1850] Coats of Arms
Being 'Arms of the Kings, Princes and Nobles of Europe',
beautifully blazoned coats of arms [French work?] bound volume
MS475 nd Notes relating to Wakefield
Notebook containing copies of entries from West Riding Quarter Sessions from 1638; pedigrees of Wakefield families; genealogical details from local newspapers, memorials etc; records relating to the manor of Wakefield etc.
MS476 c. 1926 Notes [typewritten] on 'South Kirkby Church and Parish'
by Rev. H.M. Wellington
With covering letter, 5 March 1926
[Bookplate of YAHS]
MS477 19th century Extracts from West Riding Quarter Sessions
Believed to be by J. Horsfall Turner
MS478 1824-1825 Militia Lists, 1824 for Crofton and 1825 for Mirfield
MS479 1866 List of the Vicars of Almondbury 1488-1866, with notes
Possibly by Rev. C.A. Hulbert
MS480 c. 1810 Papers relating to Wyvill's claim to the Barony of Scrope
Including pedigrees of Welby of Denton, co. Lincoln, and Morton of Spouthouse and Wrath-house, county of York
MS481-MS484 1894-1912 Extracts from various parish registers in four books
Compiled by J.W. Clay in preparing his edition of 'Dugdales Visitation'. Indexed
MS485 1901 Transcript of Healaugh Cartulary, then in British Museum [Cott.Vesp.A 4] by William Brigg [incomplete]
MS486 1891-1921 Transcript of Halifax Parish Register and notes
Baptisms & Burials: 1538-1543, Marriages: 1538-1545
Also some genealogical notes and pedigree of Yardley of Chatham, with original and printed pedigrees (1891), compiled by William Brigg
MS487 1853-1928 Valuation of estates in City of York and Greenhammerton belonging to the Trustees of the late Robert Sinclair Esquire
With covering letter, 9 September 1928, from Cecil Hawkins
MS488 1772 Copy affidavits in Joshua Horton v Abraham Woodhead in the King's Bench Division
MS489 1730-1743 Register of deaths of prisoners in York Castle
Also includes some baptisms
MS490 1771-1824 Rate book of Surveyor of the Highways for Garton and Grimston
MS491 c. 1907 'Isaac Hordern's notes relating to the Ramsden Estate and Huddersfield'
Copy containing original photographs of J Hordern c. 1900 and letters patent of Charles II to Ramsden, also letter, 24 December 1907, from J.W. Ramsden to J.Hordern and newscuttings and notices
MS492 (1564-1565) Photostat of Sheffield Court Roll for 6 Elizabeth
Original then in British Museum
MS493 1826-1927 Letters from Joseph Hunter, Bath, to J.G. Nichols, Parliament Street, London
Regarding printing of South Yorkshire 1826-1836
With covering letter, 14 March 1927, to E.W.Crossley from C. Clay
MS494 1656-1926 Copy of Kirkby's Inquest c 1296, transcribed from a manuscript belonging to the Earl of Northumberland in 1656, possibly by John Hopkinson
Also covering letter, 7 December 1926, from H.St. George Gray, The Somersetshire Archaeological and Natural History Society, Taunton, to E.W. Crossley, YAHS
MS495 1659-1842 Extracts of surrenders and admissions, Manor of Snaith and Cowick [created by steward of manor] 1659-1839, 1842
MS496 1913-1921 Drawings of Yorkshire medieval effigies by W.M. I'Anson, F.S.A.
1. Sir Robert Colville I at Ingleby Arncliffe
2. Knight at Goldsborough
3. Sir Hugh FitzHenry, d. 1304, at Romaldkirk
4. Knight at Howden
5. Sir Peter de Saltmarshe, d. 1338, at Howden
6. Sir Thomas Sheffield at Bedale
7. Sir Nicholas Stapleton, d. 1322, at Kirkby Fleetham
8. Sir Edmund de Thweng, d. 1344, at Sheriff Hutton
9. Sir John de Walkingham at Feliskirk
MS497 23 Nov 1772 Deed establishing the Warley Society for the Prosecution of Felons
MS498   Notebooks of William Brigg

MS498/1 - Indexes to Doncaster, Harthill and Pontefract Act Books, Yorkshire Probate Registry wills 1579-1820 for Brigg related entries c. 1911

MS498/2 - Index to PCC administrations for 1658 n.d.

MS498/3 - Index to selected wills in Harthill Act Book 1664-1669, Snaith Peculiar, Pontefract Act Book 1788-1789, Ainsty Act Book 1713-1749 and Doncaster Act Book 1722-1738 n.d.

MS498/4 - Rough pedigree notes some St Albans, Herfordshire n.d.

MS498/5 - Pedigrees of Leeds families, various notes c. 1887

MS498/6 - Letter book of William Brigg 1906-1918

MS498/7 - Notebooks regarding Chancery Proceedings n.d.
[See also MS442]

MS498/8 - Notes from court of wards, temp.Henry VIII, court rolls St Albans and copy deeds, Hertforshire, etc n.d.

MS498/9 - Groome family references
Found by William Brigg in his research on behalf of H.C. Groome, Airlie, Near Warrenton, Virginia, USA. With related correspondence 1906-1907
MS499 19 Mar 1824 Certificate of election of J. Kenworthy Walker as corresponding member of the Leeds Philosophical and Literary Society
MS500 1909 'About the Nowells' of Dewsbury by Frederick Nowell
199pp. typescript
MS501 1788 Copy of the registers of Haworth Parish Church 1643-1727, by John Shackleton, schoolmaster
Flyleaf has note 'B. Charnock's Book, June 1, 1816
MS502 1772-1853 Court book of the manor of Goodmanham
MS503 1804-1865 Court book of the manor of Gannock or Ganwick, parish of Hutton Cranswick, 1804-1824 and of Watton 1804-1865
[Thomas Francis Jennings, steward of both manors]
MS504 1777-1860 Court book of manor of Tibthorpe, parish of Kirkburn
MS505 1777-1865 Court book of manor of North Dalton
MS506 1772-1884 Court book of manor of Londesborough
MS507 1911 Drawing of dial over south doorway of Weaverthorpe Church, East Riding of Yorkshire by W.G.Collingwood, F.S.A.
Reproduced in YAHS Journal, xxi, 276, and in Archaeologia, lxxii, 58
MS508 1717 Volume of transcripts of charters and documents relating to the Duchy of Lancaster, the manor of Wakefield, and honor of Tickhill and general local history interest
Being item no 304 of Ralph Thoresby's Museum, inscribed '..The present of William Rooke, Esq. to Ralph Thoresby which he sent me by his servant, August 1717'
MS509 1605 A survey of the lordships of Middleham and Richmond by Thomas Johnson and Aaron Rathborne
MS510 1865 St Margaret's Hilston, Holderness
With drawings of the church by W.H.Kitching and of churches of Langtoft, North Dalton and Weaverthorpe by J.L.Pearson.
Inscribed 'Mary Elisabeth Sykes, Oct 25th 1865'
Also covering letter and sketch of Hilston church in 1841, 27 February 1928, from Richard H. Whiteing, Ladygate, Beverley, to E.W. Crossley, YAHS
MS511 1774-1857 Account book of division of Poor money at Austwick and Horton in Ribblesdale
MS512 1696-1714 Commonplace book of William Ash of Clapham with many copies of earlier rentals and other documents relating to the parish
MS513 n.d. Abstracts of 15th and 16th century wills for Terrington
made by William Brigg for Walter J Kaye, Harrogate
MS514/A-Y 1885-1909 Notes and extracts from many sources relating principally to Kirkburton families and the history of the parish

Compiled by Mrs F.A.Collins, editor of The Kirkburton Registers
Includes copy 1764 Terrier of Kirkburton parish church; The History and Topography of the Parish of Kirkburton and the Graveship of Holme by Henry James Morehouse
[Heavily annotated]
MS515 14 Sep 1911 Letter from G.E. Cockayne to Canon W.J. Stavert, M.A., F.S.A. Commenting on the new edition of the Complete Peerage by Vickary Gibbs
Also undated newscutting regarding death of G.E. Cockayne
MS516 May 28 1845 'A Section of Coals, Shales, Iron Mines in strata bored and sunken through in different places in Earl Fitzwilliams Estate and Lord Wharncliffe Estate commencing at two thin beds of Coal and two beds of fireclay formerly by the Swinton Pottiry (sic) upon Wath Wood and concluding with a thin Coal now getting (sic) near Boulsterstone'
by G.L. Steers
MS517 1890-1912 'The Archbishops'
Includes: Transcripts of the registers of Kirkheaton at York 1600-1641, except some years which are lost. Those then preserved at the Rectory commence in 1653. Abstracts of Kirkheaton Wills at York from 1389
Also a few from the Prerogative Court of Canterbury
Correspondence relating to Kirkheaton Charities'. Includes copy of Charity Commissioner's Report on Kirkheaton Charities, 1897, and transcript of 1705 document in the National Archives
MS518 1916-1925 Photographs of documents
Chiefly illustrations for A descriptive catalogue of miscellaneous charters and other documents relating to the districts of Sheffield and Rotherham…Sheffield, 1916 and A descriptive catalogue of Sheffield manorial records from the 8th year of Richard II to the Restoration, Sheffield, 1926 by T. Walter Hall
MS519 n.d. A Copy of the Churchwarden's accounts for Great Ayton in Cleveland

Part 1, 1734-1805, transcribed by Rev Carus Vale Collier, Curate.
Part 2, 1805-1844
MS520 Sidney Oldall Addy, antiquary, papers

MS520/A - An Account of the Life of Sidney Oldall Addy (1848-1924),
includes related photographs and a print 1882-1915
MS520/B - Diary of Sidney Oldall Addy 1882
MS520/C - Reprints of articles by S.O. Addy, M.A. 'Pedigrees of Brownell of Hallamshire and North Derbyshire' from the Derbyshire Archaeological and Natural History Society's Journal, 1922;
'The Addy Family of Darton and elsewhere in the West Riding'
from the YAHS Journal Vol. XXVII (1924) 1922-1924
MS521 Late 19th-20th century Notes of Ella S. Armitage
Relating to the history of castles, mottes and earthworks in England, Scotland and Ireland, with some notes on Anglo-Saxon churches
MS522 17th-19th century J.W. Morkill notes
Index and abstracts of wills proved in the manors of Warmfield with Heath and Altofts (17th century) by J.W. Morkill 1894
Catalogue of deeds, wills and other papers formerly belonging to John Hardcastle of Bedale by J.W. Morkill c.1894
MS523 1745 Transcript of the East Riding pedigrees collected by John Hopkinson of Lofthouse (1672) made by Thomas Wilson
Additions by John Burton of Heath n.d.
See also MD335, MS494 and MS508
MS524 1782-1830 Accounts of the surveyors of the highways for the township of Welburn
MS525 c. 1816 Abstract of title of the co-heirs and devisees of Thomas earl of Strafford to copyhold estates in the manor of Wakefield 1672-1816
MS526 c.1832 Pedigrees of numerous Yorkshire families recorded in the visitations of 1530, 1584 and 1612
With some additions, indexes of pedigrees and surnames and description of arms, collected by William Paver
MS527 14th-18th century Rentals and assessments
Rentals relating to lands in Calverley, and also Bagley, Eccleshill, Esholt, Farsley, Frickley, Pudsey, Rawdon and Woodhall, mainly 17th century
Assessments for poor relief and various taxes, Calverley and Yeadon 17th-18th century
See also DD12 and MD130
MS528 17th-18th century Deeds, extracts and manorial records
Extracts from public records relating to the manor of Roecliffe 14th-16th century
Deeds etc. relating to Carlton, Newland, Drax, and North Duffield 17th-18th century
Call book of the manor of Snaith and Cowick 1753-1790
See also MD237
MS529 20th century Material for the history of various Yorkshire families
Extracted from records in the Public Record Office and Doncaster Archives Department by George Sherwood with various related documents including grants of probate in the peculiars of Selby, Snaith, Howden, Wistow, Riccall, Fenton and Masham and at Richmond 16th-19th century
MS530 Late 19th century Collections for the history of the wapentake of Ouse and Derwent Including Escrick, Thorganby, Riccall, Hemingbrough, Acaster, Kelfield, Stillingfleet, Catton, Stamford Bridge, Elvington, Gate Fulford, Heslington, Naburn and Skipwith, with information on the families of Lascelles, Wormley, Palmes, Sterne and others by James Raine
MS531 1619 'Coucher and breviat' book of the evidences of Sir Peter Midleton of Stockeld 1619
See also MD59
MS532 1887 Plan of Selby showing buildings of medieval date to 17th century (1887)
and drawings and photographs of the Bruce cenotaph in Guisborough church (n.d.) by C.C. Hodges
MS533 1824 Priced sale catalogue of the prints belonging to Sir Mark Masterman Sykes of Sledmere House
MS533a 1824 Priced sale catalogue of the prints belonging to Sir Mark Masterman Sykes of Sledmere House
With further names of purchasers and a few illustrations
MS534 1903-1920 Diary of W.T. Lancaster F.S.A.
See also DD13, MD51-52, MS375 and MS401-417
MS535 c. 1920 Typescript of Winestead and its Lords: the History of a Holderness Village by N.J. Miller
[published 1932]
MS536 1712 Receipt given by H. Dering, archdeacon of the East Riding, for procurations due from the rectory of Weaverthorpe
MS537 17th-18th century Yorkshire assize records
Including depositions and informations, assize process and returns, with indictments, commission of assize etc
MS538 1902 Short account of registrars of the West Riding Registry of Deeds, Wakefield 1704-1902
MS539 1917 Extracts from numerous parish registers relating to the Gleadow family by T.M. Blagg
MS540 1661-1665 Cash book for personal and estate receipts and disbursements
Anonymous [?Wistow or Goole] 1656, 1661-1665
MS541 1688-1766 Steward's rent accounts for South Yorkshire properties of the Baker family of Penn [Buckinghamshire]
MS542 15th-16th century Cartulary of the possessions of Hexham priory in Salton and area
Note: published in Collectanea Topographica et Genealogica 6 (1840)
See also G.R.C. Davis Medieval Cartularies of Great Britain No.485
MS543 1779-1798 List of subscribers to Mill Hill chapel, Leeds by Samuel Oates, treasurer 1779-1798
MS544 19th century Book of pedigrees of the Ibbetson, Rider, Wood, Darnton, Lupton and other families
MS545 17th-18th century 'The substance of severall sermons preached by Mr. Whitacker at Leeds in the year 1678'
Includes sermon preached at Call Lane chapel on the death of John Darnton 1759
MS546 1682-1699 Rates and accounts
Rate assessments for Chapel Allerton church 1694 and poor 1699
Accounts for a malt mill at Conway [Caernarvonshire] 1682
MS547 1715-1739 An Almanack compiled by John Goldsmith 1715
With additional notes and extracts including register entries for Thruscross chapel 1715-1739
MS548 c.1760 Book of information relating to the duty of sheriffs
Includes letter of Francis Fawkes, 1760
MS549 1874-1877 Letters to Fairless Barber, Hon. Secretary of the YAHS, from Robert and Elizabeth Davies of York and R.H. Skaife
See also MS 206-228 and MS 371-372
MS550 1649 Account book of the chapelry and township of Cleckheaton 1651- 1740
MS551 c. 1900-1934 Pedigrees of the Hoyland family and their wives
1934 with a history of the Cordeaux family n.d.[c.1900]
MS552 17th-18th century Papers and manuscripts of Nathaniel Johnston
Including essays on the government and laws of England from the Saxon period to temp. Henry III, pedigrees of Pudsay of Bolton in Craven and Clarell and letters of Johnston to Peter le Neve and others, with copy letters from Thomas Yarbrough and Marmaduke Wyvill 1ate17th-early18th century
Includes proposals [printed] for placing Johnston's manuscripts in York Cathedral Library 1713
List of Johnston's manuscripts relating to the antiquities of Yorkshire 18th century
Memorandum of a report by Dr Ducarel to the Society of Antiquaries relating to Johnston's manuscripts (1756)
MS553 1857 Abstracts of various documents relating to Snaith
Including wills etc. and marriage licences of the peculiar of Snaith, wills proved at York and details of agricultural prices, compiled by C.B. Norcliffe 1857
See also MD69, MD161, MD237, MS611 and MS721
MS554 1722-1764 Extracts from the diary of the Rev. Joseph Ismay, vicar of Mirfield
See also MS202-205a, MS1625
MS555 1376 Page from [?] court book of the borough of Hedon
MS556-MS583   Papers of Lampley Holmes
See also MS1236
MS556 Late 17th century Copy of an award between the inhabitants of Fishlake and Sykehouse and Cornelius Vermuyden and others relating to drainage of land in Hatfield Chase (1631)
MS557 18th-19th century Account books and day books
Account books relating to Hook, mainly day books relating to Murham Lane staithe 1783 - 1796
Includes details of allotments in the township of Hook 1769
Day book of property works for William Ellis 1821-1827
MS558 19th century Abstracts [indexed] of coroner's inquests for the liberty of Howden and Howdenshire 1809 - 1826
MS559 1898-1914 Records of monumental inscriptions in Whitgift church prior to the restoration of 1898 and Hook church and churchyard (1914)
MS560 (1760 & 1801) Copies of Reedness and Swinefleet enclosure awards
MS561 17th-19th century Documents relating to Marshland warping in Adlingfleet, Goole, Reedness, Snaith, Swinefleet and Whitgift
Including assessments 1812-1865, 1896, payments 1820-1840 with various plans, agreements etc. 19th century
Includes extract from records of Sessions of Sewers for the level of Hatfield Chase 1649-1855 [See also MD139]
Survey of the township of Hook 1768
Adlingfleet and Whitgift Drainage Act 1767
MS562 1837-1867 Account books of the overseers of the poor for the township of Hook
MS563 19th century Book of obituary notices and other notes
MS564 1768-1775 Extracts from Hook Enclosure Act (1768) and award (1775), and case for opinion on behalf of Goole Urban District Council relating to waste lands, banks and foreshores (1905)
MS565 1809 Commissioners' valuation of allotments and old enclosure in township of Garthorpe [Lincolnshire]
MS567 19th-20th century Notes relating to Adlingfleet, Goole, Hook, Ousefleet, Reedness, Swinefleet and the Marshland, and to the Waterton family
MS568 1878-1908 Records of collections and fees for Hook church and vicar
MS569 1809-1837 Rate assessment for poor relief, parish of Hook
MS570 1915 Return of land values, parish of Hook
MS571 1897-1921 Return to parliament relating to the endowed charities of the parish of Whitgift [printed] 1897
With extracts from various sources relating to Ousefleet Endowed School (18th-19th century) 1921
MS572 19th-20th century Notes, transcripts etc. relating to the history of Goole and the Marshland area
MS573 17th-19th century Transcript of Hook parish registers
Baptisms: 1695-1812, marriages: 1683-1684, 1694-1785, burials: 1678-1686, 1695-1838
MS574 20th century Notes on the history of the families of Empson, Paynell, Stovin and Waterton 19th-20th century
MS575 20th century Notes on the history of the family of Duckles 19th-20th century
MS576 1843-1845 Highway assessments for the township of Hook
MS577 c. 1918 Notes on and lists of the rectors and vicars of Adlingfleet
MS578 20th century Notes and extracts relating to the history of Adlingfleet, Hook and Whitgift 19th-20th century
MS579 n.d. [?1ate 19th century] 'Hook: the village and its church' by [?] Lampley Holmes
MS580 n.d. Index to wills for Airmyn, Goole, Hook and the Marshland 1321-1659
Published in YRS
MS581 n.d. [?early 20th century] Extracts from various documents relating to the history of Adlingfleet and Whitgift
MS582 n.d.[?early 19th century] Specification for a sluice on the river Trent [township of Adlingfleet]
MS583 n.d.[?early 19th century] Notes and extracts relating to the history of Epworth and Sandtoft on the Isle of Axholme
With names of the first drainers
MS584 n.d. Copy of Horbury enclosure award, with details of claims (1815)
Copy of Harewood enclosure bill with signatures of consenting landowners (c.1796)
MS585 1893-1895 Letters addressed to J.T. Irvine, and other papers, mainly relating to the restoration of Kirkstall abbey
MS587 1824 Survey and valuation of the township of Glusburn
MS588 Early 16th century Precedent book for a bishop's secretary [?diocese of Bath and Wells]
MS589 1673 Warrant of Roger Portington, lord of the manor of Barnby Dun, relating to a settlement
MS590 &

MS590 Add.
Late 19th-early 20th century Notes and papers relating to Thorpe Bassett, Wintringham and area and Old Malton Free Grammar School and to the family of Grenside compiled by G.A. and J.A. Grenside
MS591 1738-1813 Rate assessments and accounts of the overseers of the poor for Rillington
With memoranda on other parishes
MS592 20th century Notes by H.J. Willis
List of some inhabitants and property owners in Wensleydale 1750-1836, entries in Aysgarth parish registers relating to the Willis family 1710-1928 and other notes, compiled by H.J. Willis 1929-1934
MS593 1935 Lists of bishop's transcripts of parish registers in the Diocesan Registry at York 16th-17th century
MS594 1729 Field book of lands of Thomas Yarborough in the manors of Moss [parish of Campsall] and Birdcroft [parish of Kirk Bramwith]
With particulars of free rents, and of other lands in Fenwick and Haywood, surveyed by John Dickinson
MS595 17th-18th century Papers relating to property of the Wentworth family in Wakefield, Including estate accounts and some correspondence from the agents to Lord Raby and the earl of Strafford
MS596 1907-1923 Letter book of the Yorkshire Parish Register Society
[The Yorkshire Parish Register Society became the YAHS Parish Register Section in 1960]
MS597 19th century Pedigrees compiled by Thomas Beckwith of York [18th century], copied by Joseph Hunter
With additions by Chancellor James Raine of York c.1863
See also MS60-79
MS598 1879 Table of the descendants of Abraham Sunderland (d. 1774)
MS599 early 19th century Papers of Thomas Burton of Turnham Hall
Consisting of notes and extracts relating to the history of Hemingbrough and also to Malsis [township of Glusburn], Riccall, Spaldington and to the wapentakes of Howdenshire and Ouse and Derwent, with details of the families of Aske, Babthorpe, Cliffe, Fossard, Gascoigne, Ingram, Keighley, Pilkington, Plumpton, Richardson, Robinson, Ros, Stapleton, Stuteville, Twistleton and Wilberfoss
Includes transcript of a rental of Hemingbrough 1550
Account of architecture of Hemingbrough church 19th century
Records of monumental inscriptions in Hemingbrough church and churchyard c.1825
Transcripts of customs and pains laid in the manor of Riccall
(n.d. & 17th century)
See also MD156-157 and MS1211
MS600 1903 Extracts from court rolls of the honour of Knaresborough
(1623-24-1629, 1645-1647) made by Francis Collins
Note: originals are at National Archives, Duchy of Lancaster records
See also DD56, DD256, MS606 and MS619
MS601 n.d.[1ate 18th century] Survey of the estate of Thomas, Lord Fauconberg
in Newburgh, Coxwold, Thornton-on-the-Hill, Oulston, Yearsley, Old Byland, Kepwick, Over Silton, Yarm, Lund [parish of Kilburn], Tollerton, Alne, Sutton-on-the-Forest and in Holme, North Muskham and Bathley [Nottinghamshire]
See MS1398 for map.
MS602 1888 Transcript of Clapham parish registers 1596-1812 by John Foster
MS603 1888 Transcript of Horton in Ribblesdale parish registers 1556-1812 by John Foster
MS603a c. 1905 Transcript of Pateley Bridge parish registers 1551-1716] by F. Collins
MS604 1905 Transcript of Ripley parish registers 1560-1812 by F. Collins
MS605 n.d. [early 20th century] Transcripts of Pannal parish registers and archbishop's transcripts
Transcript of Pannal parish registers 1585-1613 and 1653-1775
by F. Collins n.d.[c.1905] and of the archbishop's transcripts 1632-1637 and 1641 by W.J. Kaye
MS606 1890 - 1891 Surrenders (indexed) recorded in the Knaresborough court rolls 1649 - 1707 extracted by F. Collins
Note: originals are in The National Archives Duchy of Lancaster records
See also DD56, MS600 and MS619
MS607 n.d.[c.1905] Extracts from the Allerton Mauleverer court rolls 14th-18th century by F. Collins
MS608 1843-1857 Register of births and baptisms at Aldborough independent chapel
MS609 1850 Pedigrees of Vavasour of Spaldington, Assheton of Middleton [Lancashire] and Trafford of Trafford [Lancashire] compiled by H.M. Vavasour
MS610 1754-1774 Account books of the overseers of the poor for Horbury 1754 - 1760, 1766-1774
See also MD401, MS761 and MS766
MS611 (1563)-1641 Copy of the customs of the forest of Knaresborough
See also DD 56
MS612 n.d. [20th century] Index to probate act books of the deaneries of Pontefract 1688- 1694 and Doncaster 1688-1689 and the peculiar of Snaith 1596-1597 by E.W. Crossley
Note: original books are at York University, Borthwick Institute
MS613 1709-1778 Rental of lands [possibly prebendal] in Bugthorpe, Thoralby [parish of Bugthorpe], Stockton-on-the-Forest and Thornton [East Riding] 1709-1717 and valuation of the stock, crops and household goods of Mr. King 1778
MS614 1701-1731 Correspondence addressed to Mrs. Hammond and George Harman of Scarthingwell
MS615 1936-1938 Extracts from the act books of the dioceses of Chester and Ripon relating to the archdeaconry of Richmond transcribed by W. Oliver
Includes register relating to the deaneries of Catterick and Richmond 1752-1808, 1816-1861]
Details of ancient chapelries 1809-1816
Details of institutions to benefices 1862-1917
[Note: part of this collection was formerly MS645]
MS616 1933 Calendar of manorial records relating to Yorkshire and other counties in the collection of documents presented to Bradford Corporation by Viscountess Swinton
MS617 1902 Correspondence of Lord Harrowby and H. Speight relating to two volumes of pedigrees by Thomas Beckwith
See MS77-78
MS618 (late13th century) Photocopy of a fragment of a cartulary of St. Mary's abbey, York [temp. Edward III] with a list of the charters etc
Note: original is Oxford University, Bodleian Library
MS Dodsworth 76, ff. 55 - 64
See also G.R.C. Davis Medieval Cartularies of Great Britain No.1098
MS619 c. 1895 Transcripts of various Yorkshire records made for the YAHS
Includes notes on the wapentake of Barkston Ash and Skyrack
by Roger Dodsworth 17th century
Note: originals are British Library Harleian MS 795 and 796
Subsidy roll for the wapentake of Claro 1545-46
Note [printed] on Reycross, Stainmore [Westmorland] by T. Lees 1887
List of papers in Archaeologia
Vols. 1-46 relating to Yorkshire 1770-1881
Report on the Knaresborough court rolls by F. Collins 1895
See also MS600 and MS606
Yorkshire inquisitions [temp. Henry VII]
Poll tax for the wapentakes of Harthill and Ouse and Derwent 1380-81
Lay subsidy roll for the North Riding 1427-8
Clerical subsidy roll 1380-81
Muster roll of men at arms in the wapentake of Harthill [1573]
Yorkshire feet of fines [temp. Edward II]
Glebe terrier of Mexborough parsonage 1633 with additions
MS620 1696-1697 Duplicate assessments for house duty for Doncaster and the soke and the wapentakes of Agbrigg, Morley and Strafforth and Tickhill 1696 - 1697, with related account 1697
MS621 (late 15th century) Photocopy of part [ff. 1 - 30] of the cartulary of Kirkham priory
Note: original is Oxford University, Bodleian Library MS Fairfax 7 (SC 3887)
See also G.R.C. Davis Medieval Cartularies of Great Britain No.517
MS622 1864 Conveyance of St. Luke's church, Dyer's Hill, Sheffield to the church commissioners
MS623 1908-c.1932 Annotated schedule [printed, 1908] of earthworks and tumuli marked on the 25 inch Ordnance Survey for Yorkshire, with index maps, compiled by D.H. Montgomerie
See The Victoria History of the Counties of England: Yorkshire
Vol. 2, 1912
See also MS521
MS624-MS628   Papers of E.J. Walker of Halifax, copied by H.P. Kendall

MS624 - Extracts from wills relating to Halifax 1559-1677, with index
1912, Note: originals are at York University, Borthwick Institute

MS625 - Extracts from the papers of Robert Parker relating to the Halifax area
Including wills, deeds, pedigrees etc 17th-19th century, with index n.d.[early 20th century]
Note: originals are at West Yorkshire Archive Service: Calderdale

MS626 - Extracts from the unpublished papers of John Watson relating to Halifax 15th-18th century, with index 1913

MS627 - Records of monumental inscriptions in Halifax parish churchyard, with index n.d.[e.20 century]

MS628 - Extracts relating to churches and chapels and other aspects of the history of the Halifax area 13th-18th century], with index 1913
MS629-MS631   Papers of H.P. Kendall

MS629 - Extracts from the court rolls of the manor of Heptonstall 1570-1626
See also MD 90

MS630 - Map of Halifax by J.F. Myers [printed] 1834-1835

MS631 - Transcript of a pamphlet: 'Pontefract castle: an account how it was taken and how General Rainsborough was surprised at his quarters at Doncaster, anno 1648' by Capt. Paulden 1702
MS632 1887 Licence to the West Riding Bank (Leatham, Tew and Co.) to issue unstamped and promissory notes and bills of exchange at Goole
MS633 1876-1877 Lists of students and other particulars of the Flounders Institute, Ackworth
MS634 1907 Transcripts of deeds and papers relating to Clifford's Tower, York in the possession of F.J. Munby 1614-1902 by T.P. Cooper
MS635 1907 Extracts from the Friends' records at York relating mainly to the early sufferings of the Quakers 17th-19th century made by T.P. Cooper
MS636 n.d.[early 20th century] Notes on old York clockmakers by T.P. Cooper
MS638 (1858) Transcript of Edward Hailstone's catalogue of historical and topographical works and civil war tracts relating to Yorkshire in his library at Horton Hall
MS639 1709-1714 Household account book of Charles Warton of Beverley
MS640 1937 Some Stirring Relics of English History
A collection of facsimiles of letters of national importance produced [?by Leyland Motors Ltd] in honour of the coronation of George VI
MS641 1937 'Bulmer family chronicle from before 1050 to 1936' by M. A. Bulmer Hobson
MS642 c.1757 Petition to W. Riding Quarter Sessions by the inhabitants of Norland for a stone bridge over the River Calder, with jury's finding and estimates for rebuilding
MS643 1937-1938 Calendar of Yorkshire deeds in the Shrewsbury (Talbot) collection in the British Library by E. Scroggs
MS644 19th century Architectural drawings of churches and other buildings etc. by T.M. Fallow
With some notes and press cuttings (indexed)
MS645   See MS615
MS646 1741 Plan of land belonging to Mrs. Sunderland between 'Long Emsell' [? North Elmsall] and Barnsdale by Joseph Haigh
MS647 n.d.[?late 19th century] Extracts of documents relating to Bradford by W. Cudworth

Includes assessment for tax 1727
Papers relating to Bradford mills 17th-19th century with some original documents early 19th century
Parish accounts 1747-1820
Valuation of Horton 1839
MS648 1831 Survey of an estate belonging to Admiral Sotheran at Wentbridge, Darrington and Pontefract by Francis Wharton
MS649 1890s Notes relating to the Fawcett family
MS650 n.d. [20th century] Transcript of Roger Dodsworth's MS83
[documents seen at Skipton castle in 1646]
Note; original is at Oxford University, Bodleian Library
See also MS728
MS651 1915 Material collected by C. Pullein for The Pulleyns of Yorkshire
MS652 c. 1938 'A puritan's diary, being the diary of Lady Margaret Hoby, wife of Sir Thomas Posthumus Hoby Knt. of Hackness, Yorkshire, from Aug. 1599 to June 1605'
Extracted by J.W. Clay [typescript] with correspondence 1938
See also MS652a
Note: original is British Library Egerton MS 2614
MS652a c. 1938 'A puritan's diary, being the diary of Lady Margaret Hoby, wife of Sir Thomas Posthumus Hoby Knt. of Hackness, Yorkshire, from Aug. 1599 to June 1605'
Transcript [manuscript] as MS 652 with notes and correspondence
n.d. and 1938
MS653 n.d. [20th century] [List of parish register transcripts in the Ripon Diocesan Registry at Leeds relating to Downholme, Manfield and Startforth, copied by W. Oliver]
Transferred to West Yorkshire Archive Service: Leeds
MS654 18th century Sermons preached in the West Riding, with some prayers
MS655 c. 1928-1933 Letters, pamphlets, press cuttings and photographs relating to Wetherby collected by Alfred Brett
MS656 n.d. [20th century] [Index to the parish register transcripts in the York Registry for the year 1664 compiled by J. Charlesworth. With other rough notes ]

Transferred to York University, Borthwick Institute for Archives
See also MS688
MS657 (1591-1592) Photocopies of indentures relating to property at York and Clifton, with the signature of Guy Fawkes
MS659 c. 1938 Notes and reminiscences, mainly relating to Yorkshire, including an account of damage done to Lastingham church during its restoration, by R.Y. Whytehead
MS660 1767 Burgage and fee farm rental for Pontefract
MS661 1684-1685 Rental of the estate of Michael Warton in the East Riding
MS662 1815 Plan of the estate of [Algernon Percy], earl of Beverley at Airmyn
MS663 1634 Schedule of land in the Brodsworth, Hampole and Skelbrooke area intended to be demised
MS664   See MS1106
MS665 17th-19th century Collection of papers relating to the North and West Ridings
Includes papers relating to enclosure of lands at Great Edstone early 17th century
Agreement for purchase of manor and advowson of Salton 1836
Papers relating to the Dowker and Hayes families 19th century
Bonds to appear at W. Riding Quarter Sessions 1694
Notice to constables 1792
MS666 (1625) Translation of letters patent relating to the lordships of Middleham and Richmond
MS667 1786 Schedule of claims delivered to the commissioners for Sinnington enclosure
MS668 1789 Agreement for sale of trees in Danby Park wood
MS669 1820 Plan of the estate of Thomas Outhwaite at Brompton-on-Swale by Thomas Bradley
MS670 1760 Plan of the estate of Philip Bendlowe at Littlethorpe p. Ripon by Richard Richardson
MS671 c. 1800 Plan of the estate of William Chaytor at Thoresby [township of Carperby ]
MS672 c. 1690 Plan of an estate at Norton Conyers and Nunwick
MS673 1846-1938 Notes, press cuttings and articles relating to Roman roads and other remains mainly in Yorkshire by Francis Villy and others
MS674 1920s-1930s Collection of photographs, maps and plans of Roman remains and excavations, including Roman roads in the West Riding by Francis Villy
MS675 n.d. Calendar of the Journals of the House of Lords 1509-1762
MS676 1940 'Scraps of information concerning the Weatherhead families of Pateley Bridge, Keighley and Bingley' by E.E. Weatherhead
MS677 18th century Plans
Plan [printed] of River Calder from Wakefield to Salterhebble
by John Smeaton 1757 [See also MS 865]
Plans [printed] of River Calder from Wakefield to Halifax Brooksmouth and thence to Sowerby Bridge by John Eyes 1740, 1741 and 1758
Plan of navigation scheme to connect Hull and Liverpool n.d.[18th century]
Plan of Hull, town and harbour, by A. Bower 1786
MS678 18th century Copy of custumal of the manor of Cotherstone with Hunderthwaite (1653)
MS679 16th-19th century Collection of various Yorkshire documents
Includes wills, inventories and related papers of many families Survey of Elvington with plan of allotments to Richard Sterne at enclosure 1743
Order summoning the East Riding militia 1760
MS680 1688-1722 Township and parish officers' accounts for Selby
MS681 c.1923-1940 Abstracts of deeds relating to Woolley by William Brown, with a memorandum by C.T. Clay 1940
See also DD57, DD164, DD200 and MS755
MS682 n.d. [late 19th century] Pedigrees of the Sykes, Travis and Hall families
MS683 early 18th- 1823 Abstract of title of Sir John T. Coghill to a copyhold estate in Manor of Knaresborough early 18th century and surveyors' accounts for Bilton with Harrogate 1822-1823
MS684 18th century 'Coat armour of the nobility and gentry of England emblazoned' (indexed), a volume formerly in the possession of William Peckitt, glass painter of York
MS685 1921-1941 List of deeds and papers in Sheffield Central Library 1941; catalogue [printed] for sale of manorial documents by John B. Bignell 1940; sale particulars [printed] of the manor of Sedbergh 1921
MS686 1770 Glebe terrier of Kilnwick Percy
MS687 1967 'An account of the Loxleys of Hallamshire, Co. York' by F. Loxley Preston, enlarged edition
MS688 1671 & 1672 [Lists of parish register transcripts in the York Registry for the years 1671 and 1672, n.d.]
Transferred to York University, Borthwick Institute
See also MS656
MS689 1941 List of documents in the possession of University College, Hull
[now Hull University, Brynmor Jones Library]
MS690 n.d. Transcript of the Sandal Magna, Walton and Crigglestone enclosure act 1799
MS691 1933-1942 Manuscript of 'Fasti Parochiales 1 - 2' by A. Hamilton Thompson and C.T. Clay
See YRS 85 (1933) and 107 (1942)
MS692 late 17th-1837 Register of electors in the northern division of Derbyshire 1836-1837
Also miscellaneous notes, mostly heraldic late 17th-early 18th century
MS694 19th century Collection of letters from numerous Yorkshire authors
(including Joseph Hunter), worthies, divines, artists etc
See also MS145-194a, MS448 and MS493
MS695 18th-19th century Records of the Inghamite chapel at Rodhill [township of Grindleton]
Including regulations 1758, accounts 1758-1823, list of baptisms 1755-1834 and list of burials 1785-1890
MS696-MS699   Papers of E.W. Crossley (1863 - 1942)

MS696 - Extracts from various documents, mainly wills in the York Registry 15th-17th century
Includes some correspondence 1906-1918

MS697 - Extracts from various documents
Includes papers relating to Newland preceptory 13th-16th century
by E.W. Crossley [See YRS 61 (1920) ]
Survey of parish records initiated by the Diocese of Wakefield Parochial Documents Commission 1920s
Abstracts of wills from the registries at York, Somerset House and Chester 15th-18th century
Early 20th century

MS698 - Extracts from and copies of various documents, with some originals
Includes transcript of court rolls for the manor of Roos by N.J. Hone
1458 - 1789
Harbotle Grimstone's speech to parliament concerning bishops
n.d.[17th century]
Rules of and papers read before the Holderness Agricultural Society [printed] late 18th-early 19th century
Papers [printed] relating to civil defence in case of invasion
Late 18th-early 19th century
Extracts from the registers of Little Driffield 1600-1779
20th century

MS699 - 'The history and antiquities of the cathedral church of St. Peter at York' by Samuel Gale 18th century
Notes, pedigrees etc. relating to antiquities, families and parishes in the Halifax area early 19th century
MS700 1808 Batley enclosure award (draft)
MS701 c.1927-1943 Notes, correspondence, drawings etc. on the effigies in Harewood church by H.D. Pritchett
See also MS705
MS702 late 19th century Transcript of the will of Geoffrey Proctour of Nether Bradley [Low Bradley parish of Kildwick] 1525
MS703 1745-1877 Lepton township book, including some minutes of ratepayers' meetings and summaries of township officers' accounts
MS704 1736-1824 Kirkheaton parish book, including parish and township officers' accounts 1736-1815 and accounts of the surveyors of the highways for Kirkheaton 1814-1824
MS705 1929 Measured drawings of the effigies in Harewood church by H.D. Pritchett
See also MS701
MS706 n.d. [20th century] Transcripts [?by J.S. Purvis] of court rolls for the manors of Helperby 1503, Nun Appleton 1436 and Anlaby 1507, 1509, 1515-1525
Note: originals are York University, Borthwick Institute for Archives, Askwith Papers
MS707 1568 Probate inventory of Thomas, Lord Wharton of Healaugh
Published in YRS 134 (1972)
MS708 n.d.[c.1928] Index of Yorkshire manors and manorial records by J. Charlesworth
See also MS722 and MS768
MS709 1642-1796 Surveys
Extent of the lands etc. of John Peirson, relating to Dringhoe, Lowthorpe, Nafferton and Thornholme 1642 [with later 17th century additions]
Valuation of the lands etc. of William Thomas St. Quintin at Scampston, Thorpe Bassett, Lowthorpe, Harpham, Thornholme, Ruston Parva, Nafferton, Little Kelk, Great Kelk and Foston by Thomas Richardson 1796
MS710 early 16th-18th century Pedigrees and arms of the Lacy family of Folkton by Robert Glover, Richard St. George and others
MS711 1366 Record [incomplete] of Quo Warranto proceedings in the Tower of London
MS712 Late 19th century Letters, photographs and papers relating to the St. Quintin family
See also MD229 and MS709
MS713 (1699) Facsimile of letter from George Thompson to Mr Medcalfe relating to the Darien scheme
MS714 1944 Notes on Eastrington church by H. Wilberforce-Bell
MS715 n.d. Notes on the hearth tax for Halifax and Southowram (1665)
MS716 1920s Notes, sketches, pamphlets etc. relating to churches and castles, mainly Yorkshire
MS717 1899 Notes on Yorkshire incumbents, supplementing the Torre manuscripts, by G. Hennessy
MS718 late 19th-early 20th century Transcript of William Paver's supplement to his heraldic visitations [19th century] by Francis Collins
MS719 1717-1785 Yorkshire pedigrees probably compiled by George Anne
[Note: two volumes formerly in the library at Burghwallis Hall]
MS720 Late 19th century Genealogical notes and pedigrees relating to many Yorkshire families by Canon James Raine
MS721 16th-19th century Papers of the Norcliffe family
Includes a list of townships in the honour of Pontefract 1716
Papers relating to Howsham p. Scrayingham 17th-18th century
Probate inventory of John Pawson of Leeds , clothier 1576
[printed in Publications of the Thoresby Society 4 (1892 - 1895)]
See also MD69, MD161, MD237 and MS736
MS722 18th-c. 1925 Notes relating to enclosure and manors
Schedule of claims made to the enclosure commissioner for Ossett 1807 [See also MD225/7/7/1]
'Transcripts and observations touching the manor of Wakefield . . . '
made for John Kaye Hatfield after a transcript of a manuscript belonging to Mr. Leek of Horbury made by Ralph Thoresby 1706, n.d. [18th century]
See also MD225/4/3-4
List of Yorkshire manorial court rolls and their whereabouts c.1925
See also MS708 and MS768
MS723 1760-1761 'Ensign Storr's orderly book'
Giving details of orders for the daily turn-out of troops on parade at Scarborough, Malton, York, Pontefract, Doncaster, Rotherham, Wakefield, Leeds, Knaresborough , Ripon and Northallerton, and Darlington, Durham and Sunderland [all Durham]
MS724 1766 Account of Roman catholics in the deaneries of Richmond, Boroughbridge and Catterick
MS725 19th century-1935 Notes on churches and priories
Notes on Kirkham priory by C.V. Collier 1919-1926 and J.W. Walker 1927
Notes, photographs, correspondence etc. on the churches of Wensley, Kirk Hammerton, Stainborough, Bossall and Foston and plan of Nun Monkton priory and mansion by J.W. Walker c.1929 - 1935
Notes on the family of Waterton by E. Waterton 19 century
MS726 1590-1603 Register book of the Lord Lieutenant of Yorkshire 1599-1603 and Terms of sale by the Crown of the manor of Burneston 1590
MS727 1861-1916 Diaries and records of Leonard Jacques of Easby House
MS728 [17 century] Transcripts by Roger Dodsworth
Photocopies of extracts from the cartulary of Bolton priory made by Roger Dodsworth (17th century)
Calendar of transcripts by Roger Dodsworth of deeds at Skipton castle in 1646 by J.J. Brigg c.1935
Note: original transcripts are Oxford University, Bodleian Library
MS Dodsworth 144 and 83
See also MS650
MS729 1911-1914 Letters of Sir Mark Sykes relating to the rebuilding of Sledmere Hall
MS730 19th century Notes on various Yorkshire families
MS731 20th century Miscellaneous documents
Pedigrees and calendar of deeds relating to the family of Coates of Helperby by Hardy and Page, record agents c.1900-1907
Report 1891 and abstracts of documents relating to the manor of Rotherham 1086-1764
Schedule of deeds at Hornby castle 13th-16th century n.d. [See also DD5]
Abstracts of documents of the Morkill family relating to Craven
14th-19th century 1907
Transcripts of documents relating to the manor of Grinton 1701-1708 n.d.[20th century]
Abstracts of documents relating to Wycliffe 1086-1827 with typescript history by W. Le Hardy n.d. [?1930s]
Reports 1910-1912 and abstracts of documents relating to Oswaldkirk 1504-1806
MS732 n.d. [20th century] Lecture and list of slides on church plate by J.W. Walker
MS733 1820 Appeal to the House of Lords relating to Catterick tithes 1820
MS734-739   Papers of Henry Lawrance (1873 - 1947)
See also MD 248 and MS 769 - 802
MS734 Late 19th-20th century Notes, bibliography etc. mainly relating to heraldry and armour, particularly that of the East Riding, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire, and to heraldry in churches including York minster
Includes 'The borough and port of Faversham' [Kent] n.d.[?late 19th century]
'Notes on the pedigrees of the heralds' visitations of Derbyshire' n.d.
MS735 17th-19th century Autograph letters and other documents of Sir William Dalton, Colonel Thomas Metham, William Penn, Sydney Smith, Robert Walpole and others
With transcripts, notes etc.
Includes probate inventories of Mary, Viscountess Fairfax 1639 and Sir Thomas Norclife 1642
MS736 20th century Notes and papers mainly relating to the Norcliffe family of Langton
Includes extracts from the parish register of Langton [printed] 1653-1725 and Fraisthorpe [parish of Carnaby] 1698-1779
Accounts and list of hounds for an East Riding hunt 1711
See also MD69, MD161, MD237 and MS721
MS737 1860 'A catalogue of the high sheriffs of the county, mayors and bailiffs' by R.H. Skaife
See also MS206-228 and MS 371-372
MS738 n.d. [20th century] Henry Lawrance's collections for a work on Yorkshire ecclesiastics
MS739 19th century Extracts by C.B. Robinson from the parish registers
Includes: Aldborough 1538-1821, Great Driffield 1656-1693, Dufton [Westmorland] 1571-1741, Newbiggin [Westmorland] 1577-1741, Sheriff Hutton 1627-1759, Thornton-le-Street 1599-1791, Wheldrake 1604-1782 and York Bedern chapel 1682, Holy Trinity, Goodramgate 1582-1772, St. Martin 1557-1851, St. Mary Bishophill junior 1602-1772, St. Maurice 1651-1756, St. Michael le Belfry 1566-1778, St. Sampson 1640,
Extracts from the cartulary of Old Malton priory (13th century)
and of deeds etc. of the Pudsey family (14th-15th century)
See also MS771, MS772, MS789 and MS1037-1040
MS740 1935-1945 'Hebden of Hebden in Craven and some possible descendants' by W. Hebden
MS741 1776 Account of moduses due in lieu of tithe hay in the various townships in the parish of Birstall
MS742 1803-1809 Cash book of J. Beevers on account of Henry Vernon's income and expenditure
MS743 1803-1812 'Howell wood or the Raby hunt in Yorkshire' by Martin Hawke, 1812 with a shorter, printed version 1803
Also collection of tradesmen's bills early 19th century
MS744 Early 20th century Notes on the Mauleverer family by W.P. Baildon
MS745 c.1904-1947 Papers of W.A. Atkinson
Consisting of manuscript articles and notes on various topics, mainly industrial, including lead smelting, Whitby and Guisborough alum works, Sheffield plate, Yorkshire pottery, Leeds clock-makers, Leeds brass foundry, Scarborough candle works, Hessle shipbuilding works, Cleveland iron mines etc., Tadcaster cooperage, British ships and the Slingsby family of Scriven
MS746 20th century Extracts from wills of the Armitage family of Almondbury (16th-18th century) made by H.T. Clay
See also MS756
MS747 n.d. Transcript of an Exchequer roll listing the retinue of the earl of Northumberland at Newcastle [Northumberland] (1523)
MS748 1950 Paper on John Mence, vicar of Barnsley in the 18th century, by M.B. Weinstock
MS749 c.1948-1949 Pedigrees etc. of Yorkshire families, notably Armitage and Charlesworth
MS750 (c.1659-1773) Photocopy of part of a diary of a journey from Northern Ireland to London c.1659 and photocopy of letter of W. Burgh to [?John] Foster including a description of Studley Royal 1773

Note: originals are in the P.R.O. Northern Ireland

MS751 n.d.[c.1940] Notes on the Thweng family by William Hebditch
MS752 1629-1742 Account book of the Hoyland family of Brierley and Hemingfield and Anthony Marshall of Ferrymoor, Grimethorpe, including some accounts of Trinity College, Cambridge 1629-1742
See also MS754
MS753 c. 1940 An unpublished history of the parish of Easington in Cleveland by William Hebditch
MS754 20th century Pedigrees of the families of Holland and Hoyland (indexed)
See also MS752
MS755 1830 Transcripts from the coucher books of Monk Bretton and Pontefract priories relating to lands in Hickleton, Notton, Woolley and Darton made by J.L. Sisson
MS756 20th century Extracts from wills of the Armitage family of Kirklees etc. (1532 -1764) and extracts relating to Rastrick (12th-16th century) made by H.T. Clay
See also MS746
MS757 1730s-1770s Journal of John Turner of Hopton [parish of Mirfield]
See also MS202-205a and MS446
MS758 c.1815 Precedent book belonging to B.G. Armytage of Dewsbury of oaths prescribed for manorial and other officers, notices etc
Examples relate to the manors of Crowle, Campsall, Meltham and the forest of Knaresborough
MS759   Translations of Wakefield court rolls

MS759 - Translation of court rolls of the manor of Wakefield 1331-1340 made by Ethel Stokes n.d. [20th century]

MS759/Add - Photocopies of translations of court rolls of the manor of Wakefield 1311, 1325 made by Ethel Stokes n.d. [20th century]
Note: original translation is now at West Yorkshire Archive Service: Bradford
See also MD225
MS760 20th century Abstracts of wills relating to the Ledgard family of Mirfield 16th-17th century made by H.T. Clay
MS761-MS768   Papers of John Charlesworth (d. 1952)

MS761 - Account book for the township of Horbury
Including highway surveyors' accounts 1827-1836 and constables' accounts 1837-1886
See also MD401, MS610 and MS766

MS762 - Transcript of Emley township books 1595-1828
Note: originals are West Yorkshire Archive Service: Wakefield D2/70-71
20th century

MS763 - Transcript of 'The sabbatical mirror, or, rules and orders of a charitable society of Sunday masters within the township of Horbury instituted 1786 for instruction of poor children….' 20th century

MS764 - Surrender of copyhold lands in Stanley m. Wakefield by Thomas Musgrave 1647

MS765 - Extent of the manor of Ackton n.d. [15th century]

MS766 - Transcripts
Transcript of a court roll for the manor of Hanlith and
Kirkby [Malham] 1554
Transcript of an inspeximus of a decree in the court of the Duchy of Lancaster relating to the manor of Wakefield 1609
Transcript of the accounts of the overseers of the poor for the township of Horbury 1747-1782
See also MD401, M 610 and M 761
Various lists of Yorkshire manors and of Yorkshire material in national collections compiled by J. Charlesworth 20th century

MS767 - Notes on the history of Crofton, Flockton, Royston, Shitlington and Wakefield 20th century

MS768 - Index of owners of Yorkshire manors n.d.[20 century]
MS769-MS802   Further papers of Henry Lawrance
See also MS734-739
MS769 19 century Pedigrees and notes on the Robinson family
With letters addressed to Thomas Robinson 1824 - 1830, 19 century
MS770 19th century Extracts from numerous parish registers relating to many Yorkshire families by C.B. Norcliffe
MS772 19th century Notes on East Riding churches and families
Including extracts from the parish registers of Bubwith and Cottingham by C.B. Norcliffe
MS773 19th century Abstracts of wills at Durham, Richmond and York by C.B. Norcliffe
See also MS790 and MS795
MS774- MS802 19th century Norcliffe papers
Note: C.B. Norcliffe was formerly C.B. Robinson

MS774 - Genealogical notes by C.B. Norcliffe
On the families of Barraclough, Best, Blaydes, Bowes, Cookson, Dalton, Elland, Farrer, Fawsitt, Frank, Green, Hammerton, Harrington, Hebblethwaite, Hemsworth, Langdale, Marvell, Maude, Monkton, Oates, Ogglethorpe, Otway, Preston, Richardson, Robertson, Selwyn and Wordsworth

MS775 - Pedigrees and notes on the Best family of Elmswell
by C.B. Norcliffe

MS776 - Genealogical notes on various West Riding families by C.B. Norcliffe

MS777 - Genealogical notes on Yorkshire clergy by C.B. Norcliffe

MS778 - Notes relating to the Norcliffe family and to Riccall deeds by C.B. Norcliffe
Includes various legal papers and letters to the archbishop of York
17th-18th century

MS779-783 - Pedigrees and notes on Yorkshire families by C.B. Norcliffe

MS784 - Notes for a history of Appleby [Westmorland] by C.B. Norcliffe 1875

MS785 - Transcripts of wills from the peculiar court of Snaith 1568-1612 by C.B. Norcliffe

MS786 - Extracts of wills from the peculiar court of Snaith 1570-1771 by C.B. Norcliffe

MS787 - Transcripts of correspondence of the Cholmley family
made by C.B. Robinson [C.B. Norcliffe] 1862

MS788 - Transcript of 'A family history of the Fretwell family of Maltby, Norton and Thorpe in Balne written by James Fretwell in 1738 and continued by him to 1760' made by C.B. Robinson [C.B. Norcliffe]
Note: published in Publications of the Surtees Society 65 (1875)

MS789 - Extracts from the parish registers of St. Olave extra Muros and St. Cuthbert's, York and of York marriage licences
made by C.B. Norcliffe
See also MS739, MS770, MS772 and MS1037-1040

MS790 - Extracts from wills at York, Durham and Richmond 16th-17th century made by C.B. Robinson [C.B. Norcliffe]
See also MS773 and MS795

MS791 - Catalogue of the papers of C.B. Norcliffe [C.B. Robinson] 1879

MS792 - Pedigrees of Yorkshire families compiled by Ann Norcliffe
See also MS802
MS793 - Miscellaneous extracts
Including extracts from parish registers of Cumberland and Westmorland and Yorkshire church briefs, made by C.B. Robinson

MS794 - Diary [illustrated] of a tour in the Isle of Wight [Hampshire] (?) by William Best Robinson 1863

MS795 - Abstracts of wills at York c.1600-1800 made by C.B. Norcliffe

MS796-797 - Extracts from archbishop's visitation records, correction books of the archdeacons of York and other ecclesiastical records 15th-19th century made by C.B. Norcliffe

MS798-800 - Abstracts of Yorkshire deeds etc. from many private collections made by C.B. Norcliffe

MS801 - Pedigrees of Yorkshire and other families and various extracts made by C.B. Norcliffe

MS802 - Pedigrees of Yorkshire families collected mainly by Ann Norcliffe early 19th century
See also MS792 and MS1036
MS803 19th century Reminiscences of Nostell compiled by T.G. Wright of Wakefield, physician to the Winn family 1887 and Photographs of Priscilla and Sophie Winn of Nostell
MS804 20th century Notes and sketches made by W.M. I'Anson in preparation of 'The military effigies of Yorkshire' YAJ 28 (1926)
MS805-MS868 18th-20th century Papers of J.W. Walker (1859-1953)
See also MS194a, MS725, MS732, MS957, MS966-968, MS1049 and MS1093

MS805 - Notes, extracts, articles and correspondence relating to the Wakefield mystery plays 1901-1939

MS806 - Materials, including original documents, for a history of Sandal castle and Sandal Magna church 1941
See YAJ 13 (1895) and 24 (1917) See also MS827

MS807 - Materials, including original documents, for a history of the manor and church of Woolley 1923
See YAJ 27 (1924)

MS808 - Materials for a history of the Burgh and Waterton families 1941
See YAJ 30 (1931) See also MS822

MS809 - Materials, including original documents, for a history of Chapelthorpe, Boyne Hill [township of Crigglestone] and Blacker Hill [township of Notton] 1941
See also MS818

MS810 - Materials for a history of Monk Bretton priory 1941
See YAHS Extra Series 5 (1926) See also MS811 and MS819

MS811 - Abstracts of cartularies of Monk Bretton priory 1924-1925
See YRS 66 (1924) See also MS810 and MS819

MS812 - Materials, including original documents, for a history of the chapel of St. Mary on Wakefield bridge 1941
See YAJ 11 (1891)

MS813 - Notes, extracts etc, including an original document, relating to the court rolls of the manor of Wakefield 1941
See YRS 109 (1945)

MS814 - Collections, including original documents, for a history of Wakefield 1941
See also MS821 and MS966

MS815 - Materials, including original documents, for a history of Wakefield cathedral 1941
See J.W. Walker 'The History of the Old Parish Church of All Saints, Wakefield, now the Cathedral Church of the Diocese of Wakefield', 1888. See also MS827

MS816 - Notes on Wakefield relating to Roman and Saxon remains, charities and inscriptions in the churchyard

MS817 - Miscellaneous papers
Manuscript of 'Hunter's Pedigrees' [printed in Publications of the Harleian Society 88 (1936)]
Extracts and correspondence relating to the Wakefield court rolls 1929-1942 including fragment of the roll for 1404 - 1405
See MD 225/1/130
Correspondence relating to the pedigree of the Battie family 1901 - 1902

MS818 - Notes etc. on Chapelthorpe church c.1914
See also MS809

MS819 - Notes etc. on Monk Bretton priory
Mainly 1920s See also MS810-811

MS820 - Notes, posters, press cuttings etc. on Wakefield relating to races, elections, incorporation, extension schemes etc c.1859-1932

MS821 - Reviews etc. of J.W. Walker Wakefield, its History and People, 2nd ed. 1939 and other material c.1934-1940
See also MS966

MS822 - Notes, pamphlets, correspondence etc. on the pedigrees of the de Burgh and Waterton families, Wakefield schools and coaches 1864-c.1944
See also MS808 and MS830

MS823 - Correspondence relating to the printing of 'Yorkshire Pedigrees'
[Publications of the Harleian Society 94 -96 (1942 - 1944)] 1943-1945

MS824 - Notes, pamphlets etc. mainly on buildings in Wakefield 1784-1951
Includes postcards of Wakefield and area early 20th century

MS825 - Notes, documents etc. on Wakefield relating to Charlesworth and Chevet deeds, charities etc. 1737-1939
Includes plan of lands in Alverthorpe 1737-1762

MS826 - Extracts, notes, press cuttings etc. relating to Wakefield during the Napoleonic, Boer and Great Wars, Wakefield Volunteers etc. early 19th century-c.1935

MS827 - Notes, pamphlets, press cuttings etc. on the churches of Sandal Magna and Wakefield c.1899-c.1938
See also MS806 and MS815

MS828 - Notes, pamphlets etc. on Wakefield, with some original documents, relating to the Mechanics' Institution, Clayton hospital, the House of Recovery and Tammy Hall 1833 -1944
See J.W. Walker The Clayton Hospital and Wakefield General Dispensary, 1922. See also MS1142

MS829 - Extracts and notes
Extracts from the parish registers of Wakefield, Sandal, Featherstone, Normanton, Woolley and Silkstone [16 - 19 century]
Notes, pamphlets etc. relating to the Wakefield mystery plays
1922-1941 See also MS805

MS830 - Notes, pamphlets, press cuttings etc. relating to Silcoates and other schools in Wakefield 1801-c.1932
See also MS822

MS831 - Notes etc. relating to chantry chapels etc. in Wakefield 1852-1940
See YAJ 29 (1929)

MS832-844 - Extracts from various sources relating to Wakefield and district

MS845-856 - Scrap books of press cuttings and other ephemera relating to Wakefield and area 19th-20th century

MS857 - Extracts from genealogical papers of Thomas Norris Ince in Doncaster Public Library, additions to the John Cryer papers in Wakefield Public Library
Also pedigrees of families in the Wakefield area 1940-c.1942

MS858 - L.C.M. Blacker A History of the Family of Blacker of Carrickblacker in Ireland, 1901, with correspondence and a manuscript history of the Blacker family by L.V.S. Blacker 1952

MS859 - Deeds relating to pews in Wakefield parish church 18th-early 19th century

MS860 - Lecture on the history of Wakefield from the Norman conquest to the end of the fourteenth century 1925

MS861 - Extracts from The Church of Our Fathers, as seen in St. Osmund's Rite for the Cathedral Church of Salisbury ... by Daniel Rock [1849]

MS862 - Material collected by T.M. Fallow for 'Yorkshire Church Plate', YAHS Extra Series 3-4 (1912-1915)
With letters of Fallow and H.B. McCall 1885-1914
See also MS1317

MS863 - Letters to J.W. Walker from J.T. Micklethwaite, J.H. Lupton and J. Fowler 1888-1891

MS864 - Chronological table of Wakefield history BC 55-AD 1893 by J.W. Walker 1941

MS865 - Various papers and transcripts relating to Wakefield and Wakefield families 17th-20th century
Includes petition of Nicholas Praunce relating to a house held for the benefit of the poor in Wakefield 1657
Notes, extracts etc. relating to canals in the W. Riding, with plan [printed] of R. Calder from Wakefield to Salterhebble by John Smeaton 1757
See also MS677

MS866 - Reminiscences [anonymous] of musical soirees (1833-1878) at Wakefield 1878
With printed material to 1892

MS867 - Catalogue [typescript] of an exhibition of war trophies and objects of local interest at Wakefield 1918

MS868 - Notes on neolithic roads in Yorkshire c.1941
MS869 & MS869 Add. 20th century Unpublished material collected by William Farrer
In connection with Early Yorkshire Charters 1 - 3, 1914 -1916 and 'Early Yorkshire Charters 4-12' YRS Extra Series 1-10 (1935 - 1965) and with Honors and Knights' Fees ..., 1923 - 1925
See also MD303, MS874, MS960, MS962-963, MS965, MS979-980 and MS1044
MS870 1903-1905 Abstracts from the court rolls of the manor of Wakefield relating to Halifax and area 1444-1646 made by E.W. Crossley
See also MD225
MS871 1938-1949 'Early cartographers in the West Riding' by W.B. Crump
with related correspondence, copy plans etc
MS872 1714 Plan of lands in Balne [parish of Snaith] by John Dickinson
MS873 1841 Letter of thanks from Richard Oastler in the Fleet prison to John Cooke of Huddersfield
MS874 20th century Manuscript by C.T. Clay of 'Early Yorkshire Charters 7-8 and 10'
YRS Extra Series 5-6,8 (1947-1949, 1955)
See also MS869
MS875 & MS875 Add. 18th-20th century Township officers' accounts, vestry minutes etc. for High Hoyland and Clayton West and records of the Dyson family of Winterhill farm, High Hoyland and others
High Hoyland parish records: highway rate books 1879 & 1894, highways accounts 1868, income tax assessments 1873 & 1877, valuation lists for poor rates 1848-1903, Constable's accounts 1787-1813, Overseers of the Poor accounts and receipted bills 1839-1903
Farm accounts for Dyson's of Winterhill Farm, High Hoyland 1790-1871
Log book of High Hoyland school 1869-1907
Clayton West : highways accounts 1824-1830, highways assessment 1825-1829, rate assessments 1829-1831, vestry minutes 1887
MS876 19th century Cartoons relating to elections at Bradford 1869 and Halifax 1877

See also MS971
MS877 18th-19th century Surveyor's road books for Hipperholme 1836-1837, 1849-1850
and highway accounts for Rastrick 1872
Also 'Miss Macaulay's' cash accounts mainly at Elland 1795-1802 and lecture on Rastrick n.d.[?19th century]
MS878 1703-1720 Letters of George Plaxton, rector of Barwick in Elmet to William Pearson, archdeacon of York and Richard Thornton, recorder of Leeds
Printed in Publications of the Thoresby Society 37 1936-1942
See also MS15 and MS1001
MS879 & MS879 Add. 1950s-1982 Genealogical history of the family of Verity of Linton in Craven and Bramley [parish of Leeds ] by G. Verity
Including letters, pedigrees, notes and photographs
Also includes material relating to Verity families of Cleckheaton, Bierley, Woodkirk, East Ardsley, Lancashire, Cheshire, Flanders, Canada, USA, Africa, South Wales
MS880 n.d. Transcripts and translations of the court rolls of the manor of Spofforth 1471-1750 and ministers' accounts 1441-1609
With some miscellaneous accounts 1727-1729
MS881-MS885   T.S. Gowland papers

MS881 - 'The antiquities of Ripon and Riponshire' with index and maps, by T.S. Gowland n.d. [c. 1931]
See also DD33, DD113-115, DD129, MD254, MD301,
MS882-885, MS901-907, MS939, MS947-948 and MS1052

MS882 - Notes on many topics, mainly relating to Ripon and area by T.S. Gowland
Includes volumes of photographs of Ripon, Richmondshire and York 1928-1933
Notes on the liberties and manors of Yorkshire 1938

MS883 - Notes on various topics in local and ecclesiastical history and folklore, mainly relating to Yorkshire by T.S. Gowland n.d. [20th century]

MS884 - Transcripts of various documents relating to Ripon and area made or collected by T.S. Gowland c.1933
Includes parliamentary surveys 1650 and n.d]
Enclosure award for Kirkby Malzeard 1789, n.d. [19th century]

MS885 - Ordnance Survey 6 in. sheets (1:10560) 1907 - 1908, Ripon and area, annotated by T.S. Gowland n.d. [20th century]
MS886 1932 Notes on the life of St. Ozanne of Jouarre and Ozana of Howden by A. Hamilton Thompson
MS887 c.1939 'Theakston family records' compiled by Henry Theakston
from parish registers, diaries, newspapers etc., relating to Yorkshire and elsewhere 1884-1919
Includes a note on the author 1939
MS888 1920s -1930s Lecture notes on architecture, including Yorkshire churches and castles, compiled by H.B. McCall
Note: a set of accompanying lantern slides is in the YAHS library
MS889 n.d. Index to marriages in the Almondbury parish registers 1754-1781
MS890 1958-1959 Manuscript copy, with annotations, of 'Dame Etheldreda Stapleton: her home and kindred' by Norman Waugh, Downside Review [1909], by A.W. Richardson
MS891 1959 Checklist of the correspondence of Ralph Thoresby of Leeds by Harold W. Jones
See also MS1-36, MS1573, MS1595
MS892 1822-1859 Account book of the Gilbert union workhouse at Barwick in Elmet 1822-1848, with resolutions of the Board of Guardians 1848-1859
MS893 n.d. Extracts from the Leconfield parish registers relating to the Lee family 1567-1810
MS894 c.1904-1941 Notes on Yorkshire churches and antiquities and on the Scargill family of Thorpe Stapleton p. Whitkirk; index to lists of incumbents of Yorkshire benefices, by G.E. Kirk c.1904-1941
Copies of 'Inscriptions to the memory of Englishmen who have died abroad' by C.B. Robinson c.1863-1864
MS895 1948-1959 A series of annual notes with plans and aerial photographs of work done by S.V. Morris on the eastern great north road (Roman) in Yorkshire and Durham
Note: a set of accompanying slides is in the YAHS library
MS896 1959 Report, with plans and photographs, of the excavation of the Roman ridge at Nut Hill Farm, Aberford
MS897 1924-1925 Report, with plans, of excavations at Isurium (Aldborough) by S.C. Barber, C.A. Ridley and G.F. Dimmock
MS898 1962 Genealogical notes on the Rapier family in America, England and France
MS899 19th-20th century Biographical notes on Dr. Henry Ledsham (vicar of Halifax 1577 - 1593)
Also miscellaneous correspondence late 19th-20th century
MS900 1958 Rough notes on Snaith hall and related families, with plan
MS901- MS907 20th century Gowland papers

MS901-904 - Coloured illustrations of coats of arms relating to Yorkshire abbeys, churches and families by T.S Gowland
1949-1958 and 1962-1965

MS905 - Genealogical notes etc. by T.S. Gowland on the Routh family
With arms of Surdeval and Routh and pedigree c.1030-1912 by Edgar Routh 1957

MS906 - History of the Staveley family of North Stainley by T.S. Gowland 1965
See also DD28 and DD115

MS907 - Calendar of feet of fines relating to the liberty of Ripon and the parishes of Aysgarth, Kirkby Malzeard and Masham 1488-1625 by T.S. Gowland 1928
MS908 c. 1937 Abstracts of Yorkshire feet of fines 1377-1382, 1394-1418, 1429-1485 by H.C.B. Wilson
MS909 19th century Card index by H.C.B. Wilson to West Riding poll tax returns for the wapentakes of Strafforth, Tickhill, Osgoldcross and Barkston and part of Agbrigg (1379)
As printed in YAJ 5 (1877-1878) and 6 (1879 -1880)
MS910 1892 Calendar of deeds of Major General Gillespie of Trewyn House, Abergavenny [Monmouthshire] relating to Yorkshire, notably to abbeys (12th-17th century), compiled by W. Page
MS911 19th century Broadsheets and other papers relating mainly to Selby
Includes Selby Board of Health, papers relating to cholera 1849-1853
Selby Gas Co., street lighting accounts and papers 1832-1860
Workhouse accounts 1837
MS912 1965 'West Ardsley alias Woodkirk in the medieval period' by Joan Thornes
MS913 c.1934 - 1960 Lectures and notes on archaeological, historical and antiquarian subjects including Yorkshire literary associations, Byland abbey, lost towns of the Yorkshire coast, Lady Anne Clifford, etc. by R.J.A. Bunnett
MS914 1801-1908 Miscellaneous papers relating to the West Riding 1801-1908
Includes copy accounts for H.J. Wilson's candidature at Holmfirth election 1892
MS915 1967 Note on the recent history of Kiddal Hall [parish of Barwick in Elmet], with a photograph, by G.S. Childe
MS916 c. 1700 Illuminated roll containing the 'Book of Esther' in Hebrew
MS917 c.1905-1910 Three lectures on York by T.P. Cooper
MS918 1735 Plan (coloured) of Gisburn Park n.d.[1735] and plan (coloured) of a proposed design for landscaping the park by P. Bourguignon 1735
See also MD335
MS919 1966 Report and section of an excavation of the Roman road at Cookridge [parish of Adel] by Kenneth Wilson
MS920 1898-1917 R. Holmes ed. 'The Chartulary of St. John of Pontefract'
YRS 25 (1898) and 30 (1901)
Volumes formerly belonging to W.T. Lancaster, annotated with William Farrer's corrections 1917
Includes letters from Richard Holmes relating to York dignitaries 1899
MS921 1967 Report and section of an excavation of the Roman road at Cookridge and Report of an excavation of the Roman road at 'Gilstead', Ilkley by Eric Houlder
See MS919
MS922 1966 -1967 Drawings by Peter C.D. Brears of pottery made for medieval kiln experiments at Leeds
MS923 c.1964 Drawings and plans for the report on an excavation at Potovens [township of Stanley] by Peter C.D. Brears
See Post-Medieval Archaeology 1 (1967) and 5 (1971)
See also MS1319
MS924 n.d. [?1960s] Prints of drawings of pottery from excavations at Laverstock [Wiltshire] by John Musty
MS925 20th century Plan and sections of the Roman fort at Adel by Donald Atkinson
Printed in YAJ 22 (1913)
MS926 1971 Notes, photographs and plan relating to the prehistoric site at Allan Tofts, Beck Hole [parish of Goathland] by C. and M. Simpson
MS927 1897 Elevations and plans of the Mitre Inn, Bread Street, Wakefield n.d. and of Danby castle by W.H. Knowles
MS928 20th century Pedigree of the Laycock family 16th-20th century
MS929 (17th century) Photocopy of a plan of land between Stockdale [township of Settle] and Malham
MS930 (1599-1670) Photocopies of Saxton plans
Plan of Hunsingore, Great Cattal and Lund House [township of Ribston with Walshford] probably by Christopher Saxton [1600], and later copy [1652], with a further later copy of Saxton's 1599 plan of Ribston and Walshford [1652]
Note: the later copies are thought to be by Sir John Goodricke 1617-1670
See also DD59
MS931 (1843) Print of a tracing of the Flockton tithe map
MS932 (1805) Print of a tracing of the Whixley [?] enclosure map
MS933 (1774) Negative and print of a tracing of the Ackworth enclosure map
See also MS1064
MS934 1971 Negative and print of a map of the manor of Wakefield by M.K.E. Edwards and D.J.H. Michelmore
Printed in Journal of the Society of Archivists 5, No.4 (Oct. 1975)
MS935 1924 Report on an excavation at Aldborough by S.C. Barber, G.F. Dimmock and C.A. Ridley
MS936 1967-1968 Notes, with photographs and plans, on the prehistoric site at Crown End, Westerdale Moor by C. Simpson
MS937 1935 List of records belonging to the Duke of Devonshire formerly at Bolton Abbey, later removed to Chatsworth, made by G.E. Kirk
See also DD121
MS938 n.d. [?20th century] List of documents relating to relations between England and Brittany [France] 1066-1492
Deposited in the archives of Loire Inférieure at Nantes
MS939 20th century Index, by T.S. Gowland, to the visitation of Yorkshire by William Dugdale 1665-1666
See also MS428 and 428a
MS940 (18th century) Photocopies of drawings by John Warburton of houses etc. near Richmond
Note: original is British Library, Lansdowne MS914
See also MS1029 and MS1304
MS941 1897 Copy of totals from the 'Compton census', a religious census of the province of Canterbury, 1676
Note: Original in Stafford, William Salt Library SMS 33
MS942 19th century Table of styles of English church architecture from the Saxon period to the 16th century.
MS943 c. 1802 'Directions for making the best composition for the metals of reflecting telescopes and the method of casting, grinding, polishing and giving them the true parabolic figure' and
'An account of the cause and cure of the tremors particularly affecting reflecting telescopes more than refracting ones'
by John Edwards, with remarks by Nevil Maskelyne, astronomer royal
[Manuscript volume]
MS944 Late 17th century 'A Catalogue of the Baronets of this Kingdom of England from the First Erection of that Dignity untill the 4th of July 1681 inclusive'
With numerous manuscript additions including an index
MS945 1970 Pedigree and notes on the Noble family
MS946 1970 ' Smyth the se-baptist and Brewster of the Mayflower', an unpublished article on John Smyth, reputed founder of the English general baptists, by John G. Hunt
MS947 1967 Photograph of a [17th century] painting of Ripon with notes by T.S. Gowland
MS948 1920-c. 1958 Copies of sketches of Tanfield, Old Sleningford and Stainley (c.1810) c. 1958 and sketches of various Yorkshire buildings by T.S. Gowland 1920-1930
MS949 1970 Notes on the Tudor Cottage, Shibden Park, Halifax [demolished 1971] by E.A. Gee

See also MS993
MS950 1968-1969 Plans, elevations and reports for the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings relating to Syke Fold, Cleckheaton
by Alan Reed and Kenneth C. Reid
See also MS951
MS951 1969 Photographs, notes and measurements relating to Syke Fold, Cleckheaton by YAHS Medieval Section
See also MS950
MS952 c. 1969 Plans and elevations of Tatefield Hall, Beckwithshaw by Kenneth C. Reid
MS953 1969 Report on the history of Sands Mill, Dewsbury by John Goodchild
MS954 1942-1943 Inventories of the plate of the churches of All Souls, Leeds, St. Michael's, Headingley, Whitkirk and Adel by Joseph Sprittles
MS955 (20th century) Photocopy of a plan of Boroughbridge
MS956 n.d. [20th century] Notes on the history of Horbury parish church by R.L. Arundale
MS957 1925-1940 Congratulatory letters relating to books and articles published by J.W. Walker [Bound volume]
See also MS725, MS732, MS805-868, MS966-968, MS1049 and
MS958 n.d. [20th century] Notes on the documentary sources for the history of Scarborough by W. Page
MS959 1956 Notes on Selby parish church by Winifred Richardson
With two letters from Ida Darlington
MS960 20th century Photographs or photostats of deeds published in YRS
Extra Series 6 (1949) 'Early Yorkshire Charters 8, The Honour of Warenne', 8 (1955) 'Early Yorkshire Charters 10, The Trussebut Fee', 9 (1963) 'Early Yorkshire Charters 11, The Percy Fee' and 10 (1965) 'Early Yorkshire Charters 12, The Tison Fee'
Also notes on various manors including Briestwistle [township of Whitley parish of Thornhill] and Emley by C.T. Clay c.1928
See also MD303, MS869, MS874, MS962, MS965, MS979-98, MS1044 and MS1189
MS961 n.d. [20th century] Notes on tenants, tax payers and inhabitants of the West Riding taken from various printed sources by G.E. Kirk
MS962 20th century William Farrer ed., Early Yorkshire Charters 1-3 (1914 - 1916) with the editor's manuscript additions and corrections
See also MS869, MS874, MS960, MS965 and MS979-981
MS963 1902 William Farrer ed., The Lancashire Pipe Rolls 1902 with the editor's manuscript additions and corrections
See also MS869
MS964 1971 Typescript of The English Country Pottery, its History and Techniques by Peter C.D. Brears
MS965 1935-1936 Manuscript of 'Early Yorkshire Charters 4-5, The Honour of Richmond 1-2' YRS Extra Series 1-2 (1935 - 1936) edited by Charles Travis Clay
See also MS869, MS874, MS960, MS962, MS979-981 and MS1189
MS966 1934 Manuscript and proofs of Wakefield, its History and People by J.W. Walker
See also MS 805-868, MS1049 and MS1142
MS967 1947 Typescript and proofs of 'The battle of Winwaed A.D.655' by J.W. Walker
Published in YAJ 36 (1947)
MS968 1943 Typescript and proofs of Robin Hood by J.W. Walker
MS969 1903 Material for 'Monastic Notes' Vol. 1 by W. Paley Baildon Published in YAJ 17 (1903)
See also MS970
MS970 1903 Manuscript index to 'Monastic Notes' by W. Paley Baildon
See MS 969
MS971 19th-20th century Notes and transcripts of documents (with a few originals) of J.W. Clay relating to families in the Halifax area c.1894-1916 and cartoons relating to election in Halifax 1880
See also MS381, MS876 and MS978
MS972-MS985   Papers of J.W. Clay (1837-1918) and C.T. Clay (1885-1978)

MS972 - Abstracts of wills and other material relating to Robert Glover's visitation of the West Riding 1584-85 n.d.
See also MS 973-974

MS973 - Typescript copy in three volumes of the West Riding visitations of Robert Glover 1584 - 85 and Richard St. George 1612, continued and enlarged by J.W. Clay n.d
See also MS292, MS381 & 381 Add., MS972, MS974
and MS976-977

MS974 - Typescript copy in three volumes of the North and and East Riding visitations of Robert Glover 1584 - 85 and Richard St. George 1612, continued and enlarged by J.W. Clay n.d.
See also MS292, MS381, MS972-973 and MS976-977

MS975 - R. Davies ed. 'The Visitation of the County of Yorke begun in A.D.1665 and finished A.D.1666 by William Dugdale Esq., Norroy King of Armes ', Publications of the Surtees Society 36 (1859).
Interleaved copy with notes by C.B. Norcliffe and J.W. Clay n.d.
See also MS381, MS428 and MS481-484

MS976 - Joseph Foster ed. The Visitation of Yorkshire Made in the Years 1584 - 5 by Robert Glover, Somerset Herald, to Which is Added the Subsequent Visitation Made in 1612 by Richard St. George, Norroy King of Arms.. 1875.
Interleaved copy with notes by J.W. Clay n.d.
See also MS972-974

MS977 - Pedigrees of numerous Yorkshire families by J.W. Clay n.d.
See also MS381, MS481-484, MS971-976 and MS983-985

MS978 - Papers relating to the Halifax vicar's rate 1823-1881
See also MS 971

MS979 - Manuscript of 'Early Yorkshire Charters 12, The Tison Fee' YRS Extra Series 10 (1965) edited by Charles Travis Clay
See also MS869, MS874, MS960, MS962, MS965, MS980 & MS1189

MS980 - Manuscript of 'Early Yorkshire Charters 11, The Percy Fee' YRS Extra Series 9 (1963) edited by Charles Travis Clay
See also MS869, MS874, MS960, MS962, MS965, MS979 & MS1189

MS981 - Manuscripts and proofs of 'York Minster Fasti 1-2'
YRS 123-124 (1935 - 1936) edited by Charles Travis Clay
See also MS1189

MS982 - Rough transcripts of charters etc. relating to holders of lands in medieval Yorkshire, with notes and correspondence by C.T. Clay 1921-1967
See also MS1189

MS983 - Letters from William Brown to J.W. Clay 1908-1924

MS984 - Thornhill's Estate Act 1852 relating to estates of Thomas Thornhill of Fixby and notes relating to the history of Rastrick by J.W. Clay n.d.
See also DD12, MS381 and MS985

MS985 - Transcript of a document relating to St. Matthew's chapel, Rastrick c.1602-1606
n.d.[19th century] See also MS984
MS986 Early 20th century Working notes of W.T. Lancaster
Consisting of a number of first drafts and final copies of articles, various transcripts and abstracts of documents, press cuttings, correspondence etc., from which were compiled his Yorkshire collections
See MS 401-413
Most of his articles were published in Publications of the Thoresby Society
Includes a translation of a rental of Nostell priory 15th century
See YRS 61 (1920) See also DD13, MS414-4l7a
MS987-MS989 20th century F. Elgee papers
MS987 - Frank Elgee, Early Man in North-East Yorkshire, 1930
Interleaved copy with the author's manuscript additions n.d.
See also MS988-989, MS1048 and MS1076

MS988 - Reports, plans, drawings and photographs of an excavation at Eston Nab by Frank Elgee 1928-1929
See also MS987, MS989, MS1048 and MS1076

MS989 - Photographs, maps and plans relating to Yorkshire prehistory by Frank Elgee n.d.
See also MS987-988, MS1048 and MS1076
MS990 1948 List of antiquities dating from the prehistoric to the dark age periods in the Sheffield area by F.L. Preston
MS991 1949 Notes, drawings and photographs relating to an excavation of Quernhow bronze age barrow
MS992 n.d. Photographs of an excavation of the barrow at North Deighton
MS993-MS 999   Papers of J.S. Purvis (1890 - 1969)

MS993 - Notes and transcripts of documents relating mainly to Bridlington priory, Fountains abbey, Nostell priory, Wykeham priory, Leeds parish church and other Yorkshire religious foundations 13th-16th century by J.S. Purvis n.d.
Includes a report on the reconstructed cottage, Shibden Park, Halifax 1960
See also MS949

MS994 - Notes, extracts, photocopies of documents etc. for a history of the library of Bridlington priory by J.S. Purvis c.1927
See also MS993

MS995 - Plans of Goodmanham and Goodmanham church by J.S. Purvis 1941

MS996 - Plans and conjectural reconstruction of Old Malton priory by J.S. Purvis 1941

MS997 - Photocopy of a plan of the lordship of Bridlington (1771, copied 1854), with other plans and drawings, mainly relating to Bridlington 1928 and n.d.

MS998 - Plans of York 1939

MS999 - Drawings of bench ends at Leake and stained glass at Grinton parish churches by J.S. Purvis n.d.
MS1000 19th century Watercolours of aspects of Yorkshire life by George Walker
Published as engravings in The Costume of Yorkshire 1814 and 1885
Includes proofs of 1885 edition
Note: although the published works contain forty engravings the original watercolour for one of these is not in this collection.
Six watercolours were published in facsimile by the YAHS 1978
MS1001 18th-20th century Contemporary copies of satirical poems by George Plaxton, rector of Barwick in Elmet
Also includes 18th century pamphlets and 20th century correspondence and transcripts etc.
See also MS878
MS1002 n.d. Partial transcript of the register (1514-1530) of Thomas Wolsey, archbishop of York by A. Hamilton Thompson
See YAJ 32 (1934 - 1936)
Note: original is at York University, Borthwick Institute
MS1003 1945-1947 Photographs and correspondence relating to an excavation at Roomer [parish of Masham] by H.J. Stickland
MS1004 1945-1949 Photographs and sections of an excavation at Horton [parish of Gisburn] by R.C. Musson 1945 and related letter 1949
MS1005-MS1010   Papers of B.W.J. Kent (d. 1969)
See also MS1026, MS1045, MS1096 and MS1154

MS1005 - Plan and elevation of Knaresborough castle with plans and sections of a sally-port by C.A. Ridley 1925 and n.d.

MS1006 - Plan of an excavation at Adel by B.W.J. Kent n.d. [20th century]

MS1007 - Notes and fieldbook of an excavation at Aldborough by S.C. Barber 1924

MS1008 - Plans and elevations of an unidentified building, probably a conjectural reconstruction of Tatefield Hall, Beckwithshaw n.d. [20 century]

MS1009 - Pedigree [printed, hand coloured] of the Stansfeld family of Stansfield Hall 11th-19th century n.d.

MS1010 - Papers of the Kent family of Tatefield Hall, Beckwithshaw 18th-20th century
Includes farm account books, Tatefield Hall 1914-1926, 1942-1954
Farm account books of Isaac Denison of Dunkeswick and others 1809-1893
Rigton overseer's account 1826
Notes, photographs etc. relating to B.W.J. Kent's collection of antiquities, various Yorkshire excavations and other historical matters 1867-1961
MS1011 1934-1938 Plans, sections, drawings and notes relating to an excavation at Aldborough by J.N.L. Myres and others
See YAJ 40 (1962)
MS1012 20th century Plan of the Roman fort at Bainbridge after R.E. Whiteing n.d. with annotated Ordnance Survey maps and a note relating to the Roman road at Buckden 1930
MS1013 1940 Plans, sections and report of an excavation at Bomber Camp and Hesketh Roughs Ridges, Gisborn by R.C. Musson
See Proceedings of the Leeds Philosophical and Literary Society, Literary and Historical Section 5 part 4 (1941)
MS1014 1920s Drawings and plan for an article on iron age sites in the vale of Pickering at Costa Beck and Thornton Dale
See YAJ 30 (1931)
MS1015 1926-1928 Drawing of pottery excavated at New Earswick
MS1016 1937 Plan of an excavation at Bank Top, Greetland
MS1017 1919-1921 Plans and sections of excavations of Ilkley Roman fort
by H.S. Parratt
MS1018 c.1933 Prints of plans of Roman Piercebridge [Durham]
with a letter from G.H. Richardson
MS1019 1930 Plans, report, photograph and letter of F. Villy relating to Snelsins fort, Cleckheaton and the Roman road from Manchester to York
MS1020 1938-1949 Photographs, plans and drawings of an excavation at Well
See YAJ 34 (1939), 35 (1943) and 36 (1947)
MS1021 c.1930s Drawings of pottery and jewellery from Wetherby and pottery from Ilkley
See YAJ 31 (1934)
MS1022 1927 Drawings of pottery from the chapter house, York minster
MS1023 c. 1934 Plans, drawings and Ordnance Survey maps relating to Roman Malton and area
MS1024 1939 Plan of St. Michael's church, Eastrington
MS1025 n.d. [early 19th century] A brief dictionary [manuscript] of runic mythology and Instructions [manuscript] for writing shorthand
MS1026 c. 1969 Photographs of Tatefield Hall, Beckwithshaw
See also MS1005-1010 and MS1154
MS1027 (1846) Print of a tracing of the Headingley tithe map with a transcript of the award (omitting acreages and tithes paid)
MS1028 c. 1951-1960 Notes, newspaper cuttings etc. relating to Yorkshire churches, clergy etc. by Henry de Candole
MS1029 (early 18th century) Photocopy of John Warburton's collection for the history of Yorkshire Vol. 9
Containing a history of Hatfield by Abraham de la Pryme and an account of the churches of Hatfield, Fishlake and Barnby Dun by James Torre, with John Speed's map of Yorkshire, North and East Ridings 1610 and a plan of Hatfield Chase 1639
See also DD47
Note: original is British Library Lansdowne MS 897
See also MS940 and MS1304
MS1030 n.d. [19th century] 'Sokes, the Leeds bakehouse', an unpublished article by John Holmes
MS1031 1884 'Ancient iron-stone pits', an unpublished article by John Holmes
MS1032 n.d. [19th century] 'The vice-roy earls of Northumbria', an unpublished article by Frederick Ross
MS1033 n.d. [19th century] 'Civil war proceedings in Yorkshire', unpublished transcripts of civil war tracts by George Duckett
See also YAJ 7 (1882)
MS1034 1862-1882 Transcripts of documents relating to the estates of the Norcliffe family of Langton by Charles Best Norcliffe
See also MD69, MD161, MD237 and MS721
MS1035 c.1860-1895 Pedigrees of various Yorkshire families extracted from printed sources by C.B. Norcliffe
MS1036 Early 19th century Pedigrees of various Yorkshire families by Ann Norcliffe

See also MS792 and MS802
MS1037 19th century Brief extracts from registers of York parishes:

St. Helen 1566-1811, St. Mary Bishophill Senior 1598-1782,
St. Saviour 1567-1780, Holy Trinity, Micklegate 1586-1824,
St. Martin, Micklegate 1539-1833, All Saints, Pavement 1554-1807 and St. Mary, Castlegate 1604-1812
With rough notes on church history etc. by C.B. Norcliffe
See also MS739, MS770, MS772, MS789 and MS1038-1040
MS1038 19th century Brief extracts from the parish registers:
Alne 1680-1765, Appleton-le-Street 1715-1858,
Barton 1632-1744, Burneston 1566-1755, Ellerburn 1670-1704, Eston 1590-1778, Gilling 1573-1763, Hackness 1567-1732, Helmsley 1575-1761, Hudswell 1601-1722,
Kirby Wiske 1666-1692, Malton St. Leonard 1600-1768,
St. Michael 1570-1787, Marske 1601-1779, Masham 1599-1782, Northallerton 1591-1833, Old Malton 1606-1838,
Ormesby 1599-1782, Oswaldkirk 1538-1705, Overton 1596-1700, Pickering 1559-1861, Rokeby 1642-1792, Skelton 1680-1798, Stonegrave 1584-1812, Thornton [North Riding] 1538-1765,
Thornton Watlass 1602-1759, Topcliffe 1570-1760,
Wath 1571-1749, Well 1558-1802, Whitby 1608-1730 and Wigginton 1725-1759 with rough notes on church history etc.
by C.B. Norcliffe
See also MS770, MS772, MS789, MS1037 and MS1039-1040
MS1039 19th century Brief extracts from the parish registers
Acaster Malbis 1693-1809, Birdsall 1562-1778,
Bossall 1611-1770, Burton Agnes 1707-1784,
Burythorpe 1720-1810, Dunnington 1583-1775, Escrick 1619-1860, Fulford 1653-1861, Gate Helmsley 1692-1810,
Harpham 1723-1805, Upper Helmsley 1662-1806,
Hemingbrough 1605-1751, Heslington 1653 -1858,
Holtby 1679-1807, Kirby Grindalythe 1687-1760,
Kirby Underdale 1557-1789, Langton 1653-1860,
Marton-le-Moor 1624-1718, Moor Monkton 1687-1804,
Naburn 1653-1726, Norton 1558-1812, Riccall 1613-1844, Rillington 1638-1802, Settrington 1559-1687, Skipwith 1727-1811, Sledmere 1734-1854, Stillingfleet 1606-1859, Warthill 1691-1857, Weaverthorpe 1686-1770, Weston 1549-1851,
Wharram le Street 1538-1792, Wharram Percy 1554-1811 and Wintringham 1558-1690, with rough notes on church history etc. by C.B. Norcliffe
See also MS770, MS772, MS789, MS1037-1038 and MS1040
MS1040 19th century Brief extracts from the parish registers:
Brougham [Westmorland] 1575-1788 and Warcop [Westmorland] 1745-1849 with rough notes relating to various Yorkshire parishes
by C.B. Norcliffe
See also MS770, MS772, MS789 and MS1037-1039
MS1041 20th century Photograph of pedigree of the Fenton family 15th-19th century
MS1042 (1842) Print of a tracing of Emley tithe map with list of field names
MS1043 1968 Plan of two huts at Horse Close Hill, Skipton excavated by Alan Aberg
MS1044 c.1946-1949 Transcripts of charters relating to the Mowbray fee,
by C.T. Clay and D. Greenway
See also MS869
MS1045 1938 Fieldbook, reports, correspondence and photographs relating to Green Howe Barrow, North Deighton excavated by B.W.J. Kent
See YAJ 43 (1938) See also MS1010
MS1046 19th century Domesday book for Yorkshire
Printed text as published by R.H. Skaife in YAJ 13 (1895) and 14 (1898) rearranged by wapentake, with additional notes
MS1047 18th century Pedigree of the Pearson family of Forcett and Stokesley 1550- 1768
MS1048 1920s-1930s Papers relating to Frank Elgee's archaeological work

Includes diary of work at Eston Nab 1927-1929
Field notebook 1928-1929
See also MS987-989 and MS1076
MS1049 1860-1951 Photographs relating mainly to the history of the Wakefield area 1860-1904
Also miscellaneous letters to J.W. Walker on historical subjects 1912-1951
See also MS725, MS732, MS805-868, MS957, MS966-968,
MS1093 and MS1142
MS1050 1900 Letter of sympathy from Archdeacon Oomer Mamen of South India to Mrs. Collins on the death of her father
MS1051 1971 Report on prehistoric sites at Danby Rigg p. Danby, with map, by R.H. Hayes
MS1052 n.d. [20th century] Photograph of board listing charges at Monkton Moat toll bar,
Bishop Monkton and notes relating to Ripon by T.S. Gowland
MS1053 c.1880 Collections for a history of Bowes by C.B. Wardale
MS1054 c.1970 Notes on the history of the Crawshaw family
MS1055 19th century Edmund Waterton 'On episcopal rings'
The Archaeological Journal 20 (1863)
With watercolour illustrations
MS1056 (1751)-(1842) Photocopies of tracing of a plan of Emley by Thomas Pollard (1715) and Skelmanthorpe tithe map (1842)
MS1057 c.1971 Plans and photographs of Rockwood House, Denby Dale
MS1058 1968-1971 Elevations, sections and plans of the Tudor wing, Skipton castle by M.D. and J. Wales
MS1059 20th century Pedigree of the Thwaites family of York 18th-20th century
MS1060 1972 Record of monumental inscriptions at St. Mary, Castlegate, York, with index
MS1061 20th century List of deeds relating to 17-23 Cinderhills Road, Holmfirth 1824-1950
MS1062 n.d. Photographs of two graves uncovered during an excavation in the chapel, Hazelwood castle [township of Stutton], by L.P. Wenham
MS1063 20th century Plans by Peter C.D. Brears
Plan and section of a kiln at Potovens [township of Stanley], excavated 1962
Plan, section and elevation of the gateway, Walton Hall 1965
Elevations of the 'Golden Cock', Westgate, Wakefield 1967
See also MS923
MS1064 (1744) Extract from the Ackworth enclosure award with tracing of part of plan
See also MS933
MS1065 1892 Text of an address to the YAHS at Beverley Minster by W.H. St. John Hope
MS1066 1925-1928 Plans and sections of excavations at Knaresborough castle with elevations and sections of the keep by C.A. Ridley
See also MS1005 and MS1067
MS1067 1948-1949 Plans and sections of excavations at Knaresborough castle by S.C. Barber
See also MS1005 and MS1066
MS1068 19th century Playbills and broadsheets from Wakefield and area
MS1069 1793-1803 Minutes of the commissioners of the South Milford and Lumby enclosure with a copy of the Act 1793
MS1070 1854 Sketches of various North Riding churches by W.F. Saunders
MS1071 c.1815-1924 Drawings and sketches of Yorkshire abbeys, churches, rectories etc. by various artists
MS1072 1920 Copies of drawings by Fellowes of scenes in Bridlington 1836 - 1855 by F. Hutchinson
MS1073 1872 Watercolours of Sandal Magna parish church by S.H.L.H
MS1074 19th century-1898 Drawing of Wakefield bridge and chantry chapel n.d.[19th century] and copy of a sketch of Wakefield chantry chapel in the British Museum (1790), 1898
MS1075 1936 Plan, section, drawings and photographs of the Roman site at Rudston by K.A. Steer and R.H. Stanwell
See YAJ 33 (1938)
MS1076 1930 Proofs of Early Man in North-East Yorkshire by Frank Elgee with author's corrections and various illustrations, notes and photographs
See also MS 987-989 and MS1048
MS1077 1969-1974 Photocopies of reports, plans and photographs of work carried out by B. Hutton and the North Yorkshire and Cleveland Vernacular Buildings Study Group
See MS1275, MS1627
MS1079 c.1881 Autobiography of Israel Roberts of Stanningley, clothier and Wesleyan Methodist
Note: edited and published by R. strong 1984
MS1080 1892 'Old Ilkley', a paper read by Robert Collyer at the opening of Ilkley museum
MS1081 19th century Commonplace book with entries on international affairs, politics, Irish schools and other Irish matters
MS1082 1964 Section through the Roman road, Castleford to Aberford, near Sheldon Hill by L. Smith
MS1083 n.d.[19th century - 1967] Catalogue of unpublished finds reported to the YAHS Prehistory Research Section
MS1084 1936-1950 Drawings, photographs, letters etc. relating to prehistoric finds at Pexton Moor, Thornton Dale, Cawthorn, Lealholm, Hipperley [parish of Wykeham], Holme upon Spalding Moor, Market Weighton and Hutton-le-Hole
MS1085 1972-1973 Report, section and plan of the Roman road at Hartshead Moor Top by D. Haigh 1972 and report on Roman road at Blackstone Edge by H. Ludlam 1973
MS1086 20th century Genealogical notes, extracts etc. relating to the Hemingway family and other Dewsbury families 14th-20th century
MS1087 19th century Manuscript copies of a bibliography for Wakefield 1891 and an Emley almanack 1884, with notes on events in Emley 1854-1881
MS1088 (1794-1831) Photocopies of enrolments in the West Riding Registry of Deeds relating to property of the Pitts family in Wetherby
MS1089 n.d. Notes relating to Healaugh and the Wharton and Brooksbank families late18 th-early 19th century
MS1090 (late18th century) Photocopy of plan of Cayton Hall estate [West Riding]
MS1091 (1496- 1497) Photocopy of rental with transcript of the estates of Fountains Abbey
Note: original is at West Yorkshire Archive Service: Leeds District Archives Vyner MSS5458
MS1092 c. 1908 Pedigree of the de Trappes family of Nidd Hall
MS1093 1936-1937 Letters to J.W. Walker
Also notes and pedigrees relating to the Ingram, Radcliffe and Green families by J.W. Walker n.d.
See also MS805-868, MS957, MS966-968, MS1049 & MS1142
MS1094 (1869) Photocopies of funeral notice and order of procession for Sir Charles Slingsby of Scriven
MS1095 1964 Letter of R.G. Rawnsley to J. Sprittles with photographs of the Guiseley ciborium
MS1096 1938 Letter of C.E. Whitelaw to B.W.J. Kent with tracing of the signature of James Grant of Stirling taken from a sword hilt
See also MS1010
MS1097 c. 1971 Drawings, mainly for Halifax town guide, by Peter C.D. Brears
Includes sketches of part of 11th century frieze in Rothwell parish church
MS1098   Transcript of hearth tax returns for Armley, Beeston, Bramley, Farnley [parish of Leeds], Holbeck and Hunslet 1666 and transcript of a valuation of Middleton colliery [parish of Rothwell 1808
Note: original hearth tax returns are in National Archives E179/210/394A and original valuation is in North of England Institute of Mining Engineers, Newcastle upon Tyne, Watson papers
MS1099 1877-1878 Daybook of the Leeds Bottled Ale and Stout Co. Ltd.
Contains the natural history diary, antiquarian notes and sketches of John Ward of Lofthouse 1868-1901
See also MS1222/8
MS1100 19th century Volume of sketches of ecclesiastical and Roman antiquities, fortified houses, ruins etc. mainly in the North Riding but also in Westmorland and Lancashire, with an unfinished watercolour by J. Buckler
MS1101 1920-1923 157 plans of Yorkshire churches by S.D. Kitson
MS1103 (19th century) Photocopy of a plan of an estate in Giggleswick belonging to Alexander Hardacre of Hellifield
Note: original is in private hands
MS1104 20th century Press cuttings of articles on archaeological subjects collected and indexed by B.G. Campbell
MS1105 n.d. [?19th century] Plans of Staindrop and Escomb churches [Durham]
MS1106 1897 Plans, elevations and sections of Danby Castle by W.H. Knowles
[Formerly MS664]
MS1107 1897 Plans and elevations of Knaresborough Castle
MS1108 1886, 1929 Plans of Middleham Castle by H.D. Pritchett
MS1109 1891-1892 Plans of Raby Castle [Durham] by H.D. Pritchett
MS1110 19th century Plan of Richmond Castle by George T. Clark
See YAJ 9 (1886)
MS1111 19th century Plans of Sheriff Hutton Castle by H.D. Pritchett
MS1112 1887, 1926 Plans of Snape Castle by H.D. Pritchett with notes on its condition and care by H.C. Hunt
MS1113 n.d. [?20th century] Plan of Wressle Castle
MS1114 (?19th century) Photocopies of plans of Ledston Hall
MS1115 1919-1922 Plans and elevations of Norland Old Hall by H.P. Kendall
MS1116 1876 Plan and details of a building in High Magdalen Close, West Tanfield by W.C. Lukis
MS1117 n.d. [?late19th] Plan of Byland Abbey by [?] H.D. Pritchett
MS1118 1887-1889 Plan of Croft church, with drawings and photographs by H.D. Pritchett
MS1119 1916 Plans of Easby Abbey by [?] H.D. Pritchett n.d. and plan, elevations and sections of St. Agatha's church, Easby by H.D. Pritchett 1916
MS1120 n.d. [?20th century] Plan of Fountains Abbey
MS1121 1915 Plan, elevations and sections of Hornby church by H.D. Pritchett
MS1122 1930 Plan of an excavation in York Minster crypt by W.J. Green
MS1123 (1817)-20th century Maps and plans relating to Easington
Plans of Easington rectory before & after alterations of 1833 n.d. [20th century]
Copy of Easington enclosure map (1817)
Plan showing Easington boundaries n.d. [20th century]
O.S. index map, North Riding 1897
MS1124 1905 Plan, section and reconstruction of an ironstone pit at Emley Woodhouse
MS1125 n.d. [20th century] Plan showing 12th century diversions of the River Rye by John Weatherill
See YAJ 38 (1955)
MS1126 1912 Plan of the manor house of the bishops of Durham at Howden
by John Bilson
MS1127 (1757) Photograph of plan of the graveship of Holme in the manor of Wakefield by Joshua Marsden
See also MD225
MS1128 (1825-1906) Photocopies of documents and notes relating to Matthew Murray, mechanical engineer, of Holbeck
MS1128 Add. 1978 Information relating to descendants of Matthew Murray 1859-1978
MS1129 1956-1974 Maps and notes on archaeological sites in Yorkshire [c.500 BC - 11 century AD], with supplementary material on climate etc., by R. Agar
MS1130 20th century Various pedigrees and genealogical notes compiled by members of the YAHS Family History Section
Also photocopy of a plan of East Ardsley 1735
MS1131 (1723)-(1861) Photocopies of transcripts of the register of papists' estates in Walton 1723 and of the Walton census [Ainsty] returns 1841, 1851, 1861
MS1132 (1869) Transcript of 'The Beck and the Duddon, a family record'
by John Cooper
MS1133 1975 Unpublished report of an excavation of 17th century cottages at Carr Gate by G.D. Newton
MS1134 (1976) Photocopies of notes on the early pedigree of the Hildyard family by M. Thoroton Hildyard
MS1135 (1757) Photocopy of a plan of Wakefield by Richard Gough
Note: original is Oxford University, Bodleian Library, Gough Maps 34
MS1136 1976 Calendar of a roll, at Pontefract Castle in 1322, containing notes of charters relating to many West Riding places by David J.H. Michelmore
Note: original roll is in National Archives DL41/1/36
MS1137 20th century Copy of a sign placed in Clarke Hall, Wakefield by H.C. Haldane [early 20th century], by Peter C.D. Brears
MS1138 (20th century) Photocopies of pedigrees of Fitzwilliams of Cilgwyn [Cardiganshire], Brathwaite of Warcop [Westmorland], Crawford of Highholme [Renfrewshire] and others
MS1139 1976 'The life and fortunes of Thomas de Tothill, a history of a fourteenth century landholder' by Barbara Hurwitz
MS1140 (1971) Photocopy of a pedigree of the Frobisher family of Lockwood [parish of Almondbury] 1255-1971
MS1141 (late 13th- 16th century) Photocopy of the cartulary of Easby Abbey
Note: original is British Library, Egerton 2827
MS1142 19th century Papers relating to Wakefield
Including the circulating library 1801 and the Mechanics' Institution 1847-1858
See also MS828
MS1143 (20th century) Photocopy of pedigree of the Kitson-Clark family of Leeds early 19th-20th cent
Note: original at West Yorkshire Archive Service: Leeds
MS1144 & MS1144 Add. 20th century Various pedigrees and genealogical notes compiled by members of the YAHS Family History Section, mainly from Canada
List of early settlers in Whatcom County [Washington, U.S.A.]
Also C.J. Glazebrook ed. Schedule of Deeds and Writings relating to the Manors of Rixton and Glazebrook 1975
MS1145 1975 Photographs of Kirkgate Market, Leeds after its destruction by fire
MS1146 1969-1975 Plans of an excavation at Gauber Pasture, Ingleton directed by A. King
MS1147 20th century Pedigree of the Stevenson family of Campsall [18-20 century]
MS1148 (1841-1851) Photocopies of census returns for High and Low Abbotside
MS1149 (1976) Photocopies of notes on the history of Kirk Hammerton church by E. Flintoff
MS1150 (1908) Photocopy of a tracing of a plan showing enclosures at Armley
Note: original tracing of 1793 plan (made 1908) is at Leeds Civic Hall
MS1151 1970 -1980 Genealogical notes and pedigrees relating to the Masterman family by O. J. Masterman
MS1152 1815-1831 An Authentic Report of the Trial of Michael Stocks Esq. for Wilful and Corrupt Perjury at the Yorkshire Lent Assizes, 1815
With a manuscript account of the case 1825 and press cuttings 1825-1831
MS1153 1912-1913 'York and the Civil War, 1645' by William Giles, press cuttings from the Yorkshire Herald
MS1154 19th century Press cuttings collected by B.B. Kent of Tatefield Hall, Beckwithshaw
Includes articles on Yorkshire history and extracts from the Torre manuscript containing histories of many Yorkshire parishes [late 17th century]
Note: original of Torre manuscript is in York Minster Library
See also MS1010 and MS1195
MS1155 1673 Inventory and valuation of the goods and chattels of Zachary Jepson, apothecary of York
MS1156 &
MS1156 Add.
(1847-1906) Photocopies of letters written to relations in America and by members of the Haigh, Ainley, Mellor, Dyson, Brown, Berry and other families in Armitage Bridge, South Crosland, Crosland Moor and Honley, Newton Heath, Oldham and elsewhere in Lancashire
See also MS1178
MS1157 (1911-1914) Photocopies of letters of the Slater family of Yeadon
MS1158 20th century List of Durham Light Infantry other ranks awarded the military general service medal for service in the Peninsular War c.1808-1814
MS1159 1972 Various pedigrees produced by Kenneth Wilson and others for The History of Lothersdale
See also MS1184
MS1160 1977 Copy of the 1851 census returns for Bradleys Both [High and Low Bradley in parish of Kildwick] made by J. Daggett
MS1161 1976 Extracts made by J.E. Shortland or A.J. Willis
Extracts from Arksey overseers' and churchwardens' accounts [1674-1775]; Arksey parish church, monumental inscriptions; index of settlements in parish of Sheffield n.d. and Pen and Pocket Blade Forgers' and Smithers' Protection Society, register of members 1872-1897
Note: original is Sheffield Central Library Archives Department MD 2354 - 2356
MS1162 1977 Photograph and details of Carleton Hall, Penrith [Cumbria]
MS1163 1919-1934 West Riding of Yorkshire Rivers Board, report on reservoirs etc. 1919 annual reports 1933-1934
MS1164 1920s-1960s Genealogical notes and pedigrees relating to the Atkinson family by W.J. Atkinson
MS1165 1902-1937 Letters, pamphlets etc. [photocopies] from various people, including F. Elgee, W. Farrer, F.G. Simpson, F. Villy and R.E.M. Wheeler, to W. Hornsby of Saltburn
Mainly on archaeological topics
MS1166 &
MS1166 Add.
(1945) Photocopies of genealogical notes and pedigrees relating to the Hebden family by W. Hebden
See also MS740 and MS1287
MS1167 20th century Genealogical notes and pedigrees [some photocopies] relating to the Plummer and Stott families 17th-20th century by B. Toole-Stott
See also MS1286 and MS1286 Add.
MS1168 1975 'The Claftons of Hanging Heaton' by Brian Arundel with notes on the Fozard family of Batley
MS1169 (19th century-1976) Photocopies of transcripts of documents relating to the Peach family of Wakefield with some notes by C.E. Langley
MS1170 1976 Genealogical notes on the Easingwood and Shooter families by N.A. Easingwood
MS1171 20th century List of early settlers in Whatcom County [Washington, U.S.A.]
19th-20th century
MS1172 20th century Indexes to transcripts of the registers of the parishes of Middleton in Pickering Lythe c.1670-1840 and Snainton c.1688- c.1835 and the chapelry of Cropton c.1754-1840
MS1173 (1315- 1316) Photocopies of court roll for the manor of Wakefield Oct. 1315-Sept. 1316
Note: originals are Leeds University, Brotherton Library MS 295/30640 and 30648 (Wilson MSS)
See also MD225, MS361, MS759 and MS759 Add. and MS1255
MS1174 c.1800-1969 Papers of Edith Mary Walker (1903 - 1969)
Including diaries 1915-1969, and notes and correspondence on historical, archaeological and personal matters, the YAHS and the Roman Antiquities Committee, with several 19th century documents
See also MD395 and MS878
MS1175 &
MS1175 Add.
1977 'The Grimshaw story: 300 years of family history in Rawdon and Calverley, 1600-1900' and 'The Pearson story: 200 years of woollen manufacture in Calverley and Bramley 1760-I960'
by E.R. Pearson
MS1176 1977 History of the Green family of Frizinghall by L. Robinson
See also MS1203
MS1177 n.d.[?1960s] Histories of various Yorkshire surnames by G. Redmonds
MS1178 (c.1837-1845) Photocopies of letters written to relations in America by members of the Mawer family in Stonebeck Up and Stonebeck Down [parish of Kirkby Malzeard
See also MS1156
MS1179 1977 Transcript of hearth tax returns for Giggleswick, Langcliffe, Rathmell, Settle and Stainforth 1664, 1671, 1672, 1674 by R. Postlethwaite
Note: originals are in National Archives E179 and Wakefield District Library (manuscript copy)
MS1180 1976 History, with genealogical notes and pedigrees, of the Burton family of Clifton, York by M.F. Fitzgerald-Hart
See also MS1130
MS1181 (1876) Photocopy of a letter from J.D. Heaton of Claremont, Leeds to B.C. Sorby relating to attendance at meetings
Note: original is Sheffield Central Library, Archives Department,
Shef. Lit. and Phil. Soc. 51 - 777
MS1182 n.d. [16th century] Photocopy of survey of lands in the graveship of Holme, in the manor of Wakefield
Note: original is Sheffield Central Library, Archives Department
Sp. St. 60268
See also MD225 and DD46
MS1183 1969-1976 British Columbia Genealogical Society, index of surnames researched 1977 and membership list n.d., with various pamphlets 1969-1976
MS1184 1972 Various pedigrees produced by Kenneth Wilson and others for The History of Lothersdale
See also MS1159
MS1185 (1846) Photocopy of tithe plan of Armley township [parish of Leeds]
Note: original is in West Yorkshire Archive Service:
MS1186 1780 Plan and section [2 copies] of a proposed canal from Parkfoot Bridge, Ingleton to Settle
MS1187 (18th century) Photocopies of lawyer's notes on the examination of Richard Houseman, accused of abetting Eugene Aram in the murder of Daniel Clarke
With transcript
MS1188 (19th century) Photocopy of 'Manningham Mills and their founder' [S. Cunliffe-Lister] reprinted from the Bradford Observer [6 Feb. 1889]
MS1189 19th-20th century Papers of Charles T. Clay (1885 - 1978)
Consisting mainly of photocopies and correspondence exchanged with historical scholars including P. Ahier, W. Paley Baildon, W. Farrer, L.C. Loyd, W.E. Preston, F.M. Stenton, A, Hamilton Thompson and many others.
Topics include Yorkshire families, religious houses, Yorkshire deeds and other documents and publication; further papers relate to the YAHS and YAHS Record Series, c.1921-1976
Includes papers relating to the Travis family 1731-1858
Transcripts of protestation rolls for Norland, Rastrick with Fixby, Skircoat, Southowram, Sowerby Bridge and Warley [all p. Halifax] and Elland and Greetland 1642
Note: originals are in the House of Lords Record Office
[See Halifax Antiquarian Soc. Transactions 1919]
See also MD303, MS691, MS728, MS744, MS869, MS874, MS960, MS965, MS972-985 and MS1044
MS1190 1977 Extracts from Northowram new Methodist chapel, Sunday school entrance roll 1825-1832, 1870-1871 copied by F. Bruce
MS1191 (1645) Photocopy of a letter relating to the plague in Bradford, Halifax, Leeds and Wakefield
Note: original is Hull City Record Office L402
MS1192 (1859) Photocopies of extracts from the diary of John D. Heaton of Claremont, Leeds giving genealogical information
Note: originals now deposited. See MD477
MS1193 (18th century) Photographs of plans of estate of the Fawkes family of Farnley Hall, Otley
Including Weardley common and Stainburn, Lindley, Leathley and Farnley manorial boundaries 1708-1793
Note: originals are in private hands
See also: DD146, DD161 and DD193
MS1194 c.1900 - c.1970 Scrapbooks of press cuttings, mainly of Yorkshire interest, particularly Halifax
MS1195 20th century Scrapbooks of press cuttings containing extracts from the Torre manuscript
See MS1154
MS1196 1964 Notes and photographs relating to ancient village and market crosses in the West Riding by W. Pickles
MS1197 1975 'Scythe, sickle and silversmith Huttons' by G.W. Wheatcroft
MS1198 19th century Lists by Sir Thomas Brooke of his Yorkshire manuscripts
With Sotheby, Wilkinson and Hodge's Catalogue of the important Burton Constable Manuscripts 1889 and related press cuttings
Note: many of Brooke's manuscripts were bequeathed to the YAHS in 1908
MS1199 n.d. [late 19th- early 20th century] Pattern sheets and sample photographs of the work of F.W. Oxley and Sons, monumental sculptors, of Barnsley, Batley and Wakefield
MS1200 (1873) Copies of enclosure award and map for Carleton in Craven
See also MS1224
MS1201 19th century Set of cards containing questions and answers on various subjects, probably for educational use
MS1202 1960s-1970s Papers of Hartley Thwaite (d. 1978)
Consisting of notes, transcripts and photocopies of documents and correspondence relating to Yorkshire history, mainly Abbotside and Wensleydale, and to the Thwaite(s), Metcalfe and other families 1960s-1970s
Includes index of Birstall parish registers 1600-1800
See YRS 130 (1967), YPRS 146 (1981)
MS1203 1977 'The Green Footprints' by H.S. Green, an account of the Green family of Yorkshire and the U.S.A.
See also MS 1176
MS1204 (1523-1751) Photocopies of copyhold surrenders and admittances to properties in the manor of Wakefield, Sowerby graveship and photocopy of a sermon preached at Halifax in 1751
by John Watson [printed]
Note: originals are Stockport Public Library, Bradshawe-Isherwood Collection and Local History Collection Acc.782269
MS1205 (1689-1837) Photocopies of wills and administrations relating to the Scott family
Note: originals are at York University, Borthwick Institute for Archives
MS1206 19th (century) Photocopy of pedigree of the Hargrave family 12th-19th century
Note: original is in the possession of the Thoresby Society
MS1207 1978 Plans of industrial undertakings at Hunslet by J.H. Armitage
MS1208 &
20th century Papers of F.G. Simpson
Consisting of notes and plan of Leeds area by F. Villy n.d., traced plan of Castley and Wescoehill [township of Weeton] 1921, annotated Ordnance Survey maps for Rigton and Wothersome 1902, Alwoodley, Bramham and Newton Kyme 1905, Harewood, Bardsey and Wire 1909 and photographs by F. Villy showing various archaeological excavations and a map of Roman sites c.1912
MS1209 &
MS1209 Add.
(1716-1783) Photocopies of tracings of plans of Askwith 1716 and 1779,
Clifton with Newall (enclosure) 1783 and Denton 1716
Note: originals of Askwith and Denton plans are in private hands
MS1210 (1769) Photocopies of a photograph of a plan of lands in Haworth, with a survey
Note: photograph is in the possession of the Bronte Society
MS1211 19th century Supplementary index to The History and Antiquities of the Parish of Hemingbrough in the County of York, by Thomas Burton, edited and enlarged by James Raine 1888
See also MS599
MS1212 n.d. [c.1220] Photocopy of a deed relating to 'Scolley' [probably Shelley]
Note: original is Queen's University, Belfast, Brett Collection C3
MS1213 (20th century) Photocopy of a pedigree pedigree of the Duckett family of Somerset 11th-20th century
MS1214 n.d. [?20th century] History of Gilling castle (unpublished)
MS1215 1970s Press cuttings on archaeological topics
MS1216 1977 Monumental inscriptions of Mill Hill [Unitarian] chapel, Leeds, copied from a book of 1847 by M.B. Boyle
MS1217 (13th-17th century) Photocopies of Yorkshire deeds and rentals in Lord Allendale's archives
Note: originals have now been deposited
See DD 70 Add/ BEA/C2 and 3,
published in YRS 69 (1926), 76 (1930), 83 (1932) and 102 (1940)
See also DD 70, DD 156 and MD 340
MS1218 (1799) Photocopy of inventory of the goods and chattels of John Parkin of Spofforth Haggs
Note: original is in private hands
MS1219 1979 Photocopy of a transcript of the diary of William Beanlands, merchant, of Bradford and Bingley 1800 copied by F.G. Howson
Note: original is in private hands
MS1220 20th century Pedigrees of the Giles and Yerex families of the U.S.A. late 18th-20th century
MS1221 1974 Various documents
Pedigrees of the Butterfield, Hardcastle, Mitton, Rayner, Sedgewick, Sidgwick and other families, various dates
Photocopies of the 1851 census returns for part of Keighley
Plans of graves and proposed alterations, St. Bartholomew's church, Armley 1974
MS1222 1776-1940 Scrapbooks containing presscuttings and other items of general and Yorkshire interest, notably relating to the YAHS and Roman Antiquities Committee 1906-1939 and lectures on Halifax by J. Lister late 19th century
MS1223 1893 Sale catalogue for Bywell Hall and other Northumberland property
See also DD70, DD156 and MD340
MS1224 (1841-1873) Photocopies of tithe award and plan for Lothersdale ?1841,
with tracings of Carleton in Craven tithe plan 1841 and enclosure plan 1873
See also MS1200
MS1225 1942 Plans and drawings of Old Malton priory by J.S. Purvis
MS1226 19th century Miscellaneous papers
Plans [some photocopies] of Barlby (1839), Great Kelk (1841), Leeds showing Hospitaller crosses n.d.
Order of battle at Marston Moor [1644] n.d.,
Scosthrop [parish of Kirkby Malham n.d.[19th century],
aisled buildings in Yorkshire and East Lancashire 1973,
West Park County Secondary School, Leeds n.d.,
St. Margaret's church, Walmgate, York, etching of porch n.d. [19th century]
MS1227 1850 Advertisement [printed] for sale of estates at Hatfield and Hatfield Woodhouse
MS1228 (1763) Photocopy of details of hounds at Kiveton kennels
Note: original is in private hands
See also DD5
MS1229 1905 Drawing of a ceiling in a house in Southgate, Wakefield
MS1230 (1859-1894) Photocopies of genealogical papers relating to John R. Chesher, 1st West India Regiment of Foot
MS1231 20th century Sidney Jackson papers

MS1231 - Index of items of archaeological, topographical and biological interest in Yorkshire, and index of Yorkshire querns,
compiled by Sidney Jackson

MS1231 Add.- Photographs of archaeological, topographical and a few biological subjects collected by Sidney Jackson
1940s-1970s. See also MS1277
MS1232 1968-1971 Press cuttings on archaeological topics, mainly Yorkshire
MS1233 20th century Transcripts, some printed of the parish registers of St. John the Evangelist, Wortley [Leeds] 1882-1906
See also MS1333
MS1234 (1979) Photocopies of notes and of plan relating to the ancient boundaries of the park of Rothwell Haigh by Albert Brown
See also MS1264
MS1235 20th century Pedigree of the Hebden family 1581-1979
MS1236 1934 'Hook: the village and its church' by (?) Lampley Holmes,
With incomplete copy of Hook enclosure award [1775]
See also MS556-583
MS1237 n.d. [20th century] Notes relating to the churches of Easby and Hornby by H.D. Pritchett and extract from The History of Richmond, Yorkshire [1821] by C. Clarkson relating to Easby abbey
MS1238 (c.1830)-20th century Notes and extracts relating to Brodsworth with photocopies of plans relating to Brodsworth enclosure
MS1239 20th century Notebook of data summarised in 'Glebe terriers and open field, Yorkshire' by M.W. Beresford
See YAJ 37 (1951)
MS1240 1815-1955 Cuttings from The Times 1815 (relating to the victory at Waterloo) and The Huddersfield District Chronicle 1955 and n.d.
MS1241 c.1917-1954 Wartime ephemera
Including schedule of duties and post boxes for Dewsbury post office n.d.[c.1917], ration books 1945-1954, 1917-1954
MS1242 &
MS1242 Add.
1979-1980 Transcript of Filey parish registers 1694-1961, with index by J. and M. Crimlisk
MS1243 1970s Index of information relating to Cartworth and Notton, with plans, by a class under the guidance of D.J.H. Michelmore
MS1244 (16th century) Photocopy transcript of court rolls for the manor of Hatfield [West Riding] 1329-1348
Note: original transcript is in private hands See also MS1251
MS1245 1794-1795 Volume containing bound copies of The True Briton newspaper
MS1246 (1729) Photocopies of will and inventory of Timothy Keighley of Heckmondwike
MS1247 (18th)-20th century Photocopy of transcript of a census of Wetherby [1776] and pedigree of the Vasey family of Burniston, Scarborough and the U.S.A. 18th-20th century
MS1248 (1847) Photocopy of enclosure map for Wortley [Leeds]
MS1249 (13th-20th century) Photocopies of deeds relating to Skelmanthorpe and area
Note: originals are Nottinghamshire Record Office,
Savile of Rufford Collection DDSR 207/41
MS1250 (1642)-1980 Photocopies of protestation rolls for much of Agbrigg division with transcript by L. Robinson
Note: originals are in the House of Lords Record Office
MS1251 (18th-19th century) Photocopies of manorial papers for Harewood and sale catalogue of property at Burley Woodhead (1885)
Note: originals are in private hands
See also MS1244
MS1252 1888 Exercise books in English
MS1253 (1980) Photocopy of 'An account of the Yorkshire branch of the Norfolk family, part 1: 1240 - 1470' by R.W.S. Norfolk
MS1254 (1980) Photocopy of lists of immigrants to the county of Cleveland from Lincolnshire, Norfolk, Staffordshire and Suffolk, compiled from the 1871 census by T.E. Chilvers
See also MS1272
MS1255 1970s Index to land transactions recorded in the court rolls of the manor of Wakefield 1274-1344 by M.P. Palmer
See also MD225, MS361, MS759 and MS759 Add. and MS1204
MS1256 1960s-1970s Notes and correspondence of E.R. Jackson relating to Topcliffe tollbooth, Charles I and the Scots army, the Percy family, the Pilgrimage of Grace and the rising in the north
MS1257 1948 Reminiscences of the Yorkshire College and the early days of Leeds University by W.B. Crump
MS1258 (1577)- 1970s/ 1980s Genealogical notes and photocopies of pedigrees
relating to the Beever, Burhouse, Busfeild, Clapham, Ferrand, Grace, Hardwicke, Hobson, Jubb, Longhorn, Oates, Paley, Richmond, Stevenson, Talbot and other families, notes relating to Hainsworth, Johnson, Pickles, Tebbet and other families and photocopy of will of John Rylie of London
Note: original is in the National Archives
MS1259 1964-1968 Reports and other papers of the Leeds Mountaineering Club
MS1260 1908 Photograph of Dorothea Martin of Saltburn
MS1261 (1758)-1980 Notes on the history of Keighley by T.K. Smith with copy of a plan of Keighley by J. Stell
Note: original is at Chatsworth House, Devonshire Collections
MS1262 20th century Photocopies and transcripts of extracts from the 1841 census returns for Denby and photocopy of the will of James Turton of Denby Dale (1930) and pamphlet The Early Lancashire Turtons by W.H. Turton 1937
MS1263 (13th-17th century) Photocopy of the Hawkesworth family book
Containing copies of letters and early deeds of the Hawkesworths relating to Hawksworth, Menston and Mitton and also to Carlton, Guiseley, Rawdon, Yeadon and elsewhere
Note 1: many of the deeds have been published in YRS 63 (1922), 111 (1946) and 120 (1953) or in W.P. Baildon Baildon and the Baildons Vols. 1 and 2 (1913 & 1924)
Note 2: original is in private hands
See also DD146
MS1264 (1638-1743) Photocopies of various documents relating to Rothwell
Note: originals are in private hands
See also MS 1234
MS1265 1930s-1959 Documents relating to freemasons
Photographs of a British Legion visit to Germany n.d.[1930s]
Leeds freemasons, Excelsior Chapter No.1042 A Record of Fifty Years, 1886-1936, 1936
Barnsley freemasons, Keresforth Lodge No.7641,
programme of consecration [printed] 1959
MS1266 (1311) Photocopy of an indenture relating to the manor of Newsam belonging to the Knights Templars
Note: original is in National Archives E142/117
MS1267 1920s-1960 Papers of Mary Chitty (nee Kitson Clark)
Consisting of correspondence, notes, photographs etc., mainly relating to archaeological topics, notably to the activities of the Roman Antiquities Committee [later the YAHS Roman Antiquities Section]
MS1268 19th century Photographs and sketches
Watercolour sketches of a young man [?George Crawshaw] n.d. [early 19th century] and a boy [John Appleyard] by 'Mr Haigh' 1814;
photographs of Janet Calder (nee Appleyard) of Chesterfield [Derbyshire] c.1849, of Eliza Jane Priestley 1855 and of Leeds town hall n.d. [19th century]
MS1269 1981 Genealogical notes and pedigrees of the Mawer family 16th-20th century compiled by H. Mawer
MS1270 (1392) Photocopy of deed between Monk Bretton priory and the convent of Blyth [Nottinghamshire] relating to tithes at Bolton upon Dearne
Note: original is Sheffield Archives 378/Z
MS1271 (1862) Photocopy of entry in the parish register of St. George's church, Leeds relating to the marriage of Elizabeth Richardson of Claremont House to Walter Briggs
Note: original is in West Yorkshire Archive Service: Leeds
MS1272 (1980) Photocopies of lists of inhabitants of Redcar and of Berwickshire immigrants to Teesside compiled from the 1851 census by T.E. Chilvers
See also MS1254
MS1273 1981 'Sandham, a Lancashire family, 1782 - 1981' by K. Priestley
MS1274 1872-1899 Liverpool Victoria Legal Friendly Society life assurance policy 1872, summer festival at Leeds, programme and menu 1899
MS1275 20th century Records of the North Yorkshire and Cleveland Vernacular Buildings Study Group
Consisting mainly of detailed recordings of individual buildings and an index of architectural features, from 1972
See also MS1077 and 1077Add., and MS1627
MS1276 (1980) Photocopy of unpublished edition of documents relating to the Frobisher family, originally of Yorkshire, and their experiences in the fur trade in Canada [late 18th-early 19th century] by G. and J. Frobisher
Note: originals are at McGill University, Montreal, Canada
MS1277 1960s-1970s Index, photographs and notes relating to Celtic and other stone heads compiled by Sidney Jackson, with related correspondence
See also MS1231 and MS1231 Add.
MS1278 1982 'Aelle and Aella, Anglo-Saxon kings of Northumbria' by R.E.O. Ella
MS1279 1915-1981 Genealogical notes and pedigrees relating to the Smailes family 1560-20th century
MS1280 (c.1870) Photocopy of abstract of title to land at Burley Woodhead
See also DD146
MS1281 & MS1281 Add. (1984) 1979-1980 Genealogical notes, pedigrees etc
Relating to the families of Alty, Atkinson, Bateson, Bayne, Bonwell, Copley, Fish, Hall, Ireland, Iveson, Leach, Lumb, Nicholson, Gates, Owston, Palmes, Pollard, Pontefract, Scarr, Scott, Stead, Thackrah, Watt, Webster, Welling and others [See also MS1334]
Also photocopy of index to 1851 census of Haverah Park, Fewston, Weston, Newall with Clifton, Blubberhouses and Little Timble
MS1282 1974 Extracts from digests of registers of births, marriages and burials of Quakers in the Yorkshire Quarterly Meeting relating to the Hanson and Hirst families 1652-1837
Note: originals are at the Society of Friends' Library
MS1283 1982 'The Bentleys of Birstall, 1600 - 1800', extracts from parish registers
by H.S. Bentley
MS1284 1982 Photocopies of notes for an archive teaching folder on Sunny Dale paper mill, East Morton [parish of Bingley ] by B. Shackleton
MS1285 (1608- early 19th century) Photographs of plans of estates at Catton, Gribthorpe, Green Hammerton, Kirk Hammerton, Leconfield, Nun Monkton, Spofforth, Thornton [East Riding], Topcliffe and Wressle
Note: originals are at Petworth House, Sussex
MS1286 & MS1286 Add. 1970s-1980s Genealogical notes, extracts, photocopies and pedigrees relating to the Stott family 15th-20th century by B. Toole-Stott
See also MS1167
MS1287 c.1980 Photocopies of genealogical notes, pedigree etc. relating to the Hebden family of Middlesmoor and Australia 18th-20th century, by J.R. Hebden
See also MS740, MS1166 and MS1166 Add., and MS1235
MS1288 19th century Miscellaneous Yorkshire items
Including attendance certificates submitted to the bishop by many Yorkshire Roman Catholic churches 1876, 1885, inventory of John Thompson of Sutton-under-Whitestonecliffe 1824
MS1289 c.1980 Copy of a transcript of Rotherham Wesleyan Methodist baptism register 1811-1837 by D.L. Howard
Note: original is in the National Archives, Kew
MS1290 c.1980 Pedigrees of the families of Hall, Hurtley and Shackleton 18th- 20th century by H. Marshall
MS1291 1970s-1980s M.P. Palmer papers

MS1291 - Notes for a survey of current locations and known copies of deeds 1970s
Information on various Yorkshire antiquaries and archival collections collected by M.P. Palmer
Published in YRS 39 (1907), 50 (1913), 63 (1922), 65 (1923), 69 (1926), 76 (1930), 83 (1932), 102 (1940), 111 (1946) and 120 (1953)
'Yorkshire Deeds' 1 - 10 by M.P. Palmer c.1979-1980

MS1291/Add - Index of published Yorkshire wills compiled by M.P. Palmer 1979-1980
Index of Yorkshire religious houses in W. Dugdale
Monasticon Anglicanum 2nd ed. 1817 - 1830
compiled by M.P. Palmer c.1979 - 1980
See also MS 1204, MS 1217 and MS 1255
MS1292 1930s Papers of James R. Ogden (1865-1940)
Consisting mainly of correspondence, notes, articles and photographs on a wide range of historical and archaeological topics, notably Oliver Cromwell and the battle of Marston Moor and its commemoration
Includes correspondence relating to the YAHS and its Harrogate Group 1936-1939
MS1293 1950s Pedigrees of the families of Appleyard, Brook, Castle, Dresser, Habergham, Newsham, Smith and Wriglesworth late 19th century-1950s
MS1294 (1918-1919) Photocopy of a certificate commemorating Huddersfield County Borough jubilee 1918, with photocopy of a receipt for rent due to Sir J.F. Ramsden, 1919
MS1295 1880-1920s Programme of the Leeds Amateur Dramatic and Social Club 1880 and notice of the Leeds Philosophical and Literary Society n.d. [?1920s]
MS1296 1901 - 1904 Cash book of Kirkby Fleetham National School
MS1297 c.1981 Transcript of register of births, South Parade Baptist church, Leeds 1785 - 1790 by D.L. Howard
MS1298 1974 Photographs of Drebley barn, [township of Barden and photographs and plans of New Close barn, Shipley
MS1299 1907-1976 Photographs and press cuttings relating to the Batley area
MS1300 1832 Sketchbook containing pencil drawings mainly of heads of mythical or religious personages
MS1301 1915-1960 'Selby in bygone times', lecture notes by J. Morley 1915
With correspondence relating to Morley's photographs of Selby
MS1302 (1970s) Photocopy of a map of Roman Yorkshire by S. Walton
MS1303 1950 'The basilical barn buildings of Yorkshire'
Text, photographs and drawings for an unpublished article by J. Walton
MS1304 (18th)-20th century Plans, drawings and photographs of various buildings etc, with a few photographs of 12th-13th century seals
Includes plans of the churches of Eryholme, Holme, Wakefield
(All Saints) and Wycliffe 1850-1928
Drawings of Barningham (cross), Carnaby (inscription), Gargrave (arms), Jervaulx (arms), Middleton One Row [Durham] (cross) 1827 -1926
Drawings of Wakefield [some photocopies] (1743)-1900
Photocopies of sketches by John Warburton of Egglestone abbey, Hipswell, 'Morton' [?Mortham] Tower, Rokeby, Wycliffe and Dartington Hall [Devon] (early 18th century) and photograph of an early copy of Warburton's sketch of Broughton (1716)
Note: originals are British Library, Lansdowne MS 914
See also MS940 and MS1029
MS1305 1967 Notes relating to a grangerised copy of The History and Antiquities of the Deanery of Craven by T.D. Whitaker 1812 in the possession of H.L. Bradfer-Lawrence
See also MD335
MS1306 n.d. [?1950s] Notes on the history of Stanley
MS1307 1946 Press cuttings relating to the proposed restoration of Fountains abbey
MS1308 1903 Press cuttings relating to Bradford, including Church Bank improvement, market rights
MS1309 1909-1920 Account book of household expenses, Sheffield 1909-1917
Ventnor Street United Methodist Sunday school, Leeds bazaar account 1920
MS1310 19th century -1957 Ground plan of Ackworth school n.d. [19th century], Report on a Roman road at Ripley by J.R. Pope 1955 and section of an excavation at Temple Newsam 1957
MS1311 20th century Photocopies of papers relating to R.W. Crabtree and Sons, engineers, of Leeds and to the Crabtree family 18th-20th century
See also MD408
MS1312 (1438) Photograph of a Franciscan letter of fraternity by Thomas Radnor, provincial minister in England to Robert Claxston and Anne his wife
MS1313 (17th)-20th century Sketch of cell of Richard Rolle at Hampole n.d. [20th century]
with other Yorkshire items including photograph of exemplification of a final concord relating to Newland and Eastrington (17th century)
MS1314 1971 Photographs of Haigh Hall barn, Liversedge
MS1315 19th century Plans of Halifax and Huddersfield Railway 1873, Guiseley n.d. [19th century] and Eccleshill 19th century
MS1316 20 century Plans of Yorkshire annotated with geological, archaeological and historical information, mainly relating to the Roman and Norman periods
MS1317 1841-1914 Notes by J.W. Walker for a work on Yorkshire church plate 1887-1914, with other items
See also MS862
MS1318 20th century Plan of an archaeological site in Hirst Wood, Shipley by Frank Thorp n.d. [1970s] with another unidentified plan n.d. [20th century]
MS1319 19th-20th century Various miscellaneous plans, pedigrees and correspondence
Includes water colour of Hazelwood castle n.d. [?19th century]
Plans of estate 1827 and colliery 1837 at Rookes [township of Hipperholme] and of the township of Roecliffe (traced from the tithe map) 1878
Reports on potteries excavated at Potovens [towship of Stanley]
by P.C.D. Brears 1964
See Post-Medieval Archaeology 1 (1967) and 5 (1971).
See also MS 923
Correspondence of P.C.D. Brears with Pontefract Archaeological Society 1967-1968
MS1320 18th-19th centuty Brass plates from pews in All Saints' church, Wakefield
MS1321 1979 Plan of display layout, Malton Museum, by Ronald G. Sims, architect, York
MS1322 c. 1970 Plan of alteration to the Dominican friary, Beverley
MS1323 1982 Unpublished account of the murder of John de Neusom at Harewood 1335 by J.W. Reddyhoff
MS1324 (1888) Tracings of parliamentary plans for the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway at Thornhill Lees made for Thornhill Local Board
MS1325 1979 'Holden Park: a study' by T.M. Steel
MS1326 1869 Facsimile of a map of the world by Richard de Haldingham c.1300
MS1327 (1340) Photocopy of a deed relating to Kirby Knowle
Note: original is in private hands
MS1328 1931-1938 Menu cards for three YAHS commemorative dinners
MS1329 20th century Genealogical notes etc. relating to the Hargrave, Holliday and Barrett families of Leeds 18th-19th century
MS1330 20th century Genealogical notes etc. relating to families mainly in the Kirkburton area including Bligh, Dearnley, Gray, Keal and Senior 16th-20th century
MS1331 c.1946-c.1978 Notes and extracts on the history of Yorkshire, mainly relating to Leeds, compiled (?) by G. de Normanville
MS1332 (1872) Photocopy of description and pedigree of the Baines family of Bell Hall, Naburn
MS1333 (19th-20th century) Photocopies of grave books of St. John's church Wortley [Leeds] with photocopy of recording of monumental inscriptions
See also MS1233
MS1334 1983 'Further additions to the Welling family of Howard County, Maryland' (Addendum No.7) by William B. Welling
See also MS1281
MS1335 (1948) Photocopy of a commentary by H.L. Bradfer-Lawrence
for a tour of his house, Sharow End, Ripon
MS1336 1975-1982 Notes, photographs, plans etc. relating to earthwork surveys and building recordings carried out by the YAHS Medieval Section
MS1337 (1976-1981) Photocopy of an index of 'cup and ring' marked rocks on Rombalds Moor made by the Ilkley Archaeology Group
MS1338 1982 Pedigree of the Marrison family of Bawtry, Sheffield, Nottinghamshire and Australia 1633-1982 by J.F. Marrison
MS1339 1855 Charles Brereton St. Mary's Church, Kirkburn: a paper read before the Yorkshire Architectural Society at Malton, June 19, 1855 including original drawings of the church by Caroline and Ada Brereton
MS1340 (1862) Photocopy of inventory of furniture etc. at Eshton Hall, Gargrave, the property of Major Wilson
See also MD335 and MD387
MS1341 1983 'The Nowell masons and contractors from Dewsbury' by G. Hemingway
See also MS500
MS1342 (1982) Photocopy of plan of proposed alterations at Manor House
and Manor House Cottage, Draughton
MS1343 (1601)-1983 Photocopy of petitions etc. relating to a dispute in Chancery concerning the manor of Bolton [parish of Calverley] 1601 With transcripts and notes by L. Robinson
Note: originals are in National Archives C2/Eliz./W7/36, CP 380
MS1344 1665 [Andrew Marvell] The Character of Holland, broadsheet printed in York by Stephen Bulkley
Note: local printing, not in British Library
MS1345 n.d. [?early 19th century] Silhouette portrait of Jeremiah Robinson, 18th Light Dragoons
MS1346 19th-20th century Instructions to counsel relating to the trusteeship of the will of Joseph Knowles of Batley (d. 1855), with accompanying letter 1965
MS1347 (1420)-1983 Photocopy of a deed relating to property in Middleton [parish of Rothwell] 1420 with abstract in English 1983

Note: original is Northumberland Record Office ZBG 8/7
MS1348 (1781)-1983 Copies of enclosure and tithe documents
Photocopy of Heaton [parish of Bradford] enclosure map 1781
with notes and transcript of the Heaton Enclosure Act 1780 by L Robinson 1983
Photocopy of tracing of Heaton tithe map 1849 with transcript of award 1848 by L. Robinson 1983
MS1349 1877-1878 Exercise books of Amy and Ellen Bottomley containing handwriting exercises
MS1350 1982-1983 Photocopy of a transcript of the churchwardens' accounts for the parish of Kirby Hill 1705-1818 made by H Hibbs
Note: original accounts are North Yorkshire Record Office PR/KM/ 3/1
MS1351 (1981) Photocopies of indexes to marriage registers of Acklam [North Riding] and Marton [Middlesbrough] 1813-1837
MS1352 1938 Record of burials in the parish of Barnard Castle [Durham]
taken from the sexton's register 1816-1848
Arranged alphabetically, published in The Teesdale Mercury Feb-March 1938
Note: A - H, L - N only
MS1353 1983 Recording of 1284 sites, 939 boundary stones in an area of Yorkshire bounded by the Lancashire and Westmorland borders, the Rivers Swale and Calder and the great north road, made for the Yorkshire Boundary Project by J Howard Dobson
MS1354 1972 Photographs of aisled building, Shelley Woodhouse, from the Medieval Section of the Yorkshire Archaeological & Historical Society
MS1355 1974-1977 Plans of buildings in Shipley, Hunslet and Thornhill Lees Hall from the Medieval Section of the Yorkshire Archaeological & Historical Society
MS1356 & MS1356 Add. 1890s - 1938 Elisabeth Exwood bequest
Press cuttings regarding Bradford and other documents including parish register transcripts, page from Rochdale mill account (1906) translation of Patrington grave's account 1426-1427
MS1357 20th century Index to Rothwell marriage registers 1813-1833
MS1358 1854-1879 Funeral and other receipts regarding William North, funerary services, Batley and Leeds General Cemetery Company
MS1359 1983 Transcript of Baildon Parish register 1790-1812
MS1360 1952-1972 Texts and slide lists of talks by John La Page on the Rivers Aire, Wharfe and Ure
Also article from Yorkshire Life Illustrated Aug 1954 entitled 'The Wakeman's House, Ripon'
MS1361 (20 Nov 1643) Photograph of letter by General John Lambart to Mr Rymer, regarding military situation
MS1362 (1833) Photocopy of Wortley, Leeds, poor rate book
Note: original at West Yorkshire Archive Service: Leeds
MS1363 1914 - 1919, 1939 Photograph album of V.A.D. Hospital, Gledhow, Leeds. Showing nursing staff and soldiers of 2nd Northern V.A.D
MS1364 1588-1656 Photocopies of Paythorne manor court book 1588-1605 and Paythorne mill account book 1655-1656
Note: originals in private hands
MS1365 20th century Transcript of Rothwell manor court rolls 1733-1755
Originals at West Yorkshire Archive Service: Leeds
MS1366 20th century Translation of Maunby manor court rolls 1334-1600
Originals in YAHS archives ref: MD59/Manorial 15
MS1367 1984 Index to Filey census 1841-1881
MS1368 1426-1661 Meltham deeds regarding Thick Hollins 1426 and admittance regarding Scholes 1661
See also MS1419
MS1369 c.1970 Abstracts of medieval documents regarding West Yorkshire entries in various unpublished cartularies etc., in British collections made by the West Yorkshire Metropolitan County Council Archaeology Unit
MS1370 1983-1984 Genealogical material regarding Barrett, Brayshaw, Brigham, Hargrave and Vasey families
MS1371 c. 1960s Cliff family of Leeds and Rothwell pedigree 1637-1965
MS1372 20th century Petty family of Kildwick and Skipton pedigree
MS1373 1964-1966 Notes and photographs regarding excavations at Crosley. Wood, Bingley
See Yorkshire Archaeological Journal Vol. 42 (1971) pp. 19-23
MS1374 (1591) Photocopy of a deed regarding Ovenden regarding Gilbert Earl of Shrewesbury
Note: Original in private hands
MS1375 1984 Genealogical notes regarding Craven family of Frizinghall
MS1376 (1721) Photocopy of a map of land at Cleckheaton and Scholes, [parish of Birstall], surveyed for Sir William Wentworth by Joseph Dickinson
See also DD70
MS1377 1970-1983 Notes for articles regarding architectural history, folk history, and monumental brass rubbings by P.C.D. Brears
See also MS922-924, MS927, MS964, MS1087, MS1097, MS1137, MS1319
MS1378 (19th century-c.1925) Photocopies of papers regarding Cain family of Leeds and Hertfordshire
Including family photographs and papers regarding death of Private SJ Cain, West Yorks Regiment 1917
MS1379 20th century Typescript lists of baptisms, marriages and burials of British subjects on Corfu, Greece, 1865-1974
MS1380 1984 Transcript of Wetherby baptism registers 1783-1837
Originals at West Yorkshire Archive Service: Leeds
MS1381 & MS1381 Add. 1980s Transcript of Rothwell parish registers: baptisms 1813-1837, marriages 1833-1837, burials 1813-1841
Also index for register of baptisms Originals at West Yorkshire Archive Service: Leeds
See also MS1357
MS1382 1963-1964 Plans and sections of excavation at Hall Garths, Chapel Haddlesey
MS1383 (16th century) Photocopies of Wakefield graves' annual accounts, manor of Wakefield
Note: originals at National Archives
MS1384 1982-1984 History of mills at Frizinghall by Lilian Robinson and photocopy of a sale plan of Frizinghall and Dumb Mills
MS1385 1984 Record of stone circle, Wayworth Moor, Commondale
Includes photographs
MS1386 1985 Genealogical notes relating to the Noble family of Walton (Ainsty of York) 1728-1982 and Haley family of Bradford
MS1387 1985 Index of surname of Rhodes in the Wakefield court rolls1559-1801
MS1388 1982 Burley in Wharfedale monumental inscriptions
MS1389 (1675) Photocopy of a letter regarding Snilesworth boundaries
MS1390 1985 Record of gravestones to be moved at Methley St Oswald's
MS1391 1973-1975 St Mary's, Barnsley, monumental inscriptions in churchyard extension recorded by Barnsley Archaeological Society
MS1392 (1634) Copy map of Almondbury
MS1393 1886-1974 Papers of Heather Lawrence regarding Yorkshire potteries
Includes Ordnance Survey maps for West Yorkshire and map of Chevet estate 1886
MS1394 1953-1954 Note and letter of Sir Charles Clay to Miss A Winifred Richardson regarding family of wife of John de Thornhill
MS1395 c. 1983 Partial index of wills [A-G] at York 1800-1842 regarding the Archdeaconry of Richmond and Diocese of Durham
Also pedigrees of Field and Harington families
MS1396 20th century Copy list of High Sheriffs of Yorkshire [photographic copy on Perspex]
MS1397 c. 1970 Transcript of Yorkshire poll tax returns 1377, 1379 and 1381
Note: originals in National Archives
MS1398 (1605) Photocopy of a plan of lordships of Newburgh, Coxwold, Oulston and Yearsley
See MS601 for survey
MS1399 1982-1985 Survey of Yorkshire bee boles carried out by YAHS Local History Section and other local groups
MS1400 1981-1982 Papers of the late Rachel Hellier regarding Wharram Percy High Farm, Pott Bridge Farm, Killinghall, Roundhay Grange, Leeds, and Plompton Hall Farm, Knaresborough
Includes notes, plans and sales catalogues
MS1401 1978-1985 Thwaite Mills Society unsigned minutes, reports and other papers
MS1402 1985 Report on Hole House, Pannal
MS1403 1980s South Yorkshire press cuttings regarding history and conservation
MS1404 1985 Galloway family marriage index
MS1405 1985 Notes on Keighley History, 2; the manorial corn mill by TK Smith
MS1406 1975 Notes on various halls in South and West Yorkshire by Hilda L Dearnley
MS1407 1981 All Saints', Harewood, monumental inscriptions
MS1408 (1611) Photocopy extract from R St. George's visitation of Derbyshire
MS1409 1985-1986 Notes, pedigrees etc regarding Akroyd family of Stainland; 'A Daggett History' by WF Daggett, 1986
MS1410 1986 Notes re Elland Old Hall by RE Yarwood
MS1411 1824 Act for building Roundhay Chapel of ease
MS1412 1982 All Saints', Cawthorne, monumental inscriptions
MS1413 1650 The Court Keeper's Guide
MS1414 1739-1964 Materials for the history of the Field family of Skelmanthorpe owners of Field Mill
Includes deeds, correspondence, wills, photographs and sale catalogue and plan of Elm House
See also MD394 and MS1452
MS1415 & MS1415 Add. 20th century Parish register transcript and index for St Peter's Leeds, baptisms 1777-1832 and burials 1777-1830
MS1416 1986 Notebook regarding historic buildings in the Spen Valley by Frank Shaw containing notes and drawings
MS1417 1986 Pedigree of Fairfax family of Walton, Steeton, Denton etc by B Burke
MS1418 1974-1977 Photographs of headstones and inscriptions at All Saints parish church, Darton, All Hallows church, High Hoyland, and St Mary, Barnsley
MS1419 1871-1881 Transcript and translation of a charter regarding Thikeholynes, Meltham 1395 and related letters 1871 and 1881
MS1420 20 century Pedigree of the Parker family of Appletreewick in Craven
MS1421 1643/4 Photocopy of inventory of William Cockrofte of Mayroyd, Wadsworth
MS1422 1893 Notebook of William Scruton with newspaper reports of attempts to take possession of Shelf Hall and comments
MS1423 (1984) Lofthouse papers
Photocopies of Horsehouse monumental inscriptions regaring Lofthouse family and photographs of Albert Wilson Lofthouse of Middlesborough and Mildred Emma Lofthouse
MS1424 1986 Pudsey Trinity Chapel (United Methodist Free Church) monumental inscriptions
MS1425 1986 Hepworth family of Knottingley
Narrative account of movements including transcripts of documents
MS1426 1986 Transcript of Mirfield Wellhouse Moravian burial register 1794-1962
MS1427 1987 Transcript of Lay Subsidies for the Wapentake of Staincliffe and Ewcross, 1540, and Staincliffe and the Liberties of Bowland, 1545, by R.W.Hoyle
Note: Originals in National Archives
MS1428 1794 French Republican Circular, [signed] from Les Agens Nationaux de l'Enregistrement des Domaines, and translation
MS1429 (1825) Photocopy of Thornton in Craven enclosure map
MS1430 (17th century) Photocopies of deeds regarding Keighley
MS1431 (1811) Photocopy of a bill for establishing a railway from Upper Calder in township of Wakefield to a field called Horse Close in the parish of Alverthorpe with Thornes
MS1432 1888-1931 Publications by John W. Walker, FSA, president of the YAHS 1935-1947 bound as a set and a bequest to the Society
Note: there are some insertions in some volumes
MS1433 1986 List of private archives of CP Dearden
MS1434 1862-1881 Craven family of Horsforth miscellanea
Including birth certificate of Beatrice Marianne Craven, daughter of Robert Craven, land surveyor at Rookery, Horsforth with photograph taken by Bullock of Macclesfield
MS1435 (1776-1837) Photocopies of Leeds Friends Preparative Meeting registers of births and burials
Note: originals are in National Archives
MS1436 (1623- 1640) Photocopies of Savile of Thornhill household lists 1624-1640 and Wentworth of Wentworth Woodhouse, 1623
Note: originals in Nottinghamshire Record Office
MS1437 (c. 1986) Photocopies of notes giving details of male members of the Maltby, Broadbent, Foster/Forster and Kilvington families who migrated from Armley to the Isle of Man in the early 19th century
MS1438 c. 1900-c. 1984 Topham family of Yorkshire of Topham & Sons, painters, decorators, signwriters, and Bladon family of Staffordshire, genealogical research and photographs
MS1439 (1851) Photocopy of the 1851 Census 1851 for Calverley
Note: original in National Archives
MS1440 1956-1962 Diaries of Mrs G. M. Brears of Thorpe near Wakefield
MS1441 (1856) Photocopies of extracts from Family Bible of Cliff family of Wortley
See also MS1371
MS1442 1987 Mallorie family genealogical notes and pedigree
MS1443 1987 Transcript of Linton in Craven parish registers 1813-1840
Made from microfilm in North Yorkshire Record Office
MS1444 (1840)-1911 Photocppies of sermons of Matthew Lee, primitive Methodist preacher, Keighley Circuit, 1840, and related book Behind the Stars 1911
MS1445 1845-1883 Ephemeral items from Leeds and district, including bills, receipts and letters
MS1446 1970-1980 A Womersley's notes and papers regarding Roman Yorkshire
MS1447 1967-1979 Notes on the Saltonstall family 14th-19th century Yorkshire, Hertfordshire, Middlesex, Kent and Surrey
MS1448 c. 1988 Papers of Geoffrey Ridsdill Smith regarding Slingsby family of Scriven 16th-20th century
Including photographs, photocopies, and notes
MS1449 (c.1920s) Photocopy of manuscript of History of Darton by J Dearnley
MS1450 (1987) Photocopy of file regarding the Broadbents of Longwood, near Huddersfield, 1758-1930 by RC Broadbent
Includes detailed biographies of some family members
MS1451 1988 Genealogical notes regarding Knowles family of Foxup 1538-1749
MS1452 (18th-19th century) Photocopies of registered deeds regarding Skelmanthorpe and the Field, Scholefield and Hyde families
MS1453 1988 Gladys Lee Kimble ancestry files regarding Somerset. Yorkshire and New Zealand 16th-20th century
MS1454 & MS1454 Add. 1988 History of Akroyd family of Stainland near Halifax, 1650-1987 compiled by Sydney Akroyd
MS1455 1985 Biographical notes regarding John Oates of Halifax, architect (1793-1831) by EM Alty
MS1456 19th century Grosvenor family of Eaton, Cheshire, pedigree 1700-1878
MS1457 & MS1457 Add. 1980s Transcripts of Pateley Bridge documents 16th-19th century
MS1458 1988 Hebdens of Ryedale, Appleton-le Street and Easthorpe Park, Yorkshire by TP Hebden
MS1459 (1632) Photograph of Denholme deed, 1632, and transcript
MS1460 1920s -1980s Littlewood family of Upperthong, Holmfirth and Lancashire pedigree 1510-1976, will of Ann Camplin of Ackworth, and photograph
MS1461 n.d. Baynes of Knowsthorpe pedigree 16th-19th century
MS1462 1980s A personal memoir of Rev Canon W.A.Shuffrey (1851-1932) by his son, G.O. Shuffrey
MS1463 1983 A demographic and occupational study of the townships of Kildwick and Farnhill with special reference to the 1851 and 1871 censuses by PMW Moore
MS1464 (1849) Photocopy of a Ruston family letter from Australia
MS1465 1943 McLintock and Sons Ltd: rise and progress of the firm;
quiltmakers, Barnsley, by H Thomas
MS1466 (1322) Photocopy of an inquisition post mortem of Walter de Bucketon regarding the manor of Muston, with writ
MS1467 & MS1467 Add. 1988 Guiseley parish registers; a genealogical abstract 1721-1780 and 1813-1837 by PH Jackson
Arranged alphabetically
MS1468 1983 'Duck Decoys, a note' by J.O. Dodds, with plan and illustration [photocopy]
MS1469 1988 'Early Tudor Craven', text of a talk by RW Hoyle
MS1470 1955-1960 Electoral Registers for polling districts of Appleton Roebuck and Bolton Percy in constituency of Barkston Ash
With annotations
MS1471 1988 1851 strays from Knottingley and District
MS1472 1988 Saxton in Elmet banns register, transcript 1865-1988
MS1473 1988 Harrogate gas consumers 1858-1859, alphabetical list by K.O.M. Golisti
MS1474 c. 1984 Garsed family of Elland and Australia, pedigree 17th-20th century
MS1475 1983 Woven threads of the Fox family thesis by Faye M Young
MS1476 nd Dyer family of Churwell, details from a Holy Bible 1833-1922
MS1477 1989 An Account of the Wakefield All Saints painted glass now in …Churchill, Somerset
MS1478 1928-1929 Ferrand family, pedigree 16th-18th century and 'The tragic side of child life in Holbeck' by GK Sanderson
MS1479 20th century Transcript of Whitkirk St Mary, record of burials 1874-1982
MS1480 1989 Extract of names from docket books of the manor of Wakefield
MS1481 1981-1989 Analysis of the occurrence of the surname Calverley in the IGI Yorkshire, 1981 and index of spouses compiled from the IGI
MS1482 20th century Transcript of a terrier for the curacy of Lythe 1764
MS1483 (c.1975) Photocopy of Briestfield Methodist Church: One Hundred and Fifty Years 1825-1975
MS1484 1989 Mills on the Costa by S McGeown and J.H. Rushton
MS1485 (1737) Photocopy of will of Ishmael Ogden of Oxenhope
MS1486 1989 Fulwith Mill, notes for a history by S.H. Burton
MS1487 nd Tracing of a map of Calverley by Robert Saxton, 1609
MS1488 (1802) Photocopy of skelmanthorpe enclosure plan
MS1489 20 Dec 1920 Letter from Mrs C. Enlarts, Paris to John Bilson, Hessle [in French]. Regarding similarities between the architecture of Lombardy and Durham cathedral in the 11th and 12th century
MS1490 & MS1490 Add. [1990,1993] Photocopies of Some medieval and other early Styans collected by D.G. Kendall, Styan of Whixley and DGK: early days
See also MS1630
MS1491 1986 'Domesday England 1086: an Atlas' by John Garnons Williams
MS1492 (1793) Transcript of Thorpe in Burnsall enclosure award with photocopy plan
MS1493 1990 'Appleyards in Haworth, Keighley and Bingley' pedigrees and notes by Elizabeth H Newman
MS1494 1950s -1980s Papers of Rosa Hartley
Including working papers of YAHS Ancient Monuments officer
MS1495 (1908) Photocopy of a pedigree of the Routh family
MS1496 (1990) Photocopy of an index to TS Gowland's Ripon manuscripts by J Hebden
MS1497 1990 Silsden 1500-1850 by Mary Crossley and Bette Hill
MS1498 1990 The Lowther family: extracts from parish registers 1551-1894
by C.H.H. Owen
MS1499 (1859 -1978) Photocopy of an album of Wright and related families in Yorkshire and USA
MS1500 (1990) Photocopies of notes regarding the Edwards family of Stainland and elsewhere, 18th-20th century by Bernard Edwards
MS1501 20th century Transcripts and translations of accounts of Archbishop of York relating to Beverley, Hull and the manors of Bishop Burton, Bishop Wilton, Skidby, Weaverthorpe and Wetwang by Elisabeth Exwood and others
See MD37
MS1502 1990 Notes regarding 16th-century Star Chamber proceedings and armorial window re Sir Stephen Proctor of Fountains Hall by David Jackson
MS1503 1930s Notes on West Riding industrial history by Richard Baker
MS1504 & MS1504 Add. 1990-1992 Genealogical information 17th-20th century regarding Wallace, Warwick, Wilde, Roberts, Darnbrook, Inman, Stephenson and other families compiled by Charles Wallace
MS1505 1988 The Hinton family history by Sally Hinton
MS1506 c. 1988 Family tree of Guest family of Conisborough and Rawmarsh
compiled by WR Thorpe
MS1507 1793 An Act for Draining, Dividing Inclosing and Improving all the Moor Lands in the Townships of Reedness and Swinefleet, in the parish of Whitgift , in the West Riding of the County of Yorks, 33 Geo III
Includes manuscript notes of meetings by surveyor [Thos Mould], details of claims, lists of stangs with owners, first assessment for inclosure 1794 and detailed list of proprietors with taxes levied and allotments. Signed 1801
MS1508 1960s-1980s Papers regarding research on Thornhill by Barbara Nuttall
Includes correspondence, photographs and photocopies
MS1509 (1539) Photocopies and transcripts of Craven Muster Rolls
MS1510 1960s -1980s Genealogical papers regarding Cliff family of Wortley, 17th-20th century
MS1511 1987 Ella Armitage and her work text of a lecture by Joan MB Counihan
MS1512 1989 A Directory of Relations: the families of Hewley, Baines and Harrison by M.G. Stewart based on papers in the Brynmor Jones Library, Hull University
MS1513 c. 1989 Records of Beecroft and Reynolds families of Leeds, 19th century -1989
MS1514 & MS1514 Add. (1848- 1872) Photocopies of letters, accounts and obituary re Field family of Skelmanthorpe, 1848-1872 with notes on manor of Skelmanthorpe
MS1515 1943-1944 Letter from George Smithson to Lilian Robinson describing experience of fighting in North Africa; with transcript
MS1516 (1774) Photocopies of enclosure award for Ackworth with map
MS1517 1970s-1980s Working papers regarding local and family history of Tom and Anne Smith regarding Keighley and Utley
MS1518 20th century 25 inch OS map for Lumby Hall and estate
MS1519 1952 Photographs of Clayton West, Gilcar Farm opencast coal site and ironstone workings with two covering letters
MS1520 c.1980s Addington Lodge Farm. Addington, Surrey and brief histories of some of the families who worked on the farm 1850-20th century including several Yorkshire families
MS1521 (1848) Photograph of sale plan of Water Lane and Marshall Street, Altofts
MS1522 1880s-

20th century
Scrapbook of Victorian cards and illustrations with enclosed loose items
MS1523 1989 Rabbit warrens on the Tabular Hills: archive of field and documentary work by A. Harris and D.A. Spratt
MS1524 20th century Record of marriages and burials at Almondbury and Meltham of Mitchell family with pedigrees 17th-20th century
MS1525 20th century Photocopies of pedigrees with notes of Marsden family of Skelmanthorpe 17th-20th century by Tom Wainwright and others
MS1526 1991 Schedule of material relating to Bishopdale and area
MS1527 nd Pedigree of Baines family 1040-1989
MS1528 1991 Notes on Yorkshire dialect and sayings from NA Hudleston
MS1529 1920s-1950s Notes for a history of Mirfield
MS1530 1863 - 1878 Page from Holy Bible regarding Denison family
MS1531 1991 Notes regarding Shelley Bank Methodist Chapel and Skelmanthorpe families
MS1532 c.1980s-1990s Abstract with index of banns register for Horsforth St Margaret 1853-1893
MS1533 c.1980s -1990s Pedigrees of Wagstaff family 18th-20th century
MS1534 1992 Notes on Silsden farms and roads
MS1535 c. 1990s Pedigree of Marsden family 18th-20th century
MS1536 20th century Notes regarding manor of Harewood 1066-19th century
MS1537 c. 1980s -1990s Pedigree of Booth family 18th-20th century
MS1538 Late 20 century Notes on the family of Morleys of Halifax
MS1539 1930s Papers of Frank Elgee regarding stone celts and pottery
MS1540 20th century Notes on the Dufton family
MS1541 (c. 1200) Photocopy of a charter regarding Midhope in township of Bradfield
MS1542 1904 Postcards of Huddersfield and Leeds
MS1543 1987 Pedigrees of Waterhouse and Padman families
MS1544 1992 Pedigrees of Wedgewood family
MS1545 c. 1990 Photograph of boundary stone (1825) of forest of Knaresborough
MS1546 1988-1992 Monumental inscriptions recordings for Little Ouseburn, Great Ouseburn and Green Hammerton churches
MS1547 (10th-15th century) Photocopies of documents collected in connection with a study of Beverley Minster and clergy
MS1548 19th-20th century Photographs of Leeds
MS1549 1950s -1990s The Geoffrey Ramsden manuscripts
Notebooks and papers on the Aire and Calder Navigation
MS1550 17th-20th century Papers of the Winter family of Thorner

Including correspondence, photographs, wills, deeds and pedigree. Also documents relating to parish of Thorner, establishment of Post Office, and proposed railway
MS1551 1860s-1870s Collection of mourning cards regarding Pearson family of Bramham and other families
With 2 portrait photographs of young ladies
MS1552 1992 Family tree and genealogical notes on a family of Torr at Riby, Aylesby, Hull, Haxey and Syndale
MS1553 1944-1946 The Yorkshire Post, Kriegie Edition of Stalag Luft VI
MS1554 (1990s) Photocopies of pedigree and related papers regarding Carr family of Horbury
MS1555 1926-1972 Ephemera of the Godfrey family of Keighley
MS1556 1993 Pedigree of the Dawson family of Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire and Lister families of West Yorkshire
MS1557 1965 1906 and All That by Mrs R. Greenwood
Contains information on the Holmes family
MS1558 1993 The Black Swan Inn and Old Shops in Wakefield by NB Lockwood
MS1559 1922 'With the Yorkshire Archaeological & Historical Society at Fountains Abbey, 29 July, 1922' [photographs]
MS1560 20th century Transcript of Albert Field's Journal in England and correspondence from Australia 1852-1888
MS1561 (16th century) Copy of map of Bentley Grange Emley
[copy of DD70/BEA/C2/B33/35]
MS1562 & MS1562 Add. 1980s Nussey and other family pedigrees, historical notes and information, compiled by the late JTM Nussey
Also Healey family Bible, and copies of letters from Charlotte Bronte to Ellen Nussey and notes regarding their friendahip
MS1563 1992-1993 The Ancient Parish of Hemingborough and
Changes in Some Yorkshire Villages 1841-1891
MS1564 & MS1564 Add. (1827) Photocopies of Grantley Estates Survey of Brimham, North Pasture & High Wood Estates in townships of Hartwith and Sawley
MS1565 1993 A history of Harewood and District by A Hodgkinson
MS1566 (1849) Photocopy of Cleckheaton tithe map and award with Scholes family information 18th-20th century
MS1567 (19th century) Copy of Ilkley tithe map
MS1568 1970s-1990s Correspondence, papers and maps of Donald Spratt
regarding Yorkshire's pre-history
MS1569 18th-20th century Information regarding Deloitte family of Hull, France and Australia
MS1570 (1499) Photocopies of rental of Percy lands in Craven
Original in Bolton Abbey Estate Office
MS1571 1951 Fire Prevention Inspection report for Claremont Nursing Home, Leeds City Fire Brigade
MS1572 & MS1572 Add. 1989 -2004 Information regarding Amy Johnson collected for a seminar
Also further papers regarding Amy Johnson and material relating to the Amy Johnson Appreciation Society
MS1573 (1702) Photocopy of a letter from John Evelyn to Ralph Thoresby,
and from T.D. Whitaker to Mr Robinson, bookseller, Leeds
See also MS1-36, MS891, MS1595
MS1574 1945 Letter from J.W. Walker to E. Simpson regarding brass rubbing and Wakefield Historical Society
MS1575 1916-1943 Index from funeral book of George Thompson, joiner and undertaker, Wortley and Holbeck districts of Leeds
MS1576 (1838) Photocopies of leases of Lindley, Wharfedale, farms
MS1577 (16th century) Photocopy of account roll of Collegiate Church of St John of Beverley
MS1578 1994 Transcripts and translations of papers relating to the Constable family of Burton, East Riding in 13th century
MS1579 c. 1960 Report of excavation of Roman Road on Otley Chevin
MS1580 (1777- 1883) Photocopies of account books of Middleton family of Middleton, Ilkley 1777-82 & 1856-83
See also MD59
MS1581 20th century Information regarding Butler family of Kirkstall 16th-20th century
MS1582 c. 1920s Plan of Bolton Priory by Sidney D Kitson and ground plan
MS1583 1994 Clarendon Road, Little Woodhouse a project by U3A
MS1584 (13th-18th century) Photocopies of deeds and other papers regarding the manor of Addingham
With detailed history of provenance and references s to Early Yorkshire Charters Vol VII, Yorkshire Deeds Vol 10 and DD202
MS1585 & MS1585 Add. 1994 Yorkshire Drinkers by Maria Moisà
Appendix to an article in Medieval Yorkshire 1994
Also notes regarding ale prices and fines
MS1586 (18th-20th century) Photocopies of source material for rabbit warrens in the North Riding
MS1587 (c. 1727) Photocopy of notebook for A New and Exact Plan of the City of York by J Cossins, mapmaker
With other information and sketches
MS1588 (1587) Photocopy of a map of Plompton manor with additional information by J. Kaner, 1989
MS1589 (1995) Photocopy of 'The Rycrofts of Idle in the parish of Calverley' by Christopher Rycroft
MS1590 c. 1920s Index to pygmy vessels by Frank Elgee
MS1591 (1576-1608) Photocopies of wills of Rawson and Sager families
MS1592 c. 1904 Photograph album and scrapbook of Payne Gallwey family of Thirkleby with photographs of Richmond area 1870
See also DD94
MS1593 1995 Pool Corn Mill by Dr HG Muller
MS1594 19th-20th century Papers relating to the estates of General Rawdon in Rawdon and Haworth
Includes correspondence, bills and receipts, accounts and rentals
MS1595 1995 List of items now held at Burton Constable formerly part of Ralph Thoresby's Museum, with a list of Thoresby's 'Curiosities'
See also MS1-36, MS891, MS1573
MS1596 (1287) Photocopy of extent of lands of St Leonard's hospital, York
MS1597 1801-1869 Letters of Clapham family of Oakwell Hall, and Fieldhead, Birstall
Also copy and partial extract of Birstall tithe map and award, 1848
MS1598 1906-1988 Papers of Helen Ward of Hetton, domestic servant and local historian
Includes notes, newspaper cuttings, photographs, diary and letters, relating mainly to Rylston and the Skipton area.
MS1599 1791-1827 Pages from Family Bible with births and deaths of Wright family
MS1600 1994 A History of the George Family and the Wood Family 1700-1993
MS1601 (1366) Photocopy of acknowledgement of a debt to Kirkstall Abbey
Note: Original in Leeds City Museum
MS1602 (18th-19th century) Photocopies of documents and notes regarding Eldwick and Faweather (Garnett family)
MS1603 1996 Transcript of baptisms at Meanwood Methodist Church with plan of Meanwood Holy Trinity graveyard 1815-1920
With photocopy and index
MS1604 (1579 - 1597) Photocopy of accounts of Bolton Abbey
MS1605 20th century Photocopies of monumental Inscriptions for Kirkheaton Parish Church graveyard and Laneside Cemetery
MS1606 1996 List of names recorded on floor monuments in Wakefield Cathedral
MS1607 1985 Notes on field survey of Yorkshire Pennines by Eleanor M Holt with photocopies of maps of Idle 16th-19th century
MS1608 1996 Monumental inscriptions for Rosedale St Mary and St Lawrence
MS1609 1983 Excavations on Harden Moor, Bingley at SE 075387 - an interim statement by J. Henderson with note regarding bronze urn by M. Greaves
MS1610 (1760) Photocopied transcript of enclosure award for Harthill and
Photocopied transcript of will of George Storey, mason of Harthill
MS1611 & MS1611 Add. 1900-1996 W. Pickles Collection
Including material relating to education, including Wheelwright Grammar School, Dewsbury; St Wilfred's School, Greenwoods Grammar School, Thornhill and Daw Green Charity School, Dewsbury. Also papers relating to local history of Garforth and district, factories and transport
MS1612 (19th century) Photocopies of papers relating to gas lighting
General arrangements of gas installations in Leeds by Boulton and Watt and other papers 1808-1810, including Whitby Gas Light Co. drawings, press-cuttings etc
MS1613 (c.1709-1823) Photocopies of papers relating to Claremont estate
Sale particulars and plan 1894 for Claremont Estate including abstracts of title of John Denison c. 1709-1786 and George Rawson c. 1766-1823
Note: originals at Nottinghamshire Record Office and WYAS: Leeds
MS1614 1996 Photocopy of a transcript of marriage register of Holy Trinity Meanwood 1849-1918
MS1615 1891-1978 Personal papers from people who have died without traced relatives from Leeds Department of Social Services
Includes certificates, photographs and letters
MS1616 1997 Transcript of registers of Holden Chapel [Bolton by Bowland]; baptism 1771-1897, burial 1802-1908
MS1617 (c. 1895) Photocopies of Leeds City Council Building Control Plans relating to houses and streets to be built in the grounds of Claremont
MS1618 c. 1903 Genealogical and heraldic material regarding Bosville or Boswell family
MS1619 20th century Photocopies of notes on Ripon and district 1785-1865 by John Tuting
MS1620 18th century Pedigree of Clifford family, earls of Cumberland
MS1621 20th century Files of genealogical research including Memoir of Millie Price (née Browne), quaker and suffragette
Also includes Gomersal family pedigree and list of Yorkshire Bankrupts, 1731-1780, from Gentleman's Magazine
MS1622 n.d. Extracts regarding Firsby family from court rolls of manor of Conisbrough 1275-1324
MS1623 1987 Historical notes, 1520-1995, regarding Ridsdale family by Mr J.R.W. Ridsdale
MS1624 c. 1760 The Case of Thomas Stapleton of Carlton in the County of York, Esq, in relation to his claim of the Barony of Beaumont
MS1625 1747-1777 Papers of Reverend Joseph Ismay, Vicar of Mirfield
Including sermons 1738-1774; correspondence 1743-1763; journals 1729-1767 and notes from archaeological journals
See also MS554
MS1626 20th century Pedigrees of Yorkshire and non-Yorkshire families 1883-1972
MS1627 & MS1627 Add. 1996-1997 Records of the Yorkshire Vernacular Buildings Study Group
Consisting of detailed recordings of individual buildings and architectural features.
MS1628 20th century Card index system of archaeological sites and finds in the North Yorkshire Moors area
Possibly regarding DA Spratt's papers
MS1629 (1772) Photocopy of book of Bridges of the North Riding, consisting of plans and elevations of 87 North Riding Bridges, drawn by John Carr (1723-1807)
MS1630 20th century Papers of Professor D Kendall regarding Kendall family and Whixley area 1758-1973
Including photocopies of maps
See also MS1490
MS1631 1998 Transcript and index of the baptism and burial registers of Houghton Chapel, Tosside, Gisburn Forest, 1749-1851
MS1632 c. 1990s Index to surnames for Bramley (Leeds) census 1841, 1861, 1891, with street index
MS1633 1936 Pedigree of Wadsworth family of Water Hall, Penistone
MS1634 1909-1934 Guiseley Parish Messenger
MS1635 1996 Monumental Inscriptions of Pickering St Peter and St Paul
MS1636 c. 1980s Monumental Inscriptions of Wakefield Cathedral recorded by West Yorkshire Archaeology Service
MS1637 (1876-1987) Photocopies of papers regarding Roman(e) family held at Arrowtown Museum, New Zealand including letters and list of deaths registered in Arrowtown 1876-1899
MS1638 (1764-1842) Photocopy and transcript of diary The Struggles through life, of John Yeadon of Yeadon, a Methodist lay preacher
MS1639 20th century Genealogical material regarding Thackray family of Yorkshire and Australia 1668-1881
Including notes, certificates, wills and correspondence compiled by Catherine Thackray
MS1640 1998 Transcripts of Dewsbury Rectory Manor Courts Baron 1607-1733
MS1641 1960s Yorkshire Post and Yorkshire Evening Post editions regarding Leeds and Yorkshire
MS1642 1998 The people of Rosedale in the parish registers of the late 18th and 19th centuries , transcript of parish registers with index
MS1643 (1603-1910) Papers regarding Reynard/Rennard family of Yorkshire including photocopies of Knaresborough wills
Originals in WYAS: Leeds
MS1644 20th century Extracts from parish registers of Dent regarding the Willan family 1611-1750
MS1645 1998 Transcripts of Mirfield Parish Church monumental inscriptions
MS1646 1998 The Parish Church of St Mary the Virgin, Arkengarthdale, N. Yorks being a record of monumental inscriptions
Also includes map of churchyard
MS1647 c. 1998 An account of the search for the origins of a Leeds family by name of Burt c. 1791-1998
MS1648 1998 Transcript of Cropton Undenominational School admission, progress and withdrawal records 1865-1912
MS1649 1845 The Addingham Iris, Journal of the Addingham Mechanics Institute
MS1650 1942 John Bedford and Sons, Lion Works, Sheffield, 150th Anniversary 1792-1942
MS1651 (1452) Photocopy, transcript and translation of quadripartite indenture regarding manors of Hertford, Staynton, Appilton, and Sallay
MS1652 c. 1980s Pedigree of the Gledhill family of Halifax
MS1653 (1570)-
20th century
Papers relating to the Kay(e) family including photographs of
memorials, pedigree and wills
MS1654 (1996) Photocopies of correspondence and notes regarding the Ryther family of Yorkshire
MS1655 1970 List of persons who died at Kidcote prison, York, buried in churchyard of St John's Ousebridge, York 1574-1745 and list of children of prisoners baptised in St John's 1580-1624
MS1656 (1780-1812) Photocopy of a list of population figures and inhabitants in Tong and Westgate, Bradford
Note: originals at WYAS: Bradford
MS1657 1955 Transcript of Giggleswick parish register 1558-1572
MS1658 (1735-
20th century)
Miscellaneous documents
Including copy of a map of north part of East Ardsley belonging to George, Earl of Cardigan 1735 and modern map of Leeds
MS1659 (1786, 1851) Photocopies of wills of Francis Billam of Leeds, 1786 and George Baron of Drewton, 1851
Note: originals at Borthwick Institute
MS1660 c. 1971 Traffic problems at Haworth arising from the new relief road, an exhibition prepared by Jacqui R Greenwood
MS1661 (1967-1991) Copy of minutes of York Minster Archaeological Advisory Committee
MS1662 (1723-1821) Photocopies of York census returns 1801, 1811, 1821, oath of allegiance 1723, poll book 1774, and alehouse recognizances 1771-1803
MS1663 1938-1941 Correspondence from William Hebditch, YAHS librarian, to Charles Clay
MS1664 1883 Will of Andrew Pickard of Ossett and Leeds
MS1665 c. 1990 The early art of the West Riding of Yorkshire: A subject list of extant and lost art including items relevant to early drama
by Professor Barbara D Palmer
Also photographs and research for this publication
MS1666 (1885) On board the Pleiades, transcription of diary of a Yorkshire emigrant, Edwin Bold of Batley Carr re voyage to New Zealand
MS1667 (1776-1970) Copies of maps and plans of the Leeds area
Also includes sketch map [copy] of the Forest of Knaresborough 1767, plans of Hunslet Engine Works, Leeds, and engineering machinery of Joshua Buckton Well House Foundry, Leeds
MS1668 1960s -1990s Notes and photographs regarding the Forest of Knaresborough and its boundary stones
MS1669 c. 1998 Transcript of Otley parish registers, indexed: baptisms 1752-1812, marriages 1750-1812, burials 1752-1812
MS1670 1999 Burley-in-Wharfedale millennium calendar
MS1671 1998 Notes on the Middleton family of Stockeld Park, North Yorkshire, and of their library
See also MD59/12/61
MS1672 1999 Catalogue of the Bothaley collection, estate papers of the Johnson family of Lancashire, Durham and the West Riding c. 1190-19th century held at the Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand
MS1673 1999 Catalogue of the Lister family, Barons Ribblesdale, Gisburn, manorial and estate papers 1647-1822 deposited in the Lancashire Record Office
MS1674 c. 2000 Transcription of accounts of the Reverend Mr George Beaumont 1736-1754 of Sandal, West Riding
MS1675 Late 19th-
late 20th century
Papers regarding the Craker family of Boston Spa and Courtrai, Belgium, and Shann family of Knaresborough
Includes notes, correspondence and certificates
Also account ledgers of George Craker & son, plumbers & electricians of Boston Spa 1866-1968
MS1676 1999 Maney Publishing millennium calendar including a short history of WS Maney & Son Ltd, established 1900
MS1677 c. 1990s Notes and photographs relating to non-conformist chapels and Friends meeting houses in Craven and the Dales
Partly compiled during the preparation of The early history of the Society of Griends in Mid-Wharefedale and Craven edited by M Long and M Pickles
MS1678 (1882)-
Papers of Dr W.R. Mitchell
Mainly regarding to Edward Elgar and his connection with Dr C.W. Buck of Settle including photographs and postcards, sheet music and photocopies of correspondence between Buck and Elgar
Also papers relating to Mitchell's work on Elgar and re the Leeds Music Festival
MS1679 1893-1909 Kirklees Priory containing reprints of articles regarding Kirklees priory and the surrounding areas [annotated]
MS1680 1903 Handbook for Yorkshire published by Edward Stanford
MS1681 c. 1970s Photograph of Lillian Robinson
MS1682 1899 Abstract of title of Robert Wood to land at Kirkstall
MS1683 (1895) Photocopy of pedigree of Horsfall of Denholme and Hornby Grange [annotated]
MS1684 1854 Mortgage of 55 Lansdown Road North, Kensington Park, Middlesex
MS1685 1959 The Clifford, Earls of Cumberland, 1579-1646 - a study of their fortunes based on their household and estate accounts
Unpublished PhD thesis by Dr R.T. Spence
MS1686 19th-20th century Photographs of Yorkshire towns including Leeds, Harrogate, Bradford, Keighley, Whitby and Thirsk by James Herbert Saunders
MS1687 1999 Thornton & Pearson (Printers) Bradford millennium calendar
MS1688 (1903) Photocopy of marriage certificate of Hanson Anthony Domaine and Ethel Gibson at the Friends Meeting House, Bradford
MS1689 (19th)-20th century Papers relating to the Sharpe family of South Yorkshire and North Nottinghamshire
Including list of Yorkshire deeds relating to Sharpe family and photocopies of deeds
MS1690 1998 History of the Foxcroft family of Yorkshire and America, with pedigrees 1327-1994
MS1691 nd Ground plan of Fountains Abbey
MS1692 20th century Catalogue of records from the Devonshire Colletion at Chatsworth regarding the Yorkshire estates, extracted by Dr R.T. Spence
MS1693 c. 1990s Papers of R.T. Spence regarding YAHS publication Early Grassington
MS1694 18th-20th century Newspapers, political cartoons, proclamations, broadsheets, advertisements and playbills
MS1695 (1841)-1993 Michael Walker bequest
Material relating to Horsforth including copies of census returns 1841-1891, parish register transcripts for St James Woodside and St Margaret's, and notes on local families including the Stables, Ingham and Morfitt families.
Includes photocopies of Horsforth tithe map and Stanhope estate map
MS1696 20th century Genealogical material relating to the Illingworth family
MS1697 2000 Newspaper supplements regarding the floods in York in November 2000
MS1698 20th century Genealogical information relating to President G.W. Bush's links with Yorkshire from Family Tree World Pedigrees
MS1699 20th century Photocopies of wills, probates and inventories of various individuals in Yorkshire 15th-120th century and card index
MS1700 Mid 20th century The schools at work, a pictorial survey of national education in England and Wales
MS1701 c. 1920s Photographs of Open Air School, Batley
MS1702 20th century Papers of F Casperson re the Stables family of Horsforth and the Meanwood Valley
MS1703 2001 Songs of the Ridings, musical scores and words of Yorkshire Songs by Mary and Nigel Hudleston
MS1704 1960s -1970s Papers of the York Excavation Group, North Yorkshire watermills survey
MS1705 2001 A Guiseley Miscellany, a genealogical abstract and index to the non-conformist registers with details of many families pre-1837 in Guiseley
MS1706 c. 2000 Pedigree of the Brodehede (Broadhead) family 13th-20th century
MS1707 (2000) Copy of Archaeological survey of Nostell Priory commissioned by the National Trust
MS1708 1905-1999 Records of the West Riding Oxford and Cambridge Club,
formerly the West Riding Cambridge Club
MS1709 20th century Extracts from an account book showing debts due to Samuel Elam, Leeds 1773-1783
MS1710 (1834- 1871) Copies of various documents
Copy of a map of the parish of Halifax 1834/5, copy of Horton Workhouse, Bradford census returns 1871, pedigrees of Blackham, Ebery, Guest, The Ratcliffes of Mytholme-Royd
MS1711 2001 Villas of the Brigantes and Parisi - criteria for site location.
Unpublished dissertation by M. Burroughs [floppy disc]
MS1712 1989 The fight for the line: Huddersfield, the Ramsdens, and the Huddersfield and Manchester Railway 1843-1849.
Unpublished dissertation by G Wright
MS1713 Late 20th century Papers of Hilda Dearnley
Including partial transcript of Hartley Thwaite's notes regarding Birstall parish registers 1637-1695, transcripts of Darton parish registers 1624-1812, and of monumental inscriptions for Barnsley, Cawthorne, Darton, High Hoyland and Worsbrough
MS1714 c. 1975-
c. 2000
The Garnetts of Otley Mill: a family history compiled over many years by P. Garnett Jones
MS1715 1586-1750 Papers relating to the Calverley family of Esholt
MS1716 (1895) Copy of Ordnance Survey map of Kettlewell with key to numbers on 1893 tithe map
MS1717 (1672-1812) Copies of documents originally in the possession of Henry Poppleton, corn miller of Staveley
MS1718 1867 Book belonging to Leonard Robinson of Farnley, Leeds containing Robinson family tree
Also various business accounts predating his acquisition
MS1719 c. 1866-
c. 1874
Extracts from printed journals regarding Roman remains at Castle Dykes near Ripon
MS1720 Late 20th century Papers of A. Edwick, Baildon local historian
[Closed until 2102]
Transferred to West Yorkshire Archive Service: Bradford
MS1721 & MS1721 Add. (c. 1700-
c. 1850)
Photocopies of miscellaneous genealogical documents and list of alehouse keepers licensed at Halifax.
MS1722 & MS1722 Add. (1671)-2002 Miscellaneous papers
Including Yorkshire pedigrees, copies of hearth tax returns for Hawksworth and Menston 1671, and copy of map showing boundaries of Hawksworth in 1273.
Also diaries of Elsie Johnson 1942-2002
MS1723 Late 20th century Indexed transcript of extracts from Boston Spa Journal and News
MS1724 c. 2000 The ancient and historical descent of the barony of Everingham of Laxton c. 1142-1990.
MS1725 Late 20th century Lofthouse family papers including pedigree and copy of Leeds parish register entries 1602-1902
MS1726 1915-1982 Records of Richard Linnecar Freemasons Lodge No. 6143, Wakefield
Includes printed material and records re freemasonry, probably papers of W Read one of the founding members of the Lodge
MS1727 & MS1727 Add. 1994-2002 Papers regarding planning applications regarding listed buildings in Leeds, Calderdale, Hull, Scunthorpe and Bridlington
[Sent to the YAHS as part of a consultation exercise]
MS1728 1937 Harewood coronation celebrations, souvenir programme
MS1729 [1938] Photocopy of deed relating to Half Mile Lane, Bramley and abstract of title of Arthur Gibbs & Son to a plot of land, also photocopy of extract from Bramley Poor's Allotment Trust
MS1730 1841-1877 List of non-parochial registers in the custody of Registrar General
Also miscellaneous documents, including poster re marriage of Prince of Wales, 1863
MS1731 1909-1999 Papers of Harry Liddle
Including research regarding the Liddle family and his career in the Royal Navy
MS1732 2003 Honley Town book, facsimile edition, transcribed by Shirley Manning Heaton 1745-1846
MS1733 (1588- 1946) Photocopies of documents regarding Kent family of Tatefield Hall, Beckwithshaw
Includes letters, court rolls, deeds, bills and pedigree
MS1734 c. 2003 Photocopy of pedigree of the Nicholson family 1681-2003
MS1735 1857- 1950s W Cattley [organ builder], A history of Leeds Town Hall Organ
and other materials regarding organs and organ building
MS1736 (1972) Photocopies of plans, photographs and notes regarding 73 Northgate, Wakefield, recorded by the YAHS Medieval Section
MS1737 2003 Transcript and translation of text from dorse of John Speed's map of Yorkshire from Theatre of the Empire of Great Britain, 1610
MS1738 1907 Pedigree of the Denison family of Wakefield, Methley and Leeds, 1637-1899
MS1739 (1693- 1874) Papers re the Weatherhead family of Keighley and Pateley Bridge
Including copies of pedigree, extracts from parish registers and certificates
See MS676
MS1740 1975 Notes, photographs and plans regarding 133 Carr Moor Side, Hunslet, Leeds
MS1741 1855 Illustrated plan of the town of Pocklington, including names of householders
MS1742 c. 2004 Pedigree of the Storey family of Leeds, 1800-2004
MS1743 2003 Catalogue of the Bretton Hall and Dearne Valley Collection compiled by Dr SJ Wright
MS1744 c. 1985 Pedigree of the Bottomley family of Leeds, 1858-1985
MS1745 c. 2000 Pedigrees of the Blackburn family of Aldbrough, Pearson and Lambs of Meanwood and Arthrington, and Dacres of Wetherby and Leeds
Also copies of notes regarding John Kirby, inventor, of Leeds 1534-1939
MS1746 1960s-1990s Papers of Donald M Hallowes
Some regarding heraldry
MS1747 1936 Notes on Joshua Rowntree and his manuscript notebook regarding archaeological sites in Yorkshire
MS1748 c. 2004 Information relating to the Lancashire Textile Project, including social technical history of the East Lancashire steam driven textile industry 1888-1978 [CD]
MS1749 2003 Langstroth Forest court rolls 1547-1597. Dissertation by A Carrieri
MS1750 c. 2003 Monumental inscriptions for Mount Olive Baptist Charlestown, Hebden Bridge, Lambutts Chapel, Lambutts, Todmorden and Mankinholes, Todmorden, 19th-20th century
MS1751 (1771) Copy of alehouse calendar of recognizances for the wapentake of Morley
MS1752 2004 Witch posts of North East Yorkshire. Thesis with map showing locations of witch posts 2003-2004 by Dr G. Price
MS1753 1776-2003 Transcript of pages from family bible of Reverend John Trickett, and pages from bible
MS1754 (1559- 1860) Genealogical papers regarding Moon and Wentworth families
MS1755 (1726- 1780) Photocopies of reeve's accounts for Ravensrode, a township now under the River Humber
MS1756 19th century Memoirs of Elizabeth Barstow of Garrow Hill, York, pedigree of the Barstow familyof York 1648-1900, and list of dialect words from Yorkshire and Lancashire 1880s
MS1757 c. 1900 Plan of Leeds showing city and ward boundaries
MS1758 (1800- 1901) Transcripts of records regarding Walton near Wetherby
Including Churchwardens accounts 1871-1909, census returns 1901, and land tax and farm rentals 1800-1815
MS1759 1928 Monumental inscriptions in the Weslyan Chapel Graveyard, Thornton, Bradford, 1825-1907
MS1760 2004 The Charley family from Gloucestershire by Derrick J Reeves.
Contains material relating to Leeds
MS1761 Early 20th century Plan of the town and port of Goole, showing the River Ouse Improvement Scheme, new docks and locks
MS1762 Late 20th century Monumental inscriptions for Allerton Bywater, Harewood, Kippax, Hawes and various non-conformist churches, Swaledale, and some photocopies of early maps of Essex, Berkshire etc
MS1763 (1784)-20th century Newspapers
Mostly commemorating special events, also The General Evening Post, 1781 [copy] and The Weekly Dispatch, 1801
MS1764 1812 Leeds Intelligencer
MS1765 (1846) Photocopy of tithe map for the township of Headingley cum Burley
MS1766 (18th century) Photocopies of maps of the East Riding of Yorkshire engraved by Emanuel Bowen (1727-1767) and Christopher Greenwood (1786-1855)
MS1767 (1791-
20th century)
Recipe books including copy of Antiquitates Culinariae, 1791
MS1768 (mid-19th cent) Extracts from Leeds house auctions
MS1769 2005 Genealogical notes of the Micklethwaite family, 1597-1718
MS1770 2004 List of persons using the surname Eshelby or similar, 1581-1989
MS1771 2005 Papers from Leeds City Council planning application including photocopies of site plans regarding waterside regeneration and the civic hall
Also description of municipal buildings, Leeds
MS1772 nd Papers mostly regarding Minnie Walker
Including photographs of amateur dramatics, and certificates regarding St John Ambulance brigade
MS1773 2005 Genealogical notes of the Ella, Usflete and Haldenby families
MS1774 c. 1970s Monumental inscriptions of Baptist Burial Ground, Hough Lane, Bramley
MS1775 2005 Draft copy of Leeds City Council planning application for the restoration of the First White Cloth Hall, Kirkgate, Leeds
MS1776 19th century Miscellaneous notes and papers on various Yorkshire castles and abbeys
MS1777 2005 List of documents currently in the care of the Cononley Local History Association
MS1778 (20th century) Photocopies of pedigree and genealogical notes of the Lamb family of Appleton Roebuck, 1750-1899
MS1779 c. 1929 Photographs of the Cole family
MS1780 1922-1958 Miscellaneous papers of B. Kent, Tatefield Hall
MS1781 2003-2005 Project Manager and Project Co-ordinator's papers relating to funding and administration of the YAHS's Bradfer-Lawrence Project
MS1782 1990-2004 Registers of electors for the parliamentary constituency of Pudsey
MS1783 1934 Map of Leeds showing housing to be relocated
MS1784 1813-1996 Miscellaneous records
Including Arkendale poor law inventories (copies with schedule) The Hickleton Brew, The Ravenscliffe Cookery Book and housekeeping books of Mrs Mary Brears 1981-1996

MS1784 Add. - Cookery book 'More Rydale Recipes' 1977
MS1785 19th-20th century Papers of the Manby family of Skipton
Includes Marshal General Plantagenet-Harrison's History of Yorkshire [annotated], 1879, Frederic Manby's 'best' school book, 1851, notes on the Parbury, Swale and Tyzack families, together with business correspondence and receipts.
Also various newspapers 1891-1924
MS1786 Late 20th century Papers of Kate Mason
Regarding the history of Addingham and papers and copies of documents regarding the Craven, Ilkley and Middleton areas
MS1787 2006 Memorial service programme for Professor Maurice W Beresford, with notes compiled as a tribute
MS1788 Late 19th century Plan of the River Rye from Helmsley Bridge to Newton Wath
MS1789 20th century Papers of John F Broadbent, Dewsbury, regarding history of Dewsbury 1348-1881
See MS1640
MS1790 Late 19th- mid 20th century Sales catalogues, many including plans, relating to property or estates in Yorkshire, particularly Leeds, Bradford and North Yorkshire [annotated]
MS1791 1969-1989 Papers relating to the history of Cawood Castle and its restoration
MS1792 c. 1874 Pedigree of the Metcalfe family of Nappa Hall, Beare Park, Northallerton and Thornborough Hall, and Metcalfe, now Marwood of Little Busby Hall and Northallerton
Compiled by John Henry Metcalfe for Foster's Country families of Yorkshire of 1874
MS1793 1854-1860 Askwith school books of John Bowling (1846-1903)
MS1794 1861 William Child's commissions for the Second West Riding of Yorkshire Engineer Volunteers
MS1795 [1859 - 1889] Diaries of John Deakin Heaton [microfilm]
Note: for originals see MD477
MS1796 1874-1876 Home Words parochial magazine of St Simon's, Leeds
MS1797 1713-1887 Acts of parliament relating to various towns and parishes in the West Riding of Yorkshire
MS1798 1942-1948 Papers of Kenneth Palmer, dentist, Bradford
MS1799 2006 The Dorothy Jowett archives: A family record, Keighley Bradford and Awbridge, Hants [CD]
MS1800 (1909) Copy of map showing ecclesiastical parishes of Leeds
MS1801 c. 1680s The great historical, geographical and poetical dictionary: being a curious miscellany of sacred and profane history
MS1802 1910-1923 Cuttings and notes relating to the bibliography of Settle and Craven
MS1803 20th century Marie Hartley (1905-2006) bequest
Papers of the artist, historian and collector
MS1804 nd Pedigree of the Hudleston family of Hutton John, Cumbria and Sawton, Cambridge, 1098-1895
MS1805 1981 Calendar of documents deposited in the Brynmor Jones Library, University of Hull
MS1806 2006 Photographs of Spenfield House, Otley Road, Weetwood, Leeds for residential development
Part of a Leeds City Council planning application 2006
MS1807 (1693-1723) Photocopies of Bishops' Transcripts for Baildon, St John
MS1807 Add. (1600- 1601) Photocopies of Bishops' Transcripts for Addingham
MS1808 20th century Calverley surname record 15th-19th century
MS1809 1849 Will of John Wood, Leeds
MS1810 2006-2007 Photograph, newspaper cuttings, correspondence, service of thanks giving, and obituary, relating to Kate Mason

MS1811 1755-1874 Pedigree of the Busk family 1755-1874
MS1812 1580-1890 Pedigree of the Boddington family 1580-1890
MS1813 (1881) Facsimile of the grant of standard to Sir John Carre
MS1814 (1395) Rubbing of the brass effigy of Sir Simon de Wensley, died 1395, in Wensley Church
MS1815 1876-1988 Plan of Wheldale Sand Mine worked under the estate of Queens College, Oxford (Surveyors J.T. White & Sons, Wakefield 1876); British Geological Survey map of Basal Parmian sand in the Castleford/Pontefract area 1988
MS1816 & MS1816 Add. 1992-2005 Notes, publicity, programmes, etc relating to the Annual Mills Conferences 1992-2005
Papers relating to the 16th National Mills Regeneration Conference at Otley. Papers relating to Leeds Mills, Conference held at the Round Foundry, Leeds
MS1817 (1983) 'The York Play': A facsimile of British Library MS Additional 35290 together with a facsimile of the Ordo Paginarum section of the York A/Y Memorandum Book, printed by the School of English, University of Leeds
MS1818 1892 Rent Book, owner not known, address in front, Beeston Hill, Holbeck, Leeds
MS1819 2007 The Tordoff Family History Society, 'The Tordofffs of North Bierley', vol. 3, The Registry of Deeds, Wakefield
MS1820 2007 Research into the Wood family
MS1821 2007 Peter Walker, 'A summary of research into witch posts'
MS1822 1999-2000 Report and memorandum of the Urban Task Force of Leeds City Council 'Towards an urban regeneration'
MS1823 2000 Two case studies investigating Beamsley and Freiston Hospitals and John Crossley's Almshouses and Archbishop Holgate's Hospital, taken from 'A continuum of care', MA dissertation, Lancaster University
MS1824 Late 20th century Papers of John A. Wilson, Harrogate regarding archaeological sites and historic buildings mainly in Yorkshire
MS1825 20th century Transcriptions of Giggleswick wills up to 1603
MS1826 20th century Field notes and drawings of mileposts in the Calder Valley
by William Bunting Crump
MS1827 1899 Notes relating to the Bennett family of Leeds
Including extracts from Peter Bennett's letters from South Africa during the Boer War
MS1828 (1906) Photocopy of J.J. Boswell, History and Genealogical Tables of the Boswells
MS1829 18th-19th century Photograph of a sampler and genealogical notes linking Sarah Senior with the sampler, pedigrees of the Scott family of Soothill and the Lee family of Birstall 18th-19th century
MS1830 1919-1940 Birth certificate and change of name document relating to George Funck
MS1831 2008 Dissertation on the 'Amicable Society of Scarborough and the Schools which the Society ran' by Andrew Davies
MS1832 1830 Accounts of the firm of Hustler, Hardcastle and Wright, Coal Merchants of Bradford and Liverpool
MS1833 1894 Marriage certificate of Thomas Rose and Mary Annie Steele of Leeds
MS1834 n.d. Pedigree of the Rayner family of Burley, Otley, Leeds and Bradford from 1760 onwards
MS1835 1813-1835 Drawings and notes on research into the work of J.C. Buckler on Selby Abbey
MS1836 2001 DVD recording of an interview between Dr Negley Harte, University College, London and Professor Maurice Beresford