Guide to Yorkshire Archaeological & Historical Society archive

Guide conventions

Collection titles
Collection titles are given in bold, and further details where appropriate are given underneath.

Collection references
The collection reference is the unique alpha-numeric reference allocated to a particular set of documents. All YAHS collection references are prefixed DD, MD or MS. In this guide the reference for the whole collection is given. Individual items within catalogued collections will have additional section or item numbers e.g. MD335/1/12/5.

Where possible the date range of material contained in each collection is given. These are covering dates i.e. in a series of minutes books 1890-1903 there may not be minutes for every year e.g. we may only hold a minute book for 1890-1895 and one for 1900-1903.

Where a document is undated the abbreviation “n.d.” (no date) is used.

Where exact dates are not know a century is given.