Diary of lectures and other events arranged by the YAHS or by Societies and Groups affiliated with the YAHS 2017-2018

In the tables below all YAHS lectures and other events are listed in bold type, with lectures, etc, arranged by groups affiliated with the YAHS in standard type. YAHS lectures are organised by the Society's sections. These are abbreviated as follows:
FHS - Family History Section
IHS - Industrial History Section
MS - Medieval Section
PreRS - Prehistory Research Section
RAS - Roman Antiquities Section

Details of the abbreviations used for affiliated groups and who to contact for further information can be seen here.

Members of each YAHS section are (of course) entitled to attend that section's lectures, etc, free of charge. Members of other YAHS sections, or of the overall YAHS only, or of YAHS affiliates, are welcome to attend lectures, etc, arranged by sections to which they do not belong, although a small donation might be sought (£1-£2) for such occasional attendance.

Please note that at this time almost all the YAHS lectures will be held at Swarthmore Education Centre (and any known exception is noted in the listing). Some small changes may be possible after January 2018, so please check the
Society's website in case of any alterations after that date.. Swarthmore Education Centre is located at 2-7 Woodhouse Square, Leeds, LS3 1AD.

Under venue, the following abbreviations are used: Sw = Swarthmore, ER = East Riding of Yorkshire, NY = North Yorkshire, SY = South Yorkshire, WY = West Yorkshire and Yk = York

Date Time Section or Affiliate Venue Event
September 2017
Sat 2 14.30 HAS NY Janis Heward, Hidden Archaeology in the Yorkshire Dales
Tues 5 14.00 MDLHG NY Miles Johnson, The Conservation of the Physical Archaeological Environment (Note: 'Aspects of Archaeology' - three linked sessions; see also 19 and 26 Sept; fee applicable)
Thu 7 11.00 UWHG WY Bob Holt, Medieval Leeds (a walk exploring the streets of Medieval Leeds)
Sat 9 11.00 FHS Sw Simon Bulmer, History of Rothwell
Sun 10 tba YVBSG NY Northallerton walkabout (see YVBSG website for details)
Tues 12 12.00 YAHS Sw Jane Ellis, Towton Battlefield Walk (ca 3 hour walk; meet first for lunch at The Rockingham Arms, Towton; contact yas.excursion@gmail.com for details)
Wed 13 19.30 WHS WY Gary Brannan, The plight of human fortune and the pitilessness of death: The Black Death and the church in Yorkshire, 1349
Fri 15 19.30 HAHS NY Martin Vander Weyer, The 2nd Earl of Faversham at the Battle of the Somme
Sat 16 11.00 IAG NY Stewart Ainsworth,Walk to Whitley Castle Roman Fort (jointly with Altogether Archaeology; see IAG website for details)
Sat 16 14.00 RAS Sw Dr Stephen Greep and Dr Sonia O'Connor, Ivories : The real thing? The Roman Ivories from York and Brigantia
Mon 18 19.15 TS WY Rachel Reeves MP, The political life of Alice Bacon: one of the twentieth century's most remarkable female politicians defying all odds to be elected the first woman MP for Leeds in 1945
Tues 19 14.00 MDLHG NY Professor Charlotte Roberts, Osteoarchaeology (Note: 'Aspects of Archaeology' - three linked sessions; see also 5 and 26 Sept; fee applicable)
Tues 19 19.30 YPS Yk Professor Graham Law, Sleep - the science and the myths
Wed 20 19.30 ERAS ER Reports round up by John Tibbles (ERA), Ed Dennison (EDAS), Paula Ware (MAP) and Ken Steedman (HFA)
Thu 21 19.30 OHS WY Professor Christopher Dyer,Connecting country and town in Medieval Yorkshire (The May Foster Pickles lecture)
Fri 22 19.00 PDAS WY Pontefract Archaeology Society 1957-2017 - 60th Anniversary Celebration with presentation by Philip Moore, Recent excavations in Pontefract (at Copley's Farm, Pontefract; all interested parties welcome; with buffet [£15])
Tues 26 14.00 MDLHG NY Yvonne Luke, The Mesolithic in the Dales (Note: 'Aspects of Archaeology' - three linked sessions; see also 5 and 19 September; fee applicable)
Wed 27 14.15 WLPS NY Ian Stubbs, Linthorpe pottery
Sat 30 14.00 PreRS WY David Gibson, The Must Farm pile dwelling - Taste, appearance, lifestyle and communication in the late Bronze Age (joint YAHS-PreRS and Prehistoric Society lecture; NB at  Leeds City Museum
October 2017
Mon 2 19.30 SAHS NY George Sheeran, The Antiquities of Yorkshire: viewing and displaying the past in the eighteenth century
Tues 3 19.30 HUN SY Sylvia Dunkley and Milika Rajic, Charles Green - Designer, sculptor and art collector and Sheffield's steel-making history at Hollis Croft
Tues 3 19.30 YPS Yk Professor John Goodby and Dr Stephen Cowling, From flat-screen TVs to augmented reality devices - How Yorkshire helped build the high-tech world of today
Thu 5 19.30 UWHG NY Jennifer Stearn, Excavations at Holme Cultram Abbey
Fri 6 19.45 HDAS WY Dr Kevin Kuykendal, Where are all the Neanderthals? A field survey of cave sites in the Creswell Limestone Heritage Area
Sat 7 14.30 HAS NY Joe Priestley, The Charnel House at Ripon Cathedral
Wed 11 193.0 WHS WY Professor Christine Hallett, Nurses of Passchendaele: Caring for the wounded of the Ypres campaigns, 1914-1918
Thu 12 19.30 SCHS NY Susan Broadhead, Reading the windows (with reference to Holy Trinity Church, Skipton)
Sat 14 11.00 FHS Sw Derek Martin, Footmen, pedestrians and harriers
Sat 14 14.00 MS Sw Dr Richard Dance, Tykes and Vikings: Looking for the Old Norse influence on Northern English vocabulary (Joint lecture with the Yorkshire Dialect Society)
Mon 16 19.15 TS WY Dr Clive Barrett, The conscientious would not go - the music of war resistance, 1914-1918
Mon 16 19.30 IAG NY Andrew Lowe, Inside a Lakeland farmhouse (preceded by Annual General Meeting)
Mon 16 19.30 SAHS NY Gill Blanchard,'Lawson lies still in the Thames' - The extraordinary life of Vice-Admiral Sir John Lawson
Tues 17 19.30 HUN SY Dawn Hadley, Inside the Great Army's winter camp
Tues 17 19.30 YPS Yk Philippa Britton, Amir Parekh and Michael de Botte, One day, three perspectives - a day in the life of a rail engineer (preceded by Nuffield STEM Awards presentation)
Wed 18 19.30 ERAS ER Dr Philip Murgatroyd, What's Doggerland ever done for us? Examining the culture of a submerged landscape
Wed 18 19.30 YAYAS Yk Dr Louise Wheatley, 'Clifford's Tower ... as it stood fortified ... before it was blown up' by Francis Place, ca 1684
Thu 19 19.30 OHS WY David Joy, Men of lead
Fri 20 19.15 PDAS WY Tony Willmott, The Booths dig - 30 years on
Fri 20 19.30 HAHS NY Dr Kates Giles and Dr Melanie Giles, The writing on the wall - the concealed communities of the East Yorkshire horselads
Sat 21 All day YVBSG WY Recording Conference Review Day, Headingly Campus, Leeds Beckett University (for details see YVBSG website)
Tues 24 14.00 MDLHG NY Eric Houlder, Stage coaching days
Wed 25 14.15 WLPS NY Dr Nick Rosser, Coastal erosion
Thu 26 19.30 SCHS NY Ron Crossley, A history of Skipton water supply
Sat 28 11.00 IHS Sw Mike Clarke, The Leeds and Liverpool Canal - its origins and history
Mon 30 19.30 SAHS NY John Toy, The 1984 fire at York Minster and the restoration of the roof
Tues 31 19.30 YPS Yk Professor Bette Chambers, Evidence-based education
November 2017
Thu 2 19.30 FoG NY Barry Crump, Rethinking coinage in Roman Britain
Thu 2 19.30 UWHG NY Dr David Johnson, The Long Preston Big Dig - community archaeology in action
Fri 3 19.45 HDAS WY Dr Janet Montgomery,‘Isotope Magic’ - How does isotope analysis identify human migrants in the past?
Sat 4 14.30 HAS NY John Mitton and Anne Buckley, Raikeswood Camp [WW1 German POW Camp], Skipton
Tues 7 19.30 HUN SY Tony Wilmott, From the Mesolithic to the present - The Roman amphitheatre site at Chester
Wed 8 19.30 WHS WY David Scriven, The people of the Manor of Wakefield, 1781-82
Thu 9 19.30 SCHS NY Dr Kenneth Jackson, The story of Firth Mill, Skipton: Mark Nutter to Candelisa
Sat 11 11.00 FHS Sw Jaki and Bob Lawrence, Victoria Cross holders of Leeds
Sat 11 14.00 MS Sw Dr Iona McCleery, 'Holy but not healthy' - Fish-eating in the Middle Ages
Mon 13 19.30 SAHS NY Mike Haken, The Roman Roads Research Association
Tues 14 19.30 YPS Yk Professor David Bates, William the Conqueror and the harrying of the North 1069-70 - contexts and perspectives (Joint lecture with Centre for Medieval Studies, University of York)
Wed 15 19.30 ERAS ER Megan Clement and Andy Sherman, CITiZAN project update and results
Wed 15 19.30 YAYAS Yk David Poole, York Cemetery - The complete records of burials from 1837; a valuable information resource
Thu 16 19.30 OHS WY Dr Edward Impey, The Royal Armouries in Leeds - Past, present and future (An Ilkley Arts Festival Event and joint meeting with the Friends of the Manor House)
Fri 17 19.15 PDAS WY Matthew Webster, Trench art from Napoleon to the present
Fri 17 19.30 HAHS NY Ian Milsted, Excavations at York Minster, 1829-2012
Fri 17 - Sun 19 18.00 RAI Yk Royal Archaeological Institute Annual Conference,Arras 200 - Celebrating the Iron Age (conference supported by PreRS and RAS of YAHS; NB: at Tempest Anderson Hall, Yorkshire Museum, York)
Sat 18 11.00 IHS Sw John Meredith, Tramways in the British Isles since the end of World War 2
Mon 20 19.15 TS WY Dr Di Drummond, Leeds locomotive builders to the world
Mon 20 19.30 IAG NY Alex Gibson, Wharfedale Henges
Tues 21 14.00 MDLHG NY Barbara Dixon, Death comes to Eelmire
Tues 21 19.30 HUN SY Martin Huggon, God's poor men and women - Charity, poverty and medicine in the Medieval hospitals of England
Wed 22 14.15 WLPS NY Patrick Wildgust, Shandy Hall and Tristram Shandy
Thu 23 19.30 SCHS NY Ella Hatfield, Growing Up in Old Skipton: The memoirs of Joyce Murgatroyd
Sat 25 14.00 RAS Sw Steve Roskams, The Vicus at Malton: recent investigations northeast of the Roman fort
Mon 27 19.30 SAHS NY Steve Bassett, The Anglo-Saxon origins of the churches and parishes of the Scarborough area
Tues 28 19.30 YPS Yk Professor Nicky Milner, Recent excavations at the Mesolithic site of Star Carr (Preceded by presentation of Charles Wellbeloved and Herman Ramm Awards)
Wed 29 19.30 FoG NY Dr Francis Toase, The 100th anniversary of the capture of Jerusalem
December 2017
Fri 1 19.45 HDAS WY Dr Patrick Ottaway, Roman York: new light on an ancient city
Sat 2 11.00 PreRS Sw John Cruse and others, Yorkshire Quern Survey Annual General meeting and talk
Sat 2 14.00 PreRS Sw Dr Alison Sheridan, Tales of the black stuff - the use of jet and jet-like materials in neolithic and Bronze Age Britain; Andy Tinsley, Recent prehistoric discoveries from Newark, Nottinghamshire
Sat 2 14.30 HAS NY Short talks by Local Groups
Thu 7 19.30 UWHG NY Jane Lunnon, Under the Crag - investigating the history of Kilnsey
Fri 8 19.15 PDAS WY Members’ evening with Christmas supper (members only)
Sat 9 11.00 FHS Sw Eddie and Charissa Lawler, Tracking the Brontës
Sat 9 14.00 MS Sw Dr Bart Lambert, The Later Middle Ages - A missing chapter in the history of migration to England
Mon 11 19.30 SAHS NY Keith Johnston, Scarborough invaded – brewery trips to the town
Tues 12 19.30 HUN SY Nigel Mills, Roman cavalry - Frontiers of the Roman Empire (plus festive refreshments)
Tues 12 19.30 YPS Yk Dr Roger Piner, Does wine prevent dementia?
Wed 13 19.30 WHS WY Joe Williams (Heritage Corner) and Deborah Sanderson (Urban Angels), Oh Susannah! A performance about a black Victorian circus proprietor, Pablo Fanque, and his wife, Susannah, who set up Circus Royal in Wood Street in 1841 (Note: venue will be The Elizabethan Gallery)
Thu 14 19.30 SCHS NY Tim Bastow, The First Voyage of Thomas Alfred Edge
Sat 16 11.00 IHS Sw Bill Jagger, Sir Thomas Bouch, Victorian civil engineer - hero, villain, victim, or bad PR?
Mon 18 19.30 IAG NY David Johnson, Thorns through time: anatomy of a deserted settlement (followed by drinks and mince pies)
Wed 20 19.30 ERAS ER Professor Martin Carver, Early Medieval Sicily
Thu 21 19.30 OHS WY Richard Freeman, Shipley Glen tramway and fair
January 2018
Sat 6 Jan  14.30  HAS  NY  Liz Dent, Clipped wings: Cpl Peter Walker's RAF Service in India and Burma 1942-1946 
Mon 8 19.30 SAHS NY Stephen Gandolfi, The development of Eastfield (featuring artwork by Marcus Whitmore)
Tues 9 19.30 HUN SY Ken Smith, The Peak District, Past, present and future
Wed 10 19.30 WHS WY Andrew Cox-Whitaker, The Ingenious Mr Elwick and the Wakefield furniture trade (Joint meeting with the Civic Society; venue will be The Elizabethan Gallery)
Sat 13 11.00 FHS Sw Jane Ellis, Do you remember the old cinemas of Leeds?
Sat 13 14.00 MS Sw Dr Stefan Maeder, 'Mirrors for men?' - a technological and cultural comparison of European and Japanese medieval swords
Mon 15 19.15 TS WY Members' Evening - John Turney, Robert Baker and the 1832 Cholera Map of Leeds and Michael Meadowcroft, The Family Throp - sculptors of Leeds
Wed 17 19.30 ERAS ER David Williams, In search of Mr. Gott's Mill - The search for the remains of the world's first fully automated steam powered woolen mill
Wed 17 19.30 YAYAS Yk Dr Emma Wells, The Kiplin Hall estate
Thu 18 19.30 OHS WY Kirsty McHugh, Progress, poetry and the picturesque: John Marshall and the Wordsworths
Fri 19 19.15 PDAS WY Eric Houlder, Infrared aerial photography in archaeology - a historiography
Fri 19 19.30 HAHS NY Dr John Kenyon, Helmsley Castle - fortress or home?
Mon 22 19.30 SAHS NY David Sutcliffe, The history of the Scarborough Amicable Society
Sat 20 14.00 RAS Sw Professor Martin Millett, Excavations at Thwing and recent research on the Romano-British landscapes of the Great Wold Valley
Wed 24 19.30 FoG NY Annual General Meeting, followed by Dr Peter Addyman, Creating the Historic Towns Atlas for York
Thu 25 19.30 SCHS NY David Turner, Farms, families and feuds - The letters and journal of an Eastby land agent
Sat 27 11.00 IHS Sw Stewart Liles, Whitakers of Horsforth - Engineers, contractors, quarry owners and brickmakers
February 2018
Fri 2 19.45 HDAS WY Dr Jamie Quartermaine, Cumbria to Cambria - a comparison of the archaeological landscapes from two distinct upland regions
Sat 3  14.30  HAS  NY  Jen Deadman, Out of Nidderdale and over the hill: A valley lost in time
Mon 5 19.30 SAHS NY Members’ evening
Thu 8 19.30 SCHS NY Susan Wrathmell, The Cresap Family in England and America
Sat 10 11.00 FHS Sw Des Hurley, The Irish in Leeds
Sat 10 14.00 MS Sw Christiane Kroebel, St Hild - her monastery and her legacy
Tues 13 19.30 HUN SY Louis Oliver-Lortie, Craft communities - Material resources and metal economy in early Roman South Yorkshire
Wed 14 19.30 WHS WY Eddie Downes, Nationalised Wakefield Collieries and a brief history of the Mines Rescue Service
Thu 15 19.30 OHS WY Richard Thackrah, Ilkley in war and peace, 1914 to 1946
Fri 16 19.15 PDAS WY Jon Kenny, Fulford, the forgotten battle of 1066
Fri 16 19.30 HAHS NY James Lyall, Archaeology without excavation - how remote sensing has changed our perception of the past
Sat 17 11.00 IHS Sw Steve Wyatt, Events and occurrences at Yorkshire collieries, from a miner's perspective
Mon 19 19.15 TS WY Dr David Thornton, Leeds parliamentary election
Mon 19 19.30 SAHS NY Chris Hall, The history of Dean Road and Manor Road cemeteries
Wed 21 19.30 ERAS ER Dr Yvonne Inall, Living and dying by the spear in Iron Age East Yorkshire
Wed 21 19.30 YAYAS Yk Charles Anelay, Historic building restoration - a perspective
Thu 22 19.30 SCHS NY Robin Longbottom and Chris Riley, Boundaries and boundary stones of South Craven
Tues 27 19.30 HUN SY Dr Jane Rempal, Sinop Kale excavations - Investigations of an ancient Greek settlement on the Turkish Black Sea coast
March 2018
Fri 2 19.45 HDAS WY Speaker and title to be confirmed
Sat 3 14.30  HAS  NY  John Buglass, The Archaeology around Yorkshire reservoirs
Mon 5 19.30 SAHS NY John Oxley, From Quintus Petillius Cerialis to Elizabeth II - 1950 years in the life of York city walls
Wed 7 19.30 FoG NY Dr Mark Roodhouse, Organising British crime - 1920-1970
Thu 8 19.30 SCHS NY Chris Lunnon, The burning of Skipton (14th century)
Sat 10 11.00 FHS Sw Jackie Depelle, Nineteenth-century boom and bust (Exploring business and family fortunes)
Sat 10 14.00 MS Sw Dr Tony Willmott, Living and dying in Medieval Lincolnshire: excavations at the Hospital of St James, Thornton Abbey
Wed 14 19.30 WHS WY AGM and Members’ Evening
Thu 15 19.30 OHS WY Professor Andrew Breeze, Ancient Celtic Yorkshire
Fri 16 19.15 PDAS WY Dr Steve Sherlock, Anglo-Saxons in the Tees Valley
Fri 16 19.30 HAHS NY Dr Rachel Wood, Prehistoric, Iron Age and Roman Crambeck - A pottery production landscape in context
Sat 17 11.00 IHS Sw Andrew Hurrell, Samuel Fox and his Stocksbridge Steelworks
Sat 17 14.00 RAS Sw Dr Jacqueline Cahill Wilson, New light on the Romans in Ireland
Mon 19 19.15 TS WY Simon Popple, Between public and private: Arthur Ransome's photographs of the Russian Revolution
Mon 19 19.30 SAHS NY Yvonne Luke, The neolithic in the Yorkshire Dales
Tues 20 19.30 HUN SY Alistair McLean, Philosophical foundations - The origins of Sheffield's first public museum (preceded by Annual General Meeting)
Wed 21 19.30 ERAS ER Dr David Neave, Farmhouses and cottages of the East Riding 1500 - 1800
Wed 21 19.30 YAYAS Yk Al Oswald, Roman silver mining in the North Pennines
Thu 22 19.30 SCHS NY Robin Bundy, George Birkbeck - Pioneer of Adult Education
Sat 24 11.00 PreRS Sw Members' morning (two lectures - details to be confirmed)
Sat 24 14.00 PreRS Sw Alison Deegan, Yorkshire henges and their environs - Air photo mapping project
April 2018
Fri 6 19.45 HDAS WY Speaker and title to be confirmed
Sat 7 14.30  HAS  NY  Bob Barker, Recent excavations uncovering prehistoric Nidderdale
Wed 11 19.30 WHS WY Cara Sutherland, Object Voices: Interpreting all our stories at the Mental Health Museum, Fieldhead, Wakefield
Thu 12 19.30 SCHS NY Jean Robinson, Raikes Road Burial Ground, Skipton: The next instalment
Sat 14 11.00 FHS Sw Jo Heron, A cautionary tale
Sat 14 14.00 MS Sw Dr Louise Hampson, Topic (on stained glass) to be confirmed
Mon 16 18.45 TS WY Annual General Meeting, plus lecture by Professor John Chartres Henry Arthur Albutt and the cause of Malthusianism in nineteen century Leeds
Mon 16 19.30 SAHS NY Annual General Meeting
Wed 18 19.30 ERAS ER Rebecca Griffiths, The work of the Portable Antiquities Scheme
Wed 18 19.30 YAYAS Yk Sally Walker, Understanding and future-proofing historic buildings
Thu 19 19.30 OHS WY Jamie Roberts, Kilnsey Show (Also Annual General Meeting)
Fri 20 19.15 PDAS WY John Buglass, Boats in a coalmine - the St Aidan's dig twenty years on
Fri 20 19.30 HAHS NY Dr Sonia O'Connor, The York helmet - biography of an iconic object (Preceded by Annual General Meeting)
Tues 24 19.30 HUN SY Bob Johnson, In Cadair's shadow - A hydrological history of the Dysynni Valley, North Wales
Thu 26 19.30 SCHS NY Peter Bewes, Reminiscences of a 1940s errand Boy
Fri 27 19.15 PDAS WY Annual General meeting (members only)
Sat 28 10.30 IHS Sw Annual General Meeting plus members' presentations
Mon 30 19.30 SAHS NY Professor Nicky Milner, Recent excavations at the early mesolithic site of Star Carr
May 2018
Sat 5 14.30  HAS  NY  Joyce Hill, The two worlds of Libya: A classical perspective
Sat 12 11.00 FHS Sw Edgar Holroyd-Doverton, Tracing your Empire ancestors (India)
Sat 12 14.00 MS Sw Charles Jones, Recent work on the Fulford 1066 battlefield
Wed 16 19.30 YAYAS Yk Keri Rowsell, Post-medieval poverty in England - Scurvy, spuds and something like tea ...
Sat 19 14.00 RAS Sw Kurt Hunter-Mann, The Romans at Ravenglass
June 2018
Sat 2 14.30  HAS  NY  Ann and Stuart Wilkinson, Seeing the invisible
Sat 9 11.00 FHS Sw Cyril Pearce, New thoughts on Britain's war resistors, 1914-1919
July 2018
Sat 7 14.30  HAS  NY  Mike Gill, The Greenhow Mines
August 2018
Sat 4 Check nearer date HAS  NY  Shirley Everett, A guided walk around the Greenhow lead mines