The Library

Library collection

The library of the Yorkshire Archaeological & Historical Society holds books on all aspects of Yorkshire’s history from prehistory to the present day including local history, social history, industrial history, heraldry, place-names, and architecture. The collection has evolved over nearly 150 years, reflecting the interests of the Society's members with many of its acquisitions being donated by members.

Until 2015 the Society maintained its own library at its headquarters 'Claremont'. In 2015 the Society entered into a partnership with the University of Leeds to make its library and archives available through the University's Brotherton Library. Under this new arrangement the YAHS's library will transferred to the University to complement the Brotherton's excellent existing historical resources. From September 2015 YAHS members will be granted access and borrowing rights to all the material in the Brotherton Library. This will, of course, include the YAHS's own loan collection of library books, but time will be required to process and catalogue the Society's library in their new surroundings. This means that the books in the YAHS library will not be immediately available in their new location. Please check the YAHS website for updates about access to the YAHS library collection in the Brotherton. Please also note that due to the need to carry out work to prepare the YAHS library for transfer to the University, the YAHS library will regrettably be closed from 1 April 2015.

Access to rare books and other YAHS printed collections will be available (along with the YAHS archive collections) through the Special Collections department of the University of Leeds. Details of when our collections will be available will be indicated on our website in due course.