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Announcing the latest publication in the Wakefield Court Roll Series

The Wakefield Court Roll publishing section of the YAS has just published the fifteenth in its series of volumes of the court rolls of the manor of Wakefield. This volume, edited by Dr Constance Fraser, is an edition of the manorial court roll for the three years 1433 to 1436.

As recently as September the national importance of the records of the manor of Wakefield, now held by the YAS, was recognised by the UK committee of the Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation of the United Nations (UNESCO),
at a reception to celebrate the 2011 enrollments on the UNESCO UK Memory of the World Register.

The Wakefield manorial court rolls begin in 1275 and have survived almost complete for the six centuries from 1328 down to the last manorial court held in 1925. There are more than 670 court rolls in the archive and many other types of records.

Since a publishing committee for the Wakefield court rolls was established in 1977, its volumes have come to be recognised as a unique project in both its aim and scope.
Its intention is to publish court rolls from all centuries and to produce them translated from their original Latin into English and, usually, as a detailed summary of the contents, rather than a word-for-word transcript, with the many repetitions and redundancies of language this would entail.

There are now fifteen volumes in the series, publishing rolls from the fourteenth to the eighteenth century. If you would like to obtain a copy of the newly-published court roll or any of the earlier volumes still in print, you can find the details on the Wakefield Court Rolls page of the website.