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Yorkshire Collections Lecture 2012

Andrew Marvell and the Second Anglo-Dutch War: the Evidence of MS1344

In October the Yorkshire Archaeological Society will hold its annual Yorkshire Collections Lecture to celebrate fantastic Yorkshire archive collections.

The 2012 lecture will be based on a broadsheet satire, TheCharacter of Holland,by Andrew Marvell held in the YAHS archives (collection ref MS1344).This document was locally printed in York by Stephen Bulkley in 1665.

A short lecture will be given at 2pm on Sat 13 October by Martin Dzelzainis, Professor of Renaissance Literature and Thought at Leicester University. He will discuss his interest in the poet and politician, Andrew Marvell, one of Yorkshire's most famous sons. Born in the East Riding and spending his childhood in Hull, Marvell later served as tutor to the daughter of the Lord General Thomas Fairfax. Marvell also worked in the secretariat of Oliver Cromwell, alongside the poets Milton and Dryden.

The lecture discusses how MS1344 affects our understanding of Marvell’s politics during the Restoration. Originally written in 1653, the poem remained unpublished until 1665, when a revised version appeared in support of war with the Dutch. This version omitted the original lines 10152, which referred to the English republic, and added a new 8 line conclusion, praising the Duke of York, King Charles II's brother. Until now, these new lines were thought to be the work of an anonymous government propagandist. In fact, they were written by Marvell himself.

This is an exciting opportunity to hear about new research into Marvell and view a unique historical document.

Please join us to celebrate Yorkshire's documentary heritage!
Sat 13 October at 2pm Claremont,
23 Clarendon Road, Leeds, LS2 9NZ