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Retirement of Jo Heron as Hon General Secretary

AJo Heront the 2013 AGM on Saturday the Society thanked Jo Heron for her service to the YAS as Hon General Secretary. Over the past 17 years Jo has dedicated time and energy to many aspects of the Society – coordinating the Update newsletter and annual programme of events, organising lectures and dayschools, and acting as an ambassador to the Society through her attendance at archaeological and historical events throughout the county (often including running a bookstall). She has always been active and personally involved.

Throughout all of this she has kept the business of the Society running, organising meetings and keeping all in contact with what is going on.

We are delighted that she has been elected a Vice-President. Evidence of members affection for Jo was expressed by their contribution towards a collection. After the AGM, Jo was presented with flowers, a small gift of a candle, and a cheque for £600 which she says she will put to good use in furthering visits and research to archaeological and historical sites.