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Yorkshire Archaeological Journal  Volume 85 (2013)

This year’s journal has of articles on Yorkshire’s archaeology and history, spanning in date almost a thousand years and a remarkable variety in subject-matter.

Amongst them are two articles, one by the distinguished archaeologist, Professor John Collis, survey aspects of the history of the YAS in the year of its 150th anniversary.

The historian and broadcaster Michael Wood, has written a new study of what has been called the greatest single battle in Anglo-Saxon history before 1066.

Rita Wood, the expert on Romanesque architecture in Yorkshire, whose county-wide study the YAS has recently published, contributes an article on the ancient parish church at Adel, near Leeds.  Archaeologist Ian Roberts and archivist Chtristopher Wittick, examine medieval Pontefract.

Professor David Hey offers a study of woollen-cloth making in Holmfirth, and there are articles on the Victorian architect, Joseph Hansom, more widely known as the inventor of the ‘Hansom’ cab, and the emergence of the Labour Party in Sheffield.

Amongst the reviews is a substantial critique by historian Margaret Faull of a work on place names, a study of the deserted village of Wharram Percy, the subject of an epoch-making Yorkshire excavation, and reviews of two important YAS publications: the latest volume in the Wakefield manor court rolls series and the major court case over 18th century Swaledale led mining.


150th Anniversary Papers:

The Development of Archaeological Thought as Evidenced in the Yorkshire Archaeological Journal by John Collis

Personalities and Publishing; Two Aspects of the History of the Yorkshire Archaeological & Historical Society, 1863-2013 by Brian Barber


Iron Age Saltworking on the Yorkshire Coast at Street Houses, Loftus, Cleveland by Stephen J. Sherlock and Blaise Vyner

Pontefract: A Review of the Evidence for the Medieval Town by Ian Roberts and Christopher Whittick

The Romanesque Sculpture at Adel Church, West Riding – A Suggested Interpretation by Rita Wood

An English Pre-Reformation Processional Cross at the Bar Convent, York by Michael Carter

Searching for Brunanburh: The Yorkshire Context of the 'Great War' of 937 by Michael Wood

The Domestic Economy of the Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century Holmfirth Textile Industry by David Hey

Joseph Aloysius Hansom (1803-82): His Yorkshire Works, Patronage and Contributions to the Catholic Revival by Penelope Harris

Attercliffe, Sheffield: The Rise of Labour Examined in Two By-Elections, 1894-1909 by David Vessey


Creating an Industrial History Database for Yorkshire by Robert Vickers

Elizabeth K. Berry [obituary]


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