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A Remarkable Bequest from Mr John Wade of Ilkley

In drawing up his will, Mr John Wade of Ilkley decided that he would like to remember the YAS amongst the charities that would benefit from his estate. After the death of his wife, Shelia, in October 2009, the Society was informed that it was fortunate enough to be one of his beneficiaries.

The process of carrying out his wishes is now drawing to completion, and the Society would like to announce, with great gratitude, that it has received a first payment of £79,000 from the estate.

Such a sum could not come at a more timely moment for the YAS. The Society relies wholly upon it members and well-wishers for its funding. It receives no contribution from public funds towards its work. Financing its exceptional resources is a continuing dilemma for its Hon. Treasurer and the Management Board. This is especially true at present, when the economic climate has had a real impact on the Society’s income.

Mr Wade thus joins that succession of donors stretching back to the very beginning of the Society. Their thoughtful and invaluable generosity has helped to safeguard the Society’s work in promoting the study of Yorkshire’s past.