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New reading room arrangement at Claremont

Treading roomhe rearrangement of furniture at Claremont is now complete, so that we have a new combined library and archive searchroom in the Sir Charles Clay Room. We hope that this provides a pleasant working environment and allows staff to be on hand to help both library and archive visitors more effectively.

The new tables and chairs was in part financed by a generous donation to be used towards the library.

In order to create a staff area at the top of the Clay Room we have closed off the first door so that the only entrance is from the central hallway next to the lockers.

The former archive searchroom now houses the library card catalogue and the archive lists. We have also been able to create working space for volunteers and groups, which can also be used as another meeting space when the catalogue does not need to be accessed.

Many thanks to all the volunteers who made the move run smoothly including Denise Hirschmann, Christine Farmer, Chris Blanchard, David Asquith and Morag Fyfe.