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Announcing the latest publication from the YAS

Twakefield court roll 16he latest publication in the Wakefield Court Rolls Series is now available. This volume of more than 300 pages is an edition of the manorial court roll for the year 1812-13. The editor is Dr John A Hargreaves, well-known as the historian of Halifax. John has provided the text with a remarkably full battery of notes - over thirty pages of them - which greatly amplify our knowledge of the hundreds of individuals who pass through the pages of this court roll of two hundred years ago.

The range of characters is remarkable: from the duke of Leeds and the Earl of Strafford to the myriad of small businessmen who made up the backbone of the West Riding economy. These busy and independently-minded manufacturers and traders were individual in their religion as well, and an number of entries testify to the strength of chapel-going in the Riding.

The manor of Wakefield covered a huge area - around 130 square miles - in the heart of the West Riding. Remarkably, its records are also exceptional. They survive, to a large extent complete, for over 650 years from 1274 to 1925, when manorial courts ceased to be held. Recognising their great importance, three years go, the UK Commission of UNESCO enrolled the records of the manor on its National Register of the Memory of the World.

For seventy years the records have been in the safekeeping of the YAHS. The Society has a section dedicated to the publication of the rolls. The early volumes are now newly republished by Cambridge University Press. Many of the sixteen volumes published since 1977 are still available for purchase from the YAHS on-line shop.

You can buy a copy of the new volume for 20 (plus p & p) or subscribe to the series for 9 a year (13 for overseas subscribers). Full details can be found on the website. Buy Now

Another volume will be published later this year. More information about it soon!