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Sad news

The Society received the sad news last week that our long standing member and volunteer Dorothy Payne died on 27th October at the age of 88, after a long illness. Dorothy started helping the Society as a volunteer back in the 1960s. Initially interested mainly in archaeology, she did a tremendous amount to encourage interest in the Society. She was Lectures Secretary for many years, participated actively in the mounting of exhibitions and campaigns, such as the Wakefield Court Rolls appeal, and was the person who, as a result of her interest in the history of Claremont, tracked down and secured the diaries of Dr John Heaton, its Victorian owner, which she subsequently donated to the Society. She was a person of boundless enthusiasm and energy, and she was sadly missed when she was no longer able to come to Claremont. The YAS owes her a great debt of gratitude.

Dorothy will be cremated at Rawdon Crematorium on Wednesday the 12th of November at 10:20 am.