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The International Medieval Congress in association with the YAS presents: Celts, Saxons, and Vikings: The 'Great War' of 937 and the Battle of Brunanburh by Michael Wood

Wednesday 9 July 2014, 19.00-20.00pm. Rupert Beckett Theatre, Michael Sadler Building, University of Leeds. Free public lecture. Doors open 18.45pm.

Michael Wood is a film-maker, broadcaster and historian with a special interest in the reign of King Aethelstan (924-39). His recent work on the battle of Brunanburh was published in the Yorkshire Archaeological Journal 85 (2013). This lecture reviews the evidence for the site of Brunanburh. Wood questions the view that the site was located in the Wirral, and argues that the context of the war is Northumbrian history of the Viking age and that the battle probably took place south of York, near the river Went.