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Latest about YAHS collections at the Brotherton

Excellent news just received from University of Leeds Special Collections – all the society’s archives are now fully accessible, and for the first time searchable online. The final group of records (MS) went live on the online catalogue this morning. https://library.leeds.ac.uk/special-collections-yorkshire-archaeological-and-historical-society

Parts of our library - rare books and all pre-1850 publications - are also held in Special Collections. Cataloguing this set is almost finished. A start has been made on the open access books, those going into the main library. Keep up with what is becoming available by checking the Brotherton catalogue. https://library.leeds.ac.uk/find

Since YAHS collections left Claremont last year on long-term loan to the University of Leeds, YAHS members have had access to a Brotherton ticket with borrowing rights, free of charge. Please contact the society for a letter of introduction.

When planning a visit to Special Collections, please remember to give two working days’ notice of your order.