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Wakefield Court Rolls Volume 19 is Now in Print

Wakefield Court Roll 19Published in the fortieth year of our long-running series, volume 19 of the Wakefield Court Rolls series is now in print. This the manorial court roll for 1781-1782, ably edited for publication by David Scriven.

By the later eighteenth century, a great amount of information is available from a wide variety of sources to supplement the information available in the court roll. Likewise, a great deal of information is now available in the court roll to add to the information which is already known from other historical sources.

David Scriven has researched extensively to bring all this information together, and with great effect, in his wide-ranging introduction and in the seventeen pages of notes to the text of the roll.

The series has now published four manorial court rolls from this period. Volume 10 (1994) was an edition of the rolls for 1790-1791 and 1791-1792, and volume 16 (2014) was an edition of the roll for 1812-1813.

In 2011, the UK National Commission of UNESCO added the Wakefield manorial court rolls to its Register of the Memory of the World, in recognition of the major importance which these records possess for the history of this country.

Over the last four decades, the Wakefield Court Rolls series has come to be recognised as being ‘in the vanguard of raising awareness of the richness of manorial court records ’ , in the words of Professor Angus Winchester in 2012. It is an achievement of which the YAS can justly feel proud.

This court roll has an obvious importance for the history of this central swathe of the West Riding, and the volume will also be of interest for anyone engaged in researching their family history, as the fourteen pages of personal names listed in the index show.

Details of how to obtain a copy of the new book will be found in the YAS website in the Publication section. The website can also tell you how to buy any of the earlier volumes in the series, or how to become a subscriber.

The Wakefield manorial records have now been transferred, along with the other archives of the society and the library, to the special collections department of the University of Leeds Library, under our new partnership agreement. There they can now be consulted, as they have been at Claremont, by members of the society and members of the public.