Historic Day for the YAS    

We are pleased to announce that at the Annual General Meeting on Saturday 26th June 2010, Mrs Sylvia Thomas was elected President of the Society. She is the first woman to be elected to that position, and was warmly welcomed by the retiring president, Dr Richard Hall, and the meeting.

Members may remember that Mrs Thomas retired recently from her position as County Archivist for West Yorkshire and has a long standing connection with the YAS and its archives, having served as the West Yorkshire Archive Service representative at Claremont when our archive was closely associated with that Service.

Mrs Thomas thanked Dr Hall for his inspirational leadership and hoped that she could continue his work in the next five years. She was also aware of the tremendous honour and privilege of her election, following in the footsteps of so many eminent Presidents. She added that she hoped that people would continue to enjoy coming to Claremont and using it's facilities, and the development of the web site would play a crucial part in the future of the Society.