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Yorkshire Archaeological Reports - 2

Excavations on the Roman Villa at Beadlam, Yorkshire (1996)
by D.S. Neal

Beadlam Roman Villa was excavated between 1966 and 1978. the villa is one of the most northerly known in Roman Britain and one of the few Yorkshire villas to have been excavated on any scale under modern conditions.

The excavations and this report concentrate on the evidence for the latest periods of occupation on the site, and in particular on the three ranges of rectilinear buildings, although late Roman ovoid and sub-circular structures are also displayed and discussed. As one of the primary objectives of the excavation was to provide a site for public display earlier deposits sealed by the stone building were in general not investigated, although geo physical survey has provided additional plan data for the site.

In addition to the mosaic from the site major groups of late Roman pottery and glass are discussed and described along with a wide range of other material. In addition to a substantial coin assemblage notable amongst the small finds are two hoards of iron objects and an inscribed bronze bowl.

The site is in the guardianship of English Heritage. All the surviving finds from Beadlam together with the excavation archive are stored at the English Heritage Archaeological Store at Helmsley.

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