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Yorkshire Archaeological Reports - 5

Shiptonthorpe, East Yorkshire: Archaeological Studies of a Romano-British Roadside Settlement
by M.Millett (2006)

yar 5
This book discusses one part of a broader project which has been examining Iron Age and Romano-British landscapes in the eastern part of the Vale of York (Halkon and Millett 1999). The results presented here relate to the investigation of a Romano- British roadside settlement at Shiptonthorpe although the aim is not simply to provide a conventional excavation report.

The excavations discussed were undertaken in 1985-87 and 1990-91 with other fieldwork continuing until 1998. During this period the site has provided a field laboratory for various pieces of archaeological research involving a generation of Durham University undergraduate student trainees and others.

Rather than subsume the results of this research within the traditional format of a traditional excavation report separate studies are grouped by theme. Following an introduction to the site and its context (part 1), part 2 presents the results of the surface surveys. The next section begins with a summary of the stratigraphic sequence, followed by more detailed studies of the site and finds distribution. In parts 4-6 various authors present studies of aspects of the artefact, bone and environmental assemblages excavated. Finally, part 7 presents a series of syntheses drawing on various strands of the evidence to review research themes raised by the site.

The finds and site archive are held by Hull City Museums.

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