The Manor of Wakefield occupied a large area at the heart of the West Riding.   Its manor court met every three weeks and its ‘tourns’ six monthly, between them regulating many aspects of everyday life. Their records, spanning six centuries, are virtually complete.    The exceptional importance of these archives was recognised in 2011 when they were enrolled on the Memory of the World Register maintained by the Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation of the United Nations (UNESCO).

At the end of the nineteenth century, the Yorkshire Archaeological Society began to transcribe and publish some of the earlier rolls in its Record Series. Five volumes covered much of the period 1274-1331 (YASRS volumes 29, 36, 57, 78 and 109). The Wakefield Manor Book of 1709 was also published, as YASRS volume 101. These six volumes are now available as reprints from Cambridge University Press.

In 1977 the Society resumed publication of the rolls with a new Wakefield Court Rolls Series, which had its own General Editor and expert advisory committee.  It was established that  the rolls would be translated from Latin to English and their contents summarised in calendar form rather than a word-for-word transcription.  Volumes have an explanatory introduction and an index of persons, places and other topics. They are thus a valuable source for local and family historians as well as for academic research.  New volumes continue to be published every two years. 

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Volumes in the Wakefield Court Rolls Series

19Wakefield Court Roll 19 1781-2 David Scriven Buy Now
18WCR 18 1658-9 1658-9 David Asquith Buy Now
17WCR 17 1436-7 1436-7 C.M.Fraser & B. Barber Buy Now
16wakefield court roll 16 1812-13 John Hargreaves Buy Now
15WCR 15 1433 - 1436 C.M.Fraser Buy Now
14WCR 14 1688  -  1689 C.M.Fraser Buy Now
13WCR 13 1687  -  1688 C.M.Fraser Buy Now
12WCR 12 1338  -  1340 K.M.Troop  
11WCR 11 1608  -  1609 C.M.Fraser Buy Now
10 1790  -  1792 A.Brent  
9WCR 9 1537  -  1540 A.Weikel Buy Now
8WCR 8 1651  -  1652 L.Robinson Buy Now
7WCR 7 1550  -  1552 A.Weikel Buy Now
6WCR 6 1350  -  1352 M.Habberjam & M.O. Regan Buy Now
5WCR 5 1664  -  1665 C.M.Fraser Buy Now
4WCR 4 1583  -  1585 A.Weikel Buy Now
3WCR 3 1331  -  1333 S.S.Walker Buy Now
2 1348  -  1350 H.M.Jewel  
1 - download 1639 - 1640 C M Fraser & K Emsley Buy Now

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